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Cfnm girls next door at cfnm party go2cams com tube porn
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Preface: "Kelly…what the FUCK was going on at your place with videocall…when did he leave? I expected you over here earlier than your husband getting home!" "Lori, my puss is HIS…I have given myself to him, COMPLETELY! It felt so easy to give myself to him, to give him control of me…it was so liberating to take control of my puss…to knowingly take control and give it to him…I have never felt so in control of myself, and comfortable with giving that control to someone…" "Kelly…what the actual FUCK?" "Lori, he wants you to know he wants a fresh, tight puss when he delivers tomorrow, that I've set the bar pretty high today…no sex with your husband tonight…no touching yourself tonight…just have the curtains closed and be ready to give him control…" "There's no way in HELL I'm throwing the front curtains open while I stand there, naked!" "Lori, I have a feeling he has different plans for us…but…I know what his plans are for me, and it's more than I could ever have fantasized about!" "Okay, no sex, no playing with myself…what if I don't let him cum inside me?" "Just see where things go, when he's here…Lori…just let him lead…" The Story Continues: This morning, memories of Kelly's tight pussy, twitching and squeezing against my cock greeted my morning hardon…memories of Lori watching me fuck Kelly through videocall.

The order for groceries for Lori got to me with plenty of time before her delivery appointment. Getting things together was without major incident. My phone chirps next to me in the cart, a Teamwork alert with an update from Kelly. No time now, my focus is on preparing for Lori's delivery. Another chirp. A delivery service text from Lori. This requires a response: Lori: "I'm not sure what to expect today, but I've got some ground rules for you!" Jay: "Lori, unless you're talking about how I choose produce, or you have changes to the specific items you've ordered, I'm a bit busy gathering your items at this time.

We will have enough time when I deliver to discuss ANY questions or expectations you might have for me wife cheating in changing room forward.

I will be at your house at 10:30. You should make some notes and be ready to discuss anything at that time." Lori: "WTF?" Jay: "Let me gather your items and get them to your house.

Be prepared for me to deliver everything to you in a bit." There was silence from Lori's end of the conversation for the rest of the shop.

Pulling into Lori's driveway revealed Kelly and all the kids in her front yard, playing…she waved at me as her daughter ran up with her arms extended, "Missur Jay! I missed sharing my projects with you this week!" Kelly gathered her up and said, "hun, mister Jay needs to take Lori her groceries. That's why you're all playing at our house today." Lori answers the door, swinging it open forcefully. "Get in here…I need you to explain some things to me…NOW!" She's a bit taller than Kelly, probably 5'4".

Similar build, meaning, she doesn't have muscle definition, but she doesn't have any excess fat obvious on her body. She's wearing capri-length yoga pants and a tee shirt with a neckline like Kelly's sweatshirt, which reveals no bra straps running over her shoulders. Her breasts were smaller than Kelly's, but not less perky in appearance under her shirt.

Her hair was a rich auburn, cut to barely touch her shoulders. Her green eyes were bright and wide open, with an accusing tone to them. "Lori, I'm not going to force you to do anything you're not comfortable doing. If you want me to help you put away groceries, I'll do that. If you want me to give you that orgasm cute allie has her tight pussy pumped wanted yesterday, I'll do that. But, I'm NOT going to be talked to like I'm paid help.

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Do you understand? I have a serious problem with your attitude right now." Her chin falls to her chest and her shoulders slump as she starts, again, "I'm sorry, Jay, I just didn't expect videocall yesterday…I didn't expect Kelly to tell me no sex or touching myself…I don't know what to expect when my best friend says she's given herself to some guy the third time she's met him and I've watched him fill her full of cum!" Gently lifting her chin so she can see my eyes, "Lori.

Every playmate I take has a separate relationship with me. There are times they may overlap, and I feel like you and Kelly may encounter some pretty significant overlap, but, what Kelly and I have started can and will be very different than what YOU and I start today." "Okay, that makes me feel a bit better…do I get to know what the deal is with you two?" "All I will tell you, Lori, is that she has given herself to me sexually.

When I left her house yesterday, I gave her specific instructions on what she would need to do to demonstrate her submission to me. By demonstrating her submission, she would be agreeing that EVERY sexual experience she has will be at my discretion and direction. If she wants to have sex with her husband, or YOU, she will need to ask my permission. I will give her specific instructions about things she can or cannot do during that experience.

My instructions had to have something significant for her to do to demonstrate this submission…she did everything I asked, including telling you no sex and no playing with yourself…what you and I agree to may require specific things from you to demonstrate your commitment to our agreement…are you okay with that?" "Yeah…what did you make her do?" "I felt she needed to take control of her body…I'm helping her understand how to control her body.

She has tasks each day to continue to please me, when she pleases me, I reward her…when she disappoints me, she is punished." "Okay, well, what do you think I need then?" "I haven't decided, Lori, I had two weeks of observing Kelly put away groceries to decide…we may need to talk for a bit before things reveal themselves…are you willing to explore?" "This is really strange, but, I'm feeling better about continuing…I think…" "I have had long-term lovers who were wonderful, and, I have had long term lovers who were a nightmare.

I haven't decided where you fall along the spectrum…so…tell me…how did you feel when the guys made things weird when you and Kelly were trying to swing?" Her chin, again, dropped to her chest as she reacted.

"We've had the discussion about swinging before…my husband and I…EVERY time I think an opportunity presents itself, he chickens out…when Kelly asked and seemed interested, I thought we found someone hot enough for him to WANT to fuck…and I just want sex, like, all the time!" "See, I have had lovers where it was just wonderful sex when we could make schedules work, there wasn't an element of control involved.

Sometimes, it's just attractive girl cant live without to be team fucked hardcore and blowjob a fetish, or kink, or even just the orgasm, like you wanted yesterday. But, Kelly needs someone to teach her about her body. She told me the only man she's ever had inside her was her husband…do you believe that?" Lori shrugs her shoulders.

"It would surprise me, kind of, since she seemed so eager to swap men that night, but, maybe she's just not getting what she wants and she's finally had enough?" "She also told me she has never tried to control an orgasm, or stayed in the moment to create sensory memories…" "Yeah, she does like to just get off, over and over…" a smile curls across Lori's face as she remembers something.

"Tell me about the memory you're experiencing right now…" "It was about a month after the New Year's debacle…Kelly asked me if I would take some sexy pictures of her to give to her hubby, since the passion had cooled a bit after New Year's. I told her I'd be game, if she'd return the favor…we split a hotel room, so I'm not naked in her bed and she's not naked in mine, and get naked and take pictures…then, we start making out and we were both all over each other.

She just wanted to make me orgasm, as quick as she could…and kept asking me to make her cum again…it was strange, but erotic all at once." "That's why I told her she must get control of her body, and give that control to ME…" "Okay, but, what did she mean by 'I took control of my pussy and gave it to HIM'?" "All in due time, Lori…all in due time." A smile crossed my face and my glance drifted off to the distance before Lori redirected me.

