Huge cock guy devastates the pussy of hot petite teen kira adams

Huge cock guy devastates the pussy of hot petite teen kira adams
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So, this is my first try at an erotic work. Please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy! "A little to the left… yeah, perfect." I smiled up at the mover, taking in his muscly arms and well toned physique. He shot me a flirtatious smile as he moved away from the couch and I tried to conceal my blush. How long had I been boy-deprived? Taking in his partner, equally large in size I re-phrased my thoughts. How long had I been man-deprived?

"So, that's everything." I nodded at him before thanking them both. As they exited the apartment, pockets slightly heavier, I took in the view. It was a studio apartment, no walls or doors, and with light streaming through the large windows. It'd once been a warehouse, but despite the architecture abnormalities and open space design, I was excited to call it home. Staring around at all the boxes though, I knew it'd be a while before it started to feel like home.

Xxx "So… any ghosts yet?" I rolled my eyes at Abby's superstition, adjusting my phone. "There's no such things beautiful cutie team fucked on camera pornstar and hardcore ghost." I glanced at the flat, hardwood floors, old brick walls, a large metal kitchen counter, and no ghosts in sight.

Unpacking had gone exceptionally well and all that remained was the bedroom. "Oh please, you haven't even spent a single night there.

Just wait until it gets dark, I mean, that's when the ghosts come out and play." I laughed now, though for a moment I was sort of nervous.

The warehouse complex had once been implicated in some sort of sex-smuggling ring before a police raid took it down killing many of the ring leaders behind the operation. If there were ghosts here, they certainly wouldn't be the friendly kind. "More like the ghosts come out to rape," as if by some ironic luck, I'd ended up unpacking my 'special' box at that moment.

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I wanted to laugh as I talked to conservative Abby on the phone, wondering what she'd think if she could see my little treasure box. There wasn't much to the collection, two small finger vibrators, a glass dildo about 7", and a 9" black silicone monster I'd purchased on a whim but had always been too terrified to try. It had a suction cup on the bottom and I almost flinched thinking about how it'd tear my 5'2 frame in half. "You know I've heard stories like that, about perverted ghosts.

You never know." I rolled my eyes again, finally done talking to her. I placed my toys in my underwear drawer before bidding her good night. It was only about 7 o'clock, but all this unpacking had worn me out. As Sex xxx bf vididaod com undressed to enter the open tub, for a moment I felt like there were eyes on me.

With the apartment taking on an orangey haze as the sun set, I realized talking about ghosts when It was my first time living alone might not have been such a good idea. The hot water felt good on my skin, washing off the grime and dust of moving. As I wrapped a towel around me, that same feeling of being watched struck again. The apartment was too open for anyone to be hiding, and yet I still felt the urge to tighten my towel around me.

Upon entering the bedroom area two odd things struck me at once. The first was the large mirror directly across from my bed. I was almost positive I'd told the movers to place it in the living room, and I blushed at what they must have thought as they positioned it across from my bed. It was a gold framed giant and had a back support so it was free standing. It was another of my whim purchases at an antique show and as I moved to sit on my bed I couldn't help but blush at the very clear view.

I might not have positioned it that way, but I was sure when Adrian came over to visit he wouldn't mind it too much. Maybe I'd keep it for now. The other odd thing was that the small pink bullet vibrator I had was sitting innocently on my bedside table. That I was definitely positive I'd put away with the others. That feeling of being watch permeated the air again and I had half a mind to ask if anyone was in the apartment. It had to have been the stress of moving.

There was also no way someone snuck into my apartment to move my giant mirror, even if they'd tried I'm sure I'd have heard it. 'Even with the shower running?' Moving to my clothing rack, I grabbed one of my silk nightgowns, sure that once Son fuck mother well on the phone went to sleep I'd wake up in the morning with my sanity back.

I lied down in bed, gazing at myself vainly in the mirror. Placing the vibrator back in its drawer I observed my figure. Long black hair, lightly tanned skin, and a small petit frame. My breasts weren't particularly large but there seemed to be a sudden breeze in the apartment and I watched as my nipples harden. I giggled again at the position of the mirror and how… naughty it felt. Had I really instructed the movers to place it there… or, maybe they'd done it themselves?

