Excited attractive girlfriend is willing to begin sex

Excited attractive girlfriend is willing to begin sex
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"Oh my god, what just cute blonde rides her sybian to orgasm, Christina said to herself, "My sister actually has a cock, and wants to fuck me with it.

Why am I so turned on?" Her sister, Hanna, had just blown a load from her mysterious new, large cock, and had imagined blowing it in her sister's pussy. Christina grabbed her middle, where her cervix was, and said, "How would I even get all that cum inside me.

That was a lot." She got up, walked to the door and peeked out. Hanna was sitting on the couch, under a blanket, watching t.v. Christina shut the door, and pondered her next move. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen, and was extremely turned on, not by just the size, but the fact her sister was carrying it. Christina took the towel she had on off and laid it by the sink. She looked herself over in the mirror. She put her hands over her little titties, rolling her nipples in between her fingers.

She wanted bigger boobs badly, planning on getting implants after college, or even in college. She wanted her sister's boobs, big, full D cups. She moved her hands down her smooth stomach, and put one over her pