Odia lokal sex vairal vidio

Odia lokal sex vairal vidio
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Mothers Secret Code (2) My son Ken was 18 now, and soon got his own apt. and a room mate&hellip.Jen. Lynn and I still have visits from them and we stop by their place. Our husbands who had lost interest in sex, got use to Lynn and I, (Julie), spending the night together a lot. My husband and I have a guest house and Lynn I used that to have our 'sleep over's in. Her husband was always gone hunting or fishing and was never there on weekends.

Our story telling continued and sexy milf cheyenne hunter is a hot fuck kept going further with our mutual masturbation.

We both knew what was next and talked about it and how exciting it might be for us. Ken and Jen wanted to do more also, and came up with new ideas for a 'feel in' for us all.

They too told their version of our 'feel up's' story's and we all got a new turn on. Event 1 We all met at our guest house. They wanted us to watch them have sex. Lynn and I were overjoyed. How often did a mom get to watch a son have sex with his girlfriend. There were two big beds in the large bedroom. Lynn and I took one and Ken and Jen took the other and we pulled all the blinds down and locked all the doors. Lynn and I said: "First, your moms have a little pre-show for you, to warm things up." We began to undress each other slowly.

We felt our warm body's as we peeling off each item of clothing. The kids watched and got all hot watching us. When Lynn and I were completely naked. We started our little sex show. Feeling, kissing, rubbing and moaning all the way. We fingered each others pussy's and sucked our nipples. Ken and Jen had never seen two women LIVE do this and were super turned on. They gasp for air as they watched their mom's feel up each others hot body's and finger their pussy's.

We got into our bed and let them show us what they wanted us to see. They whispered and giggled. They then turned out all but one small light. Our eyes adjusted to the low light. We waited. Here they came, getting in between us. Ken's back to me, Jen's back to her mom.

Oh…my! We were going to get a live sex show inches from our own kids! They started in feeling each other and moaning. Ken went down and licked Jen's pussy as she moaned. Lynn and I got the live action right in front of us.

We could feel their body heat and smell the shampoo and shower soap. I had my fingers in my pussy as I watched. They continued to build up their sex foreplay, as Lynn and I began to moan with them. Ken and Jen lay sidewise as they kissed and felt every part of their body's.

Then I saw Lynn's hand start rubbing her daughters butt cheeks as Ken felt Jen's tits real good. I wanted some of that feel action, but Ken took my hand and pulled it over on is dick. I got chills down to my toes. Lynn had one leg lifted up and Jen and Lynn both, had fingers in Lynn's pussy. Hands and fingers were every where. It started to feel wild and crazy. I was feeling myself and my son Ken's boner. Lynn was feeling herself and her daughter Jen's pussy. Ken and Jen were feeling each other and their mom's.

We all were gasping and panting and moaning. Ken and Jen foreplay was massive now and they started to tremble and moan loud. Then out of the blue, Ken and Jen rolled over which put Jen next to me and Ken next to Lynn. I had never before in my life felt an 18yr old girl. Lynn froze as Ken's butt pushed against her pussy. She too had never felt Ken, or an 18yr old guy. When my trembling hand touched Jen's smooth body and pubic hair, I moaned out of control&hellip."Ooooo my god!"&hellip.

real long and I orgasmed beautifully and shook as the waves of sexual pleasure flowed through my body. That triggered Lynn and she miranda miller loves to fuck her brains out pornstars brunette out&hellip.oh,Oh,OH…ooooo! And shook and squirmed with her orgasm. Ken got on top of Jen and they started fucking violently as they moaned the loudest of all…"OH Damn…OH god! oooooOOOO…OH.OH, OHHHHHH!!!!

BABY!!"&hellip.Lynn and my hands were all over them to feel them while they have a glorious climax and cum together. They almost both cried with the joy running thru their body's. They couldn't hold still and kept moving together, gasping for air and kissing and moaning more. Their body's shook and squirmed for a long time as it slowly got all quiet and our four hearts beating hard could felt by all.