"Hey, Jay, I'm right here…so…if she's given herself to you, what does that mean?" "It means, if I tell her to go to the bathroom and send me a selfie kendra lust mommy fucking son and daughter her pussy, she'll do it." "No way…don't believe it…" Pulling my phone out of my pocket, my finger drags across my keyboard, drafting a message. As soon as my thumb hits the send button, my screen is turned so Lori can see it, "I want to see you completely naked, in the bathroom mirror, NOW!" Less than a minute later, my phone chirps, Lori sees the picture that comes through…it was a bathroom selfie of Kelly, in front of the mirror, completely naked.

"I told you…she has given herself to me…COMPLETELY." "Fuck…that's what I want…I've ALWAYS fantasized about being that in control of someone." "You should understand, the first step to control is understanding what it means to give up control." My statement was backed by a sly smile. "So, to learn how to control, you give angry bf bones his drunken bitch from behind control, I don't buy it." Her head shakes and her face contorts in a sort of repulsed reaction.

"Lori, even my journey started with someone who took control of me. I never had to verbalize things like I made Kelly, but, she knew I was hers. I would obey any direction I received almost immediately. She knew my limits, like, I'm not even remotely curious about my sexuality. I'm straight…but, she made me share her with another man, then with other men in a group.

I observed, asked questions, expressed desires to control others. She slowly directed me to control a woman's interaction with us, then, she would give me the direction to control other men with us…finally, she gave me the direction that I should find someone to have as my own.

She played the role of my submissive, leaving my life, showing the new sub how to behave. Since then, I've had one or two lovers at a time…do you follow?" Her head nods acceptance of the story.

"Lori…last night…when I left Kelly, I gave her explicit instructions on how she should take control of her pussy and then surrender herself to me. Anna swix men take care of a redhead beauty was told not to clean herself up after I was done with her. When Kelly's husband showed up at the house, I expected her to fuck him, immediately, before getting her kids from your house…she was told to make him cum as quickly as possible and to keep his cum out of her pussy, while making him think he got at least some cum into her.

She was then told to leave him and send me a selfie with his cum all over her and NOT in her pussy. She did that." "Seriously?" Another smirk found my face as my fingers tapped around my phone, opening the Teamwork app and locating my desired evidence, turning my phone to her, again, the bathroom mirror picture of Kelly, from last night, smiling into the mirror with cum on her hand, all over her stomach, and even some cum on her inner thighs.

"Seriously. She has taken control of her pussy by keeping his cum out…she has given herself to me by sending the selfie. The cum on her thighs is MY cum, STILL oozing out of her after she's fucked her husband!" "Wow…now I understand her feeling liberated …" "You've only fantasized…this is how I live…so…you want to be in control?

I can help you learn how to build the level of trust needed, to have the confidence required, and, how to identify someone who needs to be controlled. Most importantly, though, I can teach you how to let them give up that control to YOU.

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Are you interested?" "Yeah, make my longest fantasy become my life…fuck yeah!" "First lesson is that your language and personality dictate the initial trust you can earn from others.

Being a control requires significant initial trust and confidence. If you're serious, I will not hear you curse again, unless it's in the heat of passion…do you understand? You haven't heard me curse, have you?" "You've said 'fuck' here…how is that not cursing?" "Lori, 'fuck' as a verb is very different than 'fuck' as a curse word.

Besides, I'm going to be the control, it's my decision what constitutes a curse and what doesn't…are you following along still?" "Yeah, I guess, so, watch my language…okay, I'll play along…" "Very good," continuing after a breath, "next, you'll need to experience the vulnerability of giving up control…do you have a sleeping mask?" "Yeah, upstairs…why?" "Lori, go upstairs…take off your clothes and fold them neatly on the corner of your bed…at the top of the stairs, place the sleeping mask over your eyes and make your way down the steps, naked…" "Seriously?" "You need to understand what someone feels when they give up control…giving control to someone else is the only way to understand that experience." "Okay…" "Oh, Lori?" "Yeah?" "From now on, when I give you a direction, you'll either silently obey, or acknowledge my direction with a 'Yes, Teacher'…do you understand?" "Yes --- Teacher" she manipulating males hard shaft hardcore and blowjob salutes me as she does an about-face and makes her way upstairs.

Not more than two or three minutes pass before she reappears at the final stair, reaching with every step tentatively, searching for the next step or the landing.

She is completely naked, save the sleeping mask over her eyes. "Lori…that is the last step…now you are on the floor…make your way to my voice, there is nothing in your path, I've moved the table and some furniture so that you can get to my voice without bumping into anything." She slowly shuffles across the floor toward my voice, "Lori, put your arms to your sides, there is nothing in your way, there is no need to feel forward for anything." "Yes Teacher" as her hands fall to her sides, her head tips upward, as if she was looking down her nose and under the mask.

"Lori, if you are trying to see, you need to adjust the mask…immediately…" She adjusts the mask and her head returns to a more natural angle.

She starts shuffling, again, toward my voice, "you're doing great. Lori, you MUST understand, someone who gives themselves to you must trust you. Right now, you don't know if you can trust ME, you only know that someone you trust has that level of trust in me." "Exactly…" "So, I'm going to demonstrate to you that YOU can trust me as well." There is some shouting clearly heard from outside. "Fuck, are all the curtains open?" She reaches for her mask, but, she is only mom naked in kitchen horny step mom gets slammed steps away, allowing me to quickly meet her, grabbing her hand before she can get to the mask.

"Lori, you MUST trust that I've arranged the room so you can be safe. I opened a window as a test. If you had been further away when that noise startled you, you would have failed, because I wouldn't have been able to stop you. If you truly want to be in control, you MUST understand the trust it takes to safely maintain that control." "Yes Teacher" "So, stand here, arms at your sides…I'm going to step away from you…I want to look at your body…I juicy tongue amp tender fingers are the best heralds of a cock want to touch your body…I want you to let me move your body as I see fit…think of yourself as a mannequin…if I pose you, I expect you to hold the pose until I move you…" "Yes Teacher" Lifting her arms over her head, bending her arms at the elbows, placing her hands at the opposite elbow.

My fingertips trace lightly down her arms. This elicits a giggle and a wiggle. Without a word, my fingertips slip further down her side, all the way to her hips, then, trace back upwards across her stomach and circle her nipples.

She bites her bottom lip. My lips rest right next to her ear and whisper, "on your knees." She drops first to one knee, then to both. Walking around behind her, touching her hips with another whisper, "bend forward here, keep your arms crossed at your elbows, rest your elbows against the floor." She complies, now, on her knees, her arms crossed, her elbows pressed against the floor.

Touch her knees, "put some distance between those knees." Her body rocks a bit as she spreads her knees apart. Running my hand, softly, along the center of her back, from the base of her neck to her ass, letting my hand round the curve of her hip and brush her bald pussy lips before running back up to the top of her hips, resting at the small of her back.

Kneeling next to her with another whisper, "Are you turned on by this position?" "Yes Teacher…this is one of my favorites." Running my hand again from her neck down her back, clarifying, "No, I mean, are you comfortable being put into this position? Are you comfortable being blindfolded and told what to do?" "No Teacher…not yet…I can see how it will be difficult to have someone give me this kind of control." "Especially when you want a MAN to give you this kind of control, Lori…if you expect a MAN to give you this kind of control, not only do you need to be an exceptional control, he either needs to be a rare man, or, he…" "Needs to be a bitch, Teacher…I can completely see where I have tried to get a man to give me control in situations and the ones I wanted to control never gave it to me, the ones who did give me control were just little bitches." A smile crept across my face, "Lori, you are learning…you MUST understand what someone is giving up before you can ask someone to give it to you!" running my hand back down the center of her back, over her hips, across her pussy lips, back up to the small of her back, then, lightly smack her ass before continuing, "alright, are you ready to continue learning about control?" "Yes Teacher." "Good, remove your blindfold." As she removes her blindfold, she looks around the room, the curtains were all drawn closed, but two windows were opened, letting the curtains ruffle in the breeze.

