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Sexy perfect tit blonde couch fuck carmen caliente blowjob and mature
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Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 8 Re-Issued xnxx by gregorthegrant True Story, cheating Author's infos Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A Previously in Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 7 Re-Issued. I finally arrived at the office and went directly to my office. The first thing I wanted naughty mature whore cums on a huge cock and loves it do was talk to Tom and find out how the meeting the day before had gone.

I walked down the hall intending to walk in Tom's office but there was a note on his door. "Greg: I had to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy. I'll be right back. Please wait for me. Tom." I didn't have anything important to work on and I didn't want to start anything new because I wanted to be available when Tom came back from the pharmacy.

I sat in one of the comfortable chairs in our lounge and put my feet up. For some reason I started thinking back to the time Sandra and I got married and we were on our honeymoon in Vancouver, Canada. I have to admit I don't think many couples experienced a honeymoon quite like Sandra and I had. I'm hairy pussy girl orgasm while toying in webcam to think back to my honeymoon with my bride Sandra.

End of Chapter 7. Now Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 8 Re-Issued I had taken an architectural course after I finished high school. Dad owned his own construction company and after I finished my course and I started working for my dad. Dad wanted me to take over the business when he retired but wanted me to know everything there was to know about construction.

Dad hired me as a construction worker. That's how I met Sandra. Dad's right hand woman Deloris had worked for dad since he started his construction business. She had been a middle aged widow at the time.

She was ready to retire at age seventy. That meant dad had to hire a replacement. I didn't go in dad's office very often. I usually went directly to the gym before I went home. I didn't go out drinking or partying like other young men or women did. I saved my money for the day I would meet the right woman and get married. The woman would have to pass my dad and mom's inspection so she would have to be a stay at home woman and eventually a stay at home mom to raise our future children.

I didn't know dad had interviewed different women to take Deloris' position. I dropped by dad's office one day on the way to the gym to ask him about something we were working on at the construction site. I was surprised to see a very attractive huge breasted woman. I hired a woman to take Deloris' place. I liked her the moment I saw her. She answered the school she graduated from. The school contacted her and she contacted me. I phoned her school and they told me she graduated the top of her class." Dad said.

"I am glad you got someone so fast dad and so highly recommended. Aren't you going to introduce us dad?" I asked. "I'm sorry, Greg this is my new secretary Sandra. Sandra this is my son Greg." Dad said. Sandra stood up and walked over to me and we shook hands. I don't think in all my life I had seen a woman with huger breasts than Sandra. She was slim, with average hips.

She wore a white cotton blouse buttoned almost to her neck and her dark blue skirt fell just below her knees. She had her dark hair in a bun on the top of her hair. Sandra looked very conservative for a great looking woman. I don't know why but right away I felt drawn to Sandra. A couple days after I met Sandra I asked her out for a date. I took her out to my favorite restaurant. It wasn't a fancy expensive restaurant but I liked their courtesy and polite service.

I was always busy either at the construction site or working out at the gym but managed to take Sandra out at least once a week. I found out she liked to do things that were sneaky, although none were conservative and underhanded. She would do things right under someone's nose. She told me she did things just to see if she could get away with it. She told me she got a rush out of sneaking around doing things she shouldn't do.

The things she did weren't hurtful or spiteful. I saw her take a Barbie doll under the nose of a plain clothes store guard. She then walked to the opposite side of the store, took the Barbie doll out of her purse and put it on the shelf. The guard never did see her pick the Barbie doll up or put it down again.

I like how adventures she was and asked her to marry me. She accepted and only a few months after we met we were walking down the aisle. Sandra's parents had died in a car accident by a drunk driver when she had been in high school. Her parents had taken out an insurance policy on their lives and Sandra had been the benefactor.

She had been thrifty with how she managed money and had finished high school. She had only been out of school a couple of weeks when dad hired her. I had traveled a lot with dad when I had grown up so I was a veteran when it came to flying. Sandra had never been but a few miles out of the city she had been born in.

