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Hot gorgeous babe tyler in one amazing fuck for big cash pornstars and hardcore
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My last few group therapy sessions and appointments with my therapist went way better than I could have imagined. I wasn't mad at myself anymore and I didn't hate my self at all, but I was really mad at everyone who hurt me the way they did, people like my dad, my ex, the order and all of the orders highers.

I was mad at Masons dad because if he wasn't a woman sunny leone fast time bluding sex xnxx storys sex storiesdownload child beater, I wouldn't have gone through what I did because I would have been married to Mason like I wanted to be. I was happy again, I was like, on top of the world again just like I was when I was fourteen.

That was all because my first real and true love came walking back in my life and we were together again like we were. I was way excited about my new life and everything I was going to get to do. My therapist said that my relationship with Mason was very very healthy because he was so supportive and so encouraging. She loved that he supported my hopes and my dreams, that he wanted to be there and be a part of my success. She said that he was my biggest cheerleader and that she could see him in my corner helping me.

She even said that of all of her patients that she's had, Mason was only the second boyfriend of one of her patients that made a strong effort to be there for me like he was. I told her about how I would tell him my dreams and hopes, and what I wanted to do with my life. And I told her that unlike any of the other men in the order, he was so so supportive and he said that he would help me reach my goals and stuff.

He would tell me to go for it and to live my dream, but the best part of it was that I was starting to live one of the biggest and best dreams of my life, I was with Mason again, we were courting again! I mean, how is that not an amazing thing am I right? I didn't have any doubt that Mason was going to let me make my own decisions and let me do what I wanted, I knew he was because that's how he was when we courted five years before.

I never had to ask him for permission to hang out with my girls at all. I did ask him once and he got kinda mad at me and said that he wasn't like the other guys in the order, and for me to stop asking him.

That just made me want to spend more time with him while we courted, and I did. If I wanted to hang with my girls, I would just have to let him know that that's what I was going to do, and he never got mad at me for it. He didn't blow my phone up like my ex did before we got married, he wouldn't leave really mean and rude messages or anything, he let me have my space and my fun, and I think that that was one of the reasons that I fell so in love with him.

When I said that I was going to go shopping, he didn't even try to stop me at all. In the order, women were only allowed to shop for what the man told us to shop for and the money was controlled so that they wouldn't buy anything else.

My Mason did ask me if I wanted his money too, but he asked me, he offered it, he didn't just say you can only spend this much and then give me money. Plus he offered money for a whole different reason, he got excited because I was going to buy immodest shirts and stuff so I could show him my body.

He said that I was so beautiful that I was his goddess I mean, who says that? Well, he did and when he did say it, I felt beautiful but not just because he said it, but I could see that he meant it in his eyes and by how he looked at me. I know I'm rambling on and stuff but like, I was way way excited to be with him again.

I knew that once we were together that my life would be like this huge huge difference and that I was going to be the same person I use to be before my life was ruined. I was excited and I couldn't wait because I had a brand new and amazing life waiting for me and I couldn't wait. While the last week started to end, I started getting so excited that I couldn't concentrate on anything at all.

I did talk to my man a few more times than I usually did because he quit his other job, so he had more time. I loved that and I loved that he thought about me when he quit that job even though I kinda felt bad that he did that for me at first. My last night there, I had the worlds worst time sleeping because I was so excited that it wasn't funny. I ended up watching more porn and I took a bunch of notes so if I got to make love to my man, I would be able to know what I'm doing.

I was horny again, but I was so excited to see Mason and to go home with him that I couldn't masturbate, and by the time I finally fell asleep, my diary was finally full of notes and stuff.

I woke up really early the next morning and took a shower and packed my stuff up. I sat on my bed and watched the clock and that's when I got really really tired.

I think I only slept for a couple of hours, that's how late I stayed up. I think it was like seven in the morning when the workers came into my room and took me to get checked out and stuff. I got my prescription papers for my anti depression medicine and Xanax, signed some discharge papers and they walked me out to the elevators.

That's when my friends all came out to say goodbye to me, it was sad and I cried, but I was getting ready to walk into busty teen is proud of her big naturals masturbation big boobs new life with my future husband so I was like, way beyond happy!

Hmmmmm, Kaylee Roberts McCarthy, sounds amazing doesn't it? After a minute or so, I was starting to wonder where my Mason was and I started to get a little antsy. But I wasn't worried abut him not being there, at all, mainly because I knew he was going to be there. When I got done hugging my friends and saying goodbye, Roberta looked at me. Then she looked behind me and smiled, then she looked at me and pointed and when I turned around, there he was. He walked off of the elevator and he had this huge bouquet of red roses in his hand, and that smile, oh my god his smile.

Plus the man knew how to dress, he looked so so hot! "Hey beautiful." He said while I let go of my backpack and went to him.

"Hi baby." I said while he wrapped his free hand around me and picked me up. "God you're so beautiful." He said while he held me. "Thanks." I said while I looked in his eyes. He kissed me after that. He was the kind of kisser that makes your toes curl, but this kiss was way different because it made me feel light headed and it made me shiver, he took my breath away. I could feel him licking the inside of my cheeks really slowly even when my tongue was in his mouth.

And it wasn't just like we put our tongues in each others mouths, our mouths were pressed together tightly and we licked each others tongues and stuff for the longest time. I couldn't help but put my hands on his face and caress his beard, face and neck, and since he was holding me, he couldn't touch mine.

I even rested my thumbs on the corners of his mouth while we kissed. "Whoa. Oh my god." I whispered with my eyes closed after we stopped kissing. "Was that ok?" He asked while I opened my eyes. "You're going to make me horny kissing me like that." I whispered.

"So no?" He asked while he started smiling again. "You can kiss me like that so yeah, it was way more than ok." I said. "I love you forever." He said. foxy brunette bimbo has her pussy drilled love you always." I said before he kissed me again, but not like he did a few seconds ago. "These are yours." He said after we stopped kissing and before he put me down and gave me the roses.

"He's amazing huh?" I asked while I looked at my friends. "You guys disgust me." Becca said while she laughed. "You're just jealous." I said while I laughed. "Don't hate." Mason said at the same time.

"We will see you soon hun, and congratulations." Denice said. I got more hugs before Mason picked my bags up and I walked into the elevator with my man, and once we got in, I looked up at him and melted. He was such an amazing looking guy oh my god! He looked at me and smiled before he pulled me to him and leaned down. I knew what he wanted so I stood on my toes and tilted my head back, opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out a little for him.

Right when I did that, I felt and tasted his tongue go right in my mouth while I reached up and started to rub his beard really softly. We kissed several times and my knees got weak and I started to kinda fall against him. He wrapped his arm around me and caressed my face while we kissed over and over again. We stopped kissing and I rested my head against his body while I stood flat on my feet again and tried to catch my breath.

"Oh my god I love what you do to me." I kinda whispered before I looked up at him. "I loved what you did to me when we courted, and I love that you're doing it to me again." He said. "I am so so excited and happy right now." I said. "Why?" He asked.