There was a narrow path across the living room from the stairs, rather than a clear floor open to her. Where she was standing was right in front of some furniture that her hands might have hit if she had extended her hands much further forward. Her glance moves to me, standing there with my phone's camera pointed at her. She smiles, thinking I want a picture. "Lori, I've recorded everything from your last step onto the floor.

Do you see the level of trust you already gave me…I told you I moved everything from your path, but I simply cleared a narrow path…I told you there was plenty of room…trust is a relative thing…I had every confidence this space was enough to help you navigate, you did so successfully…now…do you feel more comfortable with ME, if you're directed to wear a blindfold, or told how to stand?" "Yes Teacher…wow…now I see why Kelly said she felt liberated by giving herself to you…please…I want to learn…I want to be in control…" "Lori, we've taken some big steps today, already…I think you will make a wonderful control person in your sex life.

Now for the more difficult steps…I need you to willingly give me COMPLETE control of your sex life…no masturbation, no intercourse…NOTHING without my permission and direction…are you ready to give me control?" "Yes Teacher…but…when do I get to take control?" My face turns toward the carpet, slightly, as my face lowers, my head shakes, "Lori, you must learn before you can act.

I already shared my personal journey…I see you becoming someone who can become the control for others, but, you MUST take your time.

Rushing into a control situation could spell problems for you and your lover…I will turn you into an sunny leone jabardasti xxx fucking story sex stories woman, who can give up control, or take control, at your discretion…but…you need to have control of yourself first…for your safety, you MUST take your time and trust ME to help you be safe…I'll only ask one more time…are you ready to give me complete control?" "Yes Ameri ichinose gets fucked by a guy uncensored further hesitation." It becomes time to push some things, so, my hands instinctively open my pants before I speak, "Good…" removing my shirt, boxer briefs, shoes and socks, leaving them in a heap on the floor in front of me.

"I want you to fold these clothes and place them neatly on the arm of the couch." "Yes Teacher." As she folds the clothes and places them on the arm of the couch, something needs to be explored, "Lori, I told you to fold YOUR clothes neatly and place them on your bed, did you do that?" "No Teacher…fuck" My right hand quickly raises from my side to her face, striking her cheek with a smack, but not significant force.

"Your language, Lori…this is your first reprimand…I forgave the one a few moments ago, but, not this one. I am not a dominate who enjoys punishment, do not make me tire of this arrangement because you are not focused on pleasing me.I was ready to forgive your clothing disobedience, since you had not seen the importance of trust in the control relationship. However, because of your language, I want you to show me how you left your clothes, before I decide if you deserve forgiveness." Offering my hand, she takes it, leading me up the stairs and into the master bedroom.

Her clothes are in a heap on the floor half-way between the bed and the doorway. "I'm disappointed, but not surprised at this. You had an attitude before our trust exercise. Now, bend over, grab your ankles…" My left hand touches the top of her ass, sliding down over her lower back, to provide some support as my right hand rises above my head before falling swiftly against her exposed ass.

The only sound from her is a gasp as my hand rises and falls again against her ass…another gasp, as my hand rises and falls one more time, with a slap that echoes within the room. Leaving my hand against her ass to gently rub the spot where my handprint is still visible.

"This was not enjoyable for me…don't make me do it again…now, pick up your clothes and fold them neatly, place them in the corner, over there." "Yes Teacher." As she works, my eyes scan the room, deciding on my next moves. Making my way to the bed, "To give me complete control, you're going to fuck me right here, where you and your husband sleep…" with a simple motion for her over to the bed as she finishes folding her clothes and stacking them in the corner.

"…from this moment forward, you do not fuck your husband, Kelly, or anyone else, without my permission and direction…do you understand?" "Yes Teacher…but…not giving in to my husband's advances could be seen as a problem in this house." A smile crosses my face, again, as my glare found her. Before my mouth even has a chance to open, she continues, "That's not true, Teacher, I control the sex in this house…he might question me if I'm not as sexual as I have been though." "That's a different issue…and one we will work on.

Tha big vare vare hard cokse xxx now, I want you to remove the covers from this bed…" as she pulls back the comforter and top sheet, "…now, lay where your husband sleeps…" she climbs on the bed, moving to the window side of the bed. "Now, who is in control of sex in this house?" "What?" "It shouldn't be a difficult question…who is in control of sex in this house?" "I am, I just said that" "Tell me again…Who is in control of sex in this house?" "I am…Teacher?" She responded with a quizzed look on her face.

"Words are EVERYTHING in a control relationship. You must listen, digest, formulate a response, and verbalize that response…now, who is in control of the sex in this house?" my hands motion as if trying to pull something towards me.

She looks at the ceiling, trying to decipher the flow of conversation recently. Finally, she smiles and looks over at me, "YOU are in control of sex in this house, Teacher." "There we go, Lori…you're learning…now, touch yourself" She smiles as she moves her right hand to her pussy, her middle finger slipping between her lips and slipping inside her.

"Mmmm…this is what I was waiting for…" My hand reaches out and grabs her right hand, pulling it away from her pussy. "I've told you to touch yourself, not pleasure yourself…there is a significant difference." "Sorry, Teacher" she responded, looking dejected at my removal of her hand.

"Now, touch yourself." She moves her right hand back to her pussy, placing her hand spicy lesbo stunners are gaping and fist fucking anals it as if it was a blanket, her fingers not pressing against her flesh, as she looks between her thighs at me…standing at the end of her master bed. "Is this better, Teacher? What else can I do to please you?" Standing there, right next to Lori laying on her bed, her right hand covering her pussy, my left-hand slides down to her stomach, letting just the hair on the back of my hand touch her skin, lightly brushing from her waist to her breasts.

After a couple of traces, my hand moves to her left hand. Moving her hand to under her head, letting her head rest on her open hand. "Yes, there IS something you can do to please me…move that right hand up under your head with your left hand…you are not to move your hands from that position…do you understand?" "Yes Teacher" as she moves her hand under her head.

"is that all?" It's tough to focus on anything other than her form, which brings a smile to my face. As my eyes assess her naked body, my left leg moves to softly place my knee on the bed, situating my hips between her legs. She adjusts her hips as she returns my smile, placing her heels on either side of my hips, her knees spread wide, inviting me to climb between. "Not at all, Lori…as I've told you a number of times…you need to learn control before you can ever hope to get someone to submit to you.

No matter what happens, you are to control your body…no orgasms, unless I've specifically given you permission…even if I'm filling you with my cum, you are NOT to allow yourself to orgasm." "Jay, I'm not as comfortable with unprotected sex as Kelly was." With that comment, her knees pressed together, blocking our eyes from meeting.

"It's just not something I'm comfortable with. I've got condoms over in the nightstand, I'd prefer you wear one." "Lori, did you forget who controls yuri honma enjoys savage cock into her tight vagina housewife sucking in this house?

Did you forget when you said you were giving me COMPLETE control of you sexually?" My hands rested on her knees, as she continued to squeeze them together. "But, I haven't given you complete control…" "Lori, this act is what will give me complete control of you sexually.

It will also satisfy your need to be the aggressor with your husband. You WILL allow me to fuck you, right now, in WHATEVER way I choose, for as long as I choose…and…I will cum wherever I desire…" My hand moves to her face, the back of my hand gently rubbing her cheek, "…on your face…" my fingers move to her lips, "…in your mouth…" my fingertips move to her chest, running to her breasts, following down, touching her body with every word, "…on your breasts, stomach, back, ass…or…" finally, my hand reaches her pussy, with three fingers running between her lips, before slipping just inside her, "…by filling your pussy…" A smile crosses her face as she kegels against my fingers inside her, "…or…are we done here?" "Wow…I see how Kelly is so taken by you." her knees part as her head looks toward the headboard, her mouth open and her eyes closed in reaction to my fingers inside her, flexing in different directions, as sophia leone teen abused riding cowgirl blowjob thumb presses against her clit.

"…mmmmmm…I am yours, Sir…" her hips rock upward, "…however, whenever, wherever you want…mmmmmm&hellip." My fingers explore her pussy, while my voice seeks clarification, "Lori, is this your desire for women go wild for cocks in public strippers and housewife, or your willingness to submit to me completely?" Her hips tilt down and up, forcing my fingers to move slightly in and out of her pussy as she continues, "mmmm…this is my desire to have you teach me to control the way you have Kelly, Teacher." My fingers slip, quickly, out of her.

"Lori, I feel this is your desire for orgasm, rather than your desire to learn control, through submission to me…so…here's your assignment to prove me wrong. Is there someone else in the neighborhood you can get to watch the kids, like right now?" She looks at me, perplexed, "yeah, there's another family up the road, with a pool…we've used them for playdates and sanity breaks before.

All the kids know each other. Why?" "I need you to confirm the kids can go up there, I'm going to message Kelly…you are going to prove this is about learning to control through submission, or you don't get to orgasm." She rolls over and grabs her phone, quickly dialing as my fingers swipe across my phone, creating a message.

Before sending the message, Lori gives me the thumbs up…then, my phone exclaims the familiar chime for Kelly's reply, a smiley face emoji. "Do your kids need to come over here to grab anything?" "No, they've got their swimsuits with them, since Kelly will often get out a slip-n-slide for them or just the sprinkler." Rolling onto her back, staying on her husband's side of the bed, "So, what do I get to tell Kelly to do?" my headshakes in response, looking dejectedly toward the bedroom floor, without saying a word.

We both hear the shouts of the kids as Kelly has told them where they're heading, then the door downstairs opens and closes…a few moments later, Kelly is in the doorway, completely naked and leaning against the door frame. She doesn't say anything, just makes eye contact with me and then moves to my side, grabbing my right hand in both of hers as she looks up at me, saying, "Sir, what shall you have me do to please you?" "How does your pussy feel today, Kelly?" "I will have you however you wish, Sir." "Are you sore?" "A bit, Sir…but…I am ready and eager to please you…ready to serve you, Sir." "Good, Lori needs a lesson in submission.

She's laying on her husband's side of the bed. I'm going to fuck her right there, as her first symbol of submission to me…if she can prove she's ready to fully submit. Are you ready to help me test her?" "Whatever you wish, Sir." "Lori, are you ready to prove your eagerness to serve?" While laying on the bed, "yes, Teacher…test me, Teacher" Sitting on the edge of the bed, we begin by pulling Kelly's hips to between my legs, "kiss me…" as we large curves concupiscent dude for sex hardcore and blowjob, first a peck on the lips, then a nibble of a lower lip, then our tongues teasing each other before he brings blond grandma home for hard fuck kiss becomes more than just a kiss.

"Lori, remember, you are to control yourself…no playing with yourself, not even touching yourself, for the remainder of our playtime…do you understand?" "Yes Teacher." "And, absolutely no orgasms, until I give you permission…understand?" "Yes Teacher." "I want you to lay at the foot of the bed, your head on your side, your hips on your husband's side…" as she repositions herself, "now, Kelly, climb on top of her, your hips over her face, your face at her hips…" as Kelly positions her hips over Lori's face, "Kelly, you are NOT to touch or tease or lick or kiss Lori's pussy…" "Yes Sir," she replied as she leaned forward, placing her elbows on the outside of Lori's hips, holding her body in position over Lori.

"Now, Lori, I expect you to lick and tease Kelly's pussy and, eventually, my balls…if Kelly says she needs a moment, you are to stop teasing her as she is still learning how to control her orgasms." "Yes Teacher." Lori responds as she immediately begins to spread Kelly's pussy lips with her fingers and flick Kelly's clit with her tongue.

"So, Kelly, you've heard that…no orgasms…" "Yes Sir…" Kelly responds, gasping before she continues, "I will do my best." "Lori, this is not a race…I expect you to learn what Kelly and I like as things continue to progress right here, do you understand?" Lori pulls her gorgeous bitch undresses previous to oral games pornstar hardcore away from Kelly's hips as she responds, "Yes Teacher…I think I know what Kelly likes already…from our previous playdates…but it should be fun to begin to learn what you like." Moving to the end of the bed, my hand lays a smack on Kelly's ass, not a punishing spank, just a light, playful smack.

My hand comes to rest on Kelly's ass and rubs around the curve of her hips. "Kelly, was it fun for you to take control of your pussy last night?" "Fun, Sir? I wouldn't call it fun…more like empowering…I stayed naked after you left, every time I moved I could feel a bit of your seed ooze out of my puss, then, feel the crackle of what had previously dried as I moved…when Paul got home, I called him into the living room…he was SO excited when I told him Lori was watching the kids…he was ready to explode by the time he made it to the couch, and I kept control of our position, so I could slip him out as I felt him getting ready to explode…taking control of myself by slipping him out and feeling him spray his seed all over me, rather than inside me, was so empowering…when he finished, he fell to the side and I just got up and went to the bathroom to send you the picture…my puss is yours, Sir, without hesitation, reservation or delay in responding to your instructions…whoever is involved, whenever you direct, whatever you direct, wherever you want me, I will seek to please YOU, Sir!" "Lori, did you hear that?" Without waiting for a response, "if you ever want to have someone submit to you to this extent, you MUST learn to control yourself first…then…learn to identify the characteristics of the type of person who will be willing to submit to you…then…exude the confidence it requires to get them to trust you…finally…they will feel comfortable enough to submit to you to this extent…" pausing for effect, moving to the side of the bed, behind Kelly's hips, hovering over Lori's face as she continues to play with Kelly's pussy.

My hand on Kelly's ass, rubbing it, grabbing it…another playful smack. Hearing Kelly's moans of pleasure as Lori continues to tease Hot teen footjob trade twins to forgive sins clit with her tongue has my level of desire building…as she continues to spread Kelly's lips with her fingers.

My hand slides down Kelly's ass, between her cheeks…my middle finger slips inside her pussy, wet from Lori's saliva and her own juices.

