Jenna and jennifer swap dads and calmed them down for some cock sucking

Jenna and jennifer swap dads and calmed them down for some cock sucking
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Druids Ordeal Chapter 5 by E.Y. Toad Ardy escorted me back to my room. We stopped along the way to get an extra two buckets of water and I spent most of the morning cleaning the gnomes semen out of my hair and pubic area.

A minor spell of soothing helped with the soreness in my ass and vagina. After I finished washing and put a clean robe on, I ate my mid-morning meal. My stomach was still quite queasy from swallowing so much semen. I barely made it to the waste bucket as I vomited most of the food I just had just eaten. I sat there on my knees next to the bucket, face in my hands, deeply sobbing and crying for several minutes.

Kelmane had lied to me. He told me I would be free to go once his alliance hot girl goes from giggles hardcore and blowjob complete but he has no intention of letting me go. I was a fool to believe him. I decided I was on my own to escape this place. Ronak was not coming to my rescue. No one even knew I was here. I talked to the crow I had befriended, asking him to find certain plants and leaves for me.

I don't know if he understood me or not, but I had to try. I know a few spells that may prove useful, but I need certain reagents; Bitterleaf or Spikeweed would help. The crow flew away. I can only pray he will be able to assist me. ***** Later that afternoon, Kelmane appeared in a flash of light.

"So, girl. did you enjoy your evening with the gnomes?" He asked, with a devious smile. "They are horrid, insatiable little creatures!" I replied. I had already decided I was going to play along with Kelmane and veronica loves her messy ass fucking session with her man reveal that I knew he planned to let them keep me.

I knew he could see every room in the tower sd jepang olah raga bugil using a spell of farsight, but I also knew he could only see, and not hear us. "The gnomes have agreed to the alliance. I will need your. talents. again tonight. We're almost there, girl. Your freedom is nigh!" he lied. "What humiliation do you have planned for me tonight?" I asked.

"The leader of the rogues guild, a halfling who goes by the name of 'Brom' will visit you in your room tonight." he said, "You will do whatever he asks of you. I am about to lose the support of the rogues for the alliance.

The are a secretive and shady bunch of thieves, but they would be a powerful ally." "Yes, Kelmane." I replied, "I will do as you say." "Good. I'm glad to see you have decided to cooperate." he began, looking at me with lust in his eyes, "Now, come over here, girl. I have been so busy with the alliance that I have neglected to take advantage of your charms." I walked over to Kelmane and stood before him. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees.

He pulled his robe aside, revealing his genitals. "Lick my balls." he ordered. I have learned by now that my humiliation is over sooner if I do all that I can to help them orgasm. So I stuck my tongue out and lapped the underside of his testicles, working my way around each one, and to the base of his penis.

I flicked my tongue in circular motions around them, occasionally opening my mouth wide, taking one of his balls partially in to my mouth and gently sucking on it. "Ahhhhh, yes, girl." he sighed. After several minutes, I worked my tongue up to his penis, taking long strokes with my tongue along the underside and circling the head with my tongue at the top of each stroke. "Yes. suck it now. slowly. softly." he said. At the top of the next stroke of my tongue, I slid the head of his penis in to my mouth.

I circled the head with my tongue several times as I stroked his penis with my right hand. "No hands!" he commanded, "I only want to feel your warm mouth." I took my hand off and reached around and grabbed his ass with both hands to give me a bit more control. I started sliding my lips down his shaft, taking him in to my mouth inch by inch.

"Put your hands behind your back!" he ordered, "Use nothing but your mouth." I put my hands behind my back and continued going deeper until I was about to gag.

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I could not take it all, but managed all but about two inches. "Deeper!" he shouted. "Guh" I gagged a bit as I took an extra inch.

I do not think I would be able to take it all without vomiting. I slowly slid my mouth back to the head, circled it and slid back down until I got to the point of gagging again.

"I SAID DEEPER!" he yelled, putting his mi padre y yo en el bano on the back of my head and pushing my head down farther.

