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Young slut anya krey gets her pussy slammed hard
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Please note before you read this story that I did this as a commision from a friend outside this site. As well as quite a few more, these are not, therefore, my usual style but I've decided to post this one and see the feedback before deciding whether or not to post the rest.

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Please state if you thought the story was good or bad at the end, it only takes a few seconds. Gay-ass remarks lik "you sick fuck" will eiter be ignored or laughed at and striken from the vote count.

The overall rating will also help me decide. Every vote counts, remember, if you want more like this then say so or I'll think you didn't like it and won't post anymore. I'll be checking back in about two weeks to see how the story has done. -Monkeyboy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tifa smiled to herself, it had taken some doing, and somewhere between gathering parts, wading through the mountains of frustrating wiring, re-flooring her basement, soundproofing her basement and missing endless meals and nights of sleep she had wondered if she'd ever get it done, but there it was.

Sitting in her own, otherwise empty basement was a large circular saw at the end of a long set of rollers. The entire thing was at least fifteen feet long, she'd already set in place ropes and a sufficiently sized log which, for the record, was a bloody nightmare to drag back to her home and into her basement. Tifa had built this machine for one reason and one reason japanes sex mom vs kakek, she loved the idea of being the damsel in distress.

It wasn't exactly a new sexual aspect for her, she'd known it for a long time, especially when it came to certain situations during her crusade with the rest of AVALANCHE. Normally she would not have turned to something as dangerous as this for entertainment, but since the fall of Sephiroth and her moving up to Icicle Village, and the endless boredom that followed, she needed a little something to pick her up every now and then, masturbation had proven repetitive and her fantasies were left unfulfilled, so she built the machine to live out her ultimate fantasy, to be rescued from death then fucked like a whore.

She wasted no time, stripping off her clothes she half walked half-leapt up the stairs into her room, opened the drawer of her bedside table and pulled out her long pink vibrator, she smiled at it and kissed the tip for no real reason, giggling to herself as she rubbed it between her legs for a second, feeling her juices flowing as she considered her fantasy, then went back down into the basement with her toy.

Tifa went over the safety checks one more time, the levers used to activate and deactivate the machine was well oiled and easy to move, the saw responded immediately to her starting and stopping the machine, as did the rollers.

It didn't take time to stop which was her largest safety feature. Tifa's general idea was to tie herself to the log with her left arm free, since the levers were on the left side of the machine, she would then indulge in her fantasy as she was fed slowly towards the large, brutal looking saw at the opposite end of the machine, chubby pale brunette teen first time suspect was apprehended by lp officers while trying pull the second lever used to stop the machine to avoid being actually cut in half.

The beauty was that between levers she was helpless to ebony babe ariana aimes gets her pussy plowed the rollers or the saw, even with a free arm and the log was too heavy for her to move just by rocking side to side. Between levers escape was impossible and she'd tie the ropes in so many knots that she wouldn't be able to untie herself in time anyway.

Tifa had thought the entire thing through very carefully, she'd have a freshly sharpened knife on her in case she needed to cut herself free, the levers responded well and the movement of the rollers wasn't too fast and the machine itself had a laser tripwire which, then tripped, would stop the machine completely, the tripwire itself was sexy milf miss trixie sex with young cable guy to be set off by her feet, not the log and was just a few inches in front of the saw, mounted to the wall.

She'd had some trouble attaching it to the wall but was satisfied with the compilation of superglue, duct tape, blu-tack and tile adhesive she'd used to mount it. Everything was ready, all she needed now was a test run, but first she decided to see what it would be like if it wasn't moving.

Tifa got into the log on her back and pulled a rope towards her, the spare piece of rope was a last fail-safe, it was tied securely to the second lever because she couldn't reach it from the log, however to keep the mood she'd ordered herself only to use it once she was level with the lever or in an emergency.

The rope itself was the only spare piece she could find and had a few inches of metal wrapped round the end for added weight. Tifa smiled to herself again and began tying herself to it, nice strong knots on her ankles, a tight rope across her waist which then crossed between her breasts for added stimulation, and several knots up her right arm, on her wrist, elbow and shoulder, so by the time she was finished she was forced into a lying position, already dripping wet from preparation of this moment, the ropes, the saw, the feeling of the rough bark against her back, the way she was obscenely tied, legs spread to the log, at the mercy of the jaws of the saw.

This was her favourite idea of being put into peril, others, such as drowning, hanging or being impaled would have been easier to act out, but Tifa decided against it. It was all or nothing and she was determined to go the whole nine yards with this. Tifa had left the dildo in reach at the other end of the machine and she was quivering with excitement, her juices were already moistening the floor from where they'd been practically gushing from her vagina and her lack of movement, her nipples were erect on her almost mountainous breasts, her complete helplessness only added to her arousal.

Tifa went over the measurements in her head, ten feet between one lever and the other, and five more feet before her delicate pussy lips met the teeth of the circular saw. That final part sent her into a sudden, unexpected orgasm, as if she enjoyed the thought of being cut apart by the mighty sawblade before her.

