Horny white thug has fun taping amateur african hottie

Horny white thug has fun taping amateur african hottie
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Part II I woke up and I could hear a lot of noise outside. The room was dark, and my head was still light, but the severe drunkenness had passed. I got up and felt around for my top. No success. I tried to let my eyes adjust, and eventually I found my way to the door and felt along the wall to find the light switch.

When I turned it on I immediately felt clostraphobic. The walls were almost right on top of the bed. I must have been really drunk. I pulled the sheets back and found my top, tied it in the front and boys touching girls pussy romanceing pulling it around to put it on when there was a knock on the door. "Kim its me, open up." I opened the door and there stood the man.

Still without a shirt and hot as hell.

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He walked in, took my head in his hand, and asked if I was feeling better. "Yeah, still a bit drunk. And I cant believe what happened." "Are you mad? Regrets?" "No not at all. Hottie babe averi gets invaded by a hunk sean with a big cock surprised.

I never thought I would do that so fast." "But you don't regret it, right? Promise me. I don't want to take advantage of you at all." "No really. It was amazing. Just didn't think it would be like that." "What do you mean? What would be like what?" "Do I have to say it?" "Sure, we're adults. Im interested." He turned and relocked the door.

"Well, honestly, going down on you." "What do you mean? Like good ? Bad?" "No no. It was amazing. I had always been told it was nasty that it was really dirty." "Nah.

Its just fun with another person. Sucking dick is a good time." "Its more than that. It was amazing. I know I keep saying that. Sorry." "No need to be sorry.

Why was it amazing?" "You really want me to talk about this?" "Yeah its sexy as hell that you liked it." "Do most girls not like it?" "Some do, most just do it. You can tell the ones that like it. So why did you like it." "God I don't know. Anal first timer gf has gaping ass mean I thought it would be bad.

So there was probably the thing working were it wasn't what I thought." I was blushing bad and didn't want to look him in the eyes. "but what did it feel like?" "God." I looked away again. "I don't know I mean the way you felt in my mouth. It was so soft but really hard, and it was harder to do than I thought. I loved the way the little ridge at the top felt against my lips." "But did it make you feel good?" "It was a huge turn on. The more I did it, the more I wanted to do it." "And what about the end?" "You mean when you came?" "Yeah.

Was it bad?" "Not at all. I thought it would be gross." "So you liked it?" "God it was amazing. Do we really have to talk about this. Its embarrassing." He looked at me and laughed. "Ok. That's fine. And how old are you." He laughed again. "Old enough." I laughed too but it was more of a nervous laugh. "You want to go out to the party?" He stood up and reached out for my hand. "Not really. I don't think I can drink anything else." "Ok, well miss old enough, what did you have in mind?" I smiled at him and just shrugged my shoulders.

Then something came over me. I reached out and pulled on his waist band. He took that as a calling and moved toward me.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, just like before. He was standing. I pulled down his shorts and managed to get the mesh inner liner to go down easier than before, revealing his flaccid dick and hairless balls.

I hadn't noticed that before. I put his balls in my hand and looked up him and smiled. When I did he smiled back and I took his soft dick in my hand and guided my mouth around him. He easily fit in my mouth soft, and I gripped my lips around his soft dick and pulled back.

He flopped out of my mouth. I giggled a little, and immediately put him back in my mouth. I massaged his balls with one hand and move up and down on his dick. In no time I started feeling him get harder. His hands started rubbing my head and as I moved his hips started getting into a rhythm with my mouth. I took his dick out of my mouth and licked the head as he looked down at me. When I went to put him back in my mouth, he stopped me, took his dick in his hand and squeezed the head. When he did a little bubbly fluid came out and as if it was a natural reaction, like it was a drug, I licked it off the tip.

I looked back at him and as he smiled I went to go back onto him. He tried to stop me again, but I pushed his hand away and put him in my mouth.

I wanted him in my mouth, needed him. I was nearly out of breathe from trying to suck harder faster. He pulled away from me and told me to stand up. I complied.

He turned me around and untied my top, reached around and grabbed the cloth triangles covering my erect nipples and pulled my straps off my arms. Turning me around, he told me to lay on the bed. I laid back on the bed with my head toward the top. "No. I want your head over the side." I moved to where he was standing and put my head over the side of the bed.

When I did he took his dick in his hand and moved the head over my chin and onto my cheeks, he touched my nose with it and then rubbed himself on my forehead. His skin was soft, and it felt dirty and amazing.

I reached back to try and grab him without success, so I moved my head back and managed to trap his dick in my mouth. I wasn't going to let go this time. I held on for dear life as he moved into my mouth. He reached the back of my throat and stopped, pulled back and pushed in again. No close, I reached around and grabbed his ass. I squeezed when he pushed into me and tried to pull him back when he got too deep.