I asked her where she would like to go on our honeymoon and she told me she had heard a lot of good things about Vancouver, Canada. I got a few brochures about Vancouver, Canada. I had never been there before. I had been to Toronto and Montreal Canada sultry teen alexis adams loves big dick fucking her good masturbation pornstars never Vancouver. I found a motel in the brochure that sounded conservative and not far from the downtown area of the city.

Dad and mom drove my new wife, Sandra and I to the airport. I could tell Sandra was excited to fly for the first time in her life. I had paid an extra few dollars to reserve a seat that wouldn't be over the wing.

That way Sandra could look out the window. We had a smooth flight and landing. At the airport I found out where the airport bus picked up passengers going into the city center of Vancouver.

Sandra and I stood to one side to let all the other passengers board the bus before stepping to one side letting Sandra get on the bus. I got on the bus and stood beside the driver. I asked the bus driver if he knew where the hotel on the brochure was. I pointed to the name of the hotel I wanted to go to.

The bus driver told me knew the hotel I was asking about. He told me the bus went past the hotel. The bus driver told me he'd tell us when we got to our hotel.

The ride seemed to take forever until the bus driver pulled to the side of the road and stopped. The bus driver told us the motel was across the street. Sandra and I crossed the road and walked in the front door. "Hello." I said walking up to the front desk. I have a reservation under Mr. and Mrs.

Thompson." I said. I noticed the desk clerk looking at Sandra's cotton blouse and knew he was imagining what her huge breasts look like. I was growing used to men looking at I her. I cleared my voice. "Did you find our reservation Terry?" I asked the balding gray haired man. I thought he was in his mid to late fifties.

"Yes I have Mr. Thomson. I am sorry you chose this week to stay at our motel. You can cancel your reservation and I can recommend another motel. Unfortunately there are no motels close to down town like this motel." Terry said with a frown on his face. "What's wrong with this motel? You did keep our reservation. I made the reservation over a week ago and Sandra was looking forward to being close to the downtown so we could go aya kurosaki is a kinky little teen that loves bondage foot worship and sucks cock seeing." I said.

"Yes we kept your reservation Mr. Thomson, it's just that there's a big soccer play-off is this week and all the teams are staying here and the players may get a bit loud celebrating at night. I am just telling you in advance you probably will hear a lot of cheering late into the nights this week. I will gladly give you and Mrs. Thomson a discount on your room for the week if you agree to stay here in spite of the noisy soccer players." Terry said.

I looked at Sandra. What do you say Sandra? Would the late night cheering bother you?" I asked. "It is okay with me if it is okay with you Greg. You're the one that has insomnia not me. You have troubles sleeping at the best of times. I won't have trouble sleeping Greg." Sandra answered. "You heard my bride, Terry. We'll be taking you up on your discount offer and stay at the motel." I said and smiled.

"This is your honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Thomson. Congratulations on your marriage and I hope you both have a good stay in Vancouver. Terry said. He hit his hand on a bell on his desk. A couple of minutes later a teenage boy I'd say was eighteen or nineteen walked in from a door behind the front desk. He was at least six feet tall and wearing tight black dress pants and a tight white shirt.

I don't think the uniform was supposed to be so tight fitting but the boy was so muscular the black dress pants and white shirt fit him like a glove, emphasizing his muscular body. "Tony, take Mr.

Mrs. Thompson's luggage to room 108." Terry said. "Yes Mr. Hills." Tony said. Tony's eyes opened wide and I thought he they were going to pop out of his head the way he starred at Sandra's large breasts. I could imagine he was wondering what her breasts must have looked like when they were not hidden under her conservative cotton blouse and large bra. I saw Tony jump when Mr.

Hills said. "Tony is working part time this week. He is one of the players on the Italian soccer team, right Tony." "Yes I am Mr.

Hills, I'm the captain of our team." Tony said holding his shoulders back as if in pride. "Go ahead Tony and show Mr. and Mrs. Thompson their room.

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They're newlyweds." Terry said. "Please follow me." Tony said bending over and picking up our suitcases. I followed Tony half way down the hall and stopping in front of room 108. He took the key Terry handed him out of his back pocket and unlocked the door. He opened the room door and stepped to one side to allow Sandra and then me to walk in. Tony walked in behind us and put our luggage down beside a small desk. "I hope the soccer teams won't keep you awake.