Lynn and my hands were all over them, feeling them as they shook with the spasms they had. A room full of bliss was quietly felt by everyone. Slumber took us all away to some peaceful place. ----------------- Jen and I started getting real close as friends.

Talking and shopping together, we became super close friends. We could discuss anything and did. I never had a daughter and she sure gorgeous milf with black dress on hiddencam filling the void perfect.

The exciting part was when we were alone, we felt each other up and made each other hot, just for the excitement and turn on. Soon we knew just how to turn each other on and masturbated each other. We liked it. She had said she liked guys, but a woman, once and a while too.

I took care of that little desire of hers. --------------------- Lynn and I took over our guest house and slept there a lot. We would turn the lights down low and talk.

We had never crossed the taboo line of actually having sex with our kids. Ken had never put his dick in my pussy, and Lynn and Jen had never licked lily carter a fathers lust other to orgasm. We admitted that it was looming closer for us to do that. Her and I both started having dreams about having sex with Ken and Jen. She got to feel Ken for the first time ever, last event. She said when her fingers touched his dick, she got a shot like no other in her pussy.

She admitted she wanted to have sex with him bad. I too had never had sex with Ken or Jen, and it was building up in me to desire that real bad. I had told her that Jen and I were feeling our body's now in private, and liked it.

Jen admitted she would love to have sex with both her mom and myself. Lynn and Ken were also sneaking in feels and had gotten close now. He told her he had desires to have sex with her. She was shocked and told him she had the same desires. He had told her he also had wanted to have sex with me for a long time, and that,&hellip.

I knew. That was the taboo line, and that line was about to be crossed soon. Event II We all planned a weekend that was clear and planned a special foursome. Ken and Jen in one bed and Lynn and I in the other. We joked that Lynn and I would make them so hot watching us and listening to us moan they might just attack us. They bragged that they would be the ones to have the best sex and make us envy them, and we might be the ones attacking them. It was a Friday night late when we started our next event.

They danced around our bed naked teasing us. We got naked and faked moaning. I said: "Oh Lynn, your so hot, these young couples don't know anything about having great sex." She said: "Julie, we're so hot that Hollywood will call us to teach them how to make a hot porno film." We hear 'boo's' from their bed. They said we were 'over the hill' and people over 30 didn't know anything about today's hot sex. They came over and decided they were going to teach us about sex.

Down went the lights and Ken and Jen whispered something. Jen took her mom's hand and lead her over to the other bed. Ken slowly got on top of me. I got a hot flash that shook me all over my body. He whispered quietly in my ear. ("this has been long overdue, mom.") I didn't have to ask, I knew we were going to have full sex for the very first time tonight.

I didn't care about any taboo now. He and Jen were both 18 and free to do as they pleased, and this is what they pleased. To say Lynn and were nervous would be a lie. My body and hers were maids playtime on cam watch part on ulacamcom fire with desire, the kids would say. Lynn and I both just let go and let our and our kids desires go for it. I just opened my knees wide and let Ken do what ever he wanted.

He and Jen started in on us. Kissing our pussy's first. No warm up needed as Lynn and both were so wet we were already dripping on the sheets. I watch Jen turn to fine ebony slut bethany benz shows her love for anal sex with her mom and start in as they both moaned right away.

They became like animals and made new moaning sounds I had never heard. I got so hot as Ken and I watched them a little. I closed my eyes as Ken started kissing me with our breath starved passion. My legs came up so fast around him It even shocked me. I locked him up tight but with my legs wide open as I waited to feel his dick inside of me for the first time ever!.

Oh my god…there it was,……… slowly entering me. I thought I would pass out. It felt so warm and slick sliding in me. He was so gentle and slowly pushed in till he felt my cervix. That made me jump and a wave of excitement ran through my pussy. He lowered himself on me, then stopped ,just to feel and savor his body on mine. I held him and squeezed his dick with my pussy. He jumped slightly, and took a deep breath.

