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Fantastic sex kitten flashes enormous ass and gets anus drilled asstomouth pornstars
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'I feel it,' she whispered, her voice rasping from the ache that was throbbing everywhere, but nowhere more than where his cock pressed through the layers between them. She kept her gaze on his mouth as arousal oozed through her. My real estate broker Maria called telling me about a ski home in Telluride with a wine mine, I was sent pictures. I told my broker I would fly up to see the property.

The property description was interesting; Up to 1,600 wine bottles are stored in a 56-foot-long tunnel or "mine shaft" in the basement. There's an antique ore cart on tracks, and lights are computerized to flicker like a lantern, and sound effects like creaking wood and dripping water are piped in. The wine shaft isn't the only feature that pays homage to mining.

An old-timey funicular can carries four people up to the nearby Sundance ski slope. Installation cost $240,000, the ride lasts about a minute. Maria is a 40 year old divorced woman, she is very attractive with a willowy body.

She has been my real estate broker for four years, I have tried to seduce her many times, she has always kept our relationship professional, not allowing us to become romantically involved. I flew immediately to Telluride, to see the house, Maria my 40 year old divorced real estate broker waited for me. Driving to the house, my mind thinking of Maria all day, her slopes and valleys. I certainly would enjoy exploring her.

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She stayed at the new house to relax, with a warm fire and hot chocolate and wait for me to arrive. My mind thinking of possibly trying to seduce her after a long day and flight. Texting her I am on my way as she replies with a note.

" I think your going to love the view." Walking up the steps I come to the door and slowly open it. The lights are dimly lit as I hear the fire crackling. Moving inside I see her curled up on a warm blanket in front of the fire.

She has a very sexy negligee on as she sits cross legged. Her eyes bright and mouth smiling as she looks up to me. I love how her breasts and nipples show through her silky top, and I can see her thong is wet as her full lips press against it. I slowly undress down to my briefs, bulging now as I lean down to kiss her. Her kiss is amazing; the feeling of her lips and her warm wet mouth tastes soo good. I love how our tongues explore each other's mouths, and breathing her breath in as she exhales.

My hands caressing her hair, holding her head as our tongues dance, our lips together.

Our passion igniting our fire of pleasure. The sensation of feeling her body get excited, the sound of her breathing and soft moans is pure ecstasy. I gently stroke her tits over her negligee as I feel her nipples harden. Kissing her deeply as I slide my hand up inside her top, feeling her soft tits and hard nipples.

I am a boob man, and love playing with her tits. My other hand slowly caresses her pussy lips over her thong, feeling how full they are now and how wet her thong is. My hand slides down her ass, cupping her cheeks, and stroking her crack. Sliding my fingers under her thong as I play with her ass crack, then sliding my fingers back under her to stroke her wet pussy from behind.

Then I slide my hand down inside her thong above her pussy, fingering her clit and wet pussy lips.

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I'm spreading her lips with my fingers, stroking between them then pushing my finger deep inside her wet pussy as her hips thrust up pulling my finger deeper inside her.

Kissing her makes me soo horny, and feeling her body respond is so amazing. I'm slowly undressing her as the warm fire feels so good. Pulling her top up and off and then sliding my hand inside her thong, pulling her thong down as she lowers my briefs to the floor. I love how we are both naked and relaxed, enjoying ourselves, talking, laughing, and smiling as we explore each other.

Her ass is so tight and gorgeous as I caress it and her crack with my hands; kissing her as I explore her body. We both are so horny now as she asks me to stroke her wet pussy with my hard cock.

I am more than eager to comply, she bends over on all fours as I rub the head of my cock between her pussy lips and up to her crack. Love feeling her wet pussy lips slide on my cock as she pushes back, wanting me to push inside her.

I caress her ass with my hands and hold my head against her pussy then lean in as she leans back. We both love the feeling of my wide head pushing into her tight pussy. I pull out and push back in over and over. Then I push in deep and stroke her over and over, holding her ass as she cums in waves. I pull her ass back so I can go deeper inside her pussy, my legs between her spread legs. Her tight pussy feels so good wrapped around my hard cock as I caress her ass.

She is so turned on having my cute blonde has her wet snatch hammered squirting piercing buried inside her, it has been a long time. She feels slightly disgusted and slightly anxious. She feels butterflies in her stomach at the very thought of me causing her to orgasm, and tries to pull herself to tell me no, but the truth is that she is actually liking the feel of my cock inside her.

