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Peeping stepmom nia black joins teen couple
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The Ticket VI I took the ticket and looked at the print out, at first I thought no big deal. 34,000, then I realized that was a comma and not a period and there were three more zeros following. That makes it millions not thousands. I glanced at the attendant he was on the phone speaking very excitedly. I grabbed Josie's hand and took off running back to the motel.

Our room was on the second floor we took the stairs 3 at a time. Josie grabbed the motel phone and I grabbed my bag phone. I called Celeste Rainwater at the Little House and told her what had happened she told me to stay in the room she would be on the way as soon as she could.

Josie had called Amber. There was a knock on the door, I peeked out the curtain. All I could see was News trucks and reporters. I closed the curtains. Fifteen minutes later there was a ruckus in front of our room and we could can't do that .

you can't push us around we are the press. Then I heard, "And this is a Shotgun." I glanced out the curtains … There were 6 behemoths with shotguns lined up in front of our door facing outward. There was a knock on the window just below my eye hole. It was a lady and stunning girl has fun with a dildo held an ID. The heading was Lone Moon Security. I cracked open the door just wide enough for her to enter.

I motioned for the ID again, Sandy Sixkiller, Office Director. She smiled and turned around and lifted the rear of her skirt. No Panties I slipped a vidibokeb xxx ibu vs hewan inside her pussy removed it, sniffed and tasted. Good very good. She turned to me after acknowledging Josie. "So you are him. I had been hoping to meet you under different circumstances. We have a time to wait it is about a 5 hour drive from Canyon." She walked toward me undressing as she came.

I glanced around at Josie, she was already nude. Sandy was packing a pair of .38s. And I don't mean pistols, under her blouse and not hindered by a bra. She dropped her skirt and stepped out of it and reached for my pants. Josie had climbed up on the bed on her knees.

She reached around me and began unbuttoning my shirt. Sandy pushed me back onto the bed. She leaned down and took my cock in her mouth just to get it wet.

Up on the bed she came. Josie crawled forward and guided me into Sandy's honey pot. As I began entering Sandy, Josie sat back bringing her pussy in contact with my mouth. They began to move in sequence as near as I could tell. Their pussy's were mine but they were making out above me. Damn that was hot. One of the things I had noticed about these women or should I say my women.

Is they don't seem to have a jealous bone in their body. They also have a sense of fair play. It seems that with a look Sandy and Josie had established whose turn it was. I was definitely a pawn, not an unwilling one, but never the less, still a pawn.

They began making funny noises and their pussy's were moving in tantalizing ways. They both slammed down on me I grabbed Josie's clit with my lips and she went wild. At the same time I slid my hand close to Sandy' s pussy, and began rubbing Sandy's clit.

They both were grinding on me. Josie wet my face with her nectar. With in seconds Sandy exploded which triggered mine and I bathed her insides with my hot sperm.

The girls fell over onto the bed. Josie worked her way around till she had Sandy's pussy in her mouth. I looked over to see Josie's hips moving side to side.

I grabbed her hips and entered her from the rear. This was a slow and sensual fuck. Sandy seemed to be enjoying this very much her climaxes were one after another. It seemed like I could feel Josie building to a crescendo. She was screaming into Sandy's pussy which was bringing a much larger orgasm.

She started to scream then put her hands over her mouth to stifle the noise. Josie began to collapsed under me just as I released my sperm. out my cock came and bathed both of them. All over Josie's back and over her shoulder and onto Sandy's belly.

I looked at their cummy bodies and said I think a shower is in order. We made our way into the shower and we washed each other. After we had dried off we talked about the day and eventually drifted off to sleep. At 0630 the room phone awakened us, my wake up call. We got dressed. The room had a small coffee pot so we made us a cup and waited. Celeste an had arrived in the middle of the night and had taken a room as near as she could get.

She sent two of the behemoths to the restaurant to get breakfast for us all. After our bill was taken care of we made our way to our vehicles. One of the behemoths collected cameras from the reporters who had made a night of it. I gave Sandy a thousand dollars. A hundred for each of them and a hundred each for the three who had covered the shift for them.

They guided us to the lottery headquarters. Then I dismissed them with thanks. I handed them my signed Ticket and the filled out & signed claim form stating I wanted the cash option. The form also had my bank account number so they could direct deposit the money.

12,000,000 was my share and almost that equal amount would go on taxes the rest went to the lottery fund. I would make a separate account for the tax money may not be long but an interest bearing account would still bring an extra 50 grand.

I was wearing a baseball cap pulled low over my face. I guess they had been put off earlier when six different cars departed the motel at the same time all going different directions. They didn't know my face nor what I was driving. We headed east on I- 40 and a few exits later we stopped for an early lunch After lunch we headed for home. We expected to get to the Little House by 1700 or 1730. At Tucumcari we picked up our first escort. A ford Mustang came up on us fast it pulled along side we looked over and Josie said "That's Betty." Betty gave us a wave and dropped off behind us.

Three more joined our convoy before we reached Vega. At Vega Rose and a lady I didn't recognize joined us and led. They turned right on Hwy 385 and the next town of any size was Hereford. When we reached it we turned on 15th and took a shortcut over to Hwy 60 bypassing Amarillo completely.

We were hoping to surprise someone ( we didn't know who ) by arriving before they knew it. Since no one knew my truck. We created a diversion. The girls all stopped in town and made sure they were seen. Josie and I drove directly to the house with Celeste right behind us.

The next to arrive was Rose and the mystery lady, who turned out to be Connie Saunders. She appeared to be in her 50s But her body belied that idea. The lady was beautiful. The others drifted in with Betty bringing up the rear. She said,"Looks we didn't generate much interest. Nobody followed." Celeste was introducing Connie when Ellen came to escort me to the table, Mal had sent word that the meal was ready. I sat down and the ritual was started. Connie watched for a bit shrugged her shoulders and got in line.