I rubbed his back all over and let my hands go down to feel his firm butt cheeks. Oh my.they felt so warm and it gave me a hot feeling. I remembered feeling him when he was little, and getting hot over feeling them then. Now he was 18, and firm as I felt his butt crack up and down. I could feel the pulse of his dick in me. I was so hot now I shook. My hands wouldn't stay still feeling his body.

He started sucking and squeezing my tits so hot.

He took my legs and put them up on his shoulders gently. He scooted close into me, as his dick went all the way in with each stroke. I felt dizzy and gasp with the excitement. We just started kissing like lovers as he slow stoked himself in me. I started to moan as the feeling was to much not to.

I loved hearing him breath hard in my ear and I whispered: (" …oh Ken.at last, &hellip.you feel so good in me&hellip. like I knew you always would.") He moaned and started in fucking faster. I moved with him, working my hips with his strokes. I gasp for air, as I hadn't had any sex for a long long time.

He was taking me over the top now masseuse slowly rubs oil to hot brunette I was so very ready for it. I pulled him in deep in my pussy and I fucked him now out of control…I want a big climax and we were going to have right now…I heard Lynn and Jen moan, and that excited me all the more. I felt desperate to get that climax I old guy inserts ramrod in young hole to yell out…"Oh god…oh baby…OH.yes baby…take me home …I'm cuming Baby!…yes yes yes Yes YesYESSS!!!…I shook violently as I felt his hot stream of cum enter and flood me as I had a beautiful climax that lasted and lasted.

Ken moaned loud and held me so tight as his hot cum kept pumping in me. We moaned so beautiful as the climax lasted and he pumped more cum in me. Our body's trembled with pleasure. I moved my pussy to feel all the hot cum squish around in me. I loved the feeling of the overflow of cum running down between my slit. Jen and Lynn of course heard us and licked each others clits so fast their body's locked together as they came hard together and moaned out in pleasure.

They too climaxed a long and beautiful one and both thrashed their body's as their pussy's flooded their tongues and faces. Lynn thought…… ("I've wanted to lick Jen's pussy for years. When she was little I had the desire to lick her little slit so bad. I would tremble and orgasm just by rubbing her in the bathtub or drying her off. Now I'm doing it and she is so hot tasting, I can hardly stand it. We just flooded our faces with our juices and it was the thrill I knew it would be.

I climaxed with her as I felt her wonderful tongue licking my clit, and her fingers in me massaging my G spot. She's so hot to me, I want to have lot's of sex with her. Julie and I are getting so close to oral sex with each other, I bet the next time we're alone we go for it.

I've been feeling her pussy, watched her masturbate close up for a while now, and it just makes my desire to lick her to a climax stronger each time. ") Now four people moaned in so much beautiful bliss. The room finally got quiet except for a stray moan at times. We all kept feeling us for a long time. I wanted to keep Ken in me because.(I wanted more, and Ken did too) Ken whispered softly in my ear, ( ".let's stay like this mom, I have to have you again.") His dick never did go down and my pussy never did stop squeezing him.

Soon I felt Ken moving in me. It jolted me with tingles. Our hands started in again feeling us. I loved the feeling of his cum in me as he started us fucking again. This time I wrapped my legs around him so I could feel his body fucking me so good. I whispered in his ear: ("&hellip.yes baby.yes…your going to make me cum again&hellip.oh god you feel so good in me".) We fucked longer this time, letting the feeling build up and up…words came out of my mouth as I moaned to the world I was fucking my son and loved it&hellip.it was cuming to us now and I went dizzy with pleasure as we started to cum again.

We both yelled in pleasure as I felt his hot shooting cum in me again. He slammed his cum in and in me more as I fucked him as fast as I could, peaking my climax to the top. I lost my breathing and shook, and climaxed again!…I lost it and my mind went a little crazy with so much sexual pleasure. We shook and moaned for a very long time. We finally just slowly passed out …&hellip. When we came to I saw Jen and Lynn locked together licking and moaning again as they were building up to another climax also.

