Cunt of a dark gorgeous chick gets rammed hardcore and blowjob

Cunt of a dark gorgeous chick gets rammed hardcore and blowjob
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According to Brady's tally I was better at touching, sucking nipples and licking and sucking his dick. Brady however was better at kissing and that was it so far. I seemed to be winning but the night was young and there was still more thing I wanted to try out with him. After Brady's little comment I still hadn't had enough of his thick dick. I began licking the length of his dick and every time I got to the tip I would swallow his dick once milf syren touches the titties of teenager micca and kissed it run my tongue down his dick to his balls and but them in my mouth.

Brady loved the way I swallowed his dick and when I did he would grab my hair and push my face deeper in his pubes. When I had his balls in my mouth he would rub my hair, and ask me to suck his dick. Although I wanted his dick in my mouth I knew that it wouldn't last for long if I kept sucking him so I took my time disregarding what he wanted.

I've been sucking his dick for about 8minutes now and he was getting close. I decided to try something else. I moved away from his dick got on my feet and grabbed his ankles.

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With his ankles in my grip I pushed them back his ass was in the air and his knees touched the bed next to his head he could almost suck his own dick. With this new position, I held his right ankle with my left and hand and his left ankle with the right part of my body, this allowed me to have my right hand free. I put the middle finger of my free hand in his mouth and made sure it was nice and wet before I took it out.

When I took my finger out, I immediately moved it to his ass and started circling its circumference. He had his eyes closed but when I began doing this his eyes popped open and he said: "Oh fuck!

I like that!

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Don't stop! Play with my asshole!!!" I didn't need to be told twice and without a warning I introduced my middle finger to the inside of his ass. He moaned, and in that same moment his dick bounced and got harder. "HOLY SHIT!!! That feels so FUCKING GOOD!!!!" my finger was just to my first knuckle then I began finger fucking him going from slow to fast and Brady became my bitch.

He continued to scream: "Put that finger deeper in my ass!! Go faster!! Go harder!!! Go DEEPER!!!" I did as he told me but he wanted more. I took my finger out and put it in his mouth only this time my index finger went into his mouth too. When both fingers were wet I took them out of his mouth and into his ass. This felt better to him because the screams were louder and more frequent.

The best part: his face, it was priceless. Pain and Pleasure combined are an intense emotion. His eyebrows were furrowed but he licked his lips and bit them constantly.

After about 5 minutes of finger fucking him with two fingers I Moved my face closer to his ass. I freed my other hand he immediately grabbed his right ankle I used my showing nylon stocking boots blonde freed hand to grab his dick and turn it up to my face.

I held his dick in place and started licking it's head, then I began sucking on it.

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Brady was an screaming whore, He kept screaming and moaning: "OHHH!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!! Suck that cock!!!! Fuck that ASS!!! OM MY GWAD!!!!!!!" after a moment of sucking his dick I Stopped everything, the sucking the finger fucking, so abruptly that he was very unhappy: "What's wrong?" I replied: "Well, your pretty loud and I was wondering if anybody can hear us?" he laughed and said: "you should've asked that a loooong time ago.

No, there's nobody here, at least I don't think so." "I guess I should've asked sooner. But oh well. Now, where were we?" He smiled and said: "I think you were about to fuck me" I said: "Really? You sure about that?" He looked lustfully into my eyes and said: YES!!!

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I want your dick in my ass!! I want you to fuck my ass and cum inside me!!! I want it hard and fast!!!" I laughed and said: "I wasn't asking if you wanted it or not, I was asking if you were sure that where we had stopped." "Oh, yeah that's where we stopped" he said.

He wanted my dick, he wanted me to fuck him, he wanted me to fuck him fast and hard and cum inside his ass. Man do I like this guy! I laughed and said: "ok then! But before we go that far there is something else I want to do." "Anything as long as you fuck me!" was his response.

I laughed again and put his as up in the air again.

This time he grabbed his own legs and held them in place. I put my right hand fingers in his mouth again and began finger-fucking his mouth. He moaned and I was sure this would muffle his screams. I got closer to his asshole, stuck my tongue out and licked his white, smooth baby-soft-butt cheek. I continued to lick it until I reached his asshole.

I paused when I did and Brady had stopped sucking my finger, he was expecting the next part. I waited with my tongue ready. Then as soon as he began sucking my finger I started moving my tongue around his asshole. He loved this and his moans increased in volume and quantity. I then made my tongue hard and put it right on the entrance of his asshole.

With the motion of my entire body I began tongue-fucking him. As I did this he took spat my fingers out of his mouth and said: "FUCK YEAH!!!! OH MY GWAD!!! THAT FEELS SOOOO FFFUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I stopped fucking him and began licking his asshole.

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I loved how it tasted but the taste is hard to describe. I licked and licked and he moaned and screamed. I was glad his asshole was hairless. 10 more minutes had passed and Brady's lungs didn't seem to be going out of air anytime soon. My tongue was getting dry from licking his asshole so much. His asshole was dripping wet.

Ready to get fucked. I put my tongue back in my mouth and said: "I think my tongue is numb…" then laughed. Brady laughed too and said: "It was good!" to that I replied: "I know, you wouldn't stop screaming how good it felt." Then laughed.

Thankfully he got my sense of humor and laughed with me. I lay on the bed next to him and he kissed my chest. I had completely forgotten that I was still wearing my underwear, and so had he. So he decided to rip it off. Brady grabbed my boxer-briefs with both hands and ripped them open exposing my dick and balls to him.

As soon as my dick bounced up he put it in legal age teenager struggles with monster dick mouth and began sucking.

I grabbed his head and forced my dick in his mouth but my dick was bigger than his and he gagged on my dick. Having him eating my dick felt great! He played with my balls as he sucked and I played with his hair as I fucked his face. Then I grabbed him by his sides and moved him closed to me. When he realized what I wanted to do he moved his legs near my face and positioned his dick right over my mouth. I began sucking him and he started moaning. Only this time every time he moaned I pushed my dick deeper in his mouth and muffle his moans.

He seemed to enjoy sucking my dick as mush as getting his dick sucked. It was mutual sucking, a typical 69. I moved my hands on his ass and his legs. I spread his ass cheeks further open and started fingering him once again. The pleasure he received from this was too much for poor Brady and before he or I could do anything about it he exploded in my mouth.

He buckled and then his cum began flooding my mouth I started swallowing and kept sucking, sucking the cum out his dick.

He had stopped sucking me but I kept on going. He shot about 10 times before the cum subsided. But the cum kept coming only in smaller portions and less often. He was dribbling instead of shooting his cum. The salty creamy feeling of his cum was a new taste in my mouth but I loved it so much I wanted more. I kept sucking until he became flaccid my slut wife fucks my virgin friend even then I kept sucking. He had to pull his dick of my mouth for me to stop.

As soon as I saw his face I pulled him to me and shared his cum with him. Brady sucked my tongue trying to get the cum out of my mouth but it was too late I had already swallowed most of it and the little that was left he had already taken. We were both hungry for more and his dick began hardening once again, ready to shoot more cum out! Third part coming out soon! ;)