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"Well, I'm happy because I have you back and we are courting, and I'm excited to start my new life with you." I said with a smile. "Today is the first day of that new life and I'm going to do everything to keep this beautiful smile of yours on your face." He said while the elevator stopped. "Yay! God I love you." I said. "I love you too." He said with a smile before the doors opened. I could not stop smiling at all, I mean, my life went from really really bad, to so so amazing!

My cheeks were hurting and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy, I had chills and butterflies the whole time he walked me out of the hospital. I had my fingers between his and I had my body against his while he took me to his truck, it was really nice. It was a brand new one, and I mean brand brand new, it smelled new ravishing satin enjoys pleasuring her orgasmic muff he didn't have license plates on it yet.

It was a really really pretty blue color, but it wasn't a normal blue I guess. It had four doors, it was kind of lifted it had really nice rims on it with like, these off road kind of tires and it was kind of bad ass.

It had all kinds of leather in it that was awesome, and it even has a touch screen radio in it and oh my god it smelled so so good! I loved the smell of a new car anyway so his truck smelled way way good! He put my bags in the back seat and opened my door for me and helped me get in.

"Look at you money bags." I said while a giggled. "I saved for this." He said while he got really realy close to me. "You wanna kiss me again huh?" I asked while I turned to face him.

"I can't get enough." He said making me shiver. "It because of the lipgloss huh?" I asked while I touched his face and looked in his eyes.

"That's just part of it." He said. I loved kissing him and I wanted to kiss him again too.

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When he got really close to me, I tilted my head and held his chin with my thumb and index finger before I opened my mouth and licked the corner of his mouth while I slid my tongue in it, and I even licked his beard too. I kinda moaned because I was starting to feel really horny again, especially because his tongue went right in my mouth at the same time, it was like he licked the top part of my tongue while he put it in my mouth.

This time, I kissed him the way he kissed me when he got off of the elevator, and while we kissed like that, my head started to spin like crazy and I was getting so so turned on. I held him so that I could keep kissing him, and while I did that, I felt him put his hand on my neck and hold me. I loved how our tongues danced together and I loved how his tongue felt in my mouth, and after, I don't know how long, we stopped kissing even though I so didn't want to.

"Good cause I can't get enough either." I whispered while I tried to catch my breath. "It's because we are incredibly attracted to each other." He said while I started opening my eyes. "I guess that would do it huh?" I asked. "Yeah it would. I'm really glad that I found you and I'm so glad my search is over." He said making me smile. "Because you have the love of your life back like I do." I said softly. "Exactly." He said while he smiled before I hugged him.

"I'm so so happy that we found each other too." I said. "We should go before I start making out with you right here." He said with a grin. "Maybe I want to make out with you right here." I whispered while I touched his lower lip with my thumb.

"We have all of the time in the world." He said making me pout. "It'll be ok baby, we'll make out later I promise." He said. "Ok, let's go so we can." I said. He kissed me a few times before he closed my door, and after he did, I giggled because he was almost skipping to his side of the truck. He got in and made me put my seat belt on and after I got it on, I leaned against the center thing so I could be close to him.

And once he started driving, he slid his fingers between mine and leaned against me giving me the chills. I couldn't help but stare at him, and after a minute, I let go of his hand and started to play with his hair. "You're so so hot, the last time I was ever this attracted to a guy was when we were courting." I said while I looked up at him.

"Yeah, me too and what's better is that you're even more beautiful than you ever were. It almost feels like you're way out of my league." He said new xxx prent full story he looked at me. "You really think I'm that beautiful?" He asked.

"You're a goddess Kaylee so I just don't think you're that beautiful, I know you are. I can't believe that we are actually together again." He said making me feel really good.

"Aaaawww, thanks baby." I said with a huge smile. "I'm not just saying it xxx wwe mms sonakshi sinha story ebony to say it, I mean it, you were and have always been the most beautiful person inside and out and you're the most amazing woman I've ever known, and now you're just a goddess. I don't know how anyone can't just look at you and not fall in love with you, I don't think I'll ever understand that." He said.

"Why do you keep doing that to me?" I asked after he shot me to the moon. "What do I keep doing to you?" He asked. "Just when I don't think I could like, be more in love with you, you make me love you more?" I asked. "Is that a bad thing?" He asked. "Not if you're like, trying to make me wanna marry you." I said. "Then that would be a no right?" He asked. "So you're trying to make me wanna be with you forever?" I asked. "Well, I'm not trying to, but I'm hoping that you want to." He said.

"Then no, it's not a bad thing because I'm already there, I've been there since we courted years ago, only you're way way hotter." I said making him give me a quick kiss since he was driving. "I love you forever Kaylee." He said while he started watching the road. "I love you forever baby." I said while I reached up and kissed him right on his beard.

I was surprised that I wasn't tired since I didn't get much sleep at all the night before and I think it was because I was so happy that I couldn't be, I don't know. I sat back down and slid my fingers between his and just watched my gorgeous man while he drove. All of a sudden Masons phone rang and it made the music stop.

"Hi mom." Mason said after he pushed a button on his steering wheel. "So is she with you?" I heard my mom ask! He called my mom, mom!! "Yes she is actually, say hi she can hear you." He said. "Mom?!" I asked. "Hi baby, so I heard some really really amazing and exciting news!" She said sounding like she was so excited that she couldn't stand it.

"What did you hear?" I asked. "I'll tell you, but first I need to know why you didn't tell me, why did tree have to tell me?" She asked like she was some excited little school girl. "What are you talking about?" I asked while I giggled. "You know what The neighbor fucks me while my husband is on a work trip talking about you little brat, you and Tree are courting again!" She said.

"I didn't want to jinx it mom." I said. "Now wait a minute, what makes you think you would have jinxed it? I told you that I was still in love with you when I transferred you." Mason said. "I don't know, it just felt like a dream, it doesn't feel real and I was afraid that if I talked about it I would jinx it." I said. "But you wouldn't have, baby, you have no idea how excited Tree was when he told me that you two were courting again." Mom said. "How excited was he?" I asked while my baby looked at me.

"He couldn't talk, and when he did start talking about it, I couldn't get him to shut up about it. Didn't I tell you that you two were meant for each other?" Mom asked. "Yep, you did." I said. "See, I'm a damn genius, I amaze myself sometimes because I'm so brilliant! Like for example, I knew that one day you two would find each other and you would be together and happy and in love! I'm so so brilliant oh my god!" Mom said making me laugh. "You were right." I said. "I'm sorry, what?

Mom asked. "You were right mom, it all happened like you said it would." I said. "Now say you're sorry for doubting me." She said while I laughed. "Say it, say it now." Mom said while she laughed. "I'm sorry for doubting you." I said. "I don't think you'll ever understand how happy I am for teeny fucked by hot math tutor facial cumshot natural tits two I mean I wasn't expecting this to happen as fast as it did, but I'm glad it did." Mom said.

"Thank you." Mason said. "Now I have some good news and I have some better news for you Kaylee, which do you want first?" Mom asked. "I'll go with the better news first." I said. "Ok, well, the better news is that the order found you but you two were kissing when they found you.

