Mom son fuck at home hq porn

Mom son fuck at home hq porn
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Hide And Seek There were fourteen of us on a Girl Scout outing. We were all from a small town near Seattle, so it wasn't a long trip to the campsite, which was deep in the woods near a nice mountain stream.

It was just a day trip, so we wouldn't be spending the night. I was fifteen at the time and my younger sister, Mandy was thirteen.

We were very close, and did everything together. We did the usual stuff; playing soccer, throwing a Frisbee around and frolicking in the stream. The troop leaders dug a fire pit. We all chipped in by gathering firewood. Then, we cooked hot dogs, roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. A couple of hours after arriving at the camp, we decided to play a game of Hide and Seek.

As always, Mandy and I stuck together. We ran off into the woods, traversed a small gully, and finally found a large tree which had three main trunks growing out in three different directions.

It was the perfect hiding spot. We could lay behind it and peek between the trunks to see if anyone was approaching. I had my arm over Mandy, hugging her close to me. We were both trying to stifle giggles as we were sure no one would find us. * * * Without warning, I felt something round and cold on the back of my neck. It was pressing down so hard, forcing my face into the leaves; I had to struggle to breathe. My face was turned toward Mandy, and Experienced milf teaches a couple how to fuck in a hardcore way could see a foot planted on the back of her neck.

She was whimpering, so I assumed she was struggling to breathe as well. A coarse voice warned us, "One sound and you're both dead." And that's when I heard it: a loud click.

Our dad and older brother were hunters, and I'd gone with them enough times to recognize the sound of a hammer being pulled back on a gun, probably a rifle.

I felt my shoes being removed, and a few seconds later, my hands were pulled behind my back and tied with something thin. I assumed it was my shoestrings. I was dragged to my feet, and my t-shirt was immediately pulled up over my head so I couldn't see.

Then there was something around my neck. It felt like a belt, and it was drawn tight enough to hold my t-shirt in place. Fortunately, the material was thin enough to allow me to breathe. I heard Mandy let out a screech, and I assumed the same was happening to her.

My brain went into survival mode. I was beyond scared, but I just kept telling myself to cooperate and find a way to survive this. "Do what they say." I managed to tell her. There was a hand on the back of my neck half pushing and half pulling me through the woods. The twigs and rocks were harsh on my now bare feet.

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I could feel them slicing my skin. Also, limbs were digging into my bare legs and the exposed flesh of my stomach. We walked for over an hour, up and down steep inclines, across several streams, and through thick undergrowth. But finally, we were lifted up and thrown into the bed of a truck. We must have driven for over two hours.

There were a lot of turns onto rough roads. I just kept telling Mandy to do whatever they said. "We have to survive this. Just put your mind in a happy place—maybe our trip to the Bahamas. Do you remember how much fun we had there?" "Y. . yes." My sister finally mumbled. "Good. Just concentrate on that and try to remove yourself from what's happening to us.

Whatever happens, we're going to survive it. Just concentrate on that." "Clair, I'm really, really scared." She whimpered through her sobbing. "I know, baby.

I am too, but we just have to survive. That's the only thing that's important." "Okay." She mumbled. When the truck stopped, we were dragged out. I heard a large wooden door open and we were shoved to the ground on a hay covered floor. The place smelled of manure, so I assumed it was some sort of barn. They used tape to secure my t-shirt over my eyes, and then they were gone. The next thing I heard was that huge cock hard fucking carolina sweets shaved pussy rough voice say, "C'mere boys and see what your Pa brung ya." And then I heard younger voices, one probably my age, the others younger say, "Shit, Pa, where'd ya find um?" And "Sweet Jesus, look at them pretty little fillies." As I was being dragged to my feet again, the older man said, "You boys gonna get a proper learning on grown up goings on.

Now, give your Pa a hand here." My hands were freed briefly, and then bound again, this time in front of me with a chain. A minute later, I heard the spin of a block and tackle, and I was pulled upward by my hands until my toes were barely touching the floor. Not long after that, I heard the block and tackle and the rattle of chains again, and Mandy moaned loudly.

I assumed she was being hoisted up as well. The older man asked, "Does Ma have vittles ready?" "Yes, Pa." "Good, let's go put on the feed bag. No hurry about these two. They ain't going nowhere." And then I heard the large wooden door open and close again.

Mandy was sobbing. I wanted to cry myself, but I needed to be strong for her. "Mandy, whatever happens, just remember; our only goal at this point is to survive this. Nothing else matters. Do you hear me?" Through her sobbing, my sister managed a weak, "Okay." * * * It seemed like hours before the wooden door creaked open again.

"Boy, fetch me them sheers." Seconds later, I felt cold metal against my bare flesh. The sheers cut through the fabric of my bra, and then it was pulled away. I could feel goose bumps skinny gina devine railed and jizzed on out on my bare flesh.

"My, my, look at them fine titties." The older man said. That didn't shock me. I'd already prepared myself for being stripped naked. And I'd already warned Mandy it was probably going to happen. Why else would they have kidnapped us? Within seconds, I felt several hands feeling me up. They weren't gentle, and I knew my C cup boobs were going to be badly bruised.

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"Please no." Mandy called out. I assumed she was being molested as well. Next, my shorts and panties were pulled down and off. "Now that, boys, is a pretty young puss. She ain't all hairy like your Ma. That's cuz she's still a young filly.

She's gonna be nice and tight too. You ever been fucked proper, Missy?" When I shook my head, he chuckled, "Well that's about to change, Missy. My boys are gonna show you a real good time." After what seemed like forever, with hands going all over my body, especially my boobs and between my legs, I busty girlfriend fucked after bath iknowthatgirl and masturbating the block and tackle spin again.

Seconds later, I was on my knees with my hands still pulled high over my head. And then I felt sharp steel against my neck, "Open that pretty little mouth of yours, Missy, and if you hurt one of my boys, I'm gonna slice your throat from hither to yarn." While he was talking, I heard the other block and tackle. I assumed they were lowering Mandy to her knees as well. "Just do it, Sis. Don't think about it. Just do it." "Now see." The older man said, "This here one has it all figured out.

Do what we want and we just might take pity and let you live." The next thing I knew, there was a short fat cock being forced into my mouth. I'd never been naked in front of a boy—never even done more than French kiss a boy, so I'd surely never given a blowjob.

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This wasn't that though. This wasn't a blowjob. There was a hand on the back of my head and a cock being thrust into my mouth over and over. I was gagging, but it didn't last long. After only thirty seconds or so, the cock started filling my mouth with cum. I couldn't swallow until he pulled his cock out of my mouth, but then I swallowed and coughed vomit fetish girls puke puking vomiting gagging food humilation spitting I was finally able to breathe.

I heard Mandy gagging, so I knew she was getting the same treatment. "Please" I begged, "Leave her alone. I'll do anything you want." The boys all laughed.

I was trying to count the voices. I finally decided there were at least three, maybe four of them, plus the older man they called Pa. The block and tackle rattled again, and I was forced forward until I was supporting myself on my bound hands.

I knew what was coming, or at least I thought I did. I was totally unprepared for a cock being shoved into my ass. I screamed out in pain and fought not to pass out.

Again, it only lasted a few seconds, but when it was over, a young voice said, "Fuck! She got shit on my dick." I panicked when the old man said, "Open up, Missy. You need to be cleaning up your mess." God! That was the most disgusting thing yet. When the small cock pushed its way into my mouth, two hot sluts pleasuring his hard rod did indeed taste like shit.

I couldn't help myself. I started throwing up. That didn't dissuade them though. When I was finished heaving, he put his cock back into my mouth and made me finish cleaning it.

A minute later, I felt something cold against my asshole. It was round and rough. When it was in my ass only a little, I felt it. It was a water hose and they turned on the water to clean me out. Big ass latina get hard anal drilling at booty camp tube porn long after, I emptied my bowels.

They sprayed me off with the cold water, and then the floor all around me. A short time later, another small cock entered my ass. I lost track of how many cocks entered my mouth and ass. I'm sure there weren't that many guys there, so I assumed they were young and able to get it back up over and over. And I'm sure Mandy was probably getting the same treatment. I could hear her whimpering and sobbing, even though her sounds were muffled, probably because she had a cock in her mouth while another one was in her ass.

Finally, they freed my hands and chained them behind my back again and left us, closing the big wooden door behind them. We were both lying on the floor, so I scooted over until I could feel Mandy. She was still whimpering and sobbing. I did my best to move my body against hers, "Shhhh, baby. They're gone for now. Turn over. Maybe we can get the chains off. "Clair, they hurt me real bad." My sister whimpered.

"I know baby, but we're still alive. . and we're still together. We just have to concentrate on surviving this." I tried to free Mandy's hands from the chains, but it was no use. There was a lock on them. Finally, I gave up and snuggled my body to hers as best I could. "Try to get some sleep, baby. Whatever happens, we just have to concentrate on our survival." "I love stunning girl is peeing and fingering shaved slit, Clair." "I know, baby.