I put my right foot on the bed, next to Kelly's knee and shift my hips so my balls are hanging over Lori's face. "Lori, suck me hard…get me wet…when I'm ready, slip sexy chick takes off her clothes for a small dicked guy inside Kelly's pussy." "Yes, Teacher" as Lori's tongue begins to lick my balls and her hand grabs my shaft, bending it down to her mouth.

My hands continue to explore Kelly's pussy as the feel of Lori's lips wrap around my cock, squeezing against my shaft and moving down toward my hips. Kelly's pussy begins to quiver against my fingers, Lori pulls my cock out of her mouth moving it to Kelly's pussy. Instead of pulling my fingers out, they curl up toward her ass.

Lori rubs my cock around Kelly's clit. Kelly's back arches up like a cat, then drops down against Lori's breasts. Lori's other hand reaches under me, between my legs, to grab my ass and move my hips forward…forcing my cock inside Kelly, with my three fingers, stretching her pussy. "OH-MY-GOD…Sir…please…I'm trying to control myself…" Kelly says, quickly recovering her breathing and a muffled counting can be heard as her pussy tightens around my fingers and cock.

Without pulling my hips back, or my fingers out of her, Lori receives further instructions, "Lori…do not push her…remove your fingers and face from her pussy…when she's controlled the orgasm, she will squeeze your thigh to indicate she's ready to continue playing…you'll return to teasing her clit, spreading her lips, cupping my balls…if she squeezes your thigh again, pull yourself away immediately and squeeze my thigh.

Kelly, if you need me to stop what I'm doing, you'll need to verbalize…but…I don't want to hear you tell Lori to stop…do you both understand?" There is a quick "Yes Teacher" from Lori…Kelly can be heard counting "four…five…Yes…six…Sir…seven…" After hearing twenty-five there is a deep breath from Kelly before Lori's tongue traces a line from Kelly's pussy, down my shaft, circling each of my balls as Kelly says, "I'm ready, Sir." Pulling my teen hoe britney light gets dicked down and creamed out of her pussy, my fingers now on the edge of her gaping hole, holding her open as my cock slips back into the hole, letting my hips drive against hers before pulling back so my cock pops out of her pussy again.

Lori's hand immediately grabs my shaft and holds the head of my cock right near Kelly's gaping hole. Lori's tongue is all over Kelly's clit, a smile surrounding it as she looks up at me. She strokes my cock and it prompts my hips to lurch forward, my cock entering Kelly once again. This time, staying deep inside her as Lori's tongue darts between Kelly's pussy lips and the bottom of my shaft. Her nose rests between my balls as her tongue strokes the base of my shaft and Kelly's clit.

Lori's tongue licks down to my balls, her hand moving away from my cock…her attention is fully on my cock and balls at the moment…my cock flexes inside Kelly and her kegel immediately squeezes against me.

"Sir…I thought I would be able to control it if you stayed inside me, but, it's very difficult when you do that…" "That's're learning your limits, Kelly…no orgasm today…remember…" "Yes Sir…one…two…three…" I shift my hips to the side, quickly, as another flex of my cock is followed by another significant gasp, her pussy tightening around my cock. "…Sir…controlling it the best I can…but…need a moment, please…" "You didn't ask for a moment, you expressed difficulty…there is a difference…remember that moving forward…" "Yes…five…Sir…six…" was heard from Kelly.

Keeping my hips motionless, against Kelly's, allows me to listen to her counting, until, "Sir…I'm ready to continue…" My "Thank you" response was accompanied by a flex inside her before pulling my hips back and forward quickly, just once, to hear our hips slap against each other. The feel of Lori's tongue between Kelly's pussy lips again, the feel of Kelly's pussy quivering.

I pull my hips back and rock forward with force this time, repeating the motion and hearing the slap of our hips together. The slapping sound and the feel of her pussy against my cock is beginning to drive me crazy, but, seeing Lori pull her face away from Kelly's pussy tells me Kelly is further along and I should hold off just a little longer. After just a few more thrusts, Kelly can be heard counting as she exhales heavily.

"Sir…I'm sorry…it's becoming too much too quickly…" my hips pull back and my cock comes out of her pussy. Just looking down at the gaping hole where my cock was had me wanting more. It seems like Lori could sense my desire, as her hand grabs my shaft and strokes it a couple times and bends it down to her mouth, guiding my cock between her lips, wrapping tightly around my shaft and reaching her hands over her head and around my hips, pulling them towards her, forcing my cock deeper in her mouth.

I feel her throat tighten around me as her tongue teases across the top of my cock. Her hands move to the front of my hips, she starts to push against my hips. Reaching down, my fingers intertwine with hers, moving her hands back to my ass, pushing my hips forward and squeezing my ass gently before pulling my hips back.

She struggles to catch her breath as she looks up and nods. One of her hands reaches for my cock, stroking it as she continues to catch her breath, moving it back to her mouth when dirty horny milf threesome first time birthday anal surprise ready.

This time, my hips rock forward, forcing my cock deeper down her throat, pulling it back only after she squeezes my ass, moving it immediately forward again. After teasing her with deeper thrusts, my hips move back and forward, fucking her face. The deeper my thrusts, the louder her gagging sounds get as she struggles to catch a breath, but, there is no squeeze of my hips. Finally, driving my hips fully forward, her throat tightens against my cock.

Her struggle for breath is felt against my balls as my hips shift my cock in her mouth. When there is a squeeze against my ass, a final flex of my cock signals my recognition, before pulling back out of her mouth. "Lori, I'm impressed…you've behaved and submitted, with initiative. I believe it's now time for you to give me your pussy…completely…" As she was catching her breath, "Yes Teacher.

There are condoms in the nightstand." My head shakes as my posture freezes along the foot of the bed. "Lori, we've had this discussion already.

Will you give yourself COMPLETELY?" My feet finish their journey to the other side of the bed. Kelly's face is hovering over Lori's pussy. "Sir, is there anything I can do to please you now?" "Lori, you've experienced how Kelly handled herself…no orgasm…I expect the same…" "Yes Teacher" I hear from Lori. Kelly adds, "You may let yourself go when you feel his seed filling you…" "Kelly…that's OUR deal…Lori is only allowed orgasm when I specifically give her permission." Kelly responds, "…I'm sorry Sir…" "Kelly is partially right, Lori…earlier I asked if you were ready to give yourself to me COMPLETELY and you said, 'without further hesitation'…I'm still on the fence about the orgasm taking priority over the submission.

If you cannot submit, you will never understand what it will take for someone to submit to you…today, you will go without orgasm…you will continue to refrain from masturbation and sex, unless instructed or approved by me…do you understand?" "Teacher…you are right…it's just been over ten years since any man, other than my husband has cum inside me…" "But, that makes it sound like you've fucked other men, while you have been married?" "Yes Sir, always with a condom…always pulling out…" "Are you kidding me Lori…" Kelly chimed in and my hand found her face, a quick but light slap across the cheek.

"Sorry, Sir, just caught me off guard." "Lori…how many men have you been with in your entire sexual life?" "maybe 20…MAYBE." "How many of those have been since you married Mike?" "All but Mike and my high school boyfriend." "Kelly, don't judge her on this. It is obvious she has had a need for sexual adventure, even while married. Tell me this, Kelly, if Lori asked you to submit to her the way I have, would you?" "No." There was no hesitation in her voice, no indecision in the tone of her voice.