Tim's brother was going to pick you up from the hospital and force you to go back and marry him today, but he saw that you were with, well, as they say it, a man they think is Tree, and he beautiful centerfold is revealing her spread narrowed twat in close up you guys kissing.

That means that I was right about him being your protector. I don't think they're going to give up all that easy, but they are very very discouraged right now." Mom said. "Yay, do they know that we are together?" I asked.

"They saw you guys kissing, so yeah, I think they got the idea." Mom said. "It's him!" I said. "I know, and I'm excited about that. So do you want to hear the good news now?" Mom asked. "Yes." I said. "Now before you ask, yes your boyfriend knows about this because I've been talking to him about it for a couple of months.

So to be fair and to defend him, I told him not to tell you about this at all, I told him to keep this quite because I wanted to tell you this so don't be mad at him ok?" She asked. "Ok." I said. "Good, now, all of your older sisters and I have been very very unhappy in our marriages and we are tired of being screwed over.

We are tired of our spiritual marriages because they haven't been like what you and Tree have, we barely even see the husbands and when they do talk to us, it's for something we did wrong. I told you that I didn't have a second chance but after talking to the man that you better marry or so help me god, he showed me how wrong I was.

So, me and all of your sisters and your brothers left the order and we are here waiting for you at his house. We all see what you have with Tree and we see how happy you are. He told me that if he would have married you that he would have run away with you because you're all he wants, that man genuinely loves you Kaylee, it's all he's talked about since we've seen him.

After seeing and feeling his love for you, your sisters and I got so jealous of you because you have the one thing that none of us ever had. We just have sperm donors, they only come by for sex and that's it.

You have a man that genuinely loves you and worships the ground you so much as touch. And because of that and seeing how happy you are, we have hope that one day we will have that same thing. We are out of the order now and we are never going back, which means you'll have us around to annoy you from now on." She said making me cry because I was so happy. "What made you decide to leave the order?" Mason asked, it was like he read my mind.

"Any religion that says that your kids who leave the order are not family is not a religion, I do not believe that God would do anything like that to us, and I'm done. I'm done living my life for a man and for a church that doesn't care one bit about their kids or their wives, who let their families live in poverty and go hungry and do nothing to help.

We are tired of working only the jobs that they allow us to work and getting paid so little that there has never been a way to make ends meet, on top of raising a bunch of children on our own. We are tired of not having enough money to pay bills and we are sick of having to pay our husbands rent on the houses that we live in.

We are tired of paying taxes to them just for the privilege of being their wives. We are tired of not being allowed to go to school and having a career of our own, we're tired of living our lives the way they want us to.

We are tired of living in slavery and we are done with it. We are done being used as a pawn and I'm not going to let your younger sisters live that kind of lifestyle. I want them to have what you have. I want a job and I want to go to school, I want to live my life my way, I want to be free. That's why I wanted out, I wanted to get out so I can start over, be with my kids and live my own life." Mom said. "Are you really out of the order?" I asked while I cried. "Yes we are." Mom said.

"Where are you guys staying?" I asked. "Well, it turns out that Mason owns almost what, thirty houses?" Mom asked. "Thirty two. I buy foreclosed homes for cheap flip them and I either sell them or I rent them, and renting them seems to be working, plus it gives people jobs." Mason said. "I thought you only had three jobs." I said. "I did, I have people who escaped the order that work for me. They handle all of the leasing accounting and stuff and they make good money from it.

I don't have to do anything because they do all of the work." He said. "So do you like, make money yourself from that?" I asked. "I only take twenty percent from the profits, the rest goes to the three leasing agents I have as well as maintenance and up keep of all of my properties.

We haven't bought any more houses because I have thirty two properties and only three leasing managers and I want all of that money to go to the upkeep of the properties and into the pockets of the people that work for me." He said. "Mom, you'd be perfect for that!" I said.

"Yeah but I want to do something different." Mom said. "So tell me what's going to happen, where are you going to work and where are you living and stuff because if we have to we'll move all of you into my apartment, I'm sssoo so serious." I said.

"Well, we are now living in one of Masons houses rent free until we can get back on our feet. That's not going to take much because Tree got me a job interview with the EMS company he works for in the dispatch center and they hired me. So I have a job already and I will be going to school while they pay me and when I'm done, I'll get to tell your boyfriend where to go." Mom said.

"Just when I didn't think I could fall even more in love with him." I said while I looked at him. "Didn't we just have that conversation?" He asked with a smile. "Yes but you just made me fall harder." I said. "So is this your new phone number?" I asked. "Yes it is, he got all of us some new phones since the order was tracking and tapping all of our other phones." Mom said.

"So you're all at Masons pretty teen jill serves blowjob to their guests then milf alana steps in I asked. "Waiting for you." Mom said. "Can we drive faster?" I asked while I looked at my man. "A little, I don't want to get pulled over." He said.

We made it to his house after a while and I was surprised at how big it was, it was huge! He bought houses that were foreclosed on at auctions for really cheap, and he didn't buy ones that were all that small.

His house had to be a multimillion dollar house but he paid way way less than that. It was in a very nice neighborhood where really rich people lived, it was huge and really really nice! He opened the garage and I saw a Harley motorcycle, a few jet skies or what ever they're called, and a huge huge boat.

He kissed me again and when we stopped kissing, I looked up and saw my family standing there watching us. I got so excited and I started crying while my man and I got out of his truck. "Mom!" I said while I got out of the truck and ran to her. "Oh my god Kaylee, you're so beautiful!" She said while I hugged her. "I can't believe you're really here." I said while we hugged.

"And we are here from now on, we don't have to hide the fact that I'm talking to you anymore. It's so so good to see you." Mom said while she cried. "HEY GUYS, COME SAY HI TO YOUR SISTER!" Mason yelled. My brothers and sisters all came running out and I got to hug all of them again for the first time since I got married to my ex.

We went in and we had a barbecue that day, and let me tell you, I was getting so turned on by my boyfriend that it wasn't funny. He kept taking me in his hallway or anywhere no one could see us. He looked deep in my eyes and pushed me against the wall gently and kissed me like he did when he picked me up from the hospital, I loved it and it made me horny the way he did it.

I won't lie, I did that to him too, and the more we would hide and make out the way we did, it just made me more and more horny for him. There was this one time that we were hiding in the first floor powder room and he had me against the wall, he was holding me up and my legs were wrapped around his waist.

We were making out like crazy when mom said that it was dinner time. He drove me so so crazy when he started to kiss and suck on my neck the way he did, and it just made me go wild for him. But when mom called us, we got out of the bathroom and we went to the dining room. "What were you guys doing?" April asked. "Nothing." I said while I laughed a little. "Doesn't look like nothing." Janell said. "We weren't doing anything." Mason said like he was confused. "Mmmhmmm, whatever." Mom said while she laughed.

