Kinky rui shiina enjoys having her body played with by a ton of guys

Kinky rui shiina enjoys having her body played with by a ton of guys
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"You've been out quite a bit and you've been a lot hornier than usual." My wife stated casually while basking in the afterglow of a long, intense session of fucking the next night. "Have you found a new piece of ass on the side?" "As a matter of fact I have. She's a tasty little piece of ass and I'm turning her into a complete submissive slut.

I'm prepping her to serve us both, but I want to make sure she's completely broken in first. I'm hoping she will be a pleasant surprise for you." I replied. "I think you're going to really enjoy dominating her." "Awesome! It's about time I get to explore that fantasy. Who would think it would be so hard to find a little submissive slut to serve the both of us?" She said in exasperation. She was right.

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Tina had wanted to dominate another woman for a while now; and while we've both had our share of female companions, it's been hard finding a submissive one. Luckily I stumbled onto the perfect solution. If I couldn't find one, I'd make one. Tina rolled over on top of me, her double d tits hanging in my face. "So tell describe our new slave to me." She said huskily.

"I want to know everything." She started to grind her pussy on my cock bringing it back to life. "Oh no, you're going to have to wait. I don't want to ruin the surprise." I replied while raising my hips up to meet her increasingly powerful thrusts. "This is a girl you are going to love to hate and abuse." "Mmmmmm…now I'm really curious. Fuck me again, and I'll tell you all of the terrible things I'm going to do to her." So I rolled my wife onto her back and started to plow into her as she began to talk…… Friday: Friday was a couple of days later.

I knew Mike was getting back into town in the late afternoon so I called him up and told him to make sure he had a clear schedule for the evening and I would provide some entertainment he definitely did not want to miss.

I arrived about an hour early so Mike and I could hang out a bit and I could fill him in on everything. Mike was more than happy to help out with my plan, as I knew he would be. Mike was a big man and not a good looking one. He was 6' 3" and weighed in at close to 300lbs.

He worked in IT and he traveled all over the world setting up servers for various clients. He was gone at least half of every year. He couldn't keep a girlfriend with sunny leone first anal xxxm storycom type of lifestyle and he wasn't attractive enough to pick girls up. So what I was proposing would help him out and help me out as well.

Jane knocked on the door promptly at eight, I quickly ushered her into the living room. She was wearing a flower print sundress and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra or panties, just as I had ordered.

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She stopped dead as she saw Mike seated in the room already. I slapped her hard on the ass to get her moving again. "I didn't say that it was break time for whores did I?" I said flatly.

"No sir." She quickly replied. Good she was starting to accept her place in this world. "This is my friend Mike.

This is his apartment. He has been nice enough to allow us to use it, my cute friend krissy lynn he will need some kind of compensation to continue being so nice." I allowed a slow sinister smile to cross my face. "I've decided, and he has agreed, that his compensation will be you.

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Or more dylan let arya fayes anal ride his big cock pornstars and hardcore, your mouth and pussy." The realization of what that meant slowly coalesced in her eyes. I was selling her body to this man she had never met and had absolutely no attraction to. And I was doing so, just so that I could have a place to continue dominating and using her for my own pleasure. She now knew that she would never be free of my control and that I would do any disgusting and degrading thing to her that crossed my mind and she had very little choice but to be an unwilling participant.

"Now, get into the center of the room cunt and strip naked. I want my friend to see what he will be using tonight." I ordered. "Yes, sir." She quickly replied and moved to follow my orders. As she disrobed I marveled at how quickly she had been broken.

A couple of weeks ago amateur teen glasses braces i always knew that the ordinances performed in the temple are would have followed my orders far more reluctantly. There was no stubbornness or trying to hide her nakedness from our hungry eyes. She was really coming along and I knew that it was only a matter of time before she was completely mine. She stood naked, the sundress pooled around her feet.

Her tiny breasts stood high on her chest. The pale, pink nipples were hard and pointed at the ceiling, whether due to arousal or cold I didn't know. Her pussy was still a tight slit covered by the neatly trimmed brown hair. Her pale skin was rose-tinged with embarrassment. Yet, despite that she stood upright with her arms to her sides. She knew enough not to attempt to hide her naked skin from my eyes.

"Face the wall slut." She immediately complied "Bend over I want Mike here to see your fuckhole." She spread her legs slightly and bent at the waist. I could see the lips of her cunt protruding from the juncture of her legs.

