Sultry sweetie is gaping narrow pussy in closeup and climaxing pleasing undies

Sultry sweetie is gaping narrow pussy in closeup and climaxing pleasing undies
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i'm jewish. this happens on a jewish holiday that has a HUGE street party.

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we will call me leah here. the names in this story are not the real names of the people this happened to though the story is real. i was 16 when this happened.

i had found out my boyfriend was dating my best friend. the thing is we didn't know he was dating the other. so i broke up with him. that night i met a set of super hot twins. they were 17. the older one was kyle. he had blond hair, green eyes and a cock that was 9 1/2 inches long & super thick. jason was the younger one. his hair was red.

he also had green eyes. HIS cock was 8 inches & just as thick as kyle's.

we started off just talking. here is our conversation. kyle: why did you look so angry tonight? me: my roccos pov 33 scene 5 melinda cheated on me last month and he was bugging me earlier tonight. jason: dang girl! he must be annoying you to hell! me: & back again kyle: this is boring. jason: leah, u do realize that your ass shows from your mini skirt & your nipples are showing too.

me: yeah i know. kyle: because of you i have a hard on jason: me too me: so lets party we were all sooooo horny a dog in heat had nothing on us. my pussy was burning from the look of Kyle's and Jason's hard-ons. we went to a secluded place & i opened their zippers. their cocks where huge!

i mean i had a hard wet and randy asian deepthroat japanese hardcore sucking them! while i sucked on kyle, jason decided to remove my thong. my pussy was dripping! then he began to eat me. it was heaven. as i got closer to my orgasm, kyle thought it would be better if they pleasured me first.

we got naked and they had me lay down. jason always eats so they had lots of food. they put whip cream in my pussy. kyle whispered something to jason. then jaason ran off. kyle then told me he had a surprise for me. i then realized we were. we were in the field behind their house! soon jason came back with a huge box full of sex toys. i mean full! the box was 2 feet high and 3 feet wide. AND it was full to the brim!

after a while the boys stopped eating me. i had had 2 orgasms already. i had always had a huge crush on kyle so when they began to argue who got to pop my cherry i said "kyle you pop my pussy cherry. and jason you pop my ass cherry." they liked it. kyle began to kiss me as he put his penis up to my pussy. as he pushed in jason pinched my nipples.

i screamed. it felt so good! as he fucked me i whispered into his ear. "i'm in love with you kyle." then he began to pump harder and harder and HARDER. and then i burst. i felt like i was flying. then it was jason's turn. and he had been stroking his cock the whole time. he had me lay on top of him as he lay on his back on the ground.

as he started to push in he said "kyle in a minute put your cock back into her pussy. we'll fuck her together." when kyle put his cock in me, i felt so full. it was soooooooo good! after 3 minutes of both of them pumping into me, i scream.

then they came in me. the next day, kyle came over and told me he was in love with me too. we fuck daily now. jason has a girlfriend now. guess who it is? it's my best friend carol. the one who my ex was cheating on me with.

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they are to get married in 3 weeks. we actually live in a house that was divided into 2 homes. life is good. no. its better then good. its great. i happen to know kyle is gonna propose to me at the wedding. i overheard him talking to jason about it. kyle wakes me up every day by kissing me then we make love. he thinks i don't know that he switch my birth control pills with sugar candy.

i guess i won't tell him about the twins we will have in 7 months just yet.

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______________________________________________________ this story happened to my friend janet. since she was 8 years old she took swimming lessons. she was 12 when this happened. once a week the coach brought her 15 year old son with her. he was muscular as hell! he was on the wrestling team. we will call him sam. the whole lesson he stared at janet. she loved sunny leone xxx porn blue film watch online. at 12 she already had 36 c boobs and her period had started so her pussy was full lipped.

her suit was a little small so her nipples were outlined and you could see every bit of her pussy. as janet sat on the bleachers to wait her turn again t do back stroke laps, sam came up to her and said "you are really good." janet smiled. she just happened to have been blessed with perfect teeth. "thank you, sam. you know, i have a crush on you." sam blushed. "i have a crush on you too janet" "after the other girls leave meet me in the showers.

okay? i wanna show you something" "alright" suddenly one of the other girls screamed. she had fallen. coach tarasky looked at her arm and said "girls, swim meet is over for today. i need to take kayla to the hospital. sam is it alright if you sex xxx porn sexi vidiox here for me?" sam acted like hot blonde gangbang in bed blowjob amateur did not care and shrugged.

"what ever mom." "thank you sweety" 30 minutes later sam walked into the shower room and called out "janet? are you here?" "over here sam" as he turned the corner he saw janet.

she was naked and she was holding a big dildo in her hand. "i want you to fuck me with this. " "why not just use a real cock? why use a dildo?" "i have never had a real cock in my pussy before" "i'll be you cock janet" sam pulled his clothes off and sat on the floor.

janet sat on the bench. he pulled her legs apart and put his finger to her clit. janet wimpered. he then ran it up and down till she was squirming and panting. then he began to suck on her clit. after a while janet cried out as she gushed onto his face. "janet, i can't wait. i need to be in you now." "okay. just be gentle. just as his cock was all the way in her she orgasmed so hard they fell to the floor. she looked down with wonder on her face as he began to move her hips.

after a bit the came together. he shot his cum deep into her womb. after they showered they exchanged cell numbers and made plans to meet again. when the coach came back they were talking and laughing. when they dropped janet off at her house sam kissed her and said "see you for our date. they are still together but not married. (this story is written as it was told to me in a resent girls night out.

we were playing truth or dare.)