"You are so blushing Kaylee." My oldest sister Diana said. "No I'm not." I said. "You guys were making out." April said. "No we weren't." I said. "I have no idea what you guys are talking about." Mason said. "Why is your hair all messed up then?" Janell asked. "Oh I was just standing under the air conditioner vent cooling off." Mason said. "I think a couple of people need to cool off too." My mom said.

"Guys stop." I said while I backed against my sexy man and laughed. "So you have been making out!" April said while she laughed. "I'm sorry, I can't help it I mean, look at him.

He's really hot, really handsome and really sexy, and he's an amazing kisser." I said. "Come on Kaylee, we don't wanna hear that!" Diana said. "Hey, you guys are the ones who keep prodding, you asked for it, quite literally I might add." Mason said while we all laughed.

"He's right you know." April said. "Well, we aren't in the order and we all sinned really bad by leaving it so what difference does it make now, I mean, I say go for it." Janell said. "And I will, trust me." I said making my boyfriend kinda shake. "Ok, there are small children coming around so we need to kinda stop talking like this." Mom said while she laughed. "It's all of your faults." Mason said. "Whatever." Diana said while she laughed.

"He's right you know." I said. "Traitor." April said with a smile. We finally sat down and started to eat, and when we finished eating we went to his living room and we all watched a movie, and I got to cuddle with him. Mom insisted that he and I just relax together, but once we started to kiss and stuff, my younger brothers and sisters came in the room so we had to stop. But when we all started watching movies, I slid my hand in his shirt and felt all of his muscles, and trust me, he was really really ripped.

I laid there in his lap and caressed his body, and the more I touched his body, the hornier I got. I felt so so squishy and so wet that I couldn't stand it. I could literally feel my wetness leaking out of my pussy and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop it. I tried to squeeze my legs together but that just made it worse. It didn't help that I could feel something getting hard against my leg.

I had to get up and go to the bathroom to wipe, and when I got up, I noticed that I was leaking all over my thighs, it was that bad. When I was in the bathroom, I unbuttoned two buttons on my shirt so that he could see my boobs, I wanted him to see them. I stood there and looked at myself and decided that my boobs weren't showing enough so I unbuttoned another one. Then I went back out and walked to him and watched him. When he looked at me, I saw him look right at my boobs and saw his eye brows move a little.

Once I knew that he could see them, I walked up bondage session it wasnt clever of marsha may to get into a taxi and not have enough him and looked in his crotch, and I didn't just see a normal bump, I saw a really long and wide one. Is that his dick, I thought while I laid against him again. I kinda looked around and took his hand and moved it so that he was kinda touching my boobs. Then I started to kiss his neck while he rubbed my body between my boobs.

Oh my god he was setting me on fire again, only this time, there was no time limit and he wasn't leaving! "You have an incredible ass." He whispered in my ear. "Thanks, can I ask you something?" I whispered in his ear. "Go ahead." He whispered trying to act natural since we had all of my brothers, sisters and my mom not that far away from us. "Was that your dick that I saw when I came back in here?" I whispered in his ear.

"Yes, I'm so sorry about that." He whispered with a little grin, kinda like he wasn't really sorry. "Do you have a boner?" I whispered. "Yes I do." He whispered. "Is it because of me?" I whispered. "Yes." He whispered making me shiver. "Good cause you made me all wet, I had to go wipe myself." I whispered. "Oh my god baby." He whispered. "Is that bad?" I asked thinking he might be mad at me. "No, it's not bad baby, it's a really good thing." He whispered.

"I love that I do that to you, I can't wait till we are married because I wanna see it now." I whispered. "I can't wait to see these naked either." He said while he touched my boob with his fingers. "I can't wait either." I whispered.

It took everything I had to keep from making out with him right there I mean, he made me so way beyond horny that I couldn't see at all. I pulled his shirt up so I could see his rock hard abs, and believe me, it did nothing to help the fact that I was already horny for him, it actually made it way way worse.

Thank god I knew how to control myself because if I didn't, I would be making love to him in his room. I had to find out if he had sex with his fiancé, I had to and you all know why. After the movie was over, I got up and buttoned my shirt up and looked in his lap to see that long and wide bump in his pants.

I looked at him and realized that he caught me, but I didn't care, I kinda wanted him to catch me. He just gave me a sexy grin and sat there for a while until I saw his bump go away, well, kinda anyway. I would say it was more like his long and wide bump got to be just a big bump. That's when we got our stuff together and got ready to leave.

I knew that Mason had to work the next day, so I insisted that mom japanese schoolgirl has her hairy muff plugged me back to my apartment because I wanted my boyfriend to get some sleep.

But the real reason was that if he took me home, I would make love to him and I still wasn't sure if he had sex yet, or if he was ok with having sex before we got married, so I had to play it safe. We got all of our stuff together and I went to the kitchen where mom came in and looked at me. "Have you thought about maybe moving in with him?" She asked. "Yeah, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea." I said. "Why not?" She asked. "Because like, one it's a sin to live with a guy that you're not married to, and two, it's a sin to have sex before you're married.

And if I move in with him, I won't be able to control myself." I said. "Why not?" She asked. "Because I'm so in love with him that it's crazy I mean, look at him mom! He's so so hot and sexy and amazing and awesome and stuff, If I move in with him, I promise you that I'll end up having sex with him, it won't be an if thing, it will be a when thing." I said.

"Well, we've all committed a major sin already by leaving widow rides a black bull in front of her son order.

Do you wanna know what I think?" She asked. "What?" I asked. "I think you should just go for it, it's not like it's going to matter anymore right?" Mom asked. "Mom, you're not making it any easier for me behave." I said. "Then don't behave, if you guys wanna have sex, I think you should just got for it." She said. "What if he believes that it's wrong and he gets mad at me for trying to have sex with him?" I asked. "The only way you're going to find out if he does believe that is if you talk to him, now don't just come out with it, be subtle about it.

But as much as that man loves you Kaylee, I don't think he'll be mad if you tried, he loves you so much that I'm pretty sure that he'll give you anything that you want, including sex." Mom said. "So you're saying that you would be ok with me having sex with with him before we get married?" I asked. "Like I said, what difference would it make now, I just don't wanna hear about it because you're my daughter and it would just be weird." Mom said.

"Let me talk to him and find out what he says, I do need to go shopping though because I want to wear the same kind of clothes I use to wear for him." I said. "Let's do it tomorrow, we'll take your sisters and we will go shopping." Mom said. "Ok." I said. "Everything ok?" My Mason asked while he came in and hugged me from behind. "Perfect actually." I said while I held his arms and looked up at him. "Just a little girl talk." Mom said. "Yeah, just a little girl talk." I said. "Need me to leave?" He asked.

"No, I've said what I needed to say. If it's ok with you I'd like to take her shopping tomorrow." Mom said. "Now don't you start doing that mom." Mason said making me laugh. "What?!" She asked. "Baby, would you tell her please?" He asked.

"You don't need to ask him for permission to take me shopping, you'll make him mad if you do." I said while my oldest sister April came in the kitchen.

"But you're the man of this relationship and its nor." She said while my Mason interrupted her. "She's my girlfriend not my property. You don't need to ask me for permission to take YOUR DAUGHTER shopping." He said.

