Warm up and get fuck

Warm up and get fuck
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This is a true story about one of my experiences in high school. Hi. my name is Jonathan friends call me Jon.I am a regular 17yr old high school geek.I am about 6ft tall but i am very lean,atleast thats what everyone says.I had lost my virginity last summer to my second cousin and had only done sex two more times.My mother caught me feeling up my cousin and thus ended my short sex life.

I have a huge crush on one of the girls in my school.Her name is Rachael.She has dirty blonde hairs,dark blue eyes,36D boobs,a firm ass and legs that go on forever.The combined effect of her hot mom christie rides little brads massive cock features and popularity was she was always in a relationship.I knew she was not a virgin as she have had sex with the school football team captain when they were going out.There was this rumour doing the rounds of the school that she was a slut and she needed new dicks to suck regularly and thats the reason none of her relationships lasted.

I didn't knew if that rumour was true or it was being spread by some jealous bitch but it only increased her popularity and Rachael never bothered about rumours much.

Meanwhile,i was getting obsessed about Rachael.It was drilled hard is what that awesome babe wants to be impossible for me to go to sleep before jerking myself off to her fantasies.I knew i had no chance whatsoever with that girl.There was no way that this goddess is going out with me so i was just content with whatever i got.Rachael loved wearing skirts and i tried everything i could to get a peek at her panties so that i have something to think about when i jerk in the shower.I had never in the wildest of my dreams imagined that all my fantasies will come true.

My parents had a flight at the dead of the night.They were going to hawaii for a week to celebrate 20yrs of their marriage and i was driving them to the airport.I dropped them at the airport and was on my way back to home when i noticed a sexy blonde asking for lift.She was wearing a black dress that ended couple of inches below her ass and were revealing her perfectly toned legs.I wasn't interested in giving lift to a stranger until my car's headlight fell on the stranger's face.It was Rachael.I jumped on the brakes so hard that the tyres made deafening screeching noise and stopped at once.

She leaned into the window and said"hey,my car broke down.Can i get a lift??".I nodded in agreement cause my vocal chords failed me.Rachael stared at me as if studying my face and said"i think i know you" I couldn't believe my ears how could she possibly know me,i am pretty non-existent in school but then she said"you are Jonathan,right?" I mustered up the courage to speak this time "Umm.yeah,you know my name?".

The goddess smiled at me and said"of course i do,we go to chemistry together".

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I opened the gate for her and she hoped into the front seat right beside me. She was very easy to talk to and she told me that she was returning from a party when Amateur redhead milf fuck on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg car broke down.

It was hard to concentrate on the road because i could see her toned legs through the corner of my eyes and i just wanted to grab her tits but i controlled myself.

Rachael gave me the directions and we reached her house. When we reached there she said "thanks a ton" and turned to give a kiss on my cheek.I was really nervous and i wasn't expecting her to kiss my cheek so i turned around to face her and our lips met.At that moment i realised she's drunk but i didn't give a fuck.Though our lips met accidentaly what was happening now was more than an accident.Rachael was passionately kissing me and i was nervously trying to enjoy myself.I didn't realised when she came close to me but i felt her hand brushed across my dick and she stopped at once.

She looked down at my dick and said"well.looks like we have a problem here.So,why is it so hard??" "Its always like that whenever you are around" i finally had the balls to tell her the truth. "awww.really??i think he likes me then.Come on the backseat,i'll make sure he has a great time" Rachael said to my amusement. "I have a better idea,how about my house?Its empty right now"I said. "okay,but be fast" she said. My house was nearly a mile away from her so i turned the car around as fast as i could and sped away.I had barely started the car when i felt Rachael's hand at my zipper.She opened my zipper and took out my dick.

Just the touch of her hand around my dick was making me mad so i said"Rachael what are you doing?" She replied"I can't wait your house seems quite far and OMG.your dick is so huge". I never thought my dick was huge because i never measured it and i haven't seen anyone else's dick yet so i confirmed it from her"you really think so?" "Yes,this is the biggest dick i have seen so far trust me no other guy comes near your gigantic manhood"she said and put in her mouth.

Those words were huge ego boost for me but when she took my dick my in her hot mouth i thought i am going to cumm straightaway,thankfully i didn't.Another thing i was thankful was there was no traffic at all because i must have hit a car by now as i was hardly able to concentrate on the roads. My cousin had given me a blowjob before but this was so much better than that.Rachael was a pro.She sucked my dick like it was her dinner for the night and she was also flicking her tongue around the head sometimes but her fingers were not ideal too.She was massaging my balls thus building up my huge load.When Rachael started deep throating me i felt my balls twitch but i tried everything in my power to hold it back.After bobbing her head for a few more minutes Rachael had me completely inside her mouth and i realised that i am gonna cumm in her mouth now so i moaned"Rachael.i am gonna cumm.i can't hold it anymore.i am gonna cumm" Rachael murmured something inaudible with my dick still in her mouth but made no attempt to take it out.I shot ropes of cumm one after another right down her throat.Rachael was trying to drink all of that and even succeeded for the most parts.She pulled my dick out and i saw ravishing blonde babe and a massive shaft straight and facials drop of my cumm on her lips."WOW!!that was just wow " I said.

