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The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 1 Finally, I thought. Some schooldays never end. Until the bell rings that is. I packed my things and headed for the door into the hall, hurriedly passing the other classrooms before the hall filled itself with fugitive homesick students. When outside I made a dash for it until I heard the only voice in the school with stopping power over me. "Girt, Girt. Wait for me." I would always wait for Vicky. She was the most beautiful thing on two legs to walk around Juneau.

Even more beautiful than her mother in her best years of being a famous actress. I stopped running, turned around and waited for Vicky. "Don't you look at me like that, you moron.

Those puppy eyes of you embarrass me. You make me blush. Just don't. And what's the hurry, Girt?" "I got broadband since yesterday. My foster mother finally budged. Now I can start learning things on my own. In my own pace and not in this sluggish high school lobotomizing tempo we are at here to accommodate the slowest of the slowest. They are holding me up massively. I so do wish college will be better." "Thank you for the compliment Girt." "I did not mean you Vicky, and you know that." "So, finally, it is happening.

We can speak on Facebook with each other, I would like that." "No Vicky, I was not thinking of Facebook. I got broadband because I made my foster mother believe I needed permanent access to Wikipedia.

She will keep her eyes locked on what I am doing on the Internet." "Wikipedia? What glam clothed euro ho fuck pornstars and european that?" "No need to ask me, Vicky, there is google to find you things and then there is Wikipedia to educate you further. Look it up." "You are not being nice, Girt. Come with us to the mall." "Who is us, Vicky?" "We are all going, Girt.

So? Are you coming?" "Vicky, we have been through all that a thousand times. We go to the mall. I say something and Greg whacks me. It is always the same. I would love to spend time with you, but not with him around." "Jesus Girt, how old are you?" I smiled at Vicky, knowing I would not budge.

I started running again yelling at Vicky, "See you tomorrow." ------------------------- Running to school was nice, but running home was ways better. Ever since my last growth spurt and having a longer endurance, I kept the time within half an hour.

Through the trees, I could see mum was home. She is not my real mother, I am a foster child, but I called her my mum nonetheless. "Hi mum, I am home." "Tiguaak, just a minute, I will be right down.

Have some tea." Tea can wait. Internet, here I come. At school today we were bombarded with the significance of the year 11,111, again. The year we Elves would get the benefit of The Eleventh Elevation, although Mr. Frye, my history teacher, did not explain what the so-called Eleventh Elevation entailed. He told us we only had to wait for 9000 years to get what we were born for without telling what nice blow from teen gal hardcore and massage would get.

I thought it odd. I saw my laptop starting with Google and typed five ones in the search bar. The URL's the search came up with gave me vague references to angel numbers.

One website was speaking of the Gateway of Power into another form of life, fueled by one Shanta Gabriel claiming she has had a visit from the Archangel Gabriel and that Gabriel communicated with her ever since.

I do not say I believe her story, nor do I say it is hogwash. I am indifferent to thoughts like that. For whatever truths her story held, those truths were holding far more substance than Mr.

Frye's fairy tales about 11,111. For myself, I thought it possible that the Archangel Gabriel might not be the same person as the Gabriel mentioned later in the same sentence. I heard mum coming down the stairs and she gave me a quick peck on my lips. She always did and I would wait for it, almost eager to get this peck from her.

"How is my hero doing?", she asked. "Your hero survived at school today mum, in spite of the deadly droning of the bad guy in front of the class, like today, the evil boss, Mr. Frye did. Yet again he talked all day and said nothing." "How old are you Tiguaak?" "Mum, you call me Tiguaak, the adopted child, averaging once a month, now it is already twice today. What is going on?" I saw the first sign of tears in the corner of mum's eyes.

"There is an Elven habit in these parts to educate their cubs spiritually around their 18th xxx move sex stories 25 menet, you are long overdue. This education might take a few months, more or less.

You will not come home during this spiritual growth. Girt, I will not be able to see you here during this time." "But. How? What? Who? When? I do not want to leave you for a few months. What nonsense is this?" I totally missed that suddenly a big man was standing in the doorway holding a deerskin cloth in his hand. I did not miss him saying, "Tell me it is nonsense in a few months Bhavishya.

You are to come outside within 15 minutes and you are to come with me. You will dress with this deerskin and nothing else. You will ask no questions and you are to do as you are told." I really did not see a point in going against what the man told me.

From his commanding voice, I understood this was going to happen one way or the other. So I did the only thing I could do and typed the phrase "Bhavishya" in Google's search bar, hoping I had the spelling correct. "Mum, the man named me Bhavishya. It means future in the Sanskrit language.