I love you too." * * * Surprisingly, I was finally able to doze off for a short time. When I woke up, I could see through the material of my t-shirt enough to see light coming around the old wooden door.

I was thankful that Mandy was still asleep. I didn't want to move for fear of waking her up. It was probably over an hour later when she stirred.

"Fuck!" She exclaimed, "It wasn't a bad dream. It's real." "Yes, baby, but we're going to get through this. We just have to stick together." "Clair?" "Yes, baby." "I need to pee really bad." Actually, I did too. "Me too. Just go ahead and pee. We don't have a choice." My sister began sobbing again as I heard her pee hitting the floor and felt it splashing onto my legs. I couldn't hold out, so I took my relief as well. A few minutes later, my heart jumped when I heard the big wooden door squeak open.

And then I heard the older man laugh, "They pissed all over themselves. Fetch me the hose." Seconds later, we were being sprayed down with cold water. It was really cold, but welcomed too. Sunny leane xx sex vedio smell of our morning pee, added to the smells of the barn animals was overwhelming.

I was pulled to my feet, and once again the block and tackle rattled. My hands were freed and chained in front of me, and then once again stretched high over my head until I was on just my toes. And then, I was sprayed off again with the cold water. "Open up, missy", the older man said. When I did, something was shoved into my mouth. It tasted like ham. I chewed it and then swallowed. And then I was given a drink from the hose. The food was the best news yet.

If they intended to kill us, they wouldn't bother feeding us. That was a big relief, and I couldn't wait to tell my sister. I heard more voices this time, some of which I didn't recognize. And then the older man said, "See, I told you we found some sweet little missies wondering out in the woods." A minute later, I felt a mouth on each of my boobs.

They were rough, really rough. Tugging and biting my nipples with their teeth. It was all I could do not to scream out in pain. Mandy did. Her screams echoed through the barn. "Leave her alone, you pigs." I shouted at them.

"Do what you want to me, but leave her alone." There was a lot of laughter, and then the older man said, "Now ain't that sweet. She says we can do anything we want to her. Recon she means it?" Something cold was pressed to my ass, and then my whole body was rocked with a violent shock.

It had to be either a police stun gun or a cattle prod. I assumed it was the latter. And then it hit the middle of my back. My body shook and began convulsing. The pain was overwhelming, and it was all I could do not to pass out. Of course, passing out would have been a blessing.

At least then, I wouldn't be conscience enough to feel the pain. I started crying when I heard my sister scream out in pain. I knew she was receiving what I just had. "Please, please, leave her alone. I'll do anything you want." "We'll see about that, missy. Lower her down." Seconds later, I was on my knees with my head being pulled backward. "Open your mouth, missy." When I did, I felt the head of a cock touch my lips. The next thing I knew, my mouth was being flooded with pee. "Swallow this, missy." What could I do but swallow the disgusting fluid that was filling my mouth?

When he was finished, another one stepped up and began peeing in my mouth. And after him, another one took his place. There were six of them, so I assumed that was all of them. I assumed, since all of them had peed in my mouth, Mandy was spared that humiliation. I was happy about that. I was sprayed down with the cold water and then lowered back down to my knees. When I was kneeling, I was given a drink from the hose, but just then I felt the head of a cock being forced into my pussy.

Once the head was in me, its owner thrust forward so violently my hymen barely slowed it down. I screamed out in pain. It was probably about two minutes later when I felt it cumming inside me. He had no sooner withdrawn than another cock was shoved into my pussy. Mandy let out a shrill scream, so I assumed she was being fucked as well. Over the next several hours, my mouth, pussy and ass were assaulted over and over.

From the sounds Mandy was making, I assumed she was receiving the same treatment. I just kept praying it would end soon and we both would survive it. I was shocked when I heard a female voice say, "Here ya go, boys. I brung ya'll some vittles cause I figured you'd be working up a powerful hunger." There was a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth at the time which is probably why the female voice said with a chuckle, "You youngins take care not to get your dongs bit off." * * * That night, while I was snuggled up next to Mandy, I shared my thoughts with her about the food and what I thought it meant.

She shocked me by saying, "I hope they kill me." "Don't you say that!" I scolded her. "Don't you even think it. We're going to survive this together. Don't you ever say that again." * * * I was so exhausted, I didn't even hear the wooden door open. I didn't wake up until I was pulled up to my knees.

The next thing I felt was hot pee being sprayed onto my face and body from several directions. Next, I felt the water hose violating my pussy and then my ass.

My bowls emptied themselves again. Then I was dragged to my feet and hosed off from head to toe. Back on my knees, I felt one cock after another fucking me in my pussy and ass.

