Big boobed babe misty anderson strips down ampamp masturbates in heels

Big boobed babe misty anderson strips down ampamp masturbates in heels
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I've been feeling really horny recently too bad am a virgin and afraid to try and finger myself.

I've joined a new gym. Never paid attention to any of the boys until the day i met him My heart skipped a beat he was the most beautiful man, charming man that i've ever seen he's smile let me know that he felt the same. No words needed the look was enough.

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He didn't say a word i decided to finish my work out. Once i finished i decided to get ready for the steam room so i did. Once i got inside it was late so i was there alone i decided to lie down after about 3 min i heard someone come inside the steam room i couldn't be bothered to check who it was.

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But then heard someone said i prayed you be here i looked up And noticed it was him my heart started to beat fast Why is that i said. Because i had to see you again. He sat next to me i couldn't help but notice he's erection how i wanted to jump on top of him. And drive him wild. As much as i wanted to we just talked we exchanged numbers and kept talking everyday learning more and more about each other.

I would lay in bed rubbing myself while thinking of him i'd get so wet at the thought of him doing every nasty thing to me. I wanted him to do it all to me for him i would take it any how any where.

We started going everywhere together even working out togetherfrom the first day he always told me that he loved me, he's been telling me that everyday from when we met it was friday night at the gym its always quite no one uses the steam room, sauna, jacuzzi or swimming at these times. I offered him saying we should go swimming i just wanted to feel his body against mine i splashed water in he's face and we instantly started to play fight. I go out and went to the jacuzzi invited him to come over and so he did i was feeling really horny and wanted to feel him.

Soon as he got in the Jacuzzi i started to rub on his cock he's so big i started to use both of my hands one teen les stepsister way pornstars and lesbian rub he's cock and the other one to massage he's ball he got so hard i got on top of him and started kissing him he felt so good i just wanted him inside of me.

He asked me if i want to do this and how he's wanted to be inside from the first time he saw me. I said that we should go to the steam room there's no one inside. I just wanted to give him a little taste there was no one inside as usual. I let him seat down then sat on top of him and wrapped my legs around he's waste we kissed until we both needed air he Starting bitting my nipple through my bikini until it got solid hard i started rocking on him bouncing up and down grinding on him moaning until he came he kissed then go out.

We both got change and met outside. He kissed me and i told him i cant believe we just had dry sex in the steam room. I told him i've never done that before he said me neither. And asked me how many guy have i been with i said non.

Are u a virgin he asked i became instantly shy he noticed because he hugged me and told me that he loved me and willing to wait. I love u too i said. I loved him the only boy i've ever loved was right here for me i knew i didn't want to wait any longer i loved him with all my heart and i wanted to give him all of me. He dropped me home i asked him to come up and make himself comfortable while i go and freshen up.

I put some candles in the bedroom and bathroom. Play soft romantic music took off my clothes put a towel around went to the living room and there he was the love of my life.

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He saw me and smiled i smiled back and gave him a peck on the lips i ask if he wanted to joined me in a hot bubble bath. He got naked and now we're both naked kissing our bodies touching we got in the bath i told him how i love him and i want to be with him for ever.

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I felt his erection and starting rubbing his cock i told him i wanted him to touch me down there. Go slow baby its my first time for everything. He started with one finger baby you're so tight he say then went with two fingers o god feels so good am moaning he grabs me up and puts me in bed we're both naked i got down on my knees and suck on his big fat long cock i loved it he's cum dripping in my mouth he's pushing my head back and forth i love it sucking on his balls.

He gets me up and put me in bed now he's stunning bombshell jayden jaymes enjoys masturbating masturbation and pornstars me while sucking on my pussy, rubbing on my clit he turns me over fingering my pussy while sucking and biting my arse now hes finger fucking me with 3 fingers going fast o god am moaning fuck me. Fuck me now, "you're so wet baby" he told me "i want you to fuck me hard i want to feel your cock inside me i want you now" he turns me over i suck and spit on hes cock then he enters me "go slow babe" i told him.

The tip was inside trying to get more of hes cock inside of me feels so good i told he. He sucked, licked and bite on my breast while fucking me i wrapped my legs around him pushing him further inside felt so good to have hes cock inside of me fulfilling my dirty fantasy. He turns me behind and fucks my pussy from behind while grabbing my breast everytime he slap my bum drove me crazy.

I was hungry for he's cock he took it out my pussy and we 69 he finger fucked me fuck this boy was driving me crazy i deepthroat he's cock until he came he tasted so sweet. We cuddled in bed still naked wanted to feel each other body. We just lay there me playing with he's cock and he playing with my breast pulling my nipples i have very sensitive nipples this made me wet he's cock was getting harder too.

He started to play with my belly button and got down to my pussy started rubbing my clit o i was moaning "oohhh ahhh baby don't stop right there i want you to touch me down there" he placed 2 fingers inside me finger fucking me to get my pussy ready for he's big fat long cock.

I scream in pleasure he loved to satisfy me and i always gave him back. He started to ride me kissed my neck until he had me shaking pull me to the wall fucked me standing up turned me behind fucking my pussy from behind smacking my ass feeling he's balls smacking my ass he took out hes cock and i sucked him spit on it for the ride am about to take i got on top of him kissed him from hes lips to hes cock he loved it when i did that i put hes cock inside my pussy he grab my breast i exotic indian playgirl rides a fat boner forward kissing then he started to fuck me hard "oohhh baby want to make you cum" i told him and started grinding on hes cock i started slow then went back so now he just had hes hands on my breast i started to grind and grind i took hes hands off my breast and we hold each others hand i started to bounce on him up and down feeling my breast bouncing i started to pull my nipples making them hard now am story xxx american girl and woman bouncing want to feel every inch of him hes telling me hes going to cum i started to grind even faster am now tightening my pelvic muscles squeezing hes cock inside my pussy making it tighter he told me hes ready to cum that hes going to cum i told him i want to feel hes cum inside teen self foot worship xxx i should never have tried to run away but ive been trapped wet pussy i kept grinding hes playing with my breast am bouncing up and down we're both sweating i kiss him am grinding faster faster my breast bouncing up and down my nipples are hard as rock "am cumin am cumin ahhhhhhhh" he came inside my pussy he felt so nice and warm inside of me we both collasped when he finished cummin i still had hes cock inside of me i squeezed all of hes cum i felt it flowing in my pussy.

I got off hes cock and lay next to him now i can feel hes cum running out my pussy to my asshole i loved feeling him like this and then we started to kiss he told me that he love and am the first personne for him to love. I told him it's the same for me i wanted to show you that i love you and wanted to be part of you that's why i wanted to make love to you.

We was both sweating we was both thirsty so i decides to get us something to drink i tried to get up but i couldn't he was worried and ask if i was ok i said i've never been better it's just that my pussy is sore but i'll be fine tomorow morning. He whispered and told me that he loves me then got down and kissed my pussy then went to get us both something to drink. We slept naked in each others arms. In the morning i woke up before him just looking at him made me complete i went under the covers sucked hes cock until he came then woke up he looked down under the sheets i smile and he pulled me up and started kissing me like i was gone for a long time.