"Mmmfff!" I grunted, trying not to vomit. He held my head there for several seconds, then relaxed his grip. "Yes. that's better." he sighed. I slid my mouth back to the head, and slowly started the downward stroke again, stopping with about an inch left as I started to gag.

He again pushed my head down all the way, gagging me. "We'll just keep you here until you get used to it!" he shouted. I could not breath and was on the verge of vomiting. I looked up at him and he was looking down at me, smiling. "MMMFFF! MMMFFF!" I grunted, putting my hands on his thighs and trying to push him away. "Relax your throat. breath through your nose." he said. He firmly held my head in place, jamming his penis down my throat even farther.

It was buried to to the hilt now, deep in my throat. My eyes were watering and I grimaced, my face turning red as I struggled to breath. I tried to relax my throat and it seemed to help. I could vidibokeb xxx ibu vs hewan through my nose just a little, but enough to keep me from suffocating. "There, that's better." he said, "You just need to get used to it and dull your gag reflex." He slowly let the pressure off of my head as I slid my mouth back to the head of his penis.

"Now do it yourself." he coached, "Deeper. deeper. yes! There you go!" I still gagged at the bottom of each stroke, but it was tolerable if I controlled my breathing and didn't keep it in my throat for long.

"Now. put your hands behind your back again and look me in the eyes." he ordered, "Suck it slowly and softly, all the way down." I looked up at his aged face, his filthy penis in my mouth. Knowing I had no control and looking in to his gloating eyes, I felt more shame than I had in several days. Even if Teen hooker lured into a sting operation of two cops could hold it in my hand and have some measure of control, it would no be so bad.

I continued to take long, slow strokes up to the head and all the way down for several minutes. "Ohhhh, girl!

Yes." he moaned. I could feel his penis become even more rigid and start to throb. His legs started to tremble. He tilted his head back and moaned louder. I think having me not use my hand made the build up to orgasm slower, but ultimately more enjoyable for him. "YES!!! Come on girl, do it." he groaned, "AHHH!!!" He penis was still just throbbing as he was building to an explosive climax. "AARRGGG!!!" he groaned, his pelvis violently convulsing. His penis jumped and stiffened in my mouth.

He grabbed the back of my head and buried his penis deep in my throat. "OHHHH, GOOOODDSSS!" he yelled as semen shot down the back of my throat. A second and then a twboy one girl only boobs kissing lick sex stories load of semen shot in to my throat, I managed to push him away enough to swallow it before I choked on it. He then started violently pumping my head, ramming it down my throat and then backing it out, over and over as several more loads of semen spurted in to my mouth, some of it spilling out on to his testicles.

"Gods! Uhhh. Mmmm. uufff. ufff. ufff." he trailed off, slowing down his thrusts. "Mmmmmm." he moaned, as he came to a stop. "Gods, girl, I will miss you when you are gone!" he said, "Now clean me off." I made a few more strokes on his penis, tightening my lips on the way up to wipe off any remaining semen.

I then licked off the few globs of semen that were on his testicles, swallowing it all. I sat back on my calves, taking the pressure off of my knees. "Will there be anything else, Kelmane?" I asked, lowering my head in shame. "That will be all for now." he replied, "Be prepared for your guest tonight." He waved a hand and disappeared in a flash of light.

***** It was well past midnight and my guest had not arrived. I can only hope they all got drunk and he passed out. I laid on the bed, reading a dusty book by candlelight. I must have dozed off as I was awaken by the caw of my crow friend landing on my windowsill. He had 3 small Spikeweed leaves in his beak. He had understood me! I gently stroked his head and thanked him as he dropped the leaves.

I asked him to try to find some Bitterleaf and he cawed again and flew off. I needed to hide the Spikeweed. If Kelmane saw them, he would know I was up to something.

I tore a strip off of my undergarment and rolled the weeds up in it. I walked over to my small reading table, got on my knees and bent my head down under the ravishing victoria has her shaved twat drilled, jamming the bundle in to the corner joint. Suddenly, I felt a small, soft hand cover my mouth from behind, as another wrapped around my throat.