I loved that view, seeing a cock-holster primed and in the breeding position always got me hard. "What do you think Mike?" I asked. "Wow, that's a fine piece of ass. As long as I can fuck the shit out of her on a regular basis you can use my apartment whenever you need it." He said through his shit-eating grin. "Slut! Get on your hands and knees." I snapped. She dropped like a sack of flour. "Now crawl over here like the bitch you are and get his cock out of his pants so you can start sucking on it!" Like a whipped dog she slinked over to Mike and gingerly started to extract his dick from his pants.

Finally she was rewarded when she pulled his rock-hard cock from the confines of his clothes. She hesitated a few seconds, but she must have sensed my next order and immediately opened her mouth and dove onto his rod. She was working mouth furiously on him. Mike twinned his hands in her hair as he guided her head. He started to use her head as a fuck toy, ramming it down on hot lalin girl maids tube porn length and then yanking her off.

He was only average in size but he was making sure she felt every inch. He would bury himself in her until her nose was mashed in his thick pubic hair. She was making that choking, gagging noise that every woman makes when trying to accommodate a cock in their throat. After several minutes of watching I stood and stripped naked. I approached her from behind and gave her right ass cheek a savage open-handed blow. She bolted upright off of his cock.

I grabbed her by the hair and guided her mouth to my shaft. I started to face fuck her as I motioned for Mike to stand. After a dozen or so strokes I pulled her off and moved her mouth back over to Mike who was now standing on the other side of her. We continued to pass her mouth back and forth for at least a half hour. I would give her a handful of strokes and then Mike would grab her hair and force her down on his cock for a few strokes.

Back and forth, back and forth, never giving her time to pause or rest. This rhythm kept us rock-hard and constantly on the verge of cumming. I was having fun, but I wanted to move things along.

"Mike sit down on the couch. It's time this quim got another hole filled tonight." I suggested. Mike didn't waste any time in getting into position. He sat with his legs splayed open and his bulk on display for her. She hesitated in disgust, but I gave her a hard push and she fell on top of him. "Come on slut, you know what to do. Climb on board and get his cock inside you. This isn't a game. Start riding that hot blowjob for a rock hard schlong or I'm going to have to punish you, and you definitely don't want that." Jane reoriented herself on top of Mike and reached down to place the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

She started to slowly work her way down his shaft. I reached out, grabbed her shoulders and slammed her down on the remainder of his dick. "Unnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhh" She cried out as she was impaled on his manhood. She sat motionless on top of Mike. For his part he didn't seem to mind. He just kept thrusting his hips up to get some movement. This was intolerable. I gave her another hard slap on the left cheek, which definitely caused her to move.

"Is that how you move when you're serving a cock you stupid bitch!" I yelled at her. "If you don't ride it like you mean it, I'm going to make you move and you're NOT going to like that!" I watched as her tiny body rode the enormous man beneath her.

She was bent over slightly and that put her in the right position for what I was about to do. I pulled some lube out and slathered it on my cock. Then I moved behind her and pushed her over until she was pressed into the soft belly fat, her face mashed into the sweaty, hairy chest. I pressed the head of my prick against her tiny puckered asshole.

That most definitely got her moving as she tried to pull away from this new invader. As I held her down with one hand, my other hand was holding her ass steady.

I pushed into her without pausing. I could hear her muffled cries as she screamed into Mike's flesh. "Fuck yeah, that's how you move on a cock you fucking whore!" Mike groaned.

I was now fully buried in her ass. I rested a moment and then signaled to Mike that we should start moving in unison. In no time at all we were both plowing her cunt and asshole. I could feel his cock rubbing against her inner walls. She was howling as we picked up speed. To add to her misery I started to spank her ass with each stroke. Her screams were like a drug to me. The harder she screamed and cried, the more she sobbed and thrashed, the more I wanted to punish her. "I'm gonna cum." Mike moaned.

I quickly pulled her off his cock and duck walked us down, with my cock still buried in her ass, until her face was right over his dick. "Cum all over her face." I instructed Mike. He let fly and shot a dozen or more ropes of spunk on her face.

Her face coated with his cum. From her hair to the tip of her chin. Meanwhile I had resumed desecrating her anus. Mike turned her head so I could see her slutty cum splattered face. That was it for me, I pulled out of her ass forced her to her knees and stroked myself until I too was blowing my load on her face. She was on her knees with a thick coating of sperm on her face. "Clean me off you worthless cum-dumpster." I snarled as I pressed the head of my prick to her lips.

She opened her mouth and took my ass coated manhood into her mouth. Her tongue quickly had me cleaned off. "Now clean your new friend too." She took him into her mouth as well and cleaned her pussy juices off of him. He was quickly rising to the occasion and I could tell he was looking for another go around. I gave him the go ahead nod and went into the kitchen to retrieve a glass.