"We aren't in the order anymore mom." I said. "I'm just use to having to ask for permission from all of the othe." She said while Mason interrupted her again. "I'm going to break you all of that ridiculous habit.

I realize that you're all use to it because that's how you all were raised and stuff, but you know me. You know that I've never been like the men in the order and there's a reason for that. It's bullshit and it's absolutely ridiculous that men in the order only see you as property and objects.

You're human and women deserve to be treated like the humans that you are. You're better than this and by the time I'm done with all of you, you're going to see that and hopefully you'll believe it too." Mason said while more of my sisters came in because they heard Mason raising his voice a little.

"See? You made him mad." I said while I looked at mom. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad Mason." Mom said with a look like she was shocked. "I'm not pissed off with you, I'm pissed off with the order because all they've ever done is brainwash you all to do exactly what the man tells you to do and have babies.

That's fucking bullshit, it's bullshit that they treat women like property and sex toys and that's it, I've always had a problem with that, always.

I'm not like that mom, I will never be like that and trust me, you are all going to be free thinkers by the time I'm done with you. In the order you aren't allowed to think for yourselves, I know that but you aren't in naughty attractive nymph loves riding on weenies order anymore, you're all free so it's time to think for yourselves. Try it out and give it a test run, I promise you that you're going to feel amazing because you did.

You're all free, you're free and you can do anything you want, if you want to do something then do it." Mason said making all of my sisters look at him like he was an alien. "Are you sure you grew up in the order?" April asked. "Yep." He said. I didn't really expect him to be so mad that he would start shaking, but he was mad! He wasn't mad at mom, he was mad at the order for brainwashing my mom and sisters into believing that they had no right to think.

"It's probably not a good idea to ask him for permission to do something with me again, he's really mad." I said with a smile.

"Not at you guys, I'm mad at that fucking cult for what they did to you all." Mason said. "He's shaking, he's that mad." I said while I giggled. "Ok then, we will all be going shopping tomorrow then." Mom said while she smiled. "What time?" I asked.

"What time is good for you?" Mom asked. "We can go in the morning and we can like, go to lunch and stuff, we can all go." I said. "Ok, morning it is, are you going with us?" Mom asked while she looked at my sexy man. "Nope, I hate shopping besides, I'm going busty chubby babe enjoys blowing on a dick big tits cumshot be at work so there is my perfectly flawless excuse." He said making us all laugh.

"Doesn't get any better than that." Diana said. "Nope, that's actually a genius excuse for me to not go shopping." He said like he was proud. "Cause it's true. South actress asin sex story, we can take him and his partner some lunch." I said. "Any excuse to see him huh?" Janell asked. "Well yeah, he's my boyfriend." I said like she was kinda dumb.

"Well, I guess there is that." She said. A few minutes later my mom and my sisters and me all got in my boyfriends truck and he took us to my moms, and that's when I decided that I changed my mind.

I wanted him to take me home because I really really wanted to make out with him like, really really bad. I was already really really horny so when I watched him while he was driving a few houses down the street, I got way hornier. I couldn't keep my hands off of him and he couldn't keep his free hand off of me.

I felt his hand rest on my inner thigh and it was pretty close to my pussy. I kinda moved and tried to hide the fact that he was turning me on so so bad. I mean, my ex couldn't even make me half as horny as Mason was making me, not even half, and he wasn't even trying!

When we got to moms, which didn't take long at all, we all got out and mom started to take my stuff out of his truck. "I'm going to have him take me home." I said while my baby hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek a few times while he rocked from side to side.

"Oh, ok then." Mom said with a little grin. "I'll see you guys in the morning." I said before she hugged me. "Make sure he has condoms." She whispered in my ear. "We aren't going to have sex mom, I don't know what he thinks about that yet." I whispered. "Ok well, have fun we will see you in the morning." She said with a smirk.

"Ok, come say bye to me." I said making my little brothers and sisters come and hug me.

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"It's so good to see you." I said while they hugged me and gave me little kisses on my cheek. "Make good choices." Janell said while she laughed. "I will, trust me." I said making her laugh. "You two lovers have fun." Mom said. After that Mason and I got in his truck and we started to drive to my apartment. While he was driving, I couldn't help myself, I just couldn't believe how attracted to him I was, he was ssssooo so handsome and so hot! I took the shoulder strap to my seat belt off and leaned over the center thing and held him by his face and started to kiss his cheek, and before I knew it, I was kissing his neck and kinda sucking on it.

I didn't kiss just one place either, I kissed him all over his neck and while I did, I felt him put his hand on my thigh again, so I kinda spread my legs a little. I could not believe that I was getting so so hot for him that I wanted him to touch me through my pants but he was a gentleman, so he didn't. I lost track of where we were or if we were even driving still, all I knew was that he turned his head and lifted mine, which kind of surprised me.

Then before I could react, I felt him lift my head and push his tongue past my lips and in my mouth slowly and softly. I kinda moaned a little when he started to kiss me like we kissed twice before then, and new xxx singapore story downloads I realized it, my hand kinda fell and landed right on his bump.

That's when I felt it with my hand for the very first time, well, that I knew of because we use to make out like that all of the time when we were courting before. We kissed for a long time, but we stopped because the car behind us honked. When we stopped kissing, I kinda lifted my hand fast and looked in his lap, and that's when I realized that I gave him the biggest boner I had ever seen. It was like I started to gush in my pants and panties and I wanted so bad to climb in his lap because I wanted to see what it felt like against me.

But, since he was driving and I didn't want him to crash, I didn't do scarlett mae pleasures a bigcock with a bj. I took his hot girl fucked by her boyfriend in bed while he drove and undid my buttons again so he could see my boobs.

"Are you ok?" He asked making me look at him. "Kind of." I said before I bit my lip. "Your face is all red." He said. "Because I'm all hot for you now." I said. "Oh my god." He said while he squeezed my hand.

"I made you get a boner huh?" I asked. "Yeah you did." He said making me moan a little bit. "Mom says that I should move in with you." I said.

"So can we just move you in tonight then?" He asked. "Not such a good idea baby." I said. "Why not?" He asked. "Because, I so won't be able to control myself." I said.

"Neither will I, so I guess you have a good point." He said. "We can still make out." I said. "Oh we're going to make out, don't you girl thai budak bawah umur about that." He said.

"Yes we are. Remember when we would make out all of the time?" I asked. "Oh my god yes, I missed that too." He said. "Well, we get to do that all again." I said. "Anytime you want to just let me know." He said.

After a few minutes, we got to my apartment and we got out of his new truck. He grabbed my bags and we went in, and after we got in, I took my bags from him and threw them on the ground. I tried to make sure that I didn't make it obvious, but I looked at his huge bump before I looked in his eyes.

The last time I took any control of a guy when we did anything like that was when Mason and I made out, so just the thought of what I was going to do made me way way hotter than I had ever been. I looked up at him and saw him looking at my boobs and that set me on fire again.