Turning off my bedside lamp I curled into my mattress, determined to get a good nights sleep. Xxx The shadows congregated around the small sleeping female.

It'd been so long since they'd trained a woman, taught her where she belonged.

One moved closer, pressing his rough hands to her mouth, watching as her lips parted and her unconscious form lapped at his fingers.

He trailed his other hand down past her erect nipples and to the region between her legs where he pressed and prodded but to no reaction.

'We're too weak…' Another of the shadows murmured, melipilla en una wena naty by agreeing sounds of acquiescence. They were too weak… for now, but as her lips began to suckle at his protruding fingers he knew that their strength would slowly return.

Her mere presence had already roused them and as another moved to flick her nipples he heard another open her beside drawer. The toys were all haphazardly hidden and as he noticed the large black monster, he almost smirked. They would break her in like all the other ones before her in due time.

The shadow form lifted the small pink toy from earlier. For now, this would have to do. The other shadow passed it to him, and as the others struggled to turn her onto her back, a feat that should have been simple considering her small size, he pressed the bullet to her clit, feeling their strength heighten with her arousal. They were too weak for anything now, but they wouldn't be weak for long.

Xxx I woke up feeling disorientated and cold, and as I sat up I blanched at what I'd done in my sleep. My nightgown had lifted itself almost to my neck, my breasts openly out for display and glancing down at my panties I knew they were soaked, and in my left hand I held my small pink vibrator.

'Didn't I put that away.' For a moment I was terrified but glancing up at the mirror in front of my I was almost surprised by how…sexy I looked. Despite the wetness, or maybe because of it, I felt myself start to get aroused. Sitting up on my legs I admired myself in the mirror… wondering if it was too brazen to… touch myself in front of it. I glanced around, but I knew the apartment was empty, yet there was something so depraved about masturbating while staring at yourself do it.

'It's so sexy though…' 'You know you want too…' 'Feel how wet you are…' As I heard the voices urging me, I couldn't not do it. I mean, I was living on my own now and these were the benefits that came with it.

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Sitting up on my knees, I tossed my night gown off, my wetness clearly displayed on the cotton red panties. As I eyed my vibrator I wanted to laugh… had I used it while half asleep? Was that a real thing? 'Take the panties off…' 'Feel how wet you are…' 'Touch yourself…' I wasn't sure where my inner dialect was coming from, but the instruction were pretty clear and as I peeled off my panties, instantly noticing the string of wetness that trailed from them.

As I slipped my fingers down, I could feel how soaked I was. What had gotten into me? "Spread your lips…' 'Give us a show…' 'Touch yourself…' The instructions sounded almost louder now and a bit clearer and hearing them only seemed to heighten my arousal. I moved my fingers around my clit, feeling the wetness trail behind them.

Fuck it felt good. My clit had already left its hood sharing the same arousal as my nipples which were hard and standing firm. Slowly I pumped a finger into me, followed by another, eyes glued to my reflection in the mirror as I watched me pleasure myself. As if without my control I watched as my hand, still holding the vibrator brought it to my blonde pawg works out her tight pussy clit. Without even knowing I'd turned it on, I flinched at the tv colour acrtor shakti arora body show thing, cold in its silicone shape, came in contact with my sensitive region.

Why had I turned it up so high? I only ever used the lowest setting. Adjusting it I began moving it in circles, using it to replace my fingers.

My eyes were glued onto the mirror taking in my sudden depravity. 'What if someone walks in on me? No, I live alone now.' 'Touch your nipples.' 'You need something inside of you.' 'You're a dirty slut.' I felt my arousal spike as my inner voices seemed to get louder, and I moved my other hand up to feel my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples in a manner more aggressive than normal.

'What's gotten into me?' 'You're a filthy whore.' 'You need to be pounded.' 'Fuck yourself.' As my legs got sore and the voices goaded me on, I leaned back, surprised when I felt something near my other entrance. Turning behind me, I saw my 7" friend, glass with textured designed around the outside.

It was probably one of my most expensive toys and before I could even figure out how it'd gotten on my bed the voices were back.

'You need to be filled.' 'Stick it inside of you now.' 'All you're good for is fucking.' 'Lick it first, whore.' A small part of me was worried with how vulgar my thoughts were becoming but I couldn't deny that at least some part of me responded to them.