"Do not scream." a voice said, "I'm not going to hurt you." "My name is Brom." he continued, "I think you have been expecting me." He slowly removed his hand from my mouth. "How did you get in here?" I asked.

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"Do not move." he said, as he blew the candle out. It was a nearly full moon, but it was still quite dark. "How." I began, then I felt my robe slowly sliding off of my shoulders. Brom put his lips to the back of my neck and started to gently kiss it, moving his kisses around to beauteous teen with nice figure sucks shlong hardcore and blowjob side. I felt his small hands caress their way from my back to my chest, each finding a breast through my undergarments.

I tilted my head to the side to give him better access to my neck. I must admit, it felt good to be caressed rather than manhandled for a change. It was quite exciting and mysterious; I hadn't even seen his face yet! He caressed and stroked my nipples, which were starting to become erect. He then made his way up to the buttons on my undergarment and slowly unbuttoned them, one by one.

He slid my undergarment down around my waist and resumed caressing my breasts. I tilted my head in the other direction as he moved his kisses to the other side of my neck. After several minutes of soft neck kisses, he started kissing down my back and lowering his caresses to my stomach and groin area.

I was still on my knees so I pushed my undergarment down to my calves and wiggled free of it. He worked his hands down to my thighs, and made long strokes with his hands along their length, working his way to my inner thighs.

I felt the excitement building, my pulse quickening. "Ah!" I inhaled sharply when his soft hand brushed against my vagina. He spun around to face me. For the first time, I saw that he was wearing a robe, maybe dark brown; it was hard to tell in the dark. He had a hood covering his head so I was not able to see his face.

Oddly, this added to my excitement. He gently pushed me back, laying me down on the wool rug on which I had been kneeling. He stood between my legs, looking down at me. I reached out to him. "Please. take me!" I said, breathlessly. He spread his robe wide but kept it, and his hood, on. His penis was of considerable size for a halfling. It was about the size of a normal human male penis, but on the body of a man just under four feet tall. His penis was already fully erect.

I reached out and placed my hand on it and cupped his testicles in my other hand. I stroked and caressed them for several minutes as he sighed with pleasure. He hammering of a shaved pussy hardcore and cumshots back from me and then approached me from between my legs, kissing me just above the pubic hair and working his way up.

As he reached my breasts, he kissed and licked my nipples and ran his hand along my sides and hips, as he rested on his other arm. He worked his hand down to my vagina and ran his fingers along the outside of the lips. I could feel a tingling sensation and I could tell that it was very wet. He slowly worked my lips open with his fingers and stroked the inner flesh of my vagina. I felt as if I were going to melt in to the rug.

After a few minutes of this, he mounted me, his head only reaching to my breast. I could feel his penis bumping against my vagina, probing for an opening. "Ssssss" I hissed with pleasure, inhaling through pursed lips.

He found the target and gently, slowly started working the head of his penis in to me. It did not arab big dick sneaking in the base long; my vagina was swollen, wet and ready to accept him. "Ohhhhh." I moaned as he slid it in to me, filling me with his manhood.

Brom started to move his hips, back and forth, my excitement building with each stroke. "Gods! Goooodddss!" I groaned. He continued to lick and suck on my nipples.

My body was on fire with passion. "Ohhhhhh. Mmmmm. " I couldn't take much more of this. "AHHHHH!!!!" I yelled, as my whole body exploded in ecstasy. I put my arms around him and crushed his body against mine.

"GODDSSS, YESSSS!!! OH GODDSS!!! FUCK MEEEE!!!" I yelled. I was using crude street language, but I didn't care. Even Madrian's spell was not like this. I completely lost control. "OH! FUCK! ME! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK MEEEE!!!" I screamed. I thrust my hips violently as I tried to get even more of him inside me.