I do not think I will meet my doom leaving with this man. Hug me please, I am going to miss you." Mum hugged me tight and I thought of her with the pleasure that both of her breasts felt as they looked.

Curvy in all the important places. Soft where she was supposed to be cushioned. She gave me another one of her delightful pecks on my lips.

I even suspected she added a little tongue, but the moment was too brief to be sure. I dreamed too much of her, that was a given. "So mum, you have some soft spots for me after all." "Don't think too hard of me Girt.

Some things cannot be helped. Oh, my boy. I love you. Go, Girt, go now and come back a man." Undressing took longer than stepping into the deerskin. The man did not have shoes on so I pulled off my socks as well. After a last short embrace with mum, I stepped outside. The man looked at me with approval and said, "Very good Bhavishya.

Bring your laptop in a backpack, hurry, we have distances to cover, stay behind me. No talking." I was not going to argue with that, but I ran upstairs to get the adapter beautiful big tits bbw gives an amazing sloppy blowjob well. Stepping out of the door once more I saw he had already left in the opposite direction of our village into the woods. The man walked with big steps and after closing the gap I had to trot a little every three steps to maintain his pace.

Inside the house, the man had also said we had distances to cover so I walked, trotted and sometimes ran behind the man without thinking, my mind free to wander. Vaguely I noticed the mountains on the horizon shift a little but other than that I did not think about what was happening or where we were going. I did not even care how long we were underway.

In my trance, I almost missed the man had stopped. Only half a meter behind him I almost stopped walking as well and very softly bumped into him on purpose. "Sir, do you know your brake lights malfunction?" "I do not have&hellip.", he wanted to answer but stopped talking, realizing I had him.

"You may call me Amaqjuaq, it means the strong one, but I think you are as strong as me Bhavishya.

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How can that be? How can it be you are right behind me and you are not whining?" "Being the pup Amaqjuaq, I would think I came with you to learn, now I suspect you want to learn from me." "Aha, there is the adolescent. I was starting to believe he was already gone. You make me a happy man today.

Bhavishya, I am asking you questions so you can learn from them. The questions I ask you are not about knowledge or applied science you can just learn to answer, I am asking you questions you have to seek answers to within yourself." "Sir, I could keep up with you because I run to school and back every day so a walk in the woods is not really a challenge.

The running I do every day, I do barefoot, so again, a walk in the woods is not really challenging. And lastly, I had to walk behind you with a ban on speaking so I had all the opportunity to let my mind wander off." "Hahahahaha. Wonderful Bhavishya. Hahaha. Did Alasie, the honest one with nobility, tell you how long this initiation of yours would last?" "A few months, Amaqjuaq." "Indeed she did, Bhavishya, my bad, my bad.

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I am afraid it will take years in your case. Oh my, you are so far ahead of all others, oh my." Amaqjuaq took a handful of leaves out of his satchel and gave half of them to me saying, "Chew these leaves Bhavishya, do not fleshy plumper becki butterfly shows off her body and then fucks a dude them and spit the pulp out when their minty taste is gone.

The produce of chewing these leaves will help you open your spirit. We will walk again in 25 minutes. But first tell me, where did your mind wander during our first stint of walking." "Firstly I went to see mum. At this moment she should be cooking, but I had trouble to visualize that. Multiple times in fact. Other images of mum in my fantasy created some sort of overlay, it bothered me so much that I either tried again or fantasized of Vicky." "What was your mother doing in those overlays Bhavishya?" "Hmm, she uhm, was uhm, doing some uhm, stuff, Amaqjuaq." "Tell me uhm, about the, uhm stuff, Bhavishya." "She uhh, she was playing Amaqjuag.

I was fantasizing she was playing with her uhm fingers, in her uhm, with herself." "Good Bhavishya, honesty, very important. Now Bhavishya. Whenever you saw Avasie playing with herself in your mind, did she ever reach gratification?" "No Amaqjuaq, how could I fantasize about that, I have never seen her do that in real life." "Oh Bhavishya, so you have seen Alasie fingering show01 chinesse japan massage korean in real life?" "No Amaqjuaq, I did not, I just thought……I don't know, I mean&hellip." "Bhavishya!

Concentrate on your Alasie now, what is she doing and more importantly, where is your Alasie when you find her with your mind. And when you do find her, tell her to come." "Oh, you make it easy for me Amaqjuaq. Mum is in the backseat of a car. I like that. She is wearing a short skirt and a blouse. Her blouse is opened and she is playing with her tits with her left hand. Her right hand is near her crotch.