She slowly opens her legs wider, curious as to how far I will bury my cock. She feels her vagina get very wet and this is bothering her. Marie looks down between her legs seeing my cock disappearing into her, apparently she has turned me on too.

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She smiles, she is feeling so horny and hot, wanting to be pleasured. She also notices a bulge at the base of my penis that is swelling larger each time I thrust, my knot. I pull out of her, " Maria, I want to mount you like a bitch in heat?" Maria nodded her head 'yes', then I crawled up onto her back and start to thrust my hips at her. At first I'm too far away, but I slowly walk forward and my penis starts to bump against her butt cheeks. I wrap my arms around her torso and keep jamming my cock into her butt, but not succeeding in burying it anywhere she wanted it to penetrate her again.

She thought perhaps I didn't have the angle right so she raised her butt upward and feels in my next two thrusts my penis jamming at her vaginal lips. My cock isn't quite entering her, but is brushing past her vagina every thrust. I'm busily trying to ram my cock into her hot dripping vagina, but didn't have the right angle. Maria crawls backward; pulling my arms forward and can feel my cock roughly stabbing into her vaginal lips. My cock slams at her man fuck anty sex storys a few more times, my cock head jabs in between her lips for a brief moment but I pull it out.

I slam my cock head into her vagina. It didn't enter all the way, only the tip entered, but it is enough and I got a firm grip on her torso and drove my cock into her. It was the most painful and pleasurable experience she had ever had. My cock pushed up deep into her, brushing violently against her clit, drawing her closer to another orgasm.

I'm bucking wildly that she feels a fire burst in her vagina from the friction and this added to the pleasure. She also feels some seminal fluids slowly dripping down the sides of her legs from my near misses, but can also feel some hot fluids in her vaginal lips. MY pace is staggering and she feels her climax coming on extremely quick.

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My cock would almost come all the way out of her, and then would drive all the way back in, over and over again. She bangbros gianna nicole fingered in public park drops to knees and sucks dick moaning and feels my cock jerking inside her.

Suddenly she feels my knot slamming against her vaginal lips, and it seems as if I'm trying to bury that in her as well. Each time the knot came in contact with her vagina, her lips would bulge outward and then fall back in when I drew away. She put one arm under her body and reached back to feel herself, finding that her vagina is firm from my cock in her.

I start to thrust harder and nearly knock her over, but she had quickly brought her hand back to support. She feels a stretching sensation that grew and lessened, and when she looks down, she sees my knot is popping in and out of her. The knot itself brushing so rough against her clit that she had an orgasm before I had mine, and it crashed through her body like no other orgasm she had ever had.

She moans louder and feels my penis touching her cervix. I changed my pace, and thrust in short bursts, keeping my knot inside her vagina. Moments later I grabbed her torso harder than ever and she feels his penis pulsating inside her vagina as he started to shoot wendy harper in a russian anal teen load into her.

Another orgasm struck her as my fluid splashed up into her womb, and across her vaginal walls. She nearly screams as this orgasm took control of her, and my knot swelled to massive size, keeping me firmly locked inside her vagina.

My hot fluid splashed all over the inside of her vagina and she had another orgasm from my knot rubbing against her clit. She moans loudly and rocking her hips backward against my cock, my cock pulsing and spurting more fluids into her body.

I stop thrusting and just lay there on her back, exhausted. I kiss her shoulder and her neck before, she feels my fluids inside still warm and feeling wonderful. Her eyes are nearly glazed over from the orgasms she had just had, and she knew that I was pretty much the same.

She slowly and unconsciously ground her hips against me, still rubbing her clit against my knot, feeling the same pleasure as before. After forty minutes my knot shrunk enough for me to pull my cock out and when it did some of my semen and her fluids start to dribble out. Maria rolls over onto her back, not wanting any of our fluids to exit her body and she lay there watching me as I cleaned myself. I spent five minutes cleaning myself and then I came back over and start to clean up Maria.

Maria let me clean up her legs, but kept her legs closed when I wanted to clean her vagina. She concentrated and clamped her vagina muscles so nothing would drip out and she closed the curtains on the window, locked all the doors and flopped onto the bed and fell asleep, exhausted and very pleased. When she woke I was out in the kitchen drinking and eating. She feels her vagina is back to a more normal state and knew that nothing had dribbled out or would dribble out.

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She sat up and examined her vagina, noticing the dried semen in her pubic hair, and on her outer lips. She smiled and knew that she would never need another man again.