Tifa simply could not help herself, she needed more. Taking a deep breath, she looked over towards the lever, put her hand on it then slowly, ever so slowly, put pressure on it, feeling it give easily as it slid from leaning one way, to the other. She felt the mechanism underneath it slot into place and another surprise orgasm hit her, much harder though this time, sending her into a scream as the smooth movement of the rollers pushed her, inch by inch, towards the saw which began to turn, then buzz loudly.

Tifa suddenly felt an overwhelming fear engulf her, she couldn't help but scream again in fear as the inches between her and the saw began to lessen. Yet behind it all Tifa could feel actual sexual pleasure, as if simply being in the scenario was enough for her to cum.

She could feel a third orgasm building despite having only moved a few inches on the machine, when she suddenly thought 'Oh god, what if it really cuts me in half?' The thought was originally meant to be a self-warning for caution but instead the building orgasm seemed to double in strength and Tifa was sent into a new screaming fit as the pleasure simply overwhelmed her.

She did like the thought of the saw cutting through her, she liked it a lot. She began writhing in ecstasy again as she thought of the saw ripping her apart, shredding its way through her and as a result she simply couldn't stop coming until she was weary and the thoughts gradually disappeared from her head.

Tifa looked towards the saw, she was about five feet from the second lever now and the gap was closing.

The loud buzzing of the saw was now nothing more than background noise, she needed more. Tifa took the knife in her left hand and, with a well-aimed throw, knocked the laser tripwire off the wall and it fell to the floor. The tripwire itself had not been set off and so the rollers and the saw continued to turn. She held up her rope, attached to the second lever. Her last lifeline. If she dropped it then nothing would save her, she'd be at the mercy of the sawblade.

Tifa extended her arm out to the left, holding the rope, stared at the massive sawblade as she inched towards it, and, holding the metal end of the rope in the palm of her hand, began to tilt her hand slowly, wondering if she was really going to do this? Was she really like this? Her hand tilted far enough, the rope fell. The metal end of the rope clinked several times on the floor and another surprise orgasm hit her, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body as she submitted entirely to the saw 'I'm yours now, don't disappoint me' she said softly to the blade before reaching down with her spare left hand and inserting a finger into her sopping wet pussy.

Moaning softly in pleasure as she continued to work her vagina with her free hand. Still sliding, inch by inch, foot by foot towards the saw.

Tifa closed her eyes and tried to imagine again the sawblade hacking through her. The thought itself was like an instant orgasm for her. And the more she diddled herself and the more she thought about it, the more her orgasms increased in numbers and in intensity until she was constantly screaming in absolute pleasure, her back arched as much as it could under the restraining rope, drool two bodybuilders bang kristine madison in gym pornstars and big tits down her cheek, her eyes squeezed shut and her finger frozen in place in her vagina before relaxing, a smile crossed her face and she pulled her finger out.

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Sighing again in pleasure, she felt like a separate piece of the world, like nothing could ruin this for her.

This, the most masochistic sexual act possible, death in a gruesome and painful way, she was going to do it here, now, and nobody was going to stop her. The buzzing sound deepened and slowed a little as the saw's blades finally met the log.

Tifa felt her sexual excitement heighten again despite the fact that she'd had multiple orgasms not thirty seconds ago. Tifa craned her neck again to look towards it and followed the sawblade as it cut its way past her ankle, up towards her knee.

Tears of fear began forming in her eyes, she had a sudden instinct to struggle, to try and break free but behind it all she forced herself to stay calm and stay still because behind and fear and trepidation Tifa could feel the buildup of the most powerful orgasm she'd ever felt.

The more she watched the saw hot brunette gets fucked in missionary position masturbation and tight pussy its way towards her delicate flesh, the more her orgasm built and so she endured the pain in her neck as the blade passed her knees and began making its way up her thighs. Not yet touching her even though she could feel a slight breeze from it against her inner thighs as the saw blade drew its way up between them.

It couldn't have been more than an inch away before the orgasm finally hit. Tifa again threw her head back and was lost in pure pleasure, she felt like she was in heaven 'if I'm not, I'll be there soon' she thought to herself.

Then, with a grinding sound the sawblade met her pussy. Tifa screamed again, this time in pain as blood began to splatter its way across her and the blade, yet her orgasm had not yet faded and the feeling of the most unbearable pain, knowing that it was her own lovely sawblade that was causing it, caused her pleasure to increase.

Tifa felt the sawblade carve its way through her pelvis and she screamed again, this time it was in pure pain. Her orgasm faded and she was left paralysed as the blade began working its way up her spine, ripping through her intestines, stomach, liver. Tifa saw the sawblade approaching her head, it was now towering over her as if to impose the already obvious truth that she was most definitely not going to escape, or survive. The blade tore easily through her ribcage, by this time blood was everywhere.

Melissa ria toys around and gets fucked screams hadn't stopped until the blade cut its way, slowly, agonisingly through her heart. She gurgled, writhed a little. Then finally went limp on the log as the sawblade finished its work. Slicing its way between her ample breasts, up her throat, and through her head. The log finally fell in two, one half either side of the machine, with the two halves of the lovely Tifa along with it, still tied into place.

The sawblade continued relentlessly until, no more than thirty seconds after Tifa's flesh had met the blade. The light in the basement dimmed and the sawblade stopped. A power cut, one that would have saved her had it happened thirty seconds sooner. The End.