Now she puts two fingers in her cunt, oh man, she is so wet. Her middle finger is hooked upwards in her cunt. Alasie is breathing heavily now. I love her like this Amaqjuaq. She is so vulnerable." < Mum, I want you to come now, I want you to enjoy this. Here, suck on your finger, that will help. Come, mum, you can do it >.

"You have a strong imagination, young Bhavishya. And it was okay to fantasize about your mum for now, but I advise you to stop fantasizing about sex with her for a while. It is not healthy." "Here, have some more leaves Bhavishya, and let us get on the move again. If you want to wander off with your mind I want you to go to the tree near your house.

The one with the low first branch. Imagine yourself to step on this branch and then walk to the end of it. When you get to the end, sit down and keep an eye on the surroundings and look at your house. Let us go." Following Amaqjuaq after the break was as eventful as the first stint. I opened a door in my mind and went to the tree Amaqjuaq specified. I knew this tree amateur married couples swap partners and played a lot on its branches for years.

I considered this tree to be my friend and I relished the idea I was a friend of this tree. I stepped on tree's lowest branch and I think I felt a gust of wind, the big branches creaked a little and the little branches made some sort of vibrating sound as if they resonated with each other. Like Amaqjuaq told me to, I walked to the end of the branch.

It was the darkest moment of the day. The sun was down without a moon yet. There was not much light from the stars either. I could not see the house but I knew where it was. With nothing else to do, I mentally followed the path Amaqjuaq and I took in the direction of the mountains. As a point of reference I thought of the way I saw the mountains shift and within mere moments I saw myself walking behind Amaqjuaq. From within this dream, I made the walking me floating above the earth, so I walked on air.

It was my dream and I did not mind Amaqjuaq to start floating as well. He sped up and all I knew was that I had to follow him, so following him was what I did. I did not understand why this flying walk was so tiring. Amaqjuaq went even higher and faster. All I did was keeping an eye on him and follow. I knew I could run for hours without getting short of breath, but this flying in my dream made me feel sick of hunger and short of breath through a lack of oxygen.

We flew through valleys. We flew over woods. Amaqjuaq slowed down and landed near a small cottage not a moment too soon. So I slowed down and landed near the cottage as well. He opened the door of the cottage and gestured me inside.

I was so tired. I tried to walk through the door but all I remember was the feeling of falling. The feeling of being caught and carried to a bed. I remember to have heard two persons talking to each other but I could not remember hearing words. Vaguely I remember astonishment in their speaking, but after that, nothing. The first thing I actually remember after landing near the cottage was a washcloth on my forehead and that I opened my eyes.

And I remember my surprise seeing that I was not at home. And I remember a tear falling on my nose. "Mum? What's with the crying?" I remember Mum bending over to give me another one of her special pecks on my lips. But what stood out, and was something I would take into my grave, was my astonishment this was not exactly a peck with a slip of her tongue.

This was a full-on kiss on my lips with all the tongue she had and that it went on and on and on&hellip. Until she broke off the kiss, giving me a personal view into her cleavage, with her breasts swinging freely in her half-opened blouse and said; "No master. I am not crying. I am happy." "Master? Mum? I don't understand." "Understanding comes later. Do I have permission to return the favor, please?" "Favors? I don't do favors Mum.

You can have whatever you want, whenever you want." Her head disappeared from my view. I felt wetness. This was so pleasurable.

My dick grew and not much later and for the first time in my life I came, without doing anything myself. Her head came back above the blankets and she gave me another sloppy kiss with something that had a taste of myself. Mum took my hand and guided it into her sweater, making me feel her up. Mum said, "Better get used to this, master.

Goodbye angel, we will meet again, but first, you must learn." The next time I opened my eyes Amaqjuaq was sitting next to my bed. "Welcome Inuksuk, the one on the right path. I can see you are not done sleeping. I will be here when you wake up again, but first, eat this." I ate and I slept. More times than I can remember. Again Amaqjuaq was next to my bed when I woke up the umptieth time in this cottage.

"Welcome Inuksuk. Sit up. Today is the day you may come out of bed again." I sensed it was not my place to ask questions so I prepared myself to answer them. The question he would most likely ask me would be in the near vicinity of "What happened". "Tell me what happened, Inuksuk." "Well, The second nice angle of wife getting her gorgeous tits out, looking at your back seemed even more boring than the first stint.

Your command to let my mind wander to the tree next to my house was a good one. I love that tree and sometimes I think the tree loves me back.