"Uhhh. Uhhh. Uhhh." I panted, as the ecstasy began to fade. I did not want it to end. I fell back and relaxed every muscle in my body, completely exhausted, my sweaty body glistening in the moonlight. "By the Gods, I had no idea. " I trailed off.

Brom had remained silent throughout the whole thing, but I now heard him panting and groaning quietly. "Aaahhhmmmm" he moaned.

The pace of his gyrations picked up. I put my arms around him again under his robe this time and caressed his back and ass. "UTTT! AHHH! AHHH!" he grunted. I could feel his warm fluid spurting in to me. His motions became more jerky now, as if he was thrusting his hips with each shot of semen. "Uhh. uhh. uhh. uhh." he slowly trailed off as he stopped pumping his manhood in to me. He rolled off of me and crawled up to lay his head on my shoulder.

We both lay their for several minutes, basking in the afterglow. After several long minutes, I spoke up. "That.

that was amazing. " I began, "I never knew it would be so. amazing!" He did not respond, but just laid on my shoulder, his hand caressing my stomach.

I could tell he was a man that was not used to much talk. "I. Ever since Kelmane captured me, everyone has used me for their own pleasure." I said, "Thank you for treating me as. a lady." He jerked his head up, hood still in place and finally spoke. "Kelmane what?!" he asked excitedly, "Kelmane.

captured you?!" "Yes. I assumed you knew that." I said, "He found me in the woods after the rest of the initiates I was traveling with were attacked and captured by gnolls." "You are a druid?" he asked, with a stunned look of disbelief. "Well, I am a initiate druid.

I have only been with the order for a few months." I replied. "Gods, Milady, I didn't know! You should have told me!" he cried, "I thought you were.

I thought. I'm sorry, Milady, but I thought you to be a common dancing girl. a. a. prostitute!" "I'm sorry, Brom, I thought you knew!" I said, "I mom sexx friend free porn you came here to use me as the others have." "You cut me deeply, Milady." he said, "I am a rogue.

a thief, and occasionally an assassin if necessary, but I swear by the Gods, I am no rapist!" "You did not rape me, Brom." I more boy and one girl him, caressing his face, "You gave me the most pleasurable experience of my life!" "We must get you out of here!" he said, starting to stand up.

"Wait!" I urged. I pulled him back to lie on my shoulder again. "Kelmane can see us. I don't think he can hear us, but we must act normally. Just lie with me and talk quietly." "I have work to do, Milady" he said, standing up and closing his robe.

"What?" I said, "Can I at least see your face before you leave me?" He looked at me for several moments and then stepped back into the shadows a bit and lowered his hood. I could see well enough to tell that he had a ruggedly handsome face, with a full head of bushy brown hair, and a scar across his chin.

I put my hand against his face and caressed his cheek. "You are quite handsome." I said. "Thank you, Milady." he replied, "But I must be off." He led me to the bed and tucked me in.

It was now quite late, probably about the third hour. He gently kissed my forehead as I closed my eyes, but only for a moment. When I opened them again, he was gone. ***** I awoke late in the morning, around the ninth hour.

I was still naked. I walked to the window to get cute brunette with glasses fucked by teacher air and was aghast! My crow friend was lying on the windowsill, still and cold. He had a single Bitterleaf plant the first schlong in her pussy hardcore blowjob his beak.

Fool that I am! I had no idea it would be poisonous to him. "I'm so sorry, my friend." I said, choking back the tears, "Your sacrifice will not be in vain." I hid the Bitterleaf in the cloth bundle and placed it back under the table. I cleaned myself up and got dressed. I went to my desk to do a little writing before my mid-morning meal. On my desk, there was a small bag. I grabbed it and immediately opened it.

It contained several things; twenty three silver pieces, a few coppers, some leaves useful in casting spells, a dagger, and a note. The note read: Milady, We have one chance to get you out of here. I will wait until I see the servant bring your morning food and then I will wait five minutes. We will then clear the way for your escape. I will make sure your way is clear, but you will need to take care of the servant yourself. In the bag you will find a dagger. I would suggest you stab him in the chest, a little left of center.

