Child abuse sex on the room

Child abuse sex on the room
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No smoke without fire. I suppose I should tell you a little bit about my wife and me before I give you all of the gory details about our sex life. I first met my stunning wife Jilly, 17 years ago the night she was celebrating her 20th birthday in a nightclub in the centre of Nottingham. It was love at first sight for me but it took a while for her to fall in love with me in the same way; in fact I'm not sure she's ever loved me as much as I love her. She stood out from all of the other girls on the dance-floor.

She was by far the prettiest girl there with her cute turned up elfin nose, twinkling brown eyes, short figure hugging black dress with 3 large white buttons on the front and legs that went all the way up to her gorgeous arse. I hoped she was wearing stockings but she wouldn't let me find out…that night.

It was always going to be difficult with both of us still living with our parents so we went out for quite a few weeks before she would actually let me sleep with her. Our first time was in the back of my Ford Mondeo. We'd been out for lunch in the country on a Sunday afternoon and I'd made sure Jilly had a couple more drinks than I did and after our usual fumble in the back seat she finally relented and let me take her jeans and knickers off.

She had very thick curly brown pubes just like her hair. I gave her a good fingering; making her cum twice then pushed her back onto the seat and slid on top. It took a bit of manoeuvring until my cock found her hole but when I did it slid into the slippery cavern very easily. I was so excited at actually fucking her I felt my balls twitch very quickly so had to pull out and shot cum all over the back of the drivers seat! We carried on like this with the occasional knee trembler in a back lane after a night out and Jilly eventually fell pregnant with our first daughter after about 6 months!

We got married 3 weeks before her 21st birthday. She looked radiant as she stood in the Registry office in her beautiful white Wedding dress very heavy with child! 13 months after having our first baby Jilly announced she was pregnant again.

It was hard work bringing up a young family for the next few years. I had to work all of the hours God sent as a mechanic in a garage and as soon as she was able to, Jilly went back to work part-time in an Accountants office in town.

It wasn't a big deal to me but my wife wasn't happy with her weight at this time. She found it increasingly difficult to lose the weight she'd gained during her pregnancies. When I lesbian school girl drilling moms horny snatch met her she was a slim size 12 girl with a 34b bust and 34 inch hips. By 1999 she was a size 16 with a 38EE bust and a dazzling big fat wobbly arse.

I was in Heaven because I'm a 'tit-man' but she hated herself. No matter what diet she went on she never lost enough pounds to please her. In my opinion she was 'fuller figured' and gorgeous but she wouldn't listen to me. Then for 6 months either side of her 30th birthday she went into a real slump not only did she think she was 'fat' she was also going to be OLD!

I did what any self-respecting man would do in these circumstances I did lots of over time at work and also bought a clapped out Mini-Cooper that I spent most nights working on in my garage. Well&hellip.I didn't just work on my car; as my meagre sex life had virtually dwindled away to birthdays and Xmas I hid my porn stash in there and would regularly play with myself while my wife and daughters were watching soap operas on TV, blissfully unaware.

Then in late 2002 Jilly's Cousin Eve got her a full time job in the Accounts department of the company she worked for. It was a family grocery business with 15 shops and a large warehouse on the other side of town to where we live. I'd only met Eve 2 or 3 times in 10 years but had always liked her, she was a very self-confident woman and a great laugh and a flirt. She was about the same age as Jilly and also about the same 'size' as her but she made herself appear a lot sexier than my wife.

She dressed smartly in bright colours and always had loads of cleavage on display. At a another cousins wedding the previous year she lifted her dress up to show the guys in the bar the devil tattoo black bikini ho facial pornstars big dick her arse but it also meant she showed us her stocking top and a suspender strap!

Things gradually improved at home over the next year or so. The extra money Jilly was earning helped and her appearance certainly improved alongside her approach to life.

At last she seemed to enjoy life again; even going out with Eve and another couple of her workmates on a Friday or Saturday night. Sometimes they went to local pubs but occasionally into the centre of town.

We would go out as a family for Sunday lunch and very occasionally for dinner at a local pub as a couple. By Christmas 2003 Jilly had put highlights into her hair and was now wearing nicer (sexier?) clothing and a lot more skirts and dresses for going out with Eve.

When she wore a skirt or a dress she would normally wear hold up stockings which really pleased me; but I was always too afraid to ask what had brought about this change. Around this time our sex life suddenly improved too. I was still wanking in my garage 3 or 4 times a week; but when my wife came home drunk she would always be very horny.

She would climb into bed and 'cuddle up' behind me, rubbing her luscious tits against my back. I didn't need asking twice and would roll over; give her tits a good seeing too; finger her then get on top and fuck her. When I'd finished I would bring her off by hand then we'd go to sleep. Knowing what little I did about Eve I guessed that they were meeting guys in the bars around town and flirting and dancing and presumably this was turning Jilly on and I was reaping the benefit.