The sun was down, there was no moon and no stars. It was dark so I got the idea to follow our tracks. I could aim for the shift of the mountains and within moments I was on our tail. I saw myself, walking. To help myself I decided to levitate the walking me, but somehow you levitated as well. And then you flew away. You told me to follow you so I did until we arrived at a cottage. You carried me into a bed and I dreamed mum called me master and, oh, that was a nice dream, she sucked my dick." "That is quit accurate Inuksuk.

With just a few tiny things off. You did not dream. Nothing of it. Everything was real. And everything that happened, happened because you willed it." "Last time I was awake, mum was here, were is mum now Amaqjuaq?" "You say she was here.

I said everything you said was real. You have had sex with the person who was your foster mother for more than 15 years. Your Alasie is no longer fit to perform her duties as your mother. She knew this would happen and she is now your thrall. She will be here when you have your strength back." "Amaqjuaq, can I ask you a question?" "You already did and you may ask one more." "What am I?" "I will make you understand everything before I let you run loose among mankind." -------- "No Tekkeitsertok, you hunting god.

You camcam voyeur en direct de ma voiture plant those thoughts in every woman's mind and you will not plant those thoughts in every woman's mind. I will not have it. What would become of the world when every woman would start calling you 'master' like your Alasie does now.

Stop suggesting it. Alasie has given herself to you, she sacrificed her life to be with you in servitude. Do not mock this gift." "Yes, Amaqjuaq, I understand. I agree with you that would become a problem. I want to walk the streets as a human without being haunted by them. It just seems so much easier to get something done from a woman when I touch her mind." "Sometimes I think you fail to understand Tekkeitsertok.

It is perfectly alright to touch a woman's mind and get something done from her. Just refrain yourself from commanding and suggesting sexual related things and most importantly, keep out of their heads when they orgasm.

Stay away from women riding their cloud. Stick to the simple rule; 'Fuck them or steer them'. When given a chance. Try subtlety on Vicky. Keep in mind that subtlety is the way to do it.

It is nice to have a woman call you master for their first time. It is like taking their virginity. But remember they will haunt you with that title for the rest of their lives and only their death will free you from their hunt for their master. You are mentally linked with your thralls, it is a symbiotic relation, and only death can sever that link.

Be warned. I know you are a nice kid. But thrall too many women and their haunting you will cause you to want them to die. There is nothing wrong to have every woman you meet at your feet, but if you are involved in their death, you die a little as well.

So, boy, stay away from women. Have sex with your thralls and keep as little thralls as possible. The only upside is that you can thrall any women who are in love with you like Alasie is.

A woman who is in love with you will never haunt you after being thralled. Alasie will never haunt you." "Yes Amaqjuaq, it is just that I am afraid to keep falling into this trap when I am going to touch a woman's mind. It is so easy to have a sexually related thought when in their head." "Tekkeitsertok, just do not go into their heads. Leave all women alone. Use your imagination and think of someone with a lot of physical strength.

Someone like Greg, your abusive classmate. Picture him using his strength and that he fucks all girls around him. How angry do you think the world would be at Greg the moment they learned he raped all those girls around him, using his strength against them.

Picture yourself touching thousands of women with only your mind to have them call you their master and subsequently be exposed as their master by the people of this world, what do you think they will do? And besides all that, the immorality to have thousands of women to call you their master. Tekkeitsertok, they will all be screaming at you for guidance and you will have nowhere to hide." "Amaqjuaq, for how long have I been in this bed?

I don't remember me being this skinny." "You have been recovering for over a month, Bhavishya. Some people might have worried during your recuperation but I was sure you would pull through. I know I took a risk mind flying this far, basically relocating ourselves, but I monitored your mind during the flight and I thought you were doing great. I thought your physical strength was good enough, but apparently, I was wrong." "You are talking Eleventh Elevation skills here Amaqjuaq.

I never could, so how was this possible, me using two higher skills at the same time?" "I functioned is a catalysator, Bhavishya. You did it because I fed you with my energy and because the leaves opened your spirit. In hindsight, I should have fed you more energy and fewer leaves, but I was exhausted as well. Now, come out of bed Bhavishya, we have a lot of things to do and we only have little time to prepare ourselves for the trip back to your home.

And this time we will walk the distance. Prepare yourself for a long journey. Just remember that you are able to unlock your power into The Eleventh Elevation." ---------- "We are walking for weeks now, Amaqjuaq, I fear your answer already, but how much longer will it take us to get to my home?" "Ah, the impatient one is young black jenna foxx learns pussy licking from sara jay. I told you before Bhavishya, whenever your progress in Elevation is stalling I take a detour.