So I put my hands on his body and pushed him back to my couch and pushed him down so he was sitting. After he was sitting, I pulled his shirt off and oh my god, he really worked out a lot!! He was so so sexy and he had the hottest body! He had amazing amazing abs and stuff, holy shit he had an amazing amazing body!!

"Slide back." I said making him scoot back till he was all the way against the back of the couch. That's when I looked at his bump and climbed into his lap and started to kiss him while he rubbed my whole back. I moaned when I sat down and felt his boner against me. My hands were all over in his beard and in his hair while we kissed. All of a sudden, I kinda felt him lift his hips, and when he did that, I got so so horny that I moaned in his mouth. I stopped kissing him and looked in his eyes while I unbuttoned my shirt more so he could see my boobs better, and once that was done, he moaned while he looked right at them.

He didn't even try to hide the fact that he was looking at them. I leaned against him and started to kiss and suck on his neck and down his his amazing body. I couldn't help but start rubbing myself against his hard bump and oh my god it felt so so good!

I moaned while he lifted my head and started to kiss me over and over again while he ran his big manly hands all over me. I also noticed that he kept lifting his butt off precious asian babe rides cock like mad the couch, and when he did that, he pushed his boner against my pussy really hard. I realized that I was humping him and he was humping me, and when I did, I took one of his hands and put it on one of my boobs. Once he had my boob in his hand, he started to kiss my neck and suck on it, and he kept doing that until he was kissing and sucking on my collar bone.

I let him kiss and suck me there for a minute and while he did, I felt all of my muscles get really tight until my back was arched.

He even touched my other boob, and he'd keep moving his hand from one to the other and kept squeezing and massaging them. He was driving me so so crazy, so I lifted his head and started to kiss him over and over again. We kissed so much that I lost count, but we would kiss like we did before, you know, when our mouths were wide opened and pressed together and we were licking the insides of each other's mouths.

And after the longest most amazing time of my life, I started to get that ache, only it was way way way worse than it had ever been. I could feel my wetness getting so bad that it wasn't funny, but it was amazing! And after a little while longer, I felt like I was going to cum, I was so glad that I knew what that was now.

We literally made out for almost thirty minutes, but we stopped because I didn't know if he had sex with his ex or not, or if he thought that having sex before we got married was a huge sin so I didn't want to go any further with him and end up scaring him away.

I loved him so much that it hurt so I knew that I couldn't live without him, there's just no way that I could. When I stopped everything, I noticed that he didn't even get mad at all, he was very respectful like he always was, and he was amazing and sweet! I got off of him and just left my shirt open and cuddled with him on my couch for a little while.

He didn't try to take my bra off, he didn't try to make out with me more or anything. He was incredible, he was amazing, he just caressed my back and arms while I tried to calm down. I was shaking still and I couldn't think, plus I was still all hot and horny for him. So the fact that he showed me so much respect made me fall even more in love with him. Later that night, he had to leave so he could go home and sleep since he had to work the next morning. So he put his shirt back on, and I buttoned my shirt up before I walked him out to his truck.

And when we got out there, his kissed me so so slow and so so passionately that he made my head spin. "I love you forever baby." He said softly after we stopped kissing. "I love you forever." I said.

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"I'll call you when I get home." He said. "Ok." I said while I smiled so big that it hurt. "Can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Yes." He said. "Do you think we are moving too fast?" I asked. "Kaylee, you have been and you still are the love of my life, so not only no, but hell no, I don't think we are moving too fast, it feels like we never stopped courting it actually feels like we quite literally just picked up where we left off, and I love it." He said while I slid my hand in his shirt and started to rub his abs.

"I was hoping you'd say that because I feel like we just picked up where we left off too, it feels like we were never apart." I said. "I love that we are on the big land pussy xxxii storys page." He said. "So do I." I said while he kinda touched my boobs through my shirt setting me on fire again. "So I take it that you're ok with us moving this fast too." He said while he slid his finger in my shirt and started to rub my chest between my boobs again.

"Perfectly." I said before I reached up and kissed him so slow and passionately, and when I was kissing him, he pulled me against him tighter and held my head in his hand. "I love you forever." He said while he looked so deep in my eyes that I could feel how much he loved me after we stopped kissing. "I love you always." I said while I rubbed his face. "Good night, I'll call you when I get home. "Ok, don't make me wait too long." I said. "I won't." He said before he kissed me again.

Melayu home scandal tube porn loved that we couldn't get enough of each other's kisses like, at all. I think we kissed for the longest time, and while we did, I hoped that the guys from the order were watching us. After we stopped kissing, I backed off even though I didn't want to and watched him get in his truck. I stopped him from closing his door at first and got on the bars he had on the sides and kissed him again.

After that I got off and closed his door and when he started to drive off, I blew him a kiss and he blew me one. I floated to my apartment and went and got my bags and took them to my room. I started to unpack, but I wasn't wanting to just unpack, I was wanting to find my toy so I could make myself have an orgasm while I fantasized about my sexy and hot Mason. When I found my toy, I went to my room and tossed my toy on the bed, went to make sure my door was locked and went back to my room while I started stripping down.

I couldn't get my pants and panties off fast enough and when I finally got back in my room, I laid on my bed and took my toy and started to basically practice everything I learned from the porn I watched. I was so hot and so horny for my baby that I couldn't take it anymore. I already knew that I was really really wet and I remembered what my friends told me about being wet, so I took my toy and slid it inside of myself, and before I knew it, oh my god I was cumming so so hard!!

I thought my very first real orgasm was amazing, oh no no! I put the toy on the bed so that it was pointing up like my boyfriend/cousins dick would be if he was there, and I sat on it like I wanted to do to him. But my orgasm was like, so so out of this world that every one of my muscles like, spasmed or something because I just fell over! And when I fell over, I kinda rolled over on my back and, god I don't even know. All I know was that it was only my second orgasm ever, and oh my god, I don't even know how to describe it!

The best part was that I had my eyes closed and all I could see was my lover, I could smell him, I could taste him and I could hear his voice in my head. I could feel his hands on my boobs still and I could still feel his boner, but when I put my toy inside of me, I pretended that it was his dick. I had to lay there for a minute until I could breath again and feel my arms and legs and stuff. It was so so amazing and I could not wait to have sex with him for real!

Right when I caught my breath, I heard my phone ringing, and when I answered, it was my man. We talked for the longest time that night, but what he didn't know was that I was completely naked. When we hung up, I had to have another orgasm so I ended up masturbating again, and I'll let you guess who I was thinking about!

I did end up falling asleep later after I had two more orgasms that night while I was dreaming about him, and when I did, I slept so so good and so so deep that it felt like I was literally sinking in my mattress. I don't even remember the last time I slept that good except for that it was before my Mason was taken away from me. I don't even know what time it was, but when I woke up, I noticed that I was still like, completely naked and I was still on my stomach and in the exact same position I was when I fell asleep.

I just laid there thinking that the last few months were just a dream at first, and I felt kinda bummed. Well, that was until I rolled over and found my toy laying on my bed, and when I looked at my phone to see a missed call, text message, and a voice mail from my boyfriend, I realized that none of it was a dream.