She smiled at me rubbing the cumm on her face and said"I thought i am never going to succeed in deep throating you.You have such a massive cock". I opened the door to my house and almost rushed to the bedroom in hurry.Today,i was very glad that i always kept my room very tidy.

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As soon as we reached the bedroom i pulled her close to me and started to smooch while my hands outlined her boobs.I caressed and massaged them very slowly cause Rachael's moan told me that she was really enjoying it. I put my hands on her back and unzipped her dress.It fell to the ground in a sec and now Rachael was only left in her undergarments.Her black lacy thong and matching bra made her look like a lingerie model from victoria's secret.Rachael removed her bra and a pair of gorgeous tits came in my view.Her boobs were so perfectly round with small pink nipples.I instantly took one of them in my mouth and sucked on it really hard like my life depended on it.She tasted salty but her aroma made me mad.Rachael was moaning and caressing my hairs while my hands refused to sit idle.My right hand massaged her other breast, squeezing and pinching her nipples.Both her nipples were completely erect by now,one of them was getting bathed in my saliva while the other one was gettin twisted like a knob.

I exchanged the position of my mouth and my fingers in order to give equal attention to both the nipples.When i had almost finished assaulting her nipples i bit on them,Rachael groaned so loud at my biting that i thought she had an orgasm.

I kissed her lips again as my hands went to the backside of her body to give some necessary asian hooker gets facial from older guy to her ass.I squeezed them hard and rubbed them roughly before i put my hands on her mound.

Rachael was dripping wet.It felt as if she had pissed on her thong.I Removed the last piece of clothing on her body and i laid her on the bed. Now,the girl of my dreams was lying naked on my bed and her pussy was staring right into my face.Rachael's pussy was covered by small blonde pubic hairs.She must have trimmed them.This must be the most beautiful pussy,her slit was glistening in the light signalling how turned on she had been all this while.

Although,my cousin was not very good at giving a blowjob but she had taught me exactly how to eat a pussy and i was very gratefull to her for that.I wanted to apply everything i had learnt to this goddess lying naked on my bed.I started to kiss her legs moving upward towards her pussy.I kissed her calves,thighs,inner thighs and finally around her pubic hairs.Rachael gasped in anticipation to feel my mouth on her slit.

When done with the teasing i kissed on her pussy.I stick my tongue out and ran it across her slit.I poked her inner vaginal walls with my tongue and her body shivered as if had been hit by a chilly blow of air."ahh.god"Rachael moaned in pleasure and i haven't even touched her clit yet so put her clit in my mouth and sucked on it.I really liked how Rachael tasted and it encouraged me to give my everything in eating her out.I pushed my index finger into her love hole while i was sucking onto her clit.Rachael held my hairs so tightly with both her hands and moaned"Ugh.that feels so amazing Jon.ahhh".Hearing my name from her made me realise that i was doing everything right.

I added another two fingers taking the tally to three.Now,three of my fingers were stroking Rachael's slit and my mouth sucked onto her clit like it was a popsicle."I am cumming.i am cumming.JON don't stop"she moaned.There was no way i was going to stop.I felt Rachael tremble and she wrapped her legs around me as orgasm rushed through her body.I licked every drop of her salty juices making it squeaky clean again.

I lifted my head and saw Rachael.She said"I have never had such a strong orgasm.I thought i would die with bday girl aj applegate loves getting gang banged with huge dick guys did you do to my pussy?".

I couldn't help but smile at that remark and said"its just the beginning" I removed all my cloths and climbed the bed.Rachael was lying on the bed with her legs spread.

I pushed my dick into her lovehole as she cried in pleasure.I could feel her pussy stretch around my dick.I pushed in harder until i felt my balls slap around her pussy.Once i was fully inside her i gave powerful strokes.I would lick her nipples and squeeze her boobs in the middle making her groan loudly and crazily.It wasn't long when i felt Rachael's body tense again and her pussy clenched my dick hard.She came all over my dick bathing it in her juices.Her hot juices triggered my cumming too,i wasn't wearing any condom and i didn't knew if she was on birth control pills but i didn't gave a fuck.I just wanted to cumm inside her pussy and thats what i did.Rachael never said anything too she hadn't completely recovered from her orgasm so i took this opportunity to plant my seed deep inside her.I pulled my dick out and fell on the bed.I still couldn't believe my luck,i had just fucked the girl of my dream.