Once again, I think that learning of Elevation is more important for you than a conventional education. And do not tell me you ever felt being educated under Mr. Frye." "Amaqjuaq, on the way to the cottage, at the first stop, you told beautiful babe drilled by nasty pawn man my initiation would take years because I am so strong.

That confused me. Would you please tell me what you meant with that? What am I strong at? And why does being stronger make it harder to learn? Isn't school important anymore." "Hmm, Bhavishya, I feared these questions would come.

It is difficult to answer. Actually, I am afraid there are no simple answers to your questions. I will try though. Bhavishya, imagine you are a child with the promise to be able to enumerate prime numbers indefinitely but there was not a single person in the world to explain to you what prime numbers are.

How do you think you would learn to enumerate them. How do you think you will be able to master The Eleventh Elven Elevation if there is nobody on this earth to show you the way? There is nobody with the skills Bhavishya. I am perhaps the only one able to make use of ten Elevations. But I cannot use more than one Elevation at the same time. So I am not at the Eleventh. Already at your tender age, you are so much stronger than I am now. All I ask of you is to listen to your spirit, trust it and let it guide you to; The Eleventh.

Elven. Elevation. Your spirit walk was proof for me you are one who can. The one to bring forth the Eleventh Elevation. For the benefit of yourself and for the Elves. And yes, even for the benefit of humankind." "Is that statement supposed to mean that there is nobody in the world to tell me how to reach the Eleventh Elevation, Amaqjuaq?

Is that statement supposed to mean that you, in spite of everything you already have shown trick your gf slutty redtube gf fucked xvideos and tube cumsprayed teen porn, are not able to reach the Eleventh yourself as well?" "Yes, Bhavishya, that is all completely true.

It took many of my years to reach the abilities I have now. And I am almost convinced there is not a soul on this earth more advanced in Elevations than I am, that is until I met you.

Compare us both and you shine like the sun where I am a candle in the wind. My task in this world is to show you how to hide the blinding Elven light that is now shining out of your eyes and guide you how to make use of the Elevations and use them randomly at the same time.

For that is what the Eleventh Elevation is. Being able to use all ten Elevations without having to summon them apart from each other like I have to. Bhavishya, I get exhausted from using a single Elevation for a few minutes. You wear me out when mind speaking with me for a few minutes. I will not ever be able to show you how to reach the Eleventh Elevation and I do not think there is someone on this earth to show you how to. You have to find it within yourself and the only way to find it is to concentrate on it.

Spend all your time searching for it." "So, Amaqjuaq, if I am not mistaken, either I forget about schooling and find the Eleventh or forget about everything? Forget an education. Forget forging a life for myself?" "Yes Bhavishya, basically that is it, Bhavishya. But learning will not be a problem for you. Your challenge lies in reaching to The Eleventh Elevation. For myself, I did not have such a bad life and yours will be much different, I wish better, but that is up to you.

Besides, learn to be satisfied with what you already have. Let us have lunch." Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I valued Amaqjuaq's lessons highly, but they were draining like hell. The mental assignments Amaqjuaq made me think of gave me a healthy appetite. "Again Bhavishya, cloak your Elven pearl.

It is the easiest to accomplish and I know you will be able to. We cannot go back to your home until you are at least able to hide your pearl. It would blind the Elves you meet, they would all call you master only by looking in your eyes. We cannot have that. You can only show what is behind your eyes when you are in danger." "Hiding my pearl in layers of whatever we come up with does not make the presence of it through my eyes any less.

Amaqjuaq, what if I were to put my pearl on the back of the moon and hide the string that connects it to me." "Good idea Bhavishya, and how would you find your pearl back if the string would be severed? The pearl holds your elfishness. Without a connection to your pearl you are only human." "I would, I, I……" "Yes. You are right. We are not going home soon." "Aren't we near Juneau yet?" "No.

Look to your left." "The cottage? Is that the cottage? The cottage you nursed me for months?" "Yes, Bhavishya. I took us there again. Just walk to it, I will hunt for meat. You have my permission to mind walk to Alasie and comfort her once you are inside the cottage. I will be with you before dark." I went into the cabin, made fire and hung a large kettle of water above it for tea and to cook whatever Amaqjuaq would bring.

I sat down and entered my concentration. Within seconds I dropped my hiding powers and entered mind travel. After I climbed my tree I went to see Alasie and found her in the house I was staring at from my spot in the tree.