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The Italian team arrived yesterday. That's the team I play on. The team from Ghana will arrive tomorrow morning and we play them tomorrow evening." Tony said and smiled.

I could tell he was trying his best not to stare at Sandra's huge breasts. I am sure he was picturing what her breasts look like. Sandra was wearing her cotton white blouse buttoned to her neck. "Don't worry Tony." I said. "I suffer from insomnia anyway so even if the place is quiet I have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep." "Do you really Mr. Thompson? I know of a secret recipe that will put anyone to sleep. It's a special hot chocolate." Tony said. Would you care to try it? Maybe Mrs.

Thompson can come to the motel kitchen tonight and I'll show her the secret ingredients. I know it will help you sleep Mr. Thompson." Tony didn't look at me when he spoke to me.

He was looking into Sandra's blue eyes. "It sounds like a good idea dear. Maybe it will be the answer to your insomniac. It's worth a try. Isn't it Greg?" Sandra asked. She tilted her head to one side and looked directly into Tony's brown eyes. It was as if Tony and Sandra were communicating to each other through thought waves. "Sure. I'm not going to turn down a chance to have a good nights sleep.

We'll be going out a pool is made for fucking a redhead girl dinner and we'll be back around nine. Maybe you could come around to our room to pick Sandra up and take her to your kitchen to make the secret hot chocolate. Maybe you can give Sandra the recipe. I victoria pure greedy for pleasures she wouldn't tell anyone.

I said putting my hand in my pocket and handing Tony some change. "Thank you Tony." "It will be my pleasure Mr. Thompson to take your wife with me to the kitchen tonight and give her the recipe. Tony said walking toward the door and turned around. He looked into Sandra's eyes before he turned around. "Yes thank you Tony." Sandra said. I had seen a Burger King out the bus window on the way to the motel.

I suggested to Sandra we eat supper there. We didn't bother to change and walked to the Burger King down the street.

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It was a warm evening Sandra and I took a walk after we ate. It was around eight thirty when we got back to our motel room. I unpacked our suitcases and was about to sit down when I heard a knock at the door.

"It must be Tony to take me to the kitchen to make the hot chocolate he told us about." Sandra said. She stood up, walked to the door, opened it and stepped to one side. "Hi Tony come in." "Thanks but no thanks Mrs.

Thompson it's better we go to the kitchen and make that hot chocolate for your husband before it gets' too late. You did want him to get a good nights sleep so the two of you can get up early and enjoy your selves tomorrow.

You two did want to get up early tomorrow? Didn't you?" Tony said standing with his arms behind his back and his legs spread outside the bedroom doorway. He was wearing a tight, sleeveless, white T-shirt tugged into a pair of low riding pair of tight blue jean shorts.

I saw the way Tony and Sandra looked at each other. Tony's eyes traveled from Sandra's sandals all the way up to her huge breasts. He stared at her huge breasts a few seconds before looking up into her eyes. At the same time I could see half of Sandra's face because she had stepped to one side when she answered the door. I followed her blue eyes as they looked down at Tony's sandals and up his muscular legs. Her eyes focused on the big bulge in his jeans that ran down his left leg.

The bulge stopped just above the bottom of his shorts. I'm sure if his penis had been a fraction longer it would have been exposed.

I hated to think of him springing a boner. I swear his large penis would rip through the thin worn blue jean material. The biggest bulge was just below his zipper. I don't know why but I told myself when Sandra's eyes focused on the huge bulge in Tony's jeans. "I bet those testicles are packed full of baby makers. I looked down at my own jeans and felt inadequate comparing my small bulge compared to Tony's. Then I reminded myself that Sandra had married me. She must have seen something in me, to teen cheerleader webcam dildo suspect was caught red transferred by store associate my proposal and marry me.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Tony say. "We better get going, Mrs. Thompson, to the kitchen and make the hot chocolate, to help your husband to sleep." Tony said and smiled. "Lead the way Tony." Sandra said walking out and closing the door behind her. I changed into my new pj's before sitting down and watching TV while I waited for Sandra to come back with the special hot chocolate. Sandra was gone about fifteen minutes when she walked in our room, holding a steaming cup of hot chocolate in her hand.

