Familystrokes hot golddigging stepmom fucks stepson beautiful and cumshots

Familystrokes hot golddigging stepmom fucks stepson beautiful and cumshots
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Hi this is raju I m 17 yrs old my father works in abroad and he visits our place 8yrs once we live in rent house and my mom name is velamma she is 42 yrs old and she is a devoted wife to dad.she is really a hot maal every men will die to fuck her.such a hot body .she looks like a typical south Indian women.she always wears Saree she is very fair and her long hair extends up to her buttock.which looks so sexy her lips are so pink and sexy.Her top looks so huge her melons are big milf loves getting drilled by old dudes coconut and very huge in size.Her navel is broad and have sexy curves and her fatty ass jiggles wen she walks she had been a fantasy for many men in our area.Many uncles enjoy mom with their eyes wen she walks along the street they will die to fuck her hot body.

Her sized body 36-34-44 her melons r huge 36g in size and round rippen melons.Dad only comes 8 yrs once and he fucks mom whole 1 mon and ten leave the place other than that time mom is left horny I know that her pussy is waiting for good fuck but mom had many offers from uncles near by they have tried many ideas to seduce her but not mom is tat kind a.

But mom had good touch with neighborhood people she helps them and on a fine day there is a pooja in my home and many neighborhood guys came and had some sweet and lunch mom was happy tat the people she invited all came except one house.

That is near by uncle named Sham no one bothered about him so mom took some sweets to his house. Mom ebony babe jenna foxx gets her face covered with hot jizz the house and noticed door was not locked so she went inside and she was shocked to see sham.That pervert old man is mastrubating while he watched a women through the window as she was bathing.Mom shoutedwat the fuck is going on and sham shouted who the fuck r u and what r u doing here.Mom told him tat she also from his neighborhood and she told abt the pooja and she gave sweets to him she told him why he was so pervert tat he watched a women and mastrubating.Now sham told a sobbing story to mom tat he was a devoted Husband and his wife died early as so he does his sexual urges by mastrubating.He asked about mom life and she told about dad and me now tat pervert had a idea how to screw mom as he saw moms huge melons and clevage and white navel.He told mom tat ur husband is a waste fellow how he has left such a beautiful wife like u.Hearing this mom had some good intension abt sham.Now mom told him not to peep at neighborhood woman.

And mother and san xxx videmom and suno sham told mom how could I control my sexual urges the only way is this or a simple touch from a women would reduce mymonster Mom has idea tat touch may help him just a touch.

So she agreed for it now sham removed his inner and mom was shocked to see a bigcock 10inch and4 inch girth his balls are so huge filled with lot ofcum mom never seen such a monster cock.Sham is 65 yrs old and mom open her mouth tat how could this old man pack a huge monster.Now he told mom to hold it.Mom holder it and mom want a good fuck and seeing this cock she wants to get fucked but afraid about the neighbors.Now on touch of mom his cock became so hard many veins are visible now mom started to blow the cock so tat he would cum soon.Bt sham had other idea.

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Vela I would cum wen I sees a women's body.Mom shouted at him tat I'm a married women how can I do this.Now sham told mom tat its enough to help me I just go and mastrubate but hearing this mom agreed to show her hot body. Now sham took mom Saree and shocked to see mom huge water melons now he asked mom vela way size is urs and mom smiled and told 36g and he told wow and he started to press the melons hard and mom asked him tat u told me to strip to see my body now u r crossed the limit now he told tat its keep kind of touch only now he pressed harder mom body is trembling for a good fuck sham noticed it and he now took advantage and now he removed moms blouse her huge melons are arrested inside a white bra now he pressed her melons and is so soft now mom enjoyed it and she started moaning ah shah ahadhshshshadhahah now bbw granny pussy fancy meeting with big cock removed mom bra now the huge melons got free he was really shocked to see the round big melons of mom her areola is very big and dark her nipples became hard and is like black grape now he pressed the melons and mom started moaning ah shah ah shah ah shah shah ahahahahah now he started to suck and bite her nipples he is so hard he pressed and mom has got pleasure he sucked and drank milk from her melons now he removed moms skirt and now mom's huge milky thighs are visible she wire a pink panty now he removed it.he now took the hairpin and unplug the hair now mom in loose hair he shouted wow vela u look so sexy if u r my wife I would fuck u till my last breath.

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