Stab as hard as you can to ensure you pierce his heart. Once the servant is dealt with, come down the ladder, descend the stairs and leave through the north exit. Run to the north as fast as you can, for as long as you can. We will catch up and assist you as much as we can. I will distract Kelmane as long as I can. Remember: You must leave five minutes after your servant arrives. If we fail, we will all be dead by nightfall. Brom Gods! I could not kill Ardy. He is not evil; he is just a poor, unfortunate soul born in to a crippled body.

But, I could no sooner abandon the plan and endanger Brom. Just then Ardy opened the hatch and came in with my food and clean water. No! I need more time! I can't just take a life, even to save my own. Five minutes. I have five minutes to work up the courage to kill Ardy, or to sentence Brom and these stairs are a good place for toying friends to death.

Wait! There may be another way. I greeted Ardy and then turned back to my desk. I waited until his back was turned and reached under the table to retrieve my cloth bundle. I quickly removed the Bitterleaf and Spikeweed, smashing and grinding them together. I needed the oil from both plants on my hand.

I rubbed the plants vigorously on my left hand. It was turning green as the oil covered my palm. By the Gods, what are the words! I had studied this spell once many months ago but I have never used it. I had the dagger in my right hand, behind my back, just in case the spell failed. I decided that I could not abandon Brom.

If I had to, I would bury the dagger in Ardy's chest. "Ardy." I said sweetly, lowering one side of my robe to reveal some cleavage, "Can you help me with this?" "Uhnnn!" Ardy grunted, walking over to me. "Ardy. you are such a sweet man." I said. I let my robe fall off of my shoulder to reveal my breasts to him.

He looked down at my chest and licked his lips. I placed my left hand on his face and caressed his cheek. His cheek was turning green as I rubbed the oil on him. He was too mesmerized by my chest to notice.

"You poor thing, I'll bet you are ready for me again tonight aren't you?" I said, feeling a wave of shame for deceiving him in this manner. I then softly spoke the words of the spell. Nothing happened.

"Nnnnn?" Ardy groaned. My strange words snapping him out of his lust-filled daze. Gods! How does it go? I tried again, changing the inflection of some of the syllables. "NNNN!!!" Ardy grunted angrily as he pulled away from me.

He reached up, felt his face and looked at me in shock. He then fell to his knees and looked at me as if I had just pulled his heart out of his chest and stomped on it. A few seconds later, he slumped over, fast asleep. I quickly grabbed the bag and stuffed the plants and all my writings in it. I didn't know for sure how long he would be asleep, but I think it lasts about ten minutes.

I prayed that would be long enough. I climbed down the ladder and ran down the steps. It was several floors to the bottom, with hallways at each floor.

On the third floor down from mine, I looked through the door leading to the hallway and I saw feet sticking out of a doorway and then they slowly disappeared in to the room as if someone were dragging them. My curiosity got the better of me and I ran over and peered around the corner in to the room. It was one of Madrian's guards, lying dead on the floor, his throat slit and still bleeding.

On the other side of the room was her other guard, throat also slit. Lying on the bed, still in her night clothes, was Madrian. There was a large spot of blood on her chest. A halfling in a hooded robe jumped out from behind the door. "Get moving, girl!" he urged, "Brom will catch up to you." "O-Okay" I stammered, turning away and running down the stairs.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and ran straight for the north door. I ran out the door and ran as fast as I could until my side felt as if it were going to split wide open.

I must have ran for at least ten minutes. I fell down, panting and gasping for breath. I looked back towards the tower. The top of the tower was glowing with a fiery red light. Kelmane was standing on the top of the tower casting spells in all directions in his fit of rage, aiming at nothing in particular.

His alliance would never happen now without the dark elves. I could hear his booming voice as if it were coming down from the heavens.

"I will kill you all!" he screamed like a madman, "I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!!" I got up and ran to the north again, as fast I could.