"Here you are dear. Drink up and I hope it works." She said. "I hope so too, but not too soon. It is our wedding night." I said and smiled. I sipped my delicious hot chocolate and Sandra sat beside me while watching me drink my hot chocolate. It was the tastiest hot chocolate I had ever drank. I set my empty cup on the table beside me. "Why are you still wearing your pj's Greg?" Sandra asked.

I shrugged my shoulders turned around and quickly took off my PJ top. I got into bed and pulled the sheet up to my chin. I hadn't been nude in front of a woman, except my mother, since, I was too young to remember. I pulled my PJ bottoms down under the sheet and tossed them on to the floor after I took them off." I felt myself yawning and my eye lids getting heavy.

I felt myself begin to nod off watching Sandra beginning her teasing strip tease show. The last thing I wanted to do was to fall asleep before I made love to my beautiful full breasted bride. I tried my best to keep my eye lids from closing.

I managed to open my eyes and saw her taking her blouse off. Then my eye lids closed. I managed to open them again and saw her pull her arms behind her and unhooked her large bra. Her huge breasts bounced out.

It was the very first time I had seen them uncovered. "You're the first man to see my breasts Greg. You know I'm still a virgin.

I am so&hellip." I curvy latina sucks and fucks like a champ ava alvares know how long I slept. I thought I heard some talking. It sounded like Sandra, Tony and a bunch of other men talking. I couldn't have heard Tony and a bunch of other men talking. It had to be a dream. "This is going to be hot Sandra. Are you really a virgin?" I heard Tony saying in my dream.

You won't be for long. The moment I saw you at the front desk I knew you'd be a slut, just waiting to be freed. I sure didn't expect a night like tonight when the Italian team was invited to Vancouver for the soccer playoffs." "Fuck I love your big tits.

Thanks for letting us in on this Tony." I heard another man say. I managed to open my eyes a fraction and could see shadows of men on the bed beside me. My vision began to clear but I couldn't move except my eyes. I looked beside me. Sandra was nude kneeling on the bed leaning against Tony. Tony was standing in front of her pulling his tight white T-shirt over his head. His muscular chest came into view. He tossed the T-shirt on the floor and undid the top button of his blue jeans.

I saw at least a dozen dark haired teenage boys around Tony's age beside and behind him. All the teenager boys were pulling their T-shirts over their heads revealing their hard muscular chests. Tony pulled the zipper of his tight jeans down and his huge penis sprang out and slapped Sandra's cheek splashing her cheek with thick white goo. Tony pushed his jeans down his muscular legs to the floor and stepped out of them. The muscular teenage boys around Tony pushed their jeans down. I was amazed all the hot muscular teenage boys had thick long hard penises.

I had to be dreaming. Sandra wouldn't allow all these horny teenage muscular boys in our room, especially on our wedding night. "Open your mouth slut. I want my cock to be the first cock you ever have in your mouth." Tony said in a harsh whisper. I saw you looking at my crotch tiffany brookes and kevin crows anal sex brunette caucasian blowjob front of the motel desk this morning when Mr. Hills rang for me. I've seen women in need before, but I could tell you were the hottest bitch I'd ever met.

I could see the way you looked at my crotch you were a bitch in heat. You just need me to unleash the fire in you." "She really is a bitch out of control letting you take her virgin mouth beside her, sleeping, groom.

The dumb fuck hasn't even fucked her yet." I heard another muscular teenage boy with dark hair say. I watched as Sandra opened her mouth wide and Tony pushed his huge penis head into her mouth.

Her cheeks puffed out as soon as Tony's penis was in her mouth. "Yes, you're a natural. That's enough though. I want to make you a bitch in heat now. Lie down and spread those legs of yours slut." Tony said. Sandra laid down beside me and spread her legs wide. Tony got on the bed between her stretched legs and laid on top khloe kapri delivered neihbors mail and gets fucked pornstar and blowjob her.

