Teagan presley and eva angelina hot threesome

Teagan presley and eva angelina hot threesome
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The sleepover started out like any other, lily's parents had gone away for a romantic weekend leavening the house in Lilly and her brother's hands. Unlike most parents they trustiest their children saying they were allowed a maximum of two people each to stay. We had had many sleepover's and nothing had every turned out like this one, I think we were all pretty surprised. Lilly had invited me and Alice to stay, we soon found ourselves like always in front of the TV watching our favour movie zombieland.

Her brother Ross, on the other hand had only brought round one friend Dannie I think it was, they were three years older than us at nineteen and defeat hotties. Sadly for us thought they barely even glanced in our direction as they made their way into the games room, to spend hours in front of the Xbox. Apparently I was considered the hot one out of our group, with my waiste long black hair, olive green eyes, hourglass body and blonde harley jade nuru massage sideways bathroom long legs.

But to be fair Lilly and Alice couldn't have been far behind.

Alice wasn't something to be looked over in a hurry, she was short and cuvee with shoulderlenth dyed red hair, chestnut eyes and good size boobs. While Lilly was more sweet yet sexy with curly light brown hair that fell to her shoulders, grey clouded eyes, cherry lips and lush hips. "turn it up babe" said Alice kicking my butt, i crawled over to the TV and turned it up before crawling back to where I had been laying on my stomach bellow the sofa.

"Thankies" Alice said. "Hey what would we rate Emma stone?" Lilly asked referring to are hot or not rating system. "Defiant ten" I said not even having to think about it. "Agreed" Alice said. "She is pretty hot" Lilly commented form were she curled up at the opersit side of the sofa to Alice. "I'd go lesbian for her" I said with a giggle, looking over my shoulder to my friends.

"Would you go lesbian for me honey?" Alice asked with a jokey smile. "Totally, mmm i could tap that" I teased looking back at the screen. I watched as Emma stone's character flips the gun back over the two guys. "I think we should play a game" Lilly said. "What game?" I asked. "We have to say a body part we like about each other and why, until we all but one chicken out and say quits" Lilly said with a laugh.

I turn round and face my too friends, both me and Lilly turning to Alice. "I'm going first I assume, who do I say it too?" she askes.

sampling an amazing male rod gloryhole hardcore that's still in the game at your choice" Lilly replied. Alice nodded and then took a minuet to choice between us then locked eyes with me "ok, I like your eyes they shine brighter than any star" Alice said with a laugh. "that's deep" I teased, then moved my attention to Lilly "I like your curls I think they give you an adorable innocent look that makes me wanna look after you" I say with a sisterly smile.

Lilly laughs and look back at me "I like your feet there so small and cute" she said. "Alice, I like your hands, there always so perfectly manicured and soft" I say. "scar, I like your noise its perfect for your face" Alice conuied, was it me or were they both saying xxx baf soline story sex stories things about me and not each other?

"Lilly, I like you ears they look hot with your stretcher" I laughed. "Dam only got the hard once left now, ok scar I like your lips I'm so jeluse of there plumpness" she giggled.

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"Alice I like your boobs, i think every boy has thought about them" I say knowing I had gone for one of the bad once. "Thanks babe, I like your legs they always look so soft and so perfect" she said with a playful wink.

"li-" I start but was cut off by Lilly. "Scar I like your waiste you carve better then any other girl" she shot in. "Alic-" I start but was cut off aigen this time by Alice. "Scar I like your arse I think you would look really good in a thong" She said raising an eye brow at Lilly. "I like her better" Lilly snapped.

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"Don't be ridiculous she's my best friend" Alice shots back. "Woe guys w-" I say but was quickly drowned out by their voices. "Oh so you saying your she would prefer you over me?" Lilly said. "Who did she say had nice boobs?" Alice asked. "We could share her?" the both said at once, then their eyes lock onto mine. "What's going on?" I ask, they both look at each other for a few minutes as if they were having a secret conversation then looked back at me.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be gorgeous breasty mom and sex naturaltits and hardcore to kiss a girl?" Alice asked me.

"You know just to try it, we could do it and it would mean nothing" Lilly added. "Like you said you would go lesbian for Emma stone, you could try it with someone you know and see if you like it" Alice said, moving onto the floor next to me. "Yeah it could be like a game" Lilly added sitting on my other side.

"Have you two ever tried it?" I asked. "Yes" they both said at once. "We'll show you and it will be fun" Said Alice. "I'll tell you a secret, me and Alice are together but you're the only person that knows. We didn't tell you before because we didn't know how you would react, but we would love to have you join us, it could be once and not any further then you want to go" Lilly said. I couldn't deny I wanted to try it, I had always thought secret thoughts about my two friend noticing when there bra was on show and being a little turned on by it, but now I was horny no question.

Alice's hand started stroking my leg the other going up into my hair, Lilly's copying. "I think it would be cool to try it" I said. "it would be defiantly be good to try it baby" Alice encouraged.

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Lilly pulled away, ten seconds later the TV when off and she when to the door closing it and turning on the lights before coming back to my side. "Must be excited" Lilly said her finger tracing my waist. Alice smiled before bringing her lips down on my neck. I gasp my fingers pulling her closer. "oooo you like that don't you Scar" she smiled stroking my legs. Alice's mouth moved up from my neck and slowly made its way to my lips, and then her lips touched mine.

I was kissing a girl my mind told me over and over. But I wasn't pulling away, instead I kissed her back a little harder. I felt Lilly's hand getting higher and higher up my leg.

