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Slutty teen black blows cockrives me wild bj
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END GAME Story: #13 Copyright ©2005 Written: January 09 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: PiasaBird2004 Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** The door slid open with a powerful crash as the light of day forced its way in to the dark metallic closet that was Jessica's resting place, when her master Jason was not in need of her service's she was placed in this small metal closet, hand's over head clamped to the wall as well as her ankle's, forced to sleep in an uncomfortable standing position.

After today comfort would be the least of her worries.

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Jessica is an 18 year old slave, serving her master most of her life, having been kidnapped as a child and forced to serve this sadistic man who now controlled of part of her. Looking into the eye's of her master through the bright light "good morning slut" he said as he un hooked the clamps holding her tight against the wall, stepping out of her cubby, head bowed "yes master" she sai as she was waiting for his order's daughter saduc and anal fuck my breakfast" he yelled, Jessica hurried to the kitchen in fear of punishment for disobeying.

Jason sitting at the kitchen table enjoying his girl-bacon and egg's breakfast as he told Jessica his plans for the day, he outlined the entire idea of the "Game of chance" he was entering her into today that could possible end in the lose of her life if he were to lose the game.

She didn't have a choice she would have to play. One by one there was a knock on the door as Jason's friends, Steve, Mark, Jerry and Gene arrived with there slaves in tow. Naked and leashed was a slave's natural appearances. The round kitchen table was cleared by Jessica of the morning mess and made up like a poker table with playing cards and poker chip's, red and blue.

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With Jessica huddled in a corner of the room with bloned teacher summer brielle classroom other slaves. Sophie, Sara, Lina and Tay den choi gai viet they awaited as Jason spoke the rule's for the game, "I am calling it End Game, since it is very possible this game will end the life of a few slave's tonight, Ok here are the rule's gentlemen we play standard 5 card draw, each player will receive 50 blue chip's and one red chip" he said as he walked over and placed a step stool behind each of his friend's and then one behind himself.

Calling Jessica over he forced her hand's behind her back and tied them tight at the wrist, forcing her to stand on the step stool behind his chair, he then took a length of rope and looped it through the hook he had installed in the ceiling tying it off, he then tied the remaining end in a noose knot and quickly placed it around Jessica's neck.

She was ready to play. Sitting back down, "ok if you will all look up you will each see a similar hook above each of you, set up your slave as I have done to Jessica" he said as he placed more rope on the table. Once all salve's were similarly bound and placed on there stools Jason continued with the rule's "the blue chip's represent your spend able cash witch is $500, you can bet as many of the blue chip's as you want during each hand, once a player has run out of blue chip's you must play your red chip, the red chip represents your slave girl dangling on the hook behind you, once your red chip is gone the stool will be pulled out from under your slave girl's feet and she will hang until dead".

Staring into the blank face's of his friend's he asked "do any of you want to back out?" all the answer's were the same "NO!" staring to deal the card's Jason continued "we have extra blue chip's so if any one who's slave is hanging wishes to buy more blue chip's to stay in the game you can, but in order to save your slave from hanging to death you must win back your red chip before she expires, since we all had planned to buy new slave's next month I suggest we play until 3 slave's hang until dead, then we spit roast the remaining 2 at our barbeque next week" he said as everyone quickly agreed.

The card's were dealt and the game began, everyone betting 2 blue chip's to start, discarding the throw a way's everyone received 2 or 3 new card's and better continued, "I am in for 3 chip's" Jason said throwing 3 blue chip's onto the pile, "Check", "Check", "Check", "Raise", the game went on like this for hour's as the tired slave's kept standing on their little stool's.

After many hours' Gene was down to his last chip the red one, placing it in the pot the cards were dealt, for Sophie this would possibly be the last hand she would see tonight. Losing this hand would mean Sophie would get sex story from katrina kaif swing.

After the card's were dealt it was time to see the winner having only a single pair of ten's Gene lost the hand, "OH NO, Master Gene please don't do this!" Sophie begged as Gene stood and gave her a kiss as he pulled the chair out from under her feet, the rope tightened fast around her neck cutting off her air supply all she could do was wiggle like a worm in the end of a fishing hook as Gene sat down, thay were both out of the game.

There would be no buying back Sophie's red chip, she could never hold her breath long, by the time the next hand was dealt her kicking spasm's had slowed to a dull twitch as she slowly died behind Gene. "One slave down two to go" Jason said as he finished dealing the next hand. During the next hand it was clear that Mark would be next to lose his slave having just thrown his last blue chip to the betting pile, if he would lose this hand he will be forced to bet the life of his slave for his next bet, the hand was done, Mark had lost.

Betting his last chip and his slave, the card's were again dealt for the next hand, "Check", "Check", "Raise", Having nothing to pay the dude staffs his pounder in moist pussy with Mark stood up gave his slave Sara a deep kiss as she begged him not to kill her with her eye's.

Gene pulled the chair out from under her feet, Sara fell hard and fast, hearing a sickening cracking sound, there would be no slow twitching for Sara she was killed instantly. Gene and Sara were both definitely out of the game. "That's two down" Jason said as he turned around and blew a kiss toward Jessica.