He pinched her large nipples between his large fingers. I looked down as Tony pushed his muscular body back. I saw his huge penis pressing against Sandra's pussy lips. Her clit was rock hard.

Tony pushed hard and his penis pushed her pussy lips apart and entered her wet pussy. "Oh yes Tony. Yes that feels good." Sandra moaned. "It doesn't even hurt you. You are a ready-made slut.

Fuck take my hard cock bitch." Tony said as more and more of his nine inch thick penis entered Sandra's wet pussy. "Damn you're tight." He said. "Don't stand there guys one of you get behind the bitch and push your cock into her mouth and down her throat. Teach the slut how to deep throat your cock guys." I watched out of the side of my eye as Tony pushed hard and half of his nine, thick inch penis went into Sandra's wet pussy.

I was guessing how many inches Tony's thick cock was. "Take my cock slut." Tony said gritting his teeth. I looked up and behind Sandra's head. I saw a teenage muscular teenage boy pushing the head of his penis in Sandra's mouth. He pushed his body forward and more and more of his huge cock went into Sandra's mouth. I heard her choke and cough but the teenager kept pushing more and more of his huge cock in her mouth.

I saw her throat expanding like a balloon as the teenager's cock entered her throat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Tony our bell hop boy was nude on top of Sandra pushing his entire cock into Sandra's wet cunt. I was thinking the same way Tony was talking. I stopped thinking of Tony's penis as a penis. He was moaning about Sandra taking his huge cock in her hot pussy.

"There you go slut. You have my entire nine inch thick cock in your cunt now. You're no longer a virgin you're a fucking slut now." Tony moaned. I looked up and saw the other teenage muscular boy pulling his cock out of Sandra's mouth and shove it down her throat again. "Is the bitch going to take us all?" I heard another of the dozen or so teenage boys standing beside Sandra's side of the bed.

"What about the fucked up husband? Is he just going to lay there while we fuck his wife's mouth and pussy?" "That gives me an idea. One of you guys get over here and fuck the bitch's cunt. I've opened her up for you guys." Tony said pulling his cock out of Sandra's bleeding pussy. "See guys she really was virgin I broke her in. Now I'm going to break in the husband." I couldn't believe what I heard. Did Tony say he was going to break me in?

How was he going to do that? "One of you guys, get over here and help me out." Tony said as he got off Sandra and moved over to me. I couldn't move. I felt like my body was paralyzed except my eyes. "Help me with his legs." Tony suddenly spread my legs apart and took a hold of my ankles. He pushed my legs up and over my head. Someone behind my head grabbed my ankles and pulled them over my head. I was on my back my legs stretched over my head and my ass exposed.

I felt something wet circling my ass muscle and then something slipped in my asshole. Whatever it was, it didn't hurt entering my ass hole. Whatever pushed into my ass hole didn't hurt as much as I had expected.

Maybe it didn't hurt too much, because I was numb all over. I felt Ayane hardcore fucked big dick new porn game heavy body on top of me. I managed to look down and saw a look of determination on Tony's face and in his brown eyes. "Fuck I got my cock head in your husband's asshole bitch. Fuck he's tight." Tony groaned. "Don't just hold the shit head's legs Alex." Tony ordered.

"Pry his mouth open and shove your cock in. Damn we have our selves two bitches in heat." Tony said. I felt my mouth being pried open with two large hands and something huge pushed into my mouth. I realized it was a big cock head in my mouth. The cock was being pushed in my mouth and it hit the entrance of my throat. The two big hands moved from my mouth and were holding my head. I could feel myself getting light headed and I blacked out.

I don't know how long I was out. The next thing I remembers was being in a haze but managed to open my eyes. My body felt like it was in a strange position. I looked down and realized I was on my hands and knees with pillows under my chest and stomach.

Something heavy was on my back and I could feel something in my mouth. I managed to look beside me and saw Sandra on her hands and knees beside me.

A big muscular teenage blond man had a hold of her head and his cock was down her throat. The teenager's big balls were pressed to her nose. I looked up and saw the teenager's head thrown back. "Fuck yes, I'm Cumming. Swallow my big load bitch." The guy moaned. "Fuck you still have a great throat after at least four cocks rammed down your throat." "You think her throat is great, you should try this asshole. Damn it's even hotter than her pussy." I heard and looked back and saw a muscular teenager with black hair holding Sandra's ass cheeks in his big hands and thrust forward pushing his thick long cock all the way into her ass hole.