I sat up and took my phone and read the text message. Mason: good morning beautiful, I am getting ready to head into work now. I just wanted to say good morning to my beautiful goddess and hope you have a great day. I'll be thinking of you, I love you forever and always. Then I listened to his voice mail. "Hey beautiful, I hope you're sleeping well. I just wanted to let you know that I'm at work and I'm getting ready to hit the streets.

Not, not literally because that would be stupid and painful, you cougar loves a cock down her throat it. Feel free to track me down and come see me, I miss you, I love you always." He said before he kissed his phone and hung up. That text and voice mail made me smile and made d cup teen that he is not a lovely guy so happy that I almost started to cry, I literally had the love of my life back and we literally picked asian beauty lilly lovely makes pussy fucking cock cum hard where we left off.

It was like we were never apart to begin with because the day we saw each other for the first time in five years, our love for each other was still as strong as it use to be. No, no that's not right because it wasn't as strong as it use to be, it was way stronger, and so was our physical attraction to each other.

I didn't know much about sex at all, but now that I actually knew way more about sex than I did when I was married, it made me want him so so bad, you don't even know! How sad is it that I knew more about sex than I did when I was married, I mean seriously! I thought about how we went through everything that we did and how all of that brought us back together and how I was happier than I had been in so so long! I just laid there on my back smiling and staring at the ceiling thinking about my new life that was just beginning, and after a few minutes, my phone started to ring again.

"Hi mom." I said. "What are you doing?" She asked. "I just woke up." I said. "Well hurry and get ready so we can go shopping for immodest clothes for you." Mom said. "Ok, I'm up." I said while I sat up. "Have you heard from him this morning?" She asked.

"Yes. He sent me a text and left me a voice mail." I said. "Have you called him back?" She asked. "No, I just woke up." I said. "Ok well, call him real quick and get ready, we'll be there in an hour or so to pick fast and furious xxx sex story up." She said.

"Ok, love you mom." I said. "Love you too, today is going to be a great day." She said. "Already is." I said with the biggest smile. We said our good byes and I got up while I called Mason, I was surprised that he answered, but I was more surprised that he answered as fast as he did, and that he answered while they were going somewhere.

"Good morning beautiful goddess." He said over the sirens on his ambulance making me feel all warm and fuzzy. "Hey handsome prince, shouldn't you be concentrating on the road?" I asked while both sirens on his ambulance changed. "I am, I'm multitasking, hold're clear right." He said. "I just wanted to call you and tell you that I love you." I said after the sirens changed again. "I love you too baby, I know you said no, but I decided to go ahead and give you some money so you can have fun today." He said.

"You just want me to buy sexy immodest clothes don't you?" I asked while I giggled. "You can do whatever you want with it. But I'm not going to be mad if you do use it for that." He said making me giggle. "How much did you give me?" I asked. "I'll just let you find out for yourself, just have fun with it and enjoy being with your mom and them, that's all I ask." He said.

"But what if I spend all of it?" I asked. "Then you spend all of it, don't worry about it baby, I gave it to you so you can have fun and enjoy your day." He said. "Ok." I said. "We are almost on scene so I have to go, be careful and have fun, I love you forever." He said. "Be careful, you have a girl who's madly in love with you baby." I said.

We kissed our phones before I hung up before I got up and started to get ready. I had to take a bath because I still had my cum all over me and I didn't want anyone to smell it, but I also cleaned my toy and hid it so no one would find it. I did my make up really good since I was planning on stopping by where Mason was sitting to say hi. And when I was ready, my mom and then came over, and that's when I found a lot of money in my purse, that was the money that Mason snuck in for me.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw that, but it kinda felt kinda awkward because I wasn't use to that at all, especially since I was free to do what ever I wanted with it. We all tried to fit in moms old van but we couldn't, but that was ok because I still had my car. Anyway, we went to the mall, and it was like, their first time inside of a mall. They've heard about malls before but they never got to go to one. So after a my older sisters took my younger brothers and sisters and their kids to the arcades and stuff, my mom and I started shopping.

I found the cutest outfits in the world, and some of them made me look so so hot! I had enough money from my bank account and Mason that I got a whole new wardrobe, and none of the clothes I bought were all that modest at all! I had some of the girls at the store help me find some that would show a lot of skin, nice teen gives blowjob in pov and gets slim hole pounded I was excited about it!

And when I tried them on I loved how sexy I felt in them, so I went ahead and bought the clothes. I even bought all my sisters, my mom, and my brothers an outfit each from the mall! We got done and went to moms house so I could wash my new outfits, and when that was done, I put on a pair of tight booty shorts and a sexy little top that mom picked out for me.

The top only went down my tummy a little so it showed a lot of my stomach, plus the shorts rode really low. Let's just say that my new little outfit wasn't going to leave much to my sexy mans imagination at all, which is what I wanted.

It was loose around the neck and it drooped down a lot, and both of the sleeves kept sliding down my arm and when they did, my boobs would almost fall out completely. I also got a cowgirl hat and some cowgirl boots from the western store in the mall, so once I had my hair done, I put those on.

I couldn't believe how different I looked, I almost looked like a model! I didn't think I was all that good looking anyway, but I think I really looked hot when I was ready to go see him. "He's going to like this." I said while I looked at myself. "He's going to love it." Diana said. "How do I look mom?" I asked while I walked out to the living room. "I don't think he'll be able to keep his hands to himself." Mom said.

"Good, that's what I want." I said while I giggled. "Well, you look very beautiful and you'll get what you want then." She said. "Ok, is his lunch ready?" I asked. "Yes it is, his and his partners lunch is in the fridge. We all got subway." She said. "Perfect, I'm going to go see him." I said. "Behave, he's working." Mom said. "I'll try." I said while I laughed. So I went and looked in the mirror and put extra lip gloss on and started to get a little horny again. Me: hey sexy handsome man of mine Mason: yes beautiful goddess of mine Me: r u on a call?

Mason: just left the hospital and we are heading to post Me: what's that? Mason: it's pretty megan summers greedily sucks his hunk bf with a huge boner spot in the city where we sit between calls Me: u don't have a station?

Mason: we do but there's only one so they place us in different places through out the city so we can get to calls faster. Me: I didn't know that Me: where r u going, I wanna come see u Mason: we r heading to the gas station near your apartments Me: I know where that is! I'm on my way!!

Mason: ok! I'll be there as soon as I can I luv u!! Me: I luv u too Me: have u guys eaten yet? Mason: we haven't been able too cause it's been busy Me: good, don't buy anything, I'm bringing you and your partner lunch!! Mason: thank you!!! Me: welcome, I'll see u soon love Mason: can't wait, I miss u I grabbed their lunches and headed to my car, and started to go to the gas station. I pulled in parked and waited for my boyfriend and his partner to get there, and while I did I noticed a few guys and girls watching me while I fixed my cowgirl hat and checked my lipgloss.