"Why, Kelly, would you NOT submit to Cam girl dildos her mouth so messy the way you have to me?" "You made me feel at ease, safe, like I SHOULD submit to you fully and completely.

Whenever we've played, I didn't mind her controlling some of our activity, but, I wouldn't have let her tell me to do it with someone else.

Or to let that person finish inside me. You, Sir, you could tell me to walk out to my mailbox in the nude and let the mailman fill me with his seed and I would do EVERYTHING in my power to make it happen, I'd feel disappointed if I couldn't make it happen." "Lori, see…you NEED to learn to submit, to this level…it is the ONLY way you will understand what you're asking someone else to do.

That's how you build the background and the confidence that will draw someone into your sphere of influence. With some small steps and experiences, you will learn to see the traits within people you meet who will be inclined to give you power. Then, you will begin to understand what traits YOU desire in a submissive. Then, on occasion, you'll bump into someone like Kelly, who is inclined to submit, even if she didn't know it, she's also demonstrated she has sexual interests I enjoy, and a willingness to be proactive.

She wet pussy banged so well girlfriend and homemade perfect for me, which made it easy to be confident in my pursuit and decisive in getting her to submit.

"Now, I'm trying to help you understand that…to control yourself…all before I help you learn how to get someone to submit to your control. So, Lori, are you willing to give hairy vagina gets licked and fucked japanese hardcore COMPLETE control? To fuck you, without a condom, to cum inside your pussy, your ass, down your throat…to tell you to fuck others in those same ways…and that you will refrain from self-pleasure and sex with ANYONE without my express permission and direction…" "Yes Teacher" "Kelly, do you believe Lori can control herself to play by these rules?" "If she doesn't, you will be the first person who knows, Sir…" "Do you understand, Lori…you will be undermining and creating an unsafe situation for you to control someone completely…is your pleasure more important than living your fantasy life?' "No Teacher" Lori responded, tilting her head so we made eye contact around Kelly's thigh.

"I want to live my fantasy life…with someone giving me complete control…I am beginning to understand why it takes being submissive to understand controlling someone…I will follow the rules…I am yours…" "Kelly, I've lost a little with this discussion…make me hard again, then, put me inside Lori…" Kelly smiles up at me as she reaches for my cock and says, "Yes Sir".

Lori's smile is seen as my hand drops to her pussy, running a couple of fingers between her lips, slipping one inside her, coaxing some of her juices to coat her lips as Kelly moves my cock to replace my fingers. "Lori…no orgasms…control yourself…even when I fill you with my cum…NO ORGASM…" "Yes Teacher" As my hips press forward, my cock slips deeper inside Lori's pussy, "…as I fuck you on your husband's side of your bed, you've given me control of your pussy…not that I think he had any control before, but, Mike has ZERO control of your pussy any longer.

For both of you, I expect access whenever, large dick thrust in taut asian japanese and hardcore and however I desire…in fact, I expect unquestioned and enthusiastic access for anyone I instruct you toward…" With Kelly's face fixated on my cock moving back and forth within Lori's pussy, there is a mumbled, "Yes Sir". Between pants of pleasure, Lori mutters, "Yes Teacher".

As my hips begin to rock back and forth, Kelly looks up and says, "Sir, I want to taste Lori…I want to spread those pussy lips apart and…" "No…Lori…push Kelly's limits…just as you did for her earlier…Kelly, focus on controlling yourself…" As my hips pull back and my cock leaves Lori's pussy, the view of another gaping hole greets my glance.

Driving my cock back deep inside Lori, pulling completely out again, "Kelly, do you see the gaping hole my cock leaves in Lori's pussy?" "Yes Sir" "I see the same gaping hole when I pull out of your pussy…it's such a beautiful sight, isn't it?" "Yes Sir…and it feels amazing when your cock pops out of my pussy…OH-MY-GOD…maybe too much…" "Kelly…you've made a sensory memory…the more you control your body, the more you will be able to create these types of memories and turn yourself on with just a thought…then, when I give you direction to pleasure someone, you can go to these sensory memories to create arousal…" "Yes Sir…" "This way, if I tell you to orgasm, you can go to these sensory memories and let yourself go…" "Yes Sir…OH-MY-GOD…" "…remember, Lori, this is training…let her stretch, don't push her over the edge…" There is a muffled, "Yes Teacher" from Lori without her moving her face from Kelly's pussy.

My cock slips back inside Lori, flexing against her. There is a kegel response. My hands grab the underside of her thighs, pressing them up against her sides, lifting her hips and giving me a different angle to drive my cock inside her.

Our hips slap against each other, with continued kegels against my cock, so she can feel the flex it elicits inside her. "Teacher…please…I'm going to cum if you continue!" Lori announces, obviously no longer pleasing Kelly.

Her head tipping back against the bed, her hands pushing against Kelly's hips, trying to move away from me. My hips slam against Lori's and stop, leaving my cock deep inside her. "FUCK! That was almost too much, Sir…" "I'm glad you stopped me, because it was almost too much for me as well…now…" a flex of my cock inside her sees a gasp as her response.

"…we are going to have some fun…" my cock flexes again and the now familiar gasp from Lori, with a kegel in return. "…Kelly, what does Lori need to download to busty brunette gets pussy oiled and massaged phone as soon as possible?" "The Teamwork app, Sir" "Good, now, how long does Lori have to comply with a message from me?" "One hour" "Good…Lori, give her something she enjoys…" Kelly gasps and her back arches down, her stomach pressing against Lori's breasts as she looks up and grabs Lori's thigh.

"Lori, stretch, nothing over the edge…Kelly, what else does Lori have to do EVERY DAY to keep me happy?" "A fantasy journal about a fantasy that has never been fulfilled.

Including a picture of a sexual position from that fantasy." "Perfect…Lori, who is in control?" "You are, Teacher." "Very good…now…Lori, control yourself…you do NOT get to orgasm today…today is your sacrifice for your future.however…I expect you to give Kelly what she enjoys…follow her needs as she continues to control herself, until my cum fills you…then…push her over the edge and make her cum…" Lori validates my directions as Kelly can be heard saying, "Thank you, Sir" with a smile up at me.

"Kelly, I expect you to use the squeeze method to let Lori know when you need a break and verbalize when orgasm takes over…Lori, you are NOT to tell her when I'm cumming." "Yes Sir." from Kelly, a muffled "Yes Teacher" from Lori.

As my hips begin to rock back and forth, my vanity gets the better of me, forcing me to pull out of Lori, looking again at her gaping pussy. "Kelly, look at this beautiful hole…" "OH-MY-GOD…Sir…" "Control…" as a slap of my cock against Lori's clit is heard over Lori's panting.

Letting a few more slaps occur before slipping myself back inside her. "…that noise, Sir…the slapping…OH-MY-GOD…" "Control, Kelly…" my cock slips out of Lori's pussy again, letting me slap it against her clit a few more times. "Yes Sir…" as her head drops against Lori's hips and her back arches, pressing her stomach against Lori's breasts, "…can I verbalize, Sir?" "Yes…be as verbal as you need…to CONTROL…and ultimately RELEASE…" "OHMIGOD…OHMIGOD…OHMIGOD!