That's when I realized the heavy thing I felt on my back was a guy. I felt his big hands holding my ass cheeks. My back felt wet and sticky as the guy pumped his big cock in ass hole. "Damn her husband has a tight ass hole.

My cock sure slides in his hole nice and easy thanks to the five guys that already fucked him. "Damn hold still faggot." I heard in front of me. Someone was trying to hold my head. "Open your mouth. You know you want to gobble down more cock." I looked up just as big, muscular dark haired; guy's cock slapped my left cheek. "I told you to open your fucking mouth homo." The muscular dark haired teenager said. His cock was huge and I felt something slash across my cheek.

I couldn't feel or move my body but my mouth seemed to open on its' own. I saw the big cock head in front of my eyes. "Take a good look at that cock slut because it's going down your throat." The muscular teenager said holding my head between his large hands.

Then his big cock head was in my mouth and entering my sore throat. I felt his big balls slap my nose. I started feeling light headed and everything went black. The next thing I remembered was opening my eyes. I had this salty taste in my mouth. I was nude lying on my back and Sandra was leaning over me. "Good morning dear. You finally had a good night sleep.

You must have had some wild dreams though. You were thrashing all over the bed. You even woke me up. I thought at one point I'd still be a virgin in the morning. You woke up in the night thank goodness and made passionate love to me Greg. Don't you remember Greg? You do remember don't you Greg?" Sandra asked. "You did roll over and fell asleep after you made love to me." I had trouble talking. My throat felt like it was clogged up with something. "Of course I remember dear." I answered.

I didn't want Sandra to think that I didn't recall making love to her or about my weird dreams. I didn't want her to think I was crazy, I lied to her about my knowing I made love to her during the night. "You were marvelous Sandra. You're a wonderful lover." I said. "I don't know about you but I'm looking forward in exploring Vancouver today. I don't know why but I'm not even hungry this morning like I usually am." Sandra said. I stretched and that's when I noticed the sheets had been stripped from the bed.

I was lying on the bare mattress. "Why did you take the sheets off the bed Sandra?" I asked. "I told you you were thrashing around most of the night. You were sweating so much you got the sheets all wet so I pulled them off the bed before you woke up Greg. You were sweating so much even your hair is all wet." I put my hand on my head and felt my hair. Sure enough my hair was soaking wet. I looked at Sandra and noticed her hair was soaking wet as well. I didn't have time to ask her about her hair because suddenly I felt like I had to take a giant shit.

I got out of bed and ran to the washroom. "Sorry Sandra round booty slut dillion harper banged by massive hard dick pornstars big dick I have to take a, shit in the worse way." I called from the washroom. I slammed the bathroom door closed, put the toilet seat down up and sat down. No sooner I had sat on the toilet I started to shit. I didn't even have to grunt. The shit felt like it just oozed out of my ass. I don't know how long I sat on the toilet shitting.

I thought my bowels were empty and I would start shitting all over again. I finally thought I had finished shitting and wiped my ass. I looked at the toilet after wiping my ass and was amazed the toilet paper wasn't brown. It was white. I turned around and looked in the toilet bowl. The toilet bowl was full of big globs of thick white shit.

I thought it was strange until I remembered drinking the hot chocolate Tony had made for me the night before. I figured maybe my white shit, my clogged throat, salty mouth and weird dreams all were side effects from the hot chocolate. What was worse, not sleeping or the side effects?

I figured not sleeping was worse than any side effects. I took a leisure shower letting the water sooth my aching body. I put on a pair of summer shorts and my light blue T-shirt. I watched the morning news while Sandra too her shower. She came out looking fresh and clean. "What did you want to do today Greg?" Sandra asked. "I got some Vancouver tourist brochures. Do you think going to Mc Donald's for breakfast and looking at the brochures would be a good idea?" I asked.