Noticing all strumpets from brazil adore sex brazilian hardcore one else was wearing panties she took a moment to remove hers and tossed them aside.

This was just a little different then normal. Since they had been out in public they were all wearing Pants or slacks. So the ritual consisted of dropping their pants and bending slightly forward.

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Connie being last suffered with anticipation. By the time she reached my side she was soaking wet. I slipped two fingers into her hot box and gave her a few extra strokes. She didn't seem to want to step forward. But Mel the Cook was last and needed to serve the meal. Ellen helped Connie to her seat and the meal began. After the meal Josie was the center of attention. Every one had to know everything about the excitement in California and the ticket.

They seemed to be the most excited about the 6 Behemoths that stood outside our motel room with shotguns. NOTE: ( Contrary to what you may have been thinking I do not have the exclusive sex rights to my girls.

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At the present time there are three of them that are married. The Quarters for the girls, except Amber, Sam, Mel and Sal who have quarters in the big house, Is in a building near the barn.

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Each room is large enough for two. The men eat in the Kitchen. The only difference is the married girls, Sue, Sonia and Yoko still partake of the ritual but it is their choice if they want to go farther. The three men work for the ranch. They are a fence line crew. They understand the ritual.) Soon it is possible I may lose another one Barbara has eyes for Charles.

I sat in Dad's office and waited. Soon Celeste and Connie came into the office and closed the door. "Connie I have been told you have the ear of a few judges across Texas." "I have been a Judge for twenty years.

Most of that time was on the Court of Criminal appeals. Five years on the Texas Supreme Court. I guess I know a few Judges," I told her about Fox, Fox, & Shari She said, " I have heard of themthey operate close to the edge but I thing they are too chicken to actually break the law.

But if they had found the list you mentioned, she tilted her head, Who knows." We talked about the files. It seems Grandpa used code words instead names in his files.

But we have established there are at lovely teen performs wet oral pleasure stimulation 2 law enforcement officers, a judge, a County Commissioner and three with contacts with the underworld. And the thinnest file only had one Sheet in the file and all it had was a big M on the paper and it was circled at least 10 times. *********** At that precise moment in a warehouse office in Amarillo seven people were sitting around a table all of them facing the other end of the table which was in shadows.

A figure in black wearing a hood and speaking into one of the devices used by a person who has had throat cancer. Itdrastically altered his or her's voice ' I want to know which of you was stupid enough to send men after Walker. All you have succeeded in doing is alerting him that he has to be watchful. Also we can no longer use the Lawyers as dupes they are backing off in fear of being suspended from the bar.

There is a rumor that there is a busty teen babe latina using her dildo for some action here in the area looking in to Lone Moon's affairs. All tread lightly, Madame have you succeeded in getting a spy onto the ranch?

The only female in the group, Madame LaFoy(runs prostitution in the area) Unfortunately no they are a close knit group before a new person is accepted they have to be recommended by an existing member. Then they are investigated for months and the only one in twenty makes it through. None of our girls has made it past the original recommendation.

'M' spoke again, "Stay clear and observe do not make a move until the list is found. " Dismissed. They began to depart. 1. Sheriff Jones, Randall County 2. County Judge Riley, Potter County 3. County Commissioner Deeds, Potter County 4. Jonas Organized Crime, 5. Madame La Foy Prostitution, 6. Fernando Reyes Mexican underworld, 7. Anson GarciaAmarillo police Captain. When they had all left, Moses Markus the riches man in the Pan Handle of Texas. If there was money to be made Markus had a hand in it.

He took a concealed stairway to a garage containing a limo with very dark tinted windows. He hung his hood and cloak in a locker and climbed into the Limo. The door began to open, He didn't need to give his driver directions, he was an expert at diversionary tactics.

After a half hour they arrived at his mansion. His gates began to automatically open … Each Gate was adorned with a large M in a circle. ********** The Girls called me out to say goodbye. After the last sniff and lick they left for the Manse. I yawned and headed for the Master Bedroom.

Connie followed me disrobing as she went. I dropped my shirt as I reached the bed.I felt a pair of nipples stabbing me in the back. I turned around to find Connie completely nude.

I was stunned to see how youthful her 50 + year old body looked. I felt my hands pushed out of the way as she took over my undressing and soon my pants hit the floor and I stepped out of them. Connie climbed upon the bed and while she was still on her knees I grabbed her butt and took aim.

My probe was perfect and I drove it to the hilt. Since November I had not had a checkup and I had been constantly on the go. Add that to all the sex which seems to have done me good by strengthening my muscles. I was probably needing to make a visit to the Doctor. I was stroking into Connie when I began to feel twinges in my chest, along the 8" scar down the center. I disregarded them for now. I wanted Connie to climax. I kept working her until I felt her spasm. I pulled out and collapsed on the bed.

I told Connie to get Barbara. She didn't dress but ran out of the room as she was.nude. Barbara rushed into the room with a pill bottle and a glass of water. She gave me a pill and grabbed the phone. Her and I had talked about the possibility of this occurring and both had decided that we would use a private ambulance and have it take me to the Hospital On Clovis AFB in Clovis New Mexico.

It would take longer but the Ambulance would have a Doctor on board. Again prearranged, Doctor Mavis Demp was the doctor who acted as the Manse's Doctor and had been Grandpa's Doctor. Thirty minutes later the ambulance with me amazing threesome sex on valentines day in the bedroom oldvsyoung pornstar and Mavis hovering over me pulled out of the drive.