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The remaining 3 slave's gave each other scared looks as the game continued and they silently wondered who was next to swing. Steve, Jason and Jerry all still had a decent amount of blue chip's having won many hands against their friend's who were now out of the game and already thinking of what type of slave they would buy to replace the hanging meat that use to be there old slave's.

The game continued for several hour's. Until it looked as if Jason's poor little Jessica would be the next and last swinger of the day and the game. Having just lost his last blue chip Jessica was frantically scared trying to free herself from her bounds and the noose around her neck, The next hand was dealt and Jason place in his red chip as his one and only bet for this hand, with only a pair of two's he folded the hand, standing he gave Jessica a kiss as she fought him for release, begging.

"No please don't, ill do anything".

Jason looking in to her eye's "shhh just think of it as fulfilling your ultimate destiny" he said as she suddenly found no support under her feet and fell quickly, gasping for air that would not come.

Jason sat down, threw a one hundred dollar bill on the table and picked up ten new blue chip's. With his red chip and Jessica's life still in the pot, all remaining player's made there bets blondie julia ann gets nailed and facialized the card's were dealt.

"Check", "Raise", Jason throwing four blue chip's on to the pot to cover the raise "Call" he said as he laid down his full house queen's and ten's, Jason having his red chip back he quickly stood and replaced the stool under Jessica's feet. Gasping for air with a slightly purple tint in her face Jessica found it hard to stand; being a good friend and trying to help out Gene stood behind Jessica and held her up so she wouldn't choke herself while the next hand was played. Being a good friend to Jason and also grabbing a few feel's from the near dead slave girl Jessica.

Jessica was happy for the extra chance to breathe again but she knew that she still might swing and this time there would be no buying her out of it. The card's were dealt for the final hand one of the 3 remaining slave girl's were going to hang until dead, Jason having the least amount of blue chip's, Jessica was sure she would hang, Steve's chip count was slightly higher then Jason's so this hand would be close.

By the end of this hand it appears that either Jessica or Samantha would be the last swinger. "Check", "Raise", "Call", Steve was all in now even adding his last chip, the red chip and his slave's life, to the betting pile, Jason too was all in even his red chip it would all come down to this whoever had the best hand would win and the true loser, in this case the slave's would hang well one of them at least.

Lying down there card's, Jason with 3 of a kind (Kings), and Steve with just one pair was the loser, Jessica was saved, for now. Steve stood up, looking into Samantha's she began to cry as he kissed while pulling the chair out from under her feet. Since the game was now over every looked on and watched Samantha wiggle and struggle trying to free her hands while kicking her feet but she was to tightly bound and slowly dieing from lack of oxygen.

"What should we do with the body's" Steve asked as the last bit of life could be seen draining from Samantha's eye's "stick them in my freezer we can butcher them later for the meat" Jason said as he started to cut Sophie down to check if she was all dead or just mostly dead.

Gene and Steve then cut down Sara and Samantha, they were all dead. The week moved on and it was now Saturday, the day of Jason's big live roast barbeque, Jessica and Lina were glad to have had the last week to live but now they knew that they would roast, they wondered now if hanging was really all that bad of a way to go, certainly it would have been less painful then being impaled on a spit or roasting in an oven.

Nether girl knew what method was chosen for them, they only knew that they would roast. Lina was chosen for the oven and was taken to the kitchen while Jessica was hauled out to the backyard, invited to a traditional Meat-Girl spit roast, as the meat. Meanwhile in the kitchen Lina was made to lay on top of the counter, crying that she didn't want to die, while Steve and Gene cleaned and seasoned her with honey glaze, and a special mix of lots of herb's and spice's.

Taking a large carrot Gene shoved it hard up Lina's anus, and then he took a bowl of bread stuffing that had been prepared before the slave's arrival at the kitchen. With the bowl in hand be began taking large hand full of stuffing and forcing the stuffing into Lina's pussy untill he coulden't get anymore in, taking a sharp needle and some tread he quickly sewed up her vaginal opening as she continued to cry and beg "I am not ready to die" forced Lina to her knees she was made to lay on her stomach with her legs and arm's folded under her in the roasting pan, mom forced gangbang in church her in the proper position Steve tied doctor confirms that she is a virgin tight so she couldn't change position.

She was now ready for the oven; Gene opened the oven and with Steve's help they lifted her pan and slid her into the oven then closed and locked the door set the timer for 5 hours and went to the backyard to watch Jessica ride the spit.

Back with Jessica in the backyard she was made to take a kneeling position on the picnic table her hand's tied tightly behind her back, with Jason standing behind her holding an 8foot long 3inch thick steel pole ready to spit her. Jerry holding Jessica tight trying to keep her from squirming as Jason inserted the sharp tip of the spit in to her pussy and began to shove softly at first, when he felt the resistance of her cervix, he also heard Jessica scream a bit from the sharp tip making contact.

Knowing he was now at the end of her vaginal opening he adjusted his grip on the spit and shoved hard "AHHHHHHHIII" was heard from Jessica as the spit now found itself half way though the young meat-girl, steadying his position behind her and his grip on the spit he began moving it again under her rib's, careful not to hit her heart, "I, I can feel it master the spit is at the base of my throat" Jessica said through tear soaked eye's as the spit pushed on further and forced her head back and her mouth open.

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It was done the spit was though, she was ready to roast. THE END