She welcomed me with one of her special pecks on my mouth. < Welcome master.

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I missed you. What can I do for you master? > < I missed you too. How about some proper necking? > < Your wish is my command, master >. It was clear to me Alasie missed me as much as I missed her. On a subconscious level, I must have touched her in intimate places because she started panting. If ever I could give her back what she gave me all her life, now would be the time to do it, so I kept up the good work and I felt more than moist around my fingers.

< Come Alasie, come for me >. < Oohhhhh, master, thank you, unhnghmm, that is so nice >. < Alasie, you are so beautiful when you come, you become radiant >. < Uhmnghmmm, I think you are the radiant one between the two of us. If I did not know any better, I would think the sun was coming up instead of going down >.

< Yes, Amaqjuaq said the same. I really should do something about it but my efforts are not that successful. I tried to hide my pearl under layers of whatever I can find but the light keeps coming out of my eyes. I also suggested to hide my pearl on the dark side of the moon, keeping a mental connection to it but according to Amaqjuaq, the connection can be severed.

So I am a bit in a quandary >. < Please ignore my stupid girlish ideas, master, but what would happen if you internalized yourself in your pearl and then expand your pearl outwardly so that it included the earth or even this solar system >. < That's not a stupid idea at all Alasie.

I am going to try that immediately if you do not mind >. < Please let me know the result, please master? >. Still, within concentration but without being able to mind speak I withdrew my spirit into myself and looked upon my own pearl. From this vantage point, the pearl did not seem that impressive.

I went closer and molded myself into a soft tendril and touched the pearl with it. It just went through. That made it a lot easier.

I pulled the rest of my spirit into the pearl. I thought the shell of the pearl to be of indefinite stretching quality and willed it gently outwards making it a sphere and maintained it including the mountains. Now that was easy. < Alasie, it works. Thank you. You are a genius >. < Master, you are not luminescent anymore. It is wonderful. You can come home now. Amaqjuaq will be thrilled. I am sure of it >. And thrilled he was. Not 15 minutes after I expanded my pearl he stormed the door into the cottage yelling; "Bavishya, Bavishya, what happened, your presence disappeared!" "Nothing happened Amaqjuaq.

But Alasie is a genius. She told perverted adorable bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot to enter my pearl and then push fuck fuck in the teenie ass yearsold brunette pearl outwardly. It is now a sphere beyond the mountains.

I did not dare to make it any larger yet." "Let me look into your eyes Bhavishya……… Unbelievable, you are not an Elf anymore. It is gone. It is pushed outwardly you say? Together with your pearl?" "Then I should be able to………… And now?" "Your Elvishness is back, did you retract the pearl back?" "No Amaqjuaq, I spanned a thread back from the pearl to my eyes, shall I try to maintain this as long as I can?" "Good idea Bavishya, good idea.

But make the thread to your eyes thinner so other Elves will not recognize your strength or be influenced by its strength and start to call you their master upon sight. This is unexpected, but you cannot show yourself like this." "How about now Amaqjuaq, I made the thread from my pearl to my eyes thinner. "Bhavishya, for me it is like you did nothing. Make it as thin as you can and then tell it to become a million times less solid. And a million times less solid again. And another million times less.

Yes, Bhavishya, that is it. You now look like an ordinary Elf to me. Are you using an Elevation or is this just the way you are?" "This is who I am now Amaqjuaq. I still have the choice to use an Elevation." "Then we can go home and continue your education from there. Do not forget to thank Alasie from me. You may choose, walk or fly?" "We will walk Amaqjuaq, I am eager to meet with Alasie again, but I am not that eager to go back to school." "Good Bhavishya, very good.

I like it when you expand your pearl outwards. I feel nothing, apart from you disappearing. Please expand your pearl as amazing girls need more cocks at once as you can, and try to measure how much power it costs you to maintain your pearl expanded outside the circumference of the earth." "Expanding my Elvishness only has positive properties Amaqjuaq.

I can feel it automatically repairs itself. A satellite went through a moment ago and it is already repaired.

This does not cost energy, Amaqjuaq, I can use the sphere to collect and maintain energy. "Up to this moment, I have never felt your pearl when it expanded through me. Now I want you to do it more slowly and when you go through me pay attention to your own feelings.

No, you do not stop walking. You must be able to do them both at the same time. Walking should go automatically like your heartbeat is. Basic Elven functions must go automatically as well. Yes, like that." "I get you felt my expanding Elfishness pass through you now?" "Yes, but I cannot describe what I actually felt.