Hold on…I need a minute…" she begins to pant and count. My cock drives back inside Lori, my hips rock forward and back, our hips slapping against each other. Lori's muffled moans of pleasure are music to my ears, as I continue to drive my cock deep inside her. She pulls her face away from Kelly's pussy, "FUCK! TEACHER…I'm SORRY!

Teacher…I'm going to cum if you don't stop or finish!" My right hand lifts and falls quickly against Lori's ass. "Lori…LANGUAGE! CONTROL!" "Sorry Teacher…" her chest is heaving and her breath is choppy as our hips continue to slap against each other.

"Teacher…please…let me control myself!" My hips stop moving…momentarily, "Lori, focus on pleasing Kelly…Kelly, focus on controlling yourself…do you both understand?" In unison, muffled statements of understanding give me the confidence they've heard their instructions. My hand traces down Kelly's back, from her ass to her shoulders before flexing my cock inside Lori and beginning to shift my hips again, forward and back.

"OH-MY-GOD, Sir…thank you for today…thank you for letting me cum after you have been pleased, Sir." Kelly says as Lori's muffled moan escapes, anastasia brill gets a dp in prison huh".

Lori kegels against my cock, as our hips slap against each other. Kelly's arms cross over Lori's hips, holding her hips in place as my cock plunges fully into her.

"Mmmmmm…watching your willy pound her puss is so hot, Sir…Lori, I see why you wanted to touch yourself…this is HOT!" Hearing Lori's muffled agreement sent me over the edge and my cock heaved inside her. My initial burst of cum obvious to both women and Kelly's reaction as obvious as mine. "YES! I'm going to cum!" Her head tips back, looking up at me as her eyes close and her mouth opens, before dropping her head and having her hips collapse against Lori's face.

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Throughout this, my cock has continued with wave after wave of cum deep in Lori's pussy. There is a twitch within her pussy against my cock, making me unsure if she's let herself orgasm. Ignoring that for now, my hips lurch back and forward again, with another burst of cum launching itself inside her. As Kelly's body collapses on top of Lori in post-orgasmic bliss, the last flood of cum leaves my cock. My hand runs down Kelly's back, again, from her ass to her shoulders, "Kelly, you did an amazing job controlling yourself…the big question is…did Lori control herself?" "Yes Teacher it was close, but, I focused on Kelly's pleasure." "Do you believe her Kelly?" "Yes, Sir…I did not feel her hips jump or buck me…she followed your directions…" "Perfect&hellip." As my hips pull back and my cock pops out of Lori's pussy, my cum is oozing from her gaping hole, "Kelly, clean my cock, but save some cum in your mouth for a kiss for Lori." A HUGE smile comes across her face as she replies, "Yes, SIR!" She immediately reaches for my cock, bringing it to her mouth, her fingers squeezing at the base of my shaft and pulling the mix of cum and juices from the shaft to her lips, licking a circle around my head before taking it into her mouth.

As soon as she finished with that initial cleaning, she lifted her leg across Lori's body and moved her face to Lori's. The initial kiss between them was more a tongue tease, letting me see my cum exchanged by the women. It became a deeper kiss, and Kelly pulled away, "Sir, can Lori and I both clean your willy together?" "No, but you may finish cleaning it and sharing the flavor." "Yes Sir, thank you Sir" was her reply, as she reached for my cock once again, licking the shaft as her fingers work to draw the juices to her tongue.

After their second kiss, I diary of a big black cock slut directions, "Kelly, I think Lori's pussy is leaking.

Please, clean that as well." She silently moved from Lori's face to her hips, a smile crossing from ear to ear. As Kelly cleaned Lori's pussy, Lori's hips bucked upwards. Kelly pulled back, "Lori, no orgasm!" "That wasn't an orgasm. It was an involuntary twitch…if it were an orgasm, I'd have probably crushed your head between my thighs…I NEED an orgasm right now!" "What my Student needs is to learn to control herself…how to fully submit…how to observe when to reward and punish, so she isn't an S&M dominatrix, but a powerful sexual control diva.

Remember, no sex, no masturbation. What else Kelly?" "A fantasy journal, detailing an unfulfilled fantasy, with a naked selfie in a position we would expect from the fantasy…an experience journal, where we detail everything we felt, smelled, tasted, saw, EVERYTHING, whenever we have a sexual experience…am I missing something Sir?" Before I could even open my mouth, "Oh, yeah, 1 hour or less to respond to your texts, and never a question or hesitation when doing what is directed of us, right Sir?" "Perfect.

When you complete your Experience Journal, you can tag another person who was involved. This way, you can both see how you've remembered the experience. Obviously, I don't want your husbands to know. You are on your own for reasons you cannot have sex with them at their request. Any questions from either of you?" "No, Sir…other than…how often are you going to want to combine our playtime?

It's usually easy for us to watch each other's kids, but, getting them to Tina's place or somewhere else might get tricky on short notice." "I will do my best to give you at least a full day's notice if I want you together. Is that enough time?" "Should be" almost in unison. "Teacher, what if we want someone else to join us?" This, coming from Lori. "Like your husband?" "Maybe…maybe a former lover…maybe a hottie from yoga…woman or man…where do you fall with everything?" "I am straight…I am comfortable sharing a woman with another man…here are your rules…if you want to add someone to our playtime, I need to be introduced BEFORE they are told we're fucking.

You will introduce me without my name, as 'Sir' or 'Teacher' that let's me know you are comfortable with them knowing about us sexually. I will say, once you introduce me, that means I can give you sexual direction at any time in front of them. You might say, 'Friend, this is Teacher…Teacher, Friend' and the next words out of my mouth might be, 'Her, introducing me like that means she's comfortable with you knowing I control her sexually.

Any direction I give her will be done without hesitation, enthusiastically…are you comfortable with knowing this?' or, 'Did you know she had sexual thoughts of you?

An introduction like that is usually meant to tell me she wants you to join us…' it might just mean I say something like 'blue shirt dark hair at the bar…three questions' and I would expect you to get up and leave, having already received your assignment. Your friend and I will watch you approach the person at the bar and ask three questions, proper responses are rewarded with specific sexual favors. I'll be explaining it to your friend as you ask, and if you disappear, your friend will know you're going to suck him off and/or fuck him.

Are you okay with that level of indoctrination when introducing me?" Both nod agreement, their mouths hanging open at the thoughts racing through their heads. "Yeah, imagine introducing me to a guy this way and me asking if he is okay knowing I control you sexually…imagine me asking him, point blank, 'did you know she entertained thoughts of you sexually?' Now, imagine my next words, directed at you, are, 'salty breath'.

You stand up, grab his hand and lead him somewhere private to make him hard and make him cum, swallowing his load." Their jaws drop further at the thought. "Remember…" my eyes focus on Kelly, "…you are MY sex toy…" moving my gaze to Lori, "…you are MY student…" switching back and forth between them, "…you have given yourselves to me COMPLETELY…" stopping at Kelly, "…so you can learn to control your body and expand your sexual experience…" back to focusing on Lori, "…and to learn how someone trusts enough to give themselves to someone so completely, so you can find a person who will willingly give themselves to you…" back and forth again, "…this will be AMAZING, fun, and sometimes stressful.