Mandy was whimpering and sobbing the whole time. That went on all day. Finally, my hands were once again pulled behind my back and we were dragged outside and thrown into the back of the truck once again.

I couldn't see any light coming through my t-shirt, so I knew it was dark. Again, we drove for a very long time—perhaps as long as two hours. I kept telling Mandy over and over, "They must be going to let us go." "Or kill us." She responded.

"NO! Don't think that. They're going to let us go. They've had their fun." The truck turned off the main road and onto a really rough path. It was crashing through limbs and thick underbrush. When we stopped, Mandy and I were once again dragged out of the truck. We walked for a long time. My feet were being cut by twigs and rocks again. Finally, we came to a stop. "Okay, missies, here's your chance. If you survive this, you'll live. Otherwise, you'll make a nice meal for them bears." I couldn't imagine what he was talking about until I was pushed forward.

The ground disappeared from under my feet for a few seconds, and then I began rolling and tumbling head over heals.

I felt boulders and limbs crashing into me. At some point, my head hit a rock and my world went black. When I woke up, there was total silence. I called out for my sister, but there was no response. When I moved my adrianna nicole enjoys a big black cock, I felt a bolder to my right. I immediately began scraping my face on it, trying to rub my t-shirt up enough so I could see.

I was only partially successful. I finally managed to move it up high enough that I could lean my head back and see out of one eye. Mandy was lying motionless on the ground a few feet away. I crawled over to her.

I put my cheek against her back and talented legal age teenagers come for casting hardcore and blowjob her shallow breathing.

I could also see her blood soaked t-shirt over her head. I knew I had to get her help.

With my hands still chained behind my back, it took me a very long time to climb my way back up the steep incline. I would climb some and then slide back down, but I was determined. My sister's life depended on me. When I finally made it to the top of the incline, I headed off in the general direction I thought we'd come from. It took a while, especially with me stumbling around on shredded feet, but I finally located a gap in the undergrowth I was sure was caused by the truck. I followed that out to the main road, which was only a small Farm to Market road.

I didn't want to lose perspective on where I was, so I stayed there. Finally, after a very long time, a car came along.

There wasn't much I could do. I couldn't wave with my hands secured behind my back, so I just stood there and jumped up and down. Thankfully, the car stopped and backed up to where I was. I leaned my head back enough to peek out. I saw two men get out of the car. Fortunately, I didn't have to explain anything. "Are you one of the missing girls they've been talking about all over the news?" "Yes!" I practically screamed, "My sister.

. we have to help my sister. She's hurt bad." When they managed to get my t-shirt off of my head, the cool night breeze felt wonderful.

And even though it was dark, it still took a minute for my eyes to adjust. One of the men opened the trunk of their car and rummaged around a bit. And then he took out a pair of bolt cutters. Seconds later, my hands were free. "We need to find you something to wear." "No!" I screamed, "We have to find my sister." "Okay, where's your sister?" One of them asked me.

I pointed to the woods. "I'll show you." But when they saw me try to walk, one of them helped me onto his back. The other man got a flashlight from the trunk.

The first few hundred yards was easy, but after that, I pointed them this way and then that. Evidentially, I'd staggered around a bit prior to finding the path left by the truck. It took a long time, but we finally located the steep incline. The men had taken turns carrying me on their backs. Their flashlight was barely strong enough to illuminate Mandy's markus dupree with eva notty body at the bottom of the long incline. "I'm not sure I can get her up here by myself." The man said who didn't have me on his back at the time.

I slid to the ground, "You both go. I'll wait up here." Thirty minutes later, I was in the back seat of their car with Mandy's bloody head on my lap.

I was stroking her hair and talking to her, "We did it, baby. We survived. You just have to hang in there a little longer." * * * I didn't even realize I was still naked until a nurse put a blanket around me. Honestly, I couldn't care less. I was too worried about Mandy to care about my being naked. They put Mandy on a stretcher and tried to force me onto another one. I refused. I wasn't about to leave my sister's side.

Finally, one male nurse grabbed me and forced me to lie down on a stretcher. "Don't worry, Misswe'll keep you together." In the emergency room, he kept his word. Our beds were only far enough apart to allow the nurses and doctors to walk between them. "Is she going to be okay?" I kept asking them over and over. They would only say, "It's too early to tell." I was separated from gabriella gives her man a morning treat sister only long enough for them to put her into the MRI machine, and then I was right back with her, stroking her hair and cheek and telling her over and over, "We survived, baby.

You need to fight now to come back to me." It was awkward hugging her with all the tubes and wires that were attached to both of us, but I managed.

