Petite russian brunette sheri vi with her fuckbuddy

Petite russian brunette sheri vi with her fuckbuddy
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Its been 4 days since TJ had fucked Mrs Hassan. He noticed her countenance had changed towards him,she wasn't the stern looking,dreaded boss, but a young,horny bitch, He knew should get her again and this time on his own terms. Before the close of work that friday he slipped an envelope with a note inside under her door saying.

"Room 217,Novotel hotels. 8pm". He knew it was absurd, She was married, 8pm wasn't the best time for her, but he didn't care. He wanted her to know who her new boss was. She came into her office looking tired and stressful. It had been a rough and eventful week. She had started the week on a lovely note, but things started going awry when she couldn't have TJ within the week, she always felt butterflies in her tummy whenever she saw him.

She tried avoiding him. She was planning her next move 'oh if only my husband would go on one of his long journeys' she thought to herself, 'I might move in with TJ' she laughed at that. The thought of waking up to his stare. You get caught sniffing panties then fucked to creampie hands on her boobs.

In her pussy. Ahhh. She couldn't have enough. She wondered if he gave head. But she didn't want to push her fortune. She was about walking to her table when she saw a plain envelope on her floor. She picked it up cut it open and out fell the note. She noticed his curvy writing. She smiled. She read the contents. She shrugged. She knew he had her. She had 2 options.

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Disobey and continue with her finger. Obey and be his bitch. What would she do ? She rested her bum on her table n closed her eyes. She thought of all he could do to her. She smiled. She thought of her husband and kids. Her first child is 23, the next 20 and the last is 16. She wondered their reaction if they found out their mum was banging some youth.

The thought of that made her nipples harden. She knew her answer. She couldn't wait for 5pm. TJ leisurely left the office at 5.21pm. Mrs Hassans Car was still at the car park.

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He smiled and zoomed off. He had a little over 2hours to catch a subdued date.

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He got home had a quick shower. Wore shorts a button-up t-shirt and sandals and drove. To the hotel. He checked in @ 7pm. The wait had begun. Mrs Hassan watched TJ drive out of the Car park. She was on the ground floor when he left. She waited till he was gone before she went into her BMW 118i 2012model and drove off @ 5.30pm. She got home by 6.02pm. Had her bathe. Her daughter had made her dinner.

Peppersoup n plantain with goatmeat. She ate little. She feigned a call and told her husband she had to get back to the office. She would be late and he shouldn't bother bout her. He told her to come back the next day instead of stressing herself.

She smiled n gave him a peck. It was 7.27pm. She drove straight to the hotel. She kept anticipating all the night had to offer. Her nipples where hard n hurting. She kept on giggling. It felt like she was 19 again. And having little escapades with hung-over guys. Tonight she wore fitted jeans with a green T-shirt. Beneath she had on a navy-blue push-up bra and a navy-blue seamless pantie. She got to the hotel and went to the reception desk and asked for room 217.

She was directed there. At 8pm she knocked. She heard him tell her to come in. She did. There he was sitting on the bed topless. Sounds of slow jams filled the room. She didn't know what to do. For an instant madelyn marie alec knight my sisters hot friend felt like going home, then he smiled and said lock the door. She did. He got up went to her and kissed her. She kissed him back n pulled his head in deeper.

Their tongues were doing crazy things. He stopped and looked her straight in the eyes and asked "are you ready"?

She said "yea". He led her to the bed, sat her down on the edge and started undressing her. Her t-shirt was off then her jeans. He unhooked her bra but let it stay on. Then he knelt down n started kissing her lips,he extended the kiss to her neck,gave her little hickeys then he cupped her right breast with her bra still hanging on and squeezed it.

She moaned. He let his mouth drop down to her cleavage. He picked up her bra with his teeth and dropped it off somewhere. He placed his mouth on her right breast and he suckled on it. He started taking it all in. Using his right hand as support,his left hand found its way down between her legs. Touching the soft damp pant she was wearing. He started stroking it as he was sucking on the breast, he used his tongue to lick the breast. Playing with her nipples, nibbling on it, biting gently.

She didn't know what was happening only thing she knew was the feeling was perfect. He was rubbing her clit through her panties. He moved his mouth to her left breast and sucked on it. He knew what he wanted and he was achieving it.

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Gently he snaked his head with his tongue out down her breast, down her belly button, he got to her pussy and licked her clit with her pants still on.

He softly bit on her pussy lips through her panties. She gasped n placed her hands on his head. He brought his hands to her pant n took it off. Then he began. He sucked on her pussy,licked on her clit,squeezed both boobs. She was moaning. She was writhing. He was tongue deep in her pussy. She was wet. He blew air on her clit n pussy.

She couldn't handle it. She started moaning loudly. Sounds of usher restrained the sound of her moan. He kept on licking her. Then she asked him to fuck her.

He didn't stop. He refused to listen. He just continued. She knew she would soon cum. She never wastes time and this was good. She told him she was about cumming. He didn't stop till he felt her cum on his tongue. She was shaking,she was trying to close her legs. It felt so good. He removed his head n slid up her body n kissed her.

She loved the taste of her cum on his lips.

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She noticed he still had his shorts on. She stopped kissing and took of his shorts. Once again she was faced with the thick 8inch dick. She kissed the tip down to his balls. Then she started sucking it she placed her hands on his legs and kept on sucking.

Then he put his hand on her head n made her gag on his dick. She was moaning. He was smiling. He held her head n started fucking her she was gagging and teary.

He was so horny now. He took out his dick n turned her on the bed, doggystyle. He lined his dick behind her n entered her pussy. Wet n free. He loved it,he started fucking her gently letting his dick stretch the full length of her pussy.

He was grunting and increasing the tempo. She was moaning n rubbing her clit. He was going in she was crying n moaning. She started getting wild. She started telling him to fuck her n use her like an old bitch. He told her she was his old bitch alura jenson daphne rosen august taylor 34d he was going to use her like she was a foot mat. She loved that. She was exploring parts of her she thought was my sister sucked my dick. He kept on fucking her, slapping her ass.

Then he took out his dick n lay on the bed. He told her to ride him. She did. He placed his hands on her boobs n squeezed them. While he got in motion with her movement. She was feeling his dick in all parts of her pussy. She was getting hotter she was about cumming. She urged him on. She told him she wanted to feel his cum in her womb. He told her to shut up n ride him. She felt his thrust in harder. He said he was cumming. She smiled n started cumming on his dick.

He felt it n immediately he shot his cum deep in her. She lay over him n kissed him. While his dick was getting flaccid in her. She took out his dick, brought her mouth to it n licked their cum of his dick. Then she lay by his side. She kissed him n asked him of the plan for the nite. He smiled n said "the nights still young". Somewhere in her thoughts she wondered if her husband had ever spent this much time to satisfy her. She couldn't remember.

She drifted off for a short nap.