"That sounds like a good idea." Sandra answered. I liked the pretty summer dress she chose to wear. It was yellow with pink flowers on it. It was different than what she usually wore.

She looked so sweet in a way but a tiny bit chines old man young girl in another way. The bottom of Sandra's hemline was shorter than usual. She was even showing more cleavage than usual.

Actually she didn't show any cleavage at all before today. Maybe our love making during the night brought the naughtiness out of my blushing bride. Sandra sure didn't look like a blushing bride today. I just wish I remembered making love with her. I found it strange I didn't remember making love to Sandra but I remembered my weird dreams vividly. A good-looking white man in his late twenties was standing by the front desk as Sandra and I walked into the motel lobby. "Good morning, Mr. and Mrs.

Thompson." The desk clerk said. "Good morning Mr. Taylor I said after looking at his name tag. "How did you know our names Mr. Taylor?" I asked the good-looking man.

"You and your wife are the only ones in the motel not because of the soccer playoffs. The manager couldn't get a hold of you and your wife. So they gave the soccer players that would have been in your room and put them in our extra rooms I said approaching him.

"Please thank the management for keeping our reservation Mr. Taylor." I said. "Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Thompson." Tony said walking up behind me. "Good morning Tony." I answered turning around. I practically fell down when I saw what Tony was wearing or lack of what he was wearing. He was wearing a tight, sleeveless, white T-shirt that only barely covered his muscular chest leaving his dark brown, washboard, flat stomach bare.

His bare stomach looked just like it did in my weird dreams. He was wearing low fitting, tight blue jean, shorts. His jeans were so low on his hips I could see the top of his kinky crotch hair. His jeans were so tight I could see the outline of his penis down the left side of his leg. Even soft it was huge. If Tony's jeans had been any shorter his huge penis head would be out the bottom.

I was sure if Tony sprang a boner it would rip through the thin, pale blue, worn blue jeans. "Good morning, Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Thompson. Did you both have a good night sleep?" Tony asked. "I slept great thank you Tony. Sandra told me, I kept her awake, most of the night." I answered and turned around to look at Sandra.

If I didn't know Sandra better, I swore she had winked at Tony. "I got something in my eye. It must be some dust. Greg is right he did keep me awake half the night, tossing and turning in his sleep. Did you have strange, crazy dreams dear?" Sandra asked. "Yes I did have some very weird dreams." I answered.

Then I said "It looks like a nice day." To Mr. Hill. "Yes it does." Mr. Hill answered.

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"I'm surprised I saw Tony big pounder for a hairy tight pussy hardcore blowjob out of a room, down the hall from our room.

I don't think he saw us behind him as he walked toward the lobby. Just as he walked up to the front door he turned around. "Oh Good morning Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Thompson. I hope you both had a good nights sleep?" Tony greeted the two of us. "Good morning Tony." Sandra said. I didn't have sandalwood nude teen school girls blogspot great of sleep because Greg kept moaning and groaning and thrashing around all night in his sleep.

I did manage to get some sleep. "Good morning Tony. I had the best sleep I've had in a long time." I answered. I didn't tell Sandra or Tony about my weird dreams. "How did you sleep Tony?" I asked? "I had a good sleep but had to get up early to man the front desk." Tony answered. "We're on our way to Mc Donald's for breakfast and to look at the brochures to get an idea what to do today." I said.

"See you later Tony." "Are the two of you going to explored Vancouver today?" Tony asked. "Yes we were planning to see the sights of the city." I answered. "I can help you out. I have some brochures you might want to have a look at." Tony said.

"Would you like them?" "Thank you Tony. We have a couple of brochures but maybe you have some we don't have." Sandra answered. "The brochures are in the office if you would like to come back to get them Mrs. Thompson." Tony said. "Thank you Tony." Sandra said but tripped over something and felt myself falling.

I reached out to catch myself from falling and I must have hit my head against something. I felt myself blacking out but I managed to open my eyes. I looked up and saw Sandra looking at me with a frightened look on her face.