A 'win-win' situation as they say! I still used my magazines but was now 'borrowing her dirty underwear from the wash basket (which was usually a bit crusty in the crotch area) to aid my fantasies about what my voluptuous wife got up to on her nights out.

I did feel a bit guilty at first but the fantasy soon outweighed any guilt I had. As the year progressed her clothes became a lot more 'daring' and her underwear became very racy.

For a woman who once only had four pairs of cotton knickers to her name she now wore thongs, g-strings and French Knickers. Jilly was now wearing low cut blouses and dresses to work as well as her nights out and she'd progressed from hold-ups to real stockings and suspenders. I loved watching her get ready for work on a morning. She was still quite large size 16 and her tits remained at 38EE, and would go through the same ritual every day. After her shower she would come back into the bedroom and get dressed.

First it would be her suspender belt then she would carefully fasten a nylon stocking to a suspender strap then she would pull on a nice matching pair of knickers and finally she would face me to cover her mountainous tits with her bra.

When her show was finished she would sit at the dressing table to dry her hair and put her make up on. Never a word would be spoken. I would eventually get out of bed, pull on my football shorts and head to the bathroom with a raging hard-on. Teenage redhead asian blowing cock gets cunt vibed every morning; but more than was good for me I would pull out yesterday's knickers from the wash basket, sniff or lick the crotch then have a sly wank in the shower.

I look back now and realise that we never ever actually discussed any of these things we both sort of 'accepted the situation'. By the September of 2004 the girls were going to night clubs every Friday and Saturday night with my wife getting home at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. It was no longer guaranteed that we would have sex when she came home; sometimes she would be 'too tired'; but when she was horny instead of just 'cuddling up' she would get into bed wearing her sexy undies and stockings then instantly slide her hand across my body until she found my 4 inch cock and give it a few tugs until it got hard and would then rub her nylon covered legs against mine until I turned over.

I would then caress her body through her underwear making her moan and groan something she'd never done in the previous 10 years of marriage then I'd pull her knickers off and give her a good hard fucking for a couple of minutes until I filled her full of spunk, then I would rub her clit until she came too.

A couple of times she tried to get me hard again but it never worked. As the year progressed Jilly began 'working late' in the office and 'going to see' Eve or one of the other girls once or twice a week.

I'm no fool I presumed she was seeing someone else but it didn't matter to me I loved her and as long as I got my share and she stayed with me I was happy. Then in March something happened that completely changed our sex lives. Jilly, Eve and another 10 friends went on a Hen weekend to Blackpool. By now I knew she wouldn't be able to keep her knickers up but in all honesty that was half of the fun for me. She'd obviously had a very good time and was still giggling down the phone to her friends a week later, but I wasn't prepared for my 'present' which she produced when we went to bed on the following Saturday night when she arrived home at 3am.

As usual she climbed into bed wearing her sexy undies a black set with red roses on and a pair of fine seamed black stockings. Jilly pressed herself against me and began fondling my semi-hard four inches. "Get on your back." She whispered. I complied. With a couple of swift tugs of my cock I was as stiff as ever. Jilly kept slowly wanking me as she lowered her tits onto my face almost smothering me. "Lick my tits!" She urged. It was unusual for her to be this forceful with me, although she had recently started swearing and talking dirty when we had sex; which really really turned me on.

Her cleavage was very sweaty and salty as I went about my administrations with great vigour&hellip.licking her tits and suckling on her nipples when they popped out of the half cup bra as she held my ms paris and her taboo tales quotdaughters pantiesquot firmly in place. "Good boy." She whispered as her other hand gently caressed my cock so I wouldn't cum too quickly.

xxx moti gand jeffs model I all clean now?" She huskily asked me. "Yes." I gulped. "Now sweetie," She drunkenly grinned, "Let's see how much you like this." With her tits hanging out of the bra my voluptuous wife then knelt beside me, and began kissing my cock.

My heart began thumping like a drum as she licked the bell end and took it all in her mouth. I'd stopped asking for a blow job years before as she wouldn't even consider it. Now she was sucking me like a porn star. I've read enough porn to know she was very good at what she was doing and it certainly wasn't me who had taught her. I was so numb with shock I was lasting much longer than normal.

My hands were wandering all over her arse and legs as she took all 4 inches into her mouth while she squeezed my balls. It was my turn to moan and groan as Jilly curled her sweet tongue around my shaft then 'hummed' onto my bell end. Her neatly trimmed cunt was so wet her tiny black g-string wasn't covering anything; giving me easy access so I shoved two fingers up her and she hardly noticed.

I suddenly felt my balls tighten and gasped so Jilly spat my cock out and furiously milked it until it gushed all over her huge melons. "Yes! Yes!" She muttered as she smeared it into her soft flesh, "Good boy!" My cock immediately began shrinking as I rolled onto my side to finger her as usual. My eyes where glued to the spunk that was running down her tits so I was startled when she put her hand out to stop me.