They listened to Ken and I and it got them so excited, I heard them moan so loud as they flooded their juices in their mouths again, jolting them both into body jerks and spasms.

Now we heard them and my old feelings came in strong to lick Lynn to a full climax as she licked me doing the same. I'll save that desire for later, as it was going to happen and soon. I wanted to do that in private for our first time. We had discussed it for a long time and it built up in us. After that I wanted to lick Jen's pussy and feel her climax as she licked me and we climaxed together.

My secret desires were all slowly being fulfilled. I wanted to watch and put my hands on and feel Ken have sex with Lynn, so I could feel them cuming together. Everything tingled on my body as I felt Ken's body with his dick still in me with so much cum in me. It felt wonderful. I loved feeling his cum in me the most.

I squeezed my pussy just to feel his cum in me. The next night Ken came over and we went to the guest house. The minute the door close and we locked it. We kissed so hot I almost orgasmed on the spot. I had an urge and I went for it. I undid his pants and took out his big boner. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him fast in my warm mouth. He moaned and held my head and started fucking my mouth and moaning. I wanted his cum in my mouth bad. I jacked him faster until I felt what I wanted…his hot cum exploding in my mouth.

It hit the back of my throat with such a shot, the first shot went down my throat without me even swallowing it. The next shot filled my mouth with his warm cum. More cum flooded me and dripped down my chin, and I climaxed and shuddered and moaned. The taste of his cum was so sensual as I tasted it over and over. I held it and savored it and worked my tongue in it. Feeling it warm in my mouth was heaven.

I moaned as steady orgasms jolted my pussy. I froze with him in my mouth. I didn't want to take my mouth off him at all. He played with my hair and ran his finger across the cum on my chin. Finally I got so weak I slowly sucked off of him, but kept his cum in my mouth to give it a final taste before swallowing all. I let it slide down my throat and swallowed it. I orgasmed real hard then. My pussy jolted me. I licked him clean, and took my fingers and wiped my chin and corners of my mouth.

I licked my fingers and savored it too, before swallowing it. He put it back in his pants and I hugged it for a while in his pants as he held my face and felt my wet emma bill bailey in my friends hot mom. ------------ Lynn called&hellip.her and Jen wanted to get together for a 'girls night'…omg…I checked for a clear night and invited them over, the guys would be gone for the weekend.

Friday night, all clear. I called her back, it was a good night for them too. She said: "I think it's time we showed Jen what we do in private, ya think?" I said: "Oh Lynn, that sounds so hot, and I think…it's time for us to show Jen what we have been wanting to do for a long time, and let her watch!" I heard Lynn moan and gasp for air. She whispered: ("…omg Julie!…we've never licked our pussy's! I agree!&hellip.ooooo …I want to lick you so bad!…and have for a long time…it's gonna be so good babe…I'm soaking wet now just thinking about it!") "I got a hot jolt in my pussy just now too Lynn, I've waited and waited for this night&hellip.I can't wait to lick you till you climax and maybe we'll 'squirt' too, Lynn.

It's been building in us for a long time, and now we go 'all the way' and just 'do it'. I won't be able to sleep tonight without masturbating first. I wish you were here to masturbate me while I masturbate you." Lynn paused, and whispered: ("…hubby goes to sleep always at 8, how about you and I sneak out to the guest house for a little 'warm up' for Friday night?" That thought caused a spasm in my pussy like no other.

Lynn heard me gasp and stutter as it hit me. She giggled and said: (" I guess that sound means a yes?…tee hee.) I said: "oh yes, yes, yes!&hellip.come over and go straight to the guest house using your key. Leave any lights off. When he's gone to bed and asleep, I'll come out. Don't wear any panties or bra&hellip.Ok?" I heard Lynn take a deep breath and said in a trembling out of breath voice…'ok', …"see ya soon."&hellip.

I could hear in that trembling voice of hers, she was as excited as I was. I put the phone down and felt dizzy as my heart was pounding. I had never licked a pussy in my life&hellip. I snuck out to the guest house when my hubby was snoring. I waited.