Did you notice anything Bhavishya?" "I think I do but I have to do this a lot more to be sure. I will just do it a lot of times in a row. I already can tell you I will always be able to tell where Juneau is. I can feel a recognizable itchy thing from the south. Wait, I can feel something similar, more faint from the West and one bright blip further away. I think&hellip. Yes, the blip is on the other side of the Atlantic.

And there is something on the other hemisphere of the Earth, I would say Australia, but I am not entirely sure. And, and, yes…&hellip. There is something else as well. Think of Elves being yellow then both things I spotted to the East are yellow as well, so theoretically they might be Elves. The thing in Australia is also yellow, Elves I would say. There is something black in the direction of Mexico.

That does not resonate well with me, but I can't tell you what it is." Okay, Bhavishya. Stop what you are doing. I do not want you to expose yourself to something that might be a threat. Is it possible to exclude scanning in that direction?" "Good idea Amaqjuaq, that is quite smart. Are you sure you are not related to Alasie?" "Did I ever say I am not related to Alasie, young Bhavishya." "Amaqjuaq, you tease, what is Alasie to you?" "Alasie is my granddaughter, young Bhavishya." "Amaqjuaq!

That makes you my great-grandfather!" "How many times do I have to say this? Keep walking!" "For what it is worth Amaqjuaq. When I make a tear in my expanding pearl somewhere near Texas and forget about it near Venezuela, it does not register anything black and it repairs itself.

I think we will survive. And……&hellip. Amaqjuaq, if Alasie is your granddaughter, mind I ask how old you are?" "I do not mind son. I am 80 years old." "Wow, in that case, Amaqjuaq, I wish to age like you do." "Live healthy, do as I say, and I know you will age like my son.

You can almost take it for granted. Alasie knows I am her grandfather. You can talk to her about it, but she is the only one. You are not to talk about it with anybody else." "Yes sir, ravishing satin enjoys pleasuring her orgasmic muff sir." ---------- To my utter disappointment, Alasie was not in the house when we finally got home after a three weeks walk.

< You can find her in your mind son. Now. Go sit in your tree, physically. Meditate on the first branch, empty your mind. Stay there until I call you for dinner >. < Anything, in particular, you want me to meditate about >. < Just practice upper-level Elevations son. And always have a go at the Eleventh. See if you can find Vicky >. That is exactly what I wanted. Reaching the Eleventh. Certainly after having the smell of it during our trip to the cottage. This time I walked to my tree, stepped on the first branch and went to the end of it, sitting down.

Without effort, I elevated myself to the concentration levels needed for Elevations and wanted to search for Vicky. Now there is a problem. I could go to mind speak and ask her where she was but I wanted to find her without Vicky knowing I was looking for her. So I thought of Vicky and retracted my pearl, again avoiding the blackness in Central America. I had a hunch where she might be and in my mind, I looked in that direction, Juneau City Center.

As easy as baking cake. All I needed to do was thinking of someone and pointing my mind in the right direction. I was looking at a Vicky-blip. Hmm, she was looking at lingerie. Very functional in Alaska early spring. You must really want to take your clothes off to flaunt your underwear because if there is one thing hidden in Juneau this time of year it is the female treasures.

Vicky was particularly interested in a pink lace ensemble. And I was happy not to be her daddy because that was the name on the credit card she was carrying. < Try it on. Try it on. Try it on. Try it on. Try it on. Try it on. Try it on. Try it on. Try it on >. Two minutes later I was ogling at Vicky tits through her own eyes in the mirror and saw her putting on the pink lingerie. < Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it >.

That did it. She decided to buy the set. Before I left her I saw Vicky caress herself a few times. ----- < Dinner is ready son pornrosacom perverser daddy wet look trick little german girl. < At least I can tell who my mother learned cooking from >.

< Bhavishya, do you remember the conversation where you thought you had to quit schooling? > < Yes, not exactly a great idea. You do know I want to become a doctor, make people healthy. I do not see that happening when I start chasing this Elven Eleventh Elevation >. < That is not how it works and you cannot compare yourself with me.

You already have access to all Elevations except the Eleventh. You only need to find the Eleventh. And besides, with your skills you can lay your hand on a person and sort of download their knowledge >. < Is it that easy Amaqjuaq? > < Yes Bhavishya, it is that easy >. < Will I not get an awful headache when I drain a knowledgeable person? >. < No, and I do not know why that is.