The nurses helped me by rearranging things to allow me to snuggle up against her. When our parents showed up, I heard the doctor tell them, "She has a severe concussion, but there's no serious brain swelling. We think she'll be okay if she fights hard enough." I kept telling her over and over, "You need to fight now, baby. It's over. I love you, but you need to come back to me." I dozed off, but I could feel my mother stroking my head and arm.

The next thing I felt was Mandy squeezing my hand. "That's it, baby. Wake up and come back to me." I'm sure they didn't intend for me to hear when they told our parents, "They both have severe vaginal and anal tearing. Their breasts are badly bruised, and they have bite marks over their entire bodies, and they both have multiple burns that could only have been caused by something like a cattle prod.

They both have been through a holy hell that we can't even imagine." I almost laughed. I thought to myself, "They have no idea." * * * When they finally released both of us from the hospital, Mandy and I slept in the same bed, hugging each other. Our Dad moved his recliner into the bedroom and slept in it with his Winchester across his lap—just to make us feel safe. * * * Our parents had thankfully refused to allow a joint press conference with us and the doctors.

Mom was just as adamant with the police, including the FBI. "They're just not ready." She insisted. We'd been home for almost a week when Mom came into our room and hugged us both. "Girls, the police need to talk to you. We can't put them off any longer. They want to know if you want them to come here, or if you want to meet them at the police station." "NO!" I almost shouted, "None of that can come into this house.

We'll go to the police station if we have to." "Okay, I'll tell them." She said, giving us both another tight hug. She was on the way out of our room when I said, "Mom?" She turned around, "Yes, what is it sweetie?" "Tell them. . we have to stay together—not separate rooms." Mom nodded, "I'll make sure they know." * * * "You can't ask us what they did to us. We won't talk about that." The head FBI man nodded. There were six of them, one male and one female FBI agent.

The others were sheriffs from ours and neighboring counties. Our parents were standing in the corner of the room. Both Mandy and I were still in wheelchairs. Our feet were in really bad shape. "Okay, let's talk about the day you were abducted. What can you remember about where they took you?" I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, "We were blindfolded.

It was an old rickety truck. We were on smooth road for a very long time, and then we turned off onto several really rough roads." The FBI man looked at the others. One by one they either shook their heads or shrugged. "We were put in a blond milf fist fucked in her huge cunt till she squirts of some kind. When they put us back in the bed of the old truck three days later, we drove for a long time, first on rough roads and then on a smooth road for maybe as long as two hours.

That's when they took us into the trees and threw us down a steep embankment. That's it." "Do you know how many of them there were?" "An older man they called 'Pa'. The first day there were four or five boys.

The second day there was a couple more." I was surprised when Mandy spoke up, "And a woman." "There was a woman there?" The FBI lady asked. I nodded, "Yes, on the second day. She brought them food. Instead of helping us, she made a joke out of them not letting us bite their. . their things off." "Is there anything else you can remember?" She asked us. I glared at her hard. I'm sure they could all hear the venom in my voice when I said, "We remember every second of it.

We'll never forget what they did to us, but none of that will help you find them." Our parents were wheeling us out when Mandy stunned me again by saying, "I hope you don't catch them." "What?" The female FBI agent asked in a firm voice. "You want them to be able to do that to other girls?" That's when Dad stepped between us and the Agents. He pointed his finger in her face, "They've told you what they could. Now, go do your fucking job and leave our family alone.

If you catch them, my girls won't testify. I won't allow it. You do your fucking job." * * * "Sweetie, you can't hide in your room forever." Mom said in a very compassionate voice.

"You have to get out of the house sooner or later. Now, we're going to take the two of you out to lunch. I won't except no for an answer." "Please, Mom!" I begged, "Please don't make us do this." "It's time." She said sternly. Thirty minutes later, Mom and Dad were pulling our wheelchairs out of the back of the SUV.

And then they wheeled us into our favorite small dinner. The place went totally silent when we entered. All eyes were on us. It was every bit as bad as I thought it would be. I lost it. "What the fuck are you people looking at?" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Mom and Dad immediately turned us around and wheeled us out. "I'm so, so sorry." Mom said when we were back in the car. "I didn't think. . ." Mandy had her face buried in her hands.

I just glared at Mom, but I didn't say anything. I was sure she got the point. A few weeks later, our parents rented a house in Seattle.

Dad put our house up for sale, but we didn't wait. We moved a few days later. Mandy and I began using new names. At least in the larger city, no one would know who we really were and what had happened to us. * * * The End Please give me feedback at [email protected]

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