Finally I hear the key in the lock. Lynn quietly came in. She had on a long house dress, and that's all. I had on only a robe, nothing else. I reached out for her and we began to slowly take our clothes off. We just stood there feeling our tits, asses and pussy's We got in bed and covered up.

Slowly our hands started feeling us all over. We could hear our hot breathing as we felt our tits and pussy's. We both couldn't remember interracial amateur fisting and squirting orgasms stretching insertion this hot in our whole lives.

I finally turned under the warm covers. I felt her damp pubic hair and her pussy was soaking wet. I felt her playing with my bush and feeling my slit.

Who would go first, and start licking the others pussy. We couldn't see so together we started licking our pussy's together at the same time. Oh god…her tongue went straight for my clit, circling it around and around.

I stuck my tongue in her pussy as deep as I could get and let her juices flow on my tongue. I slipped her clit in between my lips and sucked on it firm. She shook and tried to moan quietly, but no use as she let out desperate sounds of desire. We started getting out of control and fucking each other face.

I had my arms full of her legs and pulled them to me hard. I felt her pussy squeezing and dripping on my face. I felt her tongue sucking on my clit as she had her fingers deep in my pussy, massaging my G spot. I was doing the same and we speed up the massaging and sucking on or clits. I started to black out as my climax hit me hard as we both were cuming together.

I started yelling as did she and mine and hot things happen when they wear a corset body's locked up and started shaking violently.

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He tongue on my clit was to much and my pussy fucked her face as fast as it would go. She started yelling and shaking hard, and then&hellip.she started squirting as I licked her clit as fast as I could.

Then I felt it,&hellip. my pussy squeezed down and sprayed my juices out. It took all my air away as I went dizzy with uncontrollable shaking. I squirted two more times as did Lynn. We both shook and then slowly collapsed with each other clits between our lips.

I passed out. I don't know how long I was out, but I woke up with Lynn moving her pussy gently pushing on my face. My pussy was numb but it was softly moving against her face. We drifted to sleep. ------------- Friday night Lynn and I were in the guest house waiting for Jan. We had on robes and felt each other and talked about how glorious our session was. Jan used her key and came in. She took off her top, dropped her shorts and was naked.

She was pumped with excitement. She jumped on the bed, danced around naked and we all laughed.

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She started feeling both of us and took our robes off feeling us all the way. This make Lynn and I excited too. She had us lay on the bed, and had me lay down on my back first. She then had Lynn lay on her back on top of me. My hand immediately came up and felt Lynn's tits. Her fingers went right to my pussy. Jan opened both our legs wide and got down to lick us both. It all happened so fast, Lynn and my hands trembled as we felt each other. Jan alternated licking first me, and then Lynn.

She speeded up, licking faster as Lynn and began to moan with hot tingles in our pussy's. The feeling of Lynn's tits in my hands was heaven as Jan licked us. Lynn's hands fingered both our pussy's along with Jan's licking. Lynn and both felt a big climax's on the way. Jan then turned and put her pussy over our faces. We both reached up and started licking her pussy.

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She was dripping wet and we lick it up as she started fucking our faces. Lynn and I turned our faces together and both licked Jan as we all started to moan louder and louder. The bed began to shake hard with us all starting to shake with a triple climax coming right now!

Jan shook and yelled as Lynn and I both licked her clit. She squirted a big one right in our faces, we climaxed both right then and both squirted big as she licked us both. The whole room echoed with our moans. All our body's squirmed and shook as little squirts continued from us all. We all continued licking us all&hellip. It got all quiet except for the licking sounds and all our out of breath breathing. Finally we had licked all we could and started unstacking us.

We all laid there spent. We all ended up in the shower together, that was fun, feeling us all. Lynn and I sat on the bed still spent…Jan came to us and said: black babe from orlando wants to be in porn. what did you guys want me to watch?" Lynn and I both said…,"aaaa (taking a deep breath) &hellip.maybe next time."