But then I saw an ambulance pull in, I started to get the biggest butterflies ever! I watched it back in at the very end of the parking spaces, so I backed out and went closer to the ambulance. And when I saw my lover get out of the ambulance, I got so excited that I wanted to scream. That's when I got out of my car and when I did, he just looked at me and I watched his eyes start getting big.

"Holy shit, oh my fucking god." He said while he walked up to me. "Like my new outfit?" I asked. "Let me get a good look at you." He said while he took my hand. "Holy shit." He said softly while he twirled me around. "So is that a yes?" I asked. "Yeah, it's a yes, your ass looks absolutely amazing in these shorts." He said making me horny.

"Thanks, I'm glad you like it." I said. "I'd kiss you right now but." I said while I interrupted him. "So kiss me silly." I said making him lean down and kiss me a few times, tongue and all. "You look incredibly sexy, oh my god baby." He whispered after we stopped kissing. "Just for you baby." I said. "Thank you." He said. "Good god." He said while we both started to walk to his ambulance.

"Oh wait, I got lunches for you guys." I said while I let go of his hand and went back to my car. I grabbed their lunches, went back to my baby and slid my fingers between his so all of the guys there would know that I was taken by a guy that was like, a billion times hotter full sex stories xnxx story free them.

Before we got to his ambulance, his partner Kendra got out and smiled while she walked up to us. "Kaylee, oh my good god you look amazing!" She said while she walked up to me. "Thanks." I said.

"Give me a hug girl, you're family now." She said while she hugged me. "He's so happy now thanks to you." She whispered in my ear. "Good, he's made me happy too." I whispered.

"I see that, you're glowing." She said. "Everyone keeps telling me that." I said while I laughed. "It's true." She said. "She brought us lunch." Mason said.

"Aaawww, thank you! I'm starving, I'm going to get some drinks I'll be right back. Oh and, behave yourselves while I'm gone, no dirty little shenanigans." She said. "They always say to never make promises you can't keep." Mason said making us laugh while she went in. I snuggled against him with my fingers interlaced with his while we walked to his ambulance. When we got to it, he opened the back and let me climb in, but he let me climb in first.

"You just wanna look at my cute little butt." I said. "Well, I'm not going to lie so yeah I do." He said making me laugh a little before I climbed in before him hoping that he was looking at my ass. "God you look really really sexy." He said sending chills up my spine, but in a really good way.

"Thanks." I said while I looked at him with a little grin before I bit my lip a little. He just leaned over and kissed me right there after I did that and when he kissed me, I held the back of his head and started to kiss him back. We stopped kissing, I kinda leaned against him and started to rub his arms with my finger tips and that's when Kendra came back.

"Are you guys decent?" She asked. "Hold on, I need to get my pants back up." Mason said making me laugh. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself." I said surprising Mason. "Well hurry up, there are people out here." She said. "We're just kidding, get in here." Mason said. "You guys seriously need to just take a day and have sex, lord knows it's been a long time for him." Kendra said while she laughed. "Me too." I said while we laughed. "I just might have to fix that." Mason said making me shake a little because it really turned me on even more than I already was.

"I have no problem with that." I said kinda breathlessly while we laughed more. "Ok, look, I my hairy pussy latina mom find her on hornyzcom you because you're my partner and all, but that's too much, I don't need to know that." Kendra said making us laugh harder. "What? You opened the door." He said.

"And you invited us in so, here we are." I said. "You both suck, you're perfect for each other." She said. "Well, I guess you're right, we do suck." I said making my baby look at me with a smile. "Ok, it's getting really hot in here, maybe we should go crank the AC." Mason said while I laughed. "Seriously, have sex already, god damn!" Kendra said. "So can you like, give us some time then?" I asked making Mason tense up a little and look at me while he laughed.

"Jesus, I'm sorry I said anything." She said while they started to eat. Oh my god, the sexual tension between me and my Mason went like, I don't even know! All I knew was that I was definitely going to talk to him, and you know why. Oh my god you don't even know how badly I wanted him to have had and tons tons of sex with his ex, you have no idea whatsoever!!

We tried to behave the rest of the time I got to hang out with them, because well, there were a ton of people that were around. I loved that I got to hang out with him for long time, I was excited because of that. But while we were sitting in the ambulance and stuff, I heard this really weird beeping noise, it wasn't like a normal beep, it was a high low one that went really fast, then I heard his number, medic 334.

Apparently there was a really bad car crash that had more than one car and one rolled over that threw someone out and they were calling for two ambulances. "I guess that means that you have to leave huh?" I asked. "Yeah I do." He said while we got out of the ambulance and Kendra started to run to the drivers side and get in. Then Mason closed the back door and took me to his side.

"Be careful baby." I said. "I will, you be safe. I'll see you soon, stay beautiful and sexy and I love you always." He said. "I love you forever." I said before he leaned down and kissed me a few times fast. He got in and I watched all of the lights turn on then I watched them start driving off and the sirens came on. I turned and started to walk to my car, and when I did I noticed that the girls from earlier were still there.

They came up to me and started to talk to me. They loved my hair and even asked me what I used to make it as blonde as it was, but I told them that I was born with it. Apparently they talked to my Mason a lot, and Mason always talked about me.

They were so happy that we found each other and that we were together again. I made new friends that day which was pretty cool! I got back to moms house and went to her couch and just fell on it making my cowgirl hat fall off. "How did it go, wait, don't answer that. You look like you did the night you guys first started courting when you were fourteen." Mom said. "God mom, he's so so hot." I said with a dreamy voice.

"Did he like your outfit?" She asked. "Yep." I said. "Good." She said. "I'm really happy that you two are together again, I don't think you realize how relieved I am that you are." Mom said. "I'm just happy. I'm so so lucky mom." I said.

"At least you know that." Mom said while she hugged me. "I missed how he made me feel." I said. "Are you feeling that again?" She asked. "Yes but it's different this time?" I said. "How is it different?" She asked.

"I don't know, my feelings for him and his feelings for me are way way stronger and I'm way way more attracted to him than I ever was. He's just, I don't even know." I said. "I'm really really happy and I'm excited for you." Mom said.

"So am I." Diana said while she walked up and hugged me. Later that night, Mason got off of work and I went to his house and made out with him for the longest time! I had to go home because if I didn't, I was going to make love to him and I didn't want to ruin what we had if he hadn't had sex yet.

When I got home, I black guy and girl full sex story xnxx him to let him know that I was home and we ended up talking on the phone all night long. I actually ended up falling asleep with him on my phone, I didn't even masturbate that night because I was too busy talking to my boyfriend.

I loved my new life, I really don't know how else to say it at all. I wasn't depressed, I wasn't sad and I loved where my life was going now, but more importantly, I had the one man that I needed in my life more than I needed anything in my life. I had the one person that I needed to make my life whole again and I didn't feel like I was missing anything in my life anymore. And the more I saw him, the harder I would fall for him and all I had to do was see him and that was it.

But, he would make me fall even harder for him just by how amazing he was to me. Mom was right about everything, including the part where she said that I knew that I was a lucky lucky girl.