Alice took my hands in hers and dragged one to her breast at first I hesitated but then my hand had a mind of its own and started to massage her breast. She moaned letting it vibrate into my mouth. Lilly lifted up Alice's top and undid her bra till my hand was touching her bare boob, I couldn't help the burning between my legs.

"lets move this to the shower" Alice whispered breaking our kiss. She took close up white woman slowly fucking big black dick hand not bothering to cover up her breasts as she ran with me toward the family bathroom.

When we got into the room she pushed me ageist the wall kissing me deeper and deeper. Lilly enters closing the door but not locking it, she giggles taking off her clothes before jumping in the shower. "Strip her down Alice I got some toys" Lilly said and sure enough in her hands were two vibrates. Alice didn't waste time, she pulled my shirt over my head and undid my bra "woe you have amazing boobs baby" Alice said, she lowered her head to my boobs and sucked my nipple into her mouth I moaned desperately and felt wet hands pulling down my short and thong.

Alice pulled off her skirt and thong, grabbing my hand she pulled me into the shower closing the door behind us. I felt warm water splashing down my naked body and was glad Lilly's shower was huge allowing there to be enough room to move about in. Alice pressed her body ageist mine, the feel of her soft wet boobs made me want to touch myself, but I didn't need to.

Lilly's mouth connected with mine softer then Alice's but much more passionate she pulled me to her and slid her arms round to my arse, while Alice's fingers stroked at my clit. I moaned and suddenly Lilly's finger here on my pussy both of them pushing two finger each inside me, I moan loudly.

Letting Lilly kiss me as pleasure ran thought me. I felt wet and horny and was glad they seemed to be more interested in me there new toy then each other.

There fingers moved and Alice pushed a large vibrate into my pussy a naughty smile on her lips, I let my hands grasp at her breast while my toung slide into Lilly's mouth and her fingers helped Alice. It wasn't long before I orgasomed, Alice had put the vibrate on to full and was stroking my clit with her other hand. That was when I spotted Ross and his friend standing mouths open at us. I broke away from the others leaving Alice and Lilly kissing unaware of there unexpected guests.

I got out of the shower still dripping and completely naked and when over to ross, he didn't move didn't speak he didn't need to, after that though it was fun was not nearly as satisfying as a full grown cock. Now I was hungry and he was available. I didn't hesitate I rapped my arms round his neck and kissed him.

he seen to finally grasp what was going on and started kissing me back hard and rough, his hands exploring my body in recorded timing. I knew it was Lilly's brother but I had a crush on him since I was fourteen and now seemed the best time to satisfy both wants, beside he didn't seem to mind. I broke off are kiss and led him out of the bathroom "your bedroom?" I asked knowing I would never find it in this maze of a house. He grabbed my hand not needing to be asked twice and started taking me toward his room.

he pushed open the door and looked me over aigen his boner clearly visible under his jeans, he looked even hotter when he was horny. His black hair was sticking up at random angels and his stormy eyes looked desperate. I lay down on his bed "Mmm Ross got something for me in those jeans?" I ask. "fuck Scarlett, you literally came out of my fantasy " Ross said my name melayu tudung ustazah 2 tube porn it was the most beautiful thing in the world, if it didnt just strike me that he knew my name.

he pulled off his shirt revelling a well-built sexy body. I couldn't take it anymore I need his cock. I slide over to him and pushes his hands away from his half undone jeans and quickly undid the rest sliding them off him along with his boxers.

His cock poked out at me at very least 9 inches it was huge and all mine, I sucked it into my mouth pushing it deep until I could feel him on the back of my throat "scar" he said in a half pleased.

I smiled up at him and started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth as fast as I could. "I need to fuck your pussy" he said pushing me down on the bed. But quickly I turn it so I'm on top "no, no I need to fuck your cock" I said kissing him quickly on the check before pushing rockie gets a dildo in her ass while being fucked from behind into my pussy, I gasp as I keep going and going to I slide all the way down his cock.

i lean back steadying myself by holding onto his leg as I bounce on his cock. Ross's eye glued to my boobs bouncing around with me. I cercal my hips as I push down on him letting him feel the whole of my pussy, I moan loving the feel of a real hard cock.

I pull myself up onto my feet and bounce his hands amidetly go round my waiste pulling me as I go down on his cock, letting him go deeper and deeper. I scream with pleasure moaning "oh Ross" over and over aigen. Before I knew what was happening he rolled me onto my side ass gets fingered while pussy gets pounded slide in behind me, his cock going into my pussy I gasp loving how much deeper he was, his thrusting came hard and rough making me moan deeper and loader.

I turn my head and his lips found mine kissing me passionately. Suddenly he slams into me my eyes roll back with pleasure as I scream "oh yes baby right there, fuck my pussy" only encouraging him to go faster slamming me hard in my g spot.

I run my hands over his waiste and grab onto his arse he grunts loving the feel of my hands. "I wanna cum" I moan to Ross. He kisses me rolling me onto my front as he slides over me someone getting even deeper into my pussy. I scream into his pillow amazed at how good it feels. I feel his cock throbbing in me I knew he was about to cum and the thought excited me I wanted his cum "cum with me, cum for me baby" I begged. He thrust once more and I was already gone, my pussy squeezing him as mu cum flows around his cock only stimulating him to work harder, I scream and then feel his cock pursuing here it comes I thought then I feel him squirt inside of me.

he thrusts slowly a few time letting his cum dribble out my pussy before he collapse beside me, his hands pulling me to his chest "best fuck of my life" I say breathlessly. "better not be, I'm not settling for only the one now I've had you once" Ross said giving me a sleepy smile.