For the first time, I licked the glass dildo, wrapping my lips around it, not even passionate ramming of hot ebon hardcore blowjob why. Almost unceremoniously I felt something push against the end of it, shoving it further into my mouth until I gagged. I pulled it out immediately, both surprised and a tad bit frightened. Before I could think anything of it, another sudden burst of power from my vibrator startled me.

Was I still using it? I was surprised at how dextrous I'd become not even aware of my hand moving it. 'Fuck yourself.' 'Shove it in.' 'Take it all whore.' There was so much urgency now in the words, I didn't even have time to think about it, and the next thing I knew I was shoving it all inside of me. "No. Stop. Slower." I was forcing it all in, almost viciously, not even sure why I'd spoken the words aloud.

It was my toy, I was in control, so why was I being so forceful? I steadied my hand, gently edging it in one inch at a time. It'd been a while since I'd used the toy, and while it wasn't too big, it still needed to be worked in.

'Tell us how good it feels.' 'Tell us how much you like being stuffed.' 'Tell us you're a good little whore…' I'd never been vocal before, not even in bed, but as the voices demanded it, I felt a need to respond. "It feels good… so good…" I wasn't used to speaking aloud, not even sure what kinds of things I should be saying. I gazed at myself in the mirror as I worked it slowly in.

I never inserted it all the way, but like earlier I felt something push it further up. "I feel… So full…" For a second I felt like someone had grabbed my nipples, but I knew no one was in the apartment with me.

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'You can do better than that…' 'Speak louder whore.' Almost without my control my other hand holding the vibrator moved back onto my clit and my hand began pulling out the dildo and shoving it back in.

"It feels really good… so… so fucking good…" I felt my orgasm building, and I winced at how harshly I was thrusting it in. "Gentler… slower…" Again I wasn't sure why I'd voice the words, I was the one in control. 'You can take it.' 'You like it rough, slut.' I felt something akin to hands on my nipples and for a second I felt like something had prodded my ass. As I pounded the glass dildo in me, harder and deeper than ever before, I felt the settings on my vibrator amp up and all rational thought seemed to flee from me.

'Fuck it harder!' 'Tell us how it feels!' 'You're a fucking slut!' "Uh… uh… fuck me… yeah… it feels soo… eek' I squealed as I felt something harshly twist my nipple but I was too close to care, my words coming out less coherent than before.

'You like fucking yourself with a dildo? You get off on it? You need a real cock, don't you?' The voice seemed to almost be coming from behind me, and I couldn't deny how much it turned me on.

"Fuck it feels good. Yes, I do… I need a real cock… big and thick and…" Again I thought I felt something prodding at my ass, but it only seemed to turn me on more.

"Tell me how much of a slut you are…" It seemed louder this time, and I felt a stronger urge to respond. "I'm a dirty fucking slut… I need to be fucked…" "And that's all you're good for? You like to be used… don't you?" "I liked to be used… all I'm good for is…" I squeaked as the didlo was thrust into me, harder than I would have done it, but I was so close so close… "You want to cum?" I nodded, agreeing with the voice, closing my eyes in all the pleasure I felt my hair tugged back and instead of startling me it only made me wetter.

"Yes I want… fuck I need to cum… I'm so close…" "Cum for me slut. Cum for your master…" And with those words my fingers pushed harder and the vibrations seemed to get stronger and I felt myself shake with one of the most violent orgasms I'd ever had. I panted, trying to catch my breath and slowly things started to come down. What… oily sexy sex wih sexy asian lingerie and japanese was I doing?

Had I… did I hear voices? I glanced around the empty room, knowing how ridiculous it was. That was so… unlike me. Speaking aloud, and two toys at once? In front of the mirror? As I glanced at myself, body sweaty and my hair all tangled I couldn't deny how much I'd enjoyed it. Maybe living on my own would be good for me… I glanced at my alarm clock.

It was only 5 a.m. Why the heck was I awake so early? Again my eyes strayed to the mirror and I wondered how I'd gotten so vain so fast? My face was flushed, and I noticed with a distance fascination that one of my fingers was still trailing around my clit. What the heck was happening to me? xxx So, that was part one, and as you can expect things will likely escalate from here. Please let me know your thoughts and if you'd be interested in a part 2!