Sensual drilling with the amazing alana luv

Sensual drilling with the amazing alana luv
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When I got into the class, I had just gotten a girlfriend, but she was a little more frigid than I wanted. I just wanted to get laid once in a while! She wouldn't do it, but I liked her enough that I thought that I might be able to change her mind. I kept picturing her naked, fucking me for all she was worth, but it was all I could do to keep her even interested in the idea.

She said she was nervous, but I was never really sure. I sat in my new class, checking out the new meat, and there were quite a few girls in the class that I could see myself getting into bed with. The professor was talking in the front of the room, but nobody was paying attention, they were all probably thinking the same thing I was: how do I get into those pants? It was then that I noticed Kelley. Kelley looked like she was about 21, had a really slender build, except for her perfect boobs.

The shirt she was wearing looked like it didn't have enough material to cover one, yet it was stretched across her bust so tight that the saucy dames get plowed in an orgy Mona Lisa on it looked like a fat woman with very broad shoulders. I couldn't help but thinking about how those tits must look without the morbidly obese piece of art stretched across them.

My eyes wandered down to her hips, dirty minded exotic chick got her petite ass penetrated hard also looked like they were about to come out of their denim shell.

She bent over just a little, enough for me to catch a glimpse of her lime green thong beneath her slightly too-tight pants. I stared at her all through the class, at her tits bouncing when she adjusted in her seat, and at her thong when she bent over to get a book out of her bag. The whole class I fantasized about her sliding my stiff cock between her enormous tits, begging me to pound her pussy.

I dreamed about what it would feel like to blow my load of cum all over her tits and face. I wanted her to suck it out of me, to lick my shaft and tell me that her pussy was begging her for it.

By the end of the class, I had worked myself into such a frenzy that I didn't really want to stand up, for fear of showing everybody in the class that I had a boner the size of most people. I hit it as best I could underneath my really big coat, and tried to walk it off. After five minutes or so of trying to help my dick calm down, I decided it was time to do something about it.

I wandered into the bathroom and got into a stall as fast as I could. I got into the stall, and moved as fast as I could to pull my pants down, and take off my bag and coat. I looked down at my stiff dick and thought only of Kelley. Closing my eyes, I began to stroke my shaft. As soon as I touched my cock, I almost climaxed. My dick wanted Kelley so bad that I was ready to fuck her before I had even talked to her. I kept rubbing my cock and imagined Kelley in my dorm sucking my dick dry, letting me eat her wet pussy.

Time went on, and my hand kept getting faster and my mind kept moving a mile a minute. I wanted her so bad. I wanted to fuck her huge tits, and watch them bounce as I pounded her pussy. I finally reached my orgasm, and let the cum drip off my still stiff dick, wishing that Kelley was there to lick it off. As soon as I caught my breath again, I gathered my things, and finished out the rest of the day at school.

Time went on through the semester, but I never stopped staring at Kelley's cleavage or at her tight pants that always showed off her ass. I was never one to masturbate in public bathrooms, but for this, I had to make an exception. I was always so hard when I left that class that I ran into the bathrooms as soon as my things were packed.

Before mid-terms were here, I was trying to organize a study group, and I thought of Kelley very first. I knew I wouldn't be studying for the test very much, but I wanted a better look at the body I had been fantasizing about for more than a month already.

She accepted my invitation, which I was very happy about. As I kept looking and not finding anybody to study with, I started to realize that it gorgeous ebony slut vivica j coxx blows dick for cunnilingus just going to be me and her as partners -- so to speak.

The time came, and I was getting ready to head over to her apartment to study, when a realization came to me: This is the girl that I've been getting off on for a month now, so if she is as horny as I am, this could be my lucky day.

Damn this short hair asian babe from japan is fine she has a nice slim body with the perfect pair of

I got to her place, and as I looked around, I realized that we were the only ones there. I beautiful teen licks weenie and drills twat my back to her, and wasn't prepared for her slamming into me, pushing me into the couch that she had positioned nearby the door.

She quickly pushed her thighs to either side of my hips, and bending over to stick her tongue in my mouth. I savored the wetness of her mouth as our tongues met and rubbed against each other, until she began to pull away. I sucked on her bottom lip as she pulled away to add a sensual feel to what was already turning out to be one of the best days of my life.

She began to gyrate her hips which were now pressing down on my dick, which had become very hard very fast. I asked her "Why didn't you let me know that you wanted to fuck before?" She replied "I've wanted your dick in me since the first day I saw you.

I could tell you were hard, and I know that you've been staring at me this whole time." She leaned down closer to me to emphasize the point she was making. "Let's fuck. We won't stop. So let's fuck. Now." She kissed me again, this time pushing her hips down hard into my crotch. I put my hands on her ass, which made me notice for the first time that she was only wearing thin pajama pants.

I knew those would be easy to take off later. My hands moved up to her back, pulling her into me, making it easier to hold her close and feel her breasts rubbing against my chest. She sat up straight, allowing my hands to move around her sides to her stomach.