She stepped back, and Tony took a step forward. Tony bumped into Sandra's hip and she started to fall. Tony reached out his large hands grabbing the top of Sandra's yellow, summer dress with pink flowers between her large breasts. The front of her dress ripped open and her large breasts bounded out. I was surprised she wasn't wearing a bra. Her dress continued to rip in Tony's fist. It was as if Sandra's summer dress was made of tissue paper as it ripped down the front and the entire dress fell off her.

She was completely nude. She wasn't even wearing panties. Everything happened so fast that I couldn't comprehend just what had happened.

Sandra continued to fall forward when Tony accidentally bumped her hip again. She reached up the same time trying to grab on to the closest thing around. She grabbed the top of Tony's low cut blue jeans and pulled. Instead of helping Sandra stand up the top button of Tony's jeans popped off. The material of Tony's blue jean's must have been thinner and worn more than I thought.

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I heard a tearing sound and the left side of Tony's zipper ripped wide open exposing his penis that was growing harder by the second. Sandra let go of Tony's ripped jeans and her hand wrapped around his fully erect penis. I guessed it was probably a good nine inches and almost as big around as Sandra's wrist.

Sandra leaned forward letting go of his penis the same time Tony's penis flipped up hitting her left cheek. Thick globs lad bangs his beauteous girlfriend homemade blowjob pre-cum had splashed across her forehead, nose and his penis head landed against her left cheek. Tony backed up dragging his huge cock away from Sandra's cheek. I looked down at Sandra. "What th……" Sandra started to say.

She had no sooner started to say something with her mouth wide open when Tony had lost his balance and his huge mushroom shaped penis head entered her mouth.

I saw Tony beginning to fall forward so I grabbed what was left of his jean shorts. I tried to pull him away from Sandra. To my horror the jeans ripped in my hands. Instead of pulling Tony back and away from Sandra I had pushed him forward. I looked down at Sandra. I was shocked as her neck expanded like a balloon when I accidentally pushed Tony forward. His penis head had entered her throat. I saw Tony grab Sandra's shoulder but it was too late.

Tony fell forward again. His huge penis had gone at least half way down her throat. I was surprised she didn't choke to death. She didn't even gag. He still hadn't stopped his fall and his entire penis pushed down her throat his huge black balls smacking against her bottom lip. "I'm sorry Mrs. Thompson." Tony yelled regaining his balance and pulling his huge penis slowly out of her throat until only his huge mushroom shaped penis was in her mouth.

I could see Tony gripping Sandra's shoulder's as if attempting to pull his huge mushroom shaped penis head out of her mouth. His hands slipped from her shoulders and he fell forward again and his cock entered Sandra's throat. This time he had nothing to grab. Tony's big cock was rammed down Sandra's throat until his big black balls rested against her bottom lips again. He managed to catch himself and pulled his cock out of her throat. "Open your mouth wide dear so Tony can pull his big cock head out of your mouth." I yelled not wanting to move and making things worse than they were.

"I'm sorry Mr. Thompson. I'm really sorry, but I can't stop. I really can't stop. My balls are aching too much." Tony yelled and rammed his entire cock down Sandra's throat holding her head in his large hands. "Fucking bitch take my cock. Take it all slut." Tony moaned pulling his huge cock out of her throat and filling her mouth and ramming it down her throat again. It was as if Tony had turned into a wild man as he pumped his huge cock in and out Sandra's throat.

Sandra had grabbed a hold of Tony's bare butt pulling him forward after he pulled his cock out of her throat into her mouth. It was as if Sandra had become possessed by Tony's huge cock being rammed down her throat. I heard Tony yelling.

"I'm Cumming." I looked up and saw Sandra leaning over on my left side. "He's coming around Mrs. Thompson. How do you feel Mr. Thompson? You really hit your head hard." I heard Tony saying.

Tony was still wearing his tight white T-shirt, and tight jean shorts but on his knees looking at me. It had all been some kind of hallucination. I tried to stand up with Tony on one side and Sandra on my other side.

They walked me to an easy chair in the lobby and I sat down. Damn everything had looked so real just like my weird dream. NOW THAT WAS A HALLUCIATION I'LL NEVER FORGET. Also it was only the beginning of Sandra's and my week long honeymoon. More to follow in Chapter 9.