When I came back he had her on her back on the coffee table. It was the same coffee table I had used to fuck her on our first meeting. Her legs were hoisted straight into the air and he was furiously pounding her well fucked snatch. Jane was staring blankly at the ceiling as the two loads of cum dripped from her face. Her small pert tits bounced with each thrust. I could tell that Mike was building to another climax and watching the action had my cock hard again.

After another dozen or so thrusts Mike grunted as he unloaded in her cunt. After taking a few moments to recover he moved aside and collapsed on the couch. I swiftly took his place between her legs and pushed deep inside of her. Despite having just been fucked twice; her pussy was still tight around my much thicker cock.

Luckily, the load Mike just dropped acted as a lubricant for me. "Ohhhhhhhh&hellip.yeeesss." She moaned as I slid my manhood inside of her. She was starting to appreciate what being fucked by a real man felt like. Between the number of orgasms I've milked from her underutilized twat and the constant humiliation I inflict on her, she should be almost completely subservient to me.

I was taking long, slow strokes inside her. Every time I buried my length in her, the large mushroom head of my cock would rub on her G-spot. Every time her pussy would contract around my iron hard rod. I could feel her on the verge of an orgasm, but I wanted to make her beg for it. I wanted to hold her on the edge for as long as possible. She was growing more frantic now. She kept trying to force me to go faster. Pushing back at me to get it deeper and let her cum.

When she would push I would draw back. She was whimpering in frustration now. Almost crying in her need to cum. I wouldn't give her what she needed or tell her what she had to do to get it. This she had to figure out on her own. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity her frustration had built to a breaking point.

Tears had formed in her eyes and her jaw was clenched in concentration, she was done. She had to concede her defeat and make this last sacrifice.

"Please&hellip." She whispered. "What was that?" "Please&hellip." Louder this time. "I can't hear you.

What do you want?" "Please let me cum. I need it, I need it so bad. I want you to make me cum on the huge dick like you have so many times before. I need to cum on it. I want to cum on it." She sobbed forth like a broken dam. "You want me to make you cum?" "Yeesss" "Then all you need to do is tell me, who is your master?" "You are." "Are you my slave?" "Yes." "Will you from this day forward follow my every order and do what I tell you to do without hesitation, no matter how filthy or perverted?" "Yes, oh god yes!

Anything you want! Just make me cum! Pleeaasse!" She wailed in desperation. With that last statement Hot sleeping aunt drunk nephew seduce withdrew until just the tip was inside of her and after a brief pause I plunged in to the hilt. She was so worked up by this point that she immediately exploded in her long overdue orgasm.

Her back arched toward the ceiling and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her mouth gaped open in a silent scream of pleasure. It went on for several long moments as I plowed that hole like a jackhammer. She had reached her plateau, orgasm after orgasm crashed over her as I rammed myself into her for the next several minutes. She had surrendered her self to me completely.

Her mind, body and soul were mine to use how I wished and this pleasure was her reward. I had owned her now, her husband would never be enough for her. Without me and my domination she would never be whole again. This knowledge pushed me over and I blasted deep into her womb.

I vowed at that moment that not only would she be my slave, but she would also become my brood mare. I would breed her as an alpha male should. Finally I collapsed back on the floor catching my breath. I was spent and I think Jane may have lost consciousness. I didn't blame her, she had just had a mind altering experience. "Wow, man that looked intense." Mike commented from the couch beside us. "What you just saw was a woman surrendering to her true nature as a slutty whore." I laughed.

I broke her and now I own her fully. I got up and went into the bathroom to clean myself up. When I came out Jane was starting to stir. I started dressing myself as she finally made her shaky way into the bathroom to wash up.

She came out after several minutes big titty babe gets drenched in cum from a guy gangbang japanese hardcore began to dress herself.

"As I told you earlier, you are free to call her to come service you a couple of times a week when you are in town." I said to Mike. Jane overheard the remark and looked at me in shock. "Yes, slut you will be paying my friend here for the use of his home on a regular basis.

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A slutty cum dump like you should have no problem with that, right?" It only took a handful of seconds to come to terms with this new arrangement. "No Sir, I live to serve your orders." "Excellent. I want you to be available Sunday afternoon. I have another game I want to play. You're free to go home to your husband now." The stricken look on her face at the mention of her husband was exactly what I was looking for.

"Perk up! You don't want pencil dick to find out about your extracurricular activities do you? Now, fuck off home." She hurriedly gathered the remains of her possessions and disappeared out the door. "I really think I'm going to enjoy this new arrangement." Mike laughed from the other room. "I doubt she would say the same thing, but fuck her she's just a dumb cumdump." I chuckled in answer. To be Continued…&hellip.