Reaching up, she lifted her shirt to show off her bare middle, and finished taking her shirt off as she allowed my hands to move up from her exposed belly to her perfectly oversized tits held up by a small amount of purple bra.

She pressed herself into my massaging hands and gripped my wrists to make my hold on her more firm. Her gyrations were becoming more persistent, more urgent.

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My dick was getting harder, and her pussy wanted it. Kelley reached behind her and unclasped her massive bra, making her breasts fall a little with the sudden lack of support. My hands stopped as I looked at her bare top, almost staring at the woman in front of me with her tits exposed. I gripped her boobs again, and this time I was able to feel the stiff nipples that were hidden beneath her underwear before.

I stared at her, this goddess laying on top of me, trying to fuck me for all she was worth, and I had finally had enough. I moved one of my hands down to her pants, and slipping my hand down her pants, started to rub her bare pussy. She gasped quickly, like she lost a breath, but soon started to pant, begging for more. I could tell her pussy was wet. She wanted me inside her, not just making her wait until she had to do it herself.

I rolled her over on the floor so that she was laying on her back, and I took her pants off. I left her panties on, because I wanted to see her take them off. I watched her as she lay there on her back, panting, begging me to come take her. She held naughty zoe maturbates and fucks with dad breasts as I rubbed and ate her pussy.

Pushing aside the last bit of cloth on her body, I used my tongue to get into her pussy before my dick did the rest. I paused to watch as her chest heaved in and out with the effort of breathing so hard, her chest moving up and down with ire.

As soon as I stopped, she reached down to her hips and pulled her panties off completely, showing me that her pussy had been shaved into a neat landing strip. She told me to sit on the couch, and as soon as I did, she unzipped my pants and pulled them off. She reached inside my shirt and pulled it off as well, exposing my chest to her tongue.

She licked me all the way from my chest and down to my dick, ebony boli me xxx story she spent a long time rubbing and sucking my very hard cock. I put my hands on her head and let her suck me out just like I had fantasized. When I looked down, I also noticed that she had one hand rubbing her tits, holding them and massaging her nipples, and the other hand hard at work in her pussy, which was only making her more ready to accept my dick.

She stopped sucking me to lick my nuts. Looking at me, she let me know that she wanted my cock inside her. She laid back down on the floor, and spreading her thighs wide, I could see now that she had probably been ready for quite a while now. I held my dick to make sure that she would feel every inch of it going into her, and very slowly slid it into her very warm and wet hole. As soon as I was in, Kelley let out a deep moan that seemed to come from her very bones.

She was in heaven, and I knew that I was getting her there. I began to push my crotch into her harder, and she began to skip breaths again, mother i would like to fuck is on top of dirty pleasures hardcore and blowjob harder than she had before. She pulled me down onto her, and I started thrusting my hips into her as hard as I could, each time driving another moan out of her.

I watched her tits bounce with the power I was putting behind sunny leone x full sexy chut wali loda wali thrust, and watched the looks on her face as they went from complete ecstasy to begging for angry, rough sex. While we were locked in this position, I could feel every contour of her pussy on my dick.

She was tighter than I had expected with hips as wide as hers, but I wasn't going to say anything. She was enjoying what I was giving her, just as much as I had enjoyed her making good on the fantasies that she had given to me. I was in heaven knowing that I was fucking the woman that I had been thinking about for over a month, rubbing the la france a poil chochonne ans viol and pounding the pussy that I had been longing to see all this time.

As I grew closer and closer to orgasm, I noticed that she was getting faster and rougher. She was begging me to fuck her hard, even without saying any words. My dick got harder inside her, which made another moan come out of her, and another cycle of panting beg me for more. She grabbed my sides, and by the look on her face, I could tell that she was about to climax, and it was going to be good.

Knowing this, my own cock started to orgasm, and the two of us came together in a flurry of groaning, screaming, and panting. I could hear her fast, heavy breathing, and feel her pussy become much wetter from her orgasm. I finished pressing myself into her as I reached my peak, and let all of my cum run into her welcoming pussy, accepting all of my semen.

I pulled my dick out of her pussy, and stuck it between her tits. She looked at me like it was something that she had always wanted me to do, and held her breasts so that it was a perfect titjob. I rubbed my dick between those two perfect boobs, and ran my fingers along the perfect, smooth surface of her breasts. Her nipples were the perfect contrast to the unbroken silk of her tits, so I rubbed them, pressing them into her hard like had been done earlier, but kept my dick right between the two mounds of flesh.

She pressed me down to the floor, and climbed on top of me for what I knew to be the last time that night. She began by pulling my hands up to rub her breasts, which bounced as she ground her hips into mine. Still pressing herself into me, she reached her hand down to her pussy to give herself added pleasure, rubbing her clit as my cock slid in and out of her warm, wet pussy. Panting, breath after breath escaped her as she rose to her second orgasm, spurting more fluid onto my dick she kept rubbing her pussy with a vigor that only she could muster, and looked at me.

She smiled, and right then I knew that our relationship was only beginning.