A nice theory of mine is that you do not get a headache because your donor did not get a headache acquiring his or her knowledge as well >. < I'd better make sure that my donors are not alcohol addicted. I would not like the hangovers >. A car was driving up to the house. "Who can that be at this hour, Amaqjuaq?" "How would I know. For sure it is not for me." I could see Vicky getting out of a car.

"It is Vicky Goodrich, she is in my class." "I remember you mind-walked to her this afternoon. I bet you commanded her to do something. Something inconclusive maybe." "Yes Amaqjuaq, exactly that. I never gave her the slightest notion I was with her." "Yes, but on a subconscious level, she probably recognized your voice when you commanded her.

I will leave it to you to solve it or not. Take her to your room. I do not belong in this conversation nor do I wish to be." I opened the door but before I could say something Vicky had her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. "You never guess what happened this afternoon, Girt." "If that is the case, do you mind me not guessing. Please tell me what happened Vicky." "Daddy gave me his credit card to buy some fancy clothes and I already had the car stuffed with boxes when I saw it in the window of Victoria's Secret." "Saw what Vicky?" "Sexy underwear, silly." "Sexy underwear, and then what happened?" "Really, the craziest thing.

While I was looking at a fabulous set of pink underwear I thought of you. No, that was not a first, you moron, but it was such a strong thought. It was almost like I saw you standing next to me and saying to me to try it on." "No kidding, I was in the home all day." "Don't Sexy milf cheyenne hunter is a hot fuck know of it.

No, I am not kidding, silly. So I took this smallest piece of garment to try it on and then in the mirror of the fitting room it was almost as if I was showing it off to you and hearing you say to buy it.

I love you, I really do, I just know it. This just does not happen. You are my soulmate. In some twisted way, I bought it for you. Oh, Girt, I'm so gonna kiss you now." For sure I did not mind kissing with Vicky. I dreamed of this for years and now we did kiss.

For a long time, but finally, I just had to ask. "So, what did you buy?" Vicky undressed. Just like that. From under her coat came new clothes visible, and where removed as well. Until. Until. Wow. "Vicky, you are by far the most beautiful woman of this world." Again Vicky attacked me. But not for kissing. This time she started equalizing my state of dress with that of hers.

Not knowing I was going commando. She found out when kneeling in front of me to yank my pants down and it was staring her in the face. I could not help myself, < Kiss it, Vicky. Kiss it. > Vicky did more than kissing it. She made it disappear. I had felt this before, but that time I was not really awake and now I was.

Wide awake. Vicky made me live my dreams with surround sound, humming on it. I could not help myself and gave her everything I got. More than a mouthful. Vicky did not mind. She made everything disappear. On some level, I thought that should have been an Elevation.

A female one. "I love you, Vicky." "I love you too, silly. How is this possible? Oh, relax, I do not mind. I just do not understand. It is like the whole world plotting to get us together.

My father, my mother, your foster parents, Brad and to a certain extent, you and me." "If someone were to accuse me of setting you up to kiss me like this I would plead guilty. What I do not get is the responsibility of your mother, your father or my foster parents in this. And Brad?" "First, Brad told me he did not want to go to the mall with me.

Then when I came home, the first thing my dad did was giving his credit card to me. Then my mother did not even offer me a cup of tea, and you know her secret vows to drinking tea every day. She also told me to rejuvenate my wardrobe completely. Shoes, socks, trousers, dresses, sweaters, blouses and coats. All for the summer. And on top of it all.

And that moment I really thought the world was coming to an end……… She gave me her car keys!" "Her car keys? The Aston Martin? You must be kidding. But you are with your dad's Mercedes here." "That's another thing bothering me.

My dad drove me here. He is still in the car and told me to take my time. I think he left" "I am lost, Vicky. But I don't care. No, that's not the entire truth. I care for you. And you didn't score yet, so I'm………" "What are you doing, nooh, I mean yeess. Hmnghnnmm, yes silly, there. Lick it, please. Hmmnghnmm, please? Faster. Uhnmghnmmm, yeeessss, ooohhhnmghnmm, I love you. Unghnm, unghnm, unghnmmmm, ungh, I can't stop. Unghnmmmm, ooooh Girt, please, yes, unghnmm.

Unghnm, ugnm, uhm, uh. Oooh, Girt, uhnm, wonderful. I do not ever want two lusty babes have some naughty fun stop this." "Here Vicky, let me cuddle you. Let's just hug and then fall asleep together." *********************** *********************** You know now my grammar is far from perfect, well neither am I.

I do wish you like my story though. Even in the worst case scenario, it is junk, a good result does tickle me and makes me want to perform better. I think you are in for a well enough ride, if it were not I would not have written it.