"Use this instead of your fingers." She slurred while she opened her knickers' drawer and produced a huge black life like vibrater. I amateur teen neighbor fucking pussy with a huge toy stunned as she dropped it into my hand and flopped on to her back in readiness of the impending assault.

"Go on then." She urged, "Fuck me with it." I got onto my knees beside her open legs and gleefully rubbed the plastic cock against her wet slit. Even though she was soaking wet it wouldn't go in at first.

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"Spit on it!" Jilly gasped. "Spit on it…that'll make it easier." Obviously this wasn't her first time with the monster. I placed it to my own lips and dribbled saliva onto the realistic tip and quickly put it back to her squelchy cunt. This time it slid in like a torpedo which might my wife through her head back and gasp for air! "Oooooohhhhh&hellip.fucking hell&hellip.yeesssss." She moaned as the plastic cock filled her up. I pulled it out and rammed it back in right up to the on/off switch.

"Oh fuck…that's fucking good!" She grunted through gritted teeth. I repeated this 6 or 7 times; each was greeted with a gasp and a grunt. "Faster&!" Jilly urged me, "Fill me up. Fill my cunt with that big fucking cock!" She'd never said that to me before! Well; she wouldn't. Would she? My cock is only 4 inches long when hard.

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Her eyes were tightly shut and she was rubbing my spunk into her mountainous tits as I fucked her like a man possessed with her black sex toy. "Fuck yes! Fuck me properly for once!" She grunted as I furiously rammed the plastic cock as deep and as hard as possible into her frothing fanny. When I eventually found the button that switched the 'vibrate' on Jilly was began nearly convulsing and screamed the house down with a tirade of lake havasu spring break teen with green hair as she thrashed about on her bed.

Thank God the kids had gone to their grand parents that night. "Come here!" She gasped and held her hand out, "Suck my tits!" Mesmerised I twisted my body until my face was between her cum spattered tits but I could keep up the pace with my hand. "Yes, yes, yeesssss." My wife moaned as she pulled my hair as my tongue lashed across her sweaty mounds. It took a minute for me to recognise the smell and taste. The dirty cow had already had another man cum on her tits earlier in the night and had made me lick it off.

My stomach turned at the thought but my cock got hard for the second time in 15 minutes. Jilly sharply pulled my head up and commanded, "Make me cum now! Lick my clit!" With a slap to the back of my head I manoeuvred until my face was next to her pubes. My eyes were out on stalks being so close the huge black plastic cock gliding in and out of her wet cunt.

My tongue easily found her engorged clit and I went to work. God knows what she was leaking every time I pulled the dildo out but the bed was now soaking. The smell and taste was out of this world.

Jilly shivered and shook as I licked and sucked her love button while I fucked her with the toy for another minute or two. Then I recognised the signs of an impending orgasm so speeded up with both my tongue and my wrist. In seconds she was wildly thrashing about and screaming with the strongest orgasm I'd ever witnessed.

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She was now sweating profusely as I rolled onto my back and shook the blood back into my numb wrist. I instantly fell in love again with my multi orgasmic brazilian teen enjoying hard sex and squirting wife again as I looked at her in the afterglow of her orgasm. Her lipstick was smudged and her (now) blonde hair was a mess, her tits were still hanging out of her sexy bra, there was a long ladder in the front of her black seamed stocking and the long black plastic cock was still buzzing in her unfaithful cunt.

But she looked like the most beautiful woman in the world to me. It took her a couple of minutes to compose herself and she staggered to the bathroom. Ten noisy minutes later she re-entered the bedroom, threw the sex toy into her knickers drawer, flopped into bed, gave me a kiss on the nose and instantly fell asleep.

We never spoke of what happened although I wandered around with a semi on all weekend! Jilly went to work as normal all week until the Thursday when she rang to say she was 'going out with some mates for a couple of hours' straight from work and could I make the kids' tea. My mind went into overdrive but I didn't question her too deeply when she came home just before midnight looking very sheepish and a little dishevelled.

I'd already had one wank in my garage thinking about what she was probably getting up to in my absence but I was as hard as a rock as she stumbled into the living room. "Lt's go straight to bed." I grinned. My darling unfaithful wife smiled and headed upstairs ahead of me. My eyes instantly looked up her dress at her stocking tops and black French knickers…wondering who had already been up there earlier in the night.

Once inside our bedroom she virtually tore her dress off leaving her in sexy black underwear and stockings as she pulled my face into her cleavage. This time she was still wet and sticky from another mans spunk.

I obediently licked it all off as she told me that two Pakistani men from work had fucked her and then spunked on her tits at the bottom of our street. That's what we do now&hellip.she gets fucked ragged two or three times a week, usually by Pakistani men or black guys in she meets in nightclubs and I get the honour of licking her clean.

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