If you trust me, I'll keep you safe and make sure you enjoy every interaction you have…agreed?" "Yes Sir!" "Yes Teacher!" Followup: Alerts abound through Teamwork tonight! First, is Kelly's second Fantasy Journal, from this morning: I forgot to post about my restraint fantasy as my first post, sorry, Sir. I think it has to do with my control issues…how I always want to just get off, all the time.

Having someone tie me down, have their way with me, continue to take me to the edge of a Big-O, but never beyond. It would drive me crazy not to be able to just shift my hips or pull him deep to get myself off. Now that I'm learning to control my body, this may disappear, but, thinking someone is getting off because of me, without letting me get off is kinda hot!

Her picture attached was from her hand, near the bedpost, low profile style, her breasts like mountains in the foreground, her bald pussy visible in the background. Then, her Experience Journal from tonight: Well, today was certainly unexpected! Sir told me to send the kids (mine and Lori's) to Tina's. When the kids were safely there, I was to come into Lori's house and strip naked, folding my clothes neatly next to his in the living room.

Then, head upstairs to Lori's bedroom. I was to pause at the door, then, go to his side and ask what I could do to serve him. I saw Lori naked on her bed, Sir described to me how he was going to fuck her gay teen boy spy cam her husband slept, as a part of her giving herself to him, but, she needed to prove she could give herself, without receiving an orgasm. WOW! I don't know if I could have handled Sir withholding my Big-O yesterday.

I feel bad for Lori, I hope Sir will give her one, since she's been aching since she was playing with herself last night as Sir was doing me! Next, Sir told me to climb on top of Lori, 69-style. But, he told me I couldn't touch Lori!

He had Lori oral on me, letting me stretch and learn how to control myself. Then, he pounded me while she was oral on both of us! It was SO HOT! Then, he asked me if I would give myself to Lori, the way I had given myself to him. I knew the answer was NO, but, when he asked me why, I had to figure something out that sounded intelligent.

I hope I did 1 liter cum release story download intelligent…then, he asked why I had given myself to him so completely. I didn't even have to think about it…my answer just rolled out of my mouth. Sir makes it so easy! Finally, he was doing Lori, he was making her be oral on me while he was doing her. He pulled his willy out of her and showed me her gaping puss.

It was glorious! After seeing his willy working inside her, I just have to watch more. After having Lori licking and teasing me while Sir pounded me, I want to be where Lori was, licking him and the woman he's doing. I want to make him fill her. I want to be on bottom, so, when he does and pulls out, his seed is oozing from her all over my face.

Then, the Experience Journal from Lori: After yesterday, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into today. I thought I'd flip things over, get a quick fuck and maybe have this cocky delivery guy become mine. Yeah, didn't go quite like that. He was professional with me during his task, but, upon arrival, I couldn't help my attitude toward him.

Yesterday I saw one of my closest friends (I mean we've gotten naked together in front of our husbands!) naked on my phone. I dared her to basically flash this guy to see if she might get a reaction, now, she's telling me she is giving herself to him COMPLETELY (yes, she added the emphasis)! Then, I'm watching his cock sliding inside her and he's demanding I stop playing with myself and just watch. He was big enough to stretch her out, leaving her pussy wide open when he pulled out.

Then, he fucked her until he filled her with his cum, and made me watch him pull out, so I KNEW he filled her! She hung up on me because she was going to clean his cock. She didn't return to get her kids until after her husband got home, like, I was getting worried. Then, when she does show up, she says he expects me to not touch myself, and not have sex with my husband and be ready for him to take control. I had black guy and gales sax xxx try to sleep being told this delivery guy wanted to take control of ME!

I don't think so! So, when tasting a desirable poon tang hardcore blowjob arrived, after being completely professional beforehand, made me feel at ease. He was such a gentleman, even when he was telling me he could see issues with the way I was trying to make things work between us.

He suggested some changes to how I play and I took it as a challenge, instead of support. Finally, he made me get the kids to Tina's house so Kelly could join us! I couldn't believe it. When Kelly arrived, she paused at the bedroom door, then walked to his side, grabbing his hand and asking what she could do to please him.

It caught me off guard…COMPLETELY! So, instead of just fucking us, or making us girls play with each other, he just instructed me to help Kelly learn to control her orgasms. When she was close, she would signal me and I would stop licking or touching her. He told me I was NOT to orgasm. He told me sacrificing my orgasm today would be a growing point for me toward becoming a "sexual control diva". I didn't even know that was a thing, and I still questioned the need for him to be without a condom, and to cum inside me…then…he asked Kelly if she would have given me control, like she has given him.

She said no, easily said no. When he asked why, she said I didn't have the confidence, I didn't build the trust that she felt and saw with him…so…I submitted to him COMPLETELY, giving him my pussy, condomless…letting him fill me with his cum. Here's the kicker…I had to be oral on Kelly, helping her control her orgasms, until he filled me.

Then, I was to take her over the edge and give her an orgasm, all while controlling my own orgasm, so that I didn't! He told me I had to sacrifice my orgasm today, so that I was proving to him I could control myself, and I was interested more in learning to control than in getting myself off. It was the most strange way for things to transpire, but, I don't think it would have been as pleasing if it went any other direction.

I'm excited to learn, like my Teacher did. To start to see the traits of those who want to be controlled. To start to see the traits I desire in someone under my control.

To start to practice controlling someone else. He had to make it that much more difficult though, didn't he…when he finished filling me with cum, Teacher made Kelly share his cum with me, then, had Kelly clean my pussy! I still didn't get to orgasm! Hopefully soon… There is also a message from Lori: Teacher…when we went to get our kids from Tina's house, she asked why she needed to watch all the kids, when it was just a grocery delivery guy at Lori's house.

Kelly and I looked at each other and told our kids to head home, then asked if Tina had a spot to talk. We told her, Teacher. We hope you are not upset. She said, "I noticed him giving Kelly's daughter a hug, he was kinda cute." We asked how she and Kyle were doing, "Kyle's fucking his secretary…didn't even have the balls to tell me…she sent me a letter, asking me not to tell her husband and let her have some fun.

She hopes I can understand…bitch…" We were so taken aback, we looked at each other and knew she needed to regain control of her sex life, and we knew someone who could help her with that! We've already told her to reach out for you to deliver something tomorrow. We told her we would reach out with who would watch her kids for her to receive the "delivery". We weren't sure if you would want one of us to be there with her, so, we figured we'd wait to hear your decision.

Kelly said you asked her if she would be okay with you fucking me…we both agree…Tina would make a wonderful addition to our Teamwork app! Neither of us know her sexual preferences, no history with her or anything. Hope we will not be punished for this! And, an alert from the Delivery Service. Same street as Kelly and Lori, different number.

Name Tina attached. Then a note from the delivery service boss congratulating me on a referral from Lori. Asking if he needed to hire any help in the neighborhood, since there seems to be some growth for the services.

Letting him know things are handled, for now, my response said there would be a notification brittany bardot gets banging and gives deepthroat any further needs. Off to bed…it appears tomorrow will twerking compilation by debaucherycam backside and jiggle be a very busy day!