As I did he reached down and started squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples with his fingers. I was so turned on. My bottoms were soaked, and no matter how much he got in my mouth it wasn't enough. I wanted to inhale him, wanted more dick in my mouth. I pulled on his ass harder than I had and he trust forward. The head of his dick hit the back of my throat with force and I thought I was going to gag and then it just pushed further.

My lips came into violent contact with the base of his dick and I felt him in my throat. He withdrew as fast as he entered and I almost gasp with a lack of breathe. He couldn't even get "are you ok" out of his mouth before I was pulling his dick back into my mouth with his ass.

Again the back of my throat and past it, this time without as much a gagging feeling. He withdrew all the way and then he pushed harder into my mouth. This time nothing, no discomfort. I had instinctively held my breathe and pushed out my tongue as he pushed into my throat.

He began fucking my face and pulling on my tits to force it deeper. He only slowed when he told me he was close. I stopped him from going into my throat and sucked hard on his shaft and head, and then he exploded. I felt the first shot with its force. It surged into the back of my throat, and as he did I pulled him almost all the way out of my mouth, just so his head was in my mouth and jacked his dick as he came over and over.

The shots slowed but the cum kept cumming. I swallowed it all without any problem. When he pulled back his dick was clean, and I was left wanting more. "Damn girl.

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You do like that." "Now its your turn." "No. Im good. I just wanted to suck you again." "You sure? You want to go get a drink?" "No that's ok. I want to keep that taste in my mouth. Also wanted to make sure you wouldn't hook up with some skank tonight." "Your funny. With you here why the hell would I want to be with someone else?" "I don't know." I was smiling and trying to put my top back on. My boobs would not cooperate.

"here let me help." He turned me around and tied my strap. He reached around and cupping my breast covered it the small triangle of cloth. After he did, he pulled it back again and started circling my nipple with his fingers. "Enough of that big fella. I need to get going. Im going to be a party pooper and head to bed, but hopefully the party wont keep you out of action for tomorrow." I kissed him and then reached down and kissed the head of his now soft penis and told him I would see him tomorrow.

I unlocked the door and doing the best I could, walked through the mass of people and made my way to my house. When I walked in the house was xxxxnx storys katrina kaif hot, and reacclamating myself to the room, I found the bathroom, peed, and then took my bathing suit off.

I turned the air conditioner all the way down and climbed into bed. David came in drunk and turned on the lights. He jumped on the bed and grabbed my leg from on top of the comforter. "Damn its cold in here. Let me get under there." "No David. Get your drunk ass to your own room." "Awww sis, chill. Just trying to get some bonding time. How was your night?" "It would be a whole lot better if you let me sleep.

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Get out. Come on really." "Aw sis&hellip. Come on…" He pulled himself up the bed and started play kissing me on the forehead. "Sounds like to me that you didn't get any tonight.

Little jealous of your big bro?" "Of that skank? That's funny. And for your information I did get some. So there." I turned over and put my head in the pillow.

" Look at you. From ol six pack huh. Those abs just gotcha. Couldn't control yourself huh?" "Shut up." He nestled up closed to me with his head in my hair. "So did you lose the big V tonight?" "Just leave." "No really.

Im sorry for barging in. I just wanted to check in on ya." "If you must know. No we didn't fuck." "Oh so you went down town. And it was bad. Is that why your pissed? Don't worry. Most girls don't like it." "Really? Most girls don't like it?" "Oh so now you want to talk? "Shut up. Do most girls not like it?" "So it was that bad huh?" "Answer the damn question." "No most will do it, but its not something Pussy seduction with big sextoy lingerie and japanese think they wake up and dream about." I was silent.

It seemed that what I had been told was true. I started thinking that something was wrong with me. "Wait. You liked it, didn't you." I turned over again and put my face in the pillow.

I couldn't believe that I was having this conversation with my brother. "Really. No worries. Remember whatever happens here stays here. Remember Im your friend here, not your brother. Do you think Im going to tell mom and dad or something?" I was pissed. I sat up all of a sudden and raised my voice, "ok so if you must know, it was amazing. Everything that I had been told was a real keg party with real girls that turns into girl orgy tongue fest naked in public and ex girlfrie lie.

It wasn't gross or nasty. It was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life." My eyes followed his eyes. I forgot I hadn't put any clothes on when I climbed in bed. Both my tits were hanging over the fold of the bed and his eyes were fixated on them. I snatched the sheet up and covered myself. "Im sorry sis but those are some great tits. Too bad you're my sister." "Shut up you perve." I was embarrassed and ashamed and just looked away.

"No really. No perve about it. Just an objective opinion. Really let me see all of you." "Get out of here. Really this is ridiculous. I'm your sister and your talking about my boobs." "There just boobs. No shame in that, and you have amazing tits. I'll leave. Just give me a little peak to jack off to later." "Are you kidding me?

You want to look at your naked sister and then go jack off to the idea of it? That's sick." "Its not sick. We are two adults and you are smokin' hot. Your not five years old. Your 18 and out of school. I haven't really seen you in three years and we don't really have a relationship.

You might short haired blonde gives a mean blowjob well be any girl I go to school with." "Ok smart ass. Show me your dick and I'll give you a peak and you can just leave." I never thought he would do it. I thought it would shame him, but now that the words were out of my mouth, I knew it was the wrong thing to say, because he just got off the bed, undid his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles.

His soft dick hung and I couldn't take my eyes off it. I had no idea what was big and small before, but staring at my brothers soft cock I now knew. He was the size of John's hard cock soft. It was enormous. I sat transfixed. Lana rain cosplaying asuna sword online fuckmachine show didn't even notice that I was sitting up again, my chest exposed.

I couldn't move. The think had me in a trance. "Well you've seen my dick, now let me see you." "No." "We had a deal." "well I want to see it hard." It was like the words were coming from me but not from my mind. I kept going over and over the size of it.

I had to see it all the way. "So rearranging the deal now huh? Well I cant do that without a little help." He stared at me and smiled. "Sorry asshole Im not touching you. I just want you to leave." I didn't really. I couldn't stop staring. He moved to my side of the bed and stood within a foot of me. I still didn't notice that my tits were explosed.

"You don't have to touch me." He reached down and took his dick in his hand. It was all I could do not to reach out and touch it. He started moving his hand on his dick, and he even spit on his hand and then continued to rub his dick. I didn't move, didn't speak. His dick started to respond to his movements. His hand didn't cover half his length. When he was hard a beer bottle would have been his only competition in length and the width reminded me of a gel shaving can.

"That's enormous." All pretense had faded away. I was caught in the moment.

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"Girls that complain say its too big and that I cum too much." I looked at him in the eyes. I could feel my pussy getting soaked with every stroke of his hand. "They don't like this?" I was shocked. I figured every girl would die for this thing. It looked at me. Seemed to react to me looking at it, and it was at that point that I noticed that my tits were hanging out. I felt his left hand grab my right breast and he squeezed. I closed my eyes with the touch and then reality hit me.

I looked down at his hand and said "no David, this is wrong." As I loved my eyes back to his that's when it hit me. His dick hit me square in the mouth. I reacted as I had earlier that night, but then resisted. I pulled the head of his dick out of my mouth but as I did he squeezed harder on my chest and I felt the pleasure rush through me.

I didn't resist anymore. I put his enormous cock in my mouth again and grabbed the base with my right hand. I tired to brace cab driver makes a rock chick give head for a free ride with my left hand but began to get uncomfortable. I moved myself onto the side of the bed, sat on the edge and went back to work. I struggled with his size. It was impossible to take all into my mouth, but I aggressively sucked his cock with all I had.

He squeezed and pulled my tits but held back pushing into my mouth. After a few minutes, just as John had, he patted my head and said, "I'm going to cum.

Where do you want me to cum?" I didn't respond. I just kept on sucking. I had to see the huge load he was telling me women hated. I had to see how it compared to John.

Then it released. It was like a fire hose going off in my mouth. His first release filled my mouth and I thought I could handle it. I tried to swallow but then another came surging into my mouth again. It was too much. The load forced cum out the side of my mouth. I could feel gay love to fuck at the bar almost gagging.

I swallowed again, but still it came. The force eased on the third shot, but cum continued to flow out of him. I could swallow and keep up with the volume, but it felt like I was drinking a milkshake, not like it was before with John. I continued to suck until no more cum was coming out, but he did not get soft. I continued until my jaw was getting sore, and when I slowed he pulled himself away from me.

"That was amazing. Don't worry Ill finish." I was shocked. That wasn't it? Was that just the beginning? Do guys really cum and cum and cum? He started jacking his dick really hard and held onto my shoulder to brace himself. After about three minutes, he tensed up and moaned. A single stream of cum hit my chest and he leaned forward and jacked the rest of his cum onto my right tit.

It wasn't nearly the load I had sucked but I could tell that a good three or four surges had fallen on my boob. I looked him in the eyes, shocked. Then he reached down, spooned up some of his cum with three of his fingers and put it in his mouth. "Cum is good isn't it?" I didn't say a word. I watched him as he went and put his shorts on and as he was leaving, he looked back at me and said, " still didn't see ya naked.

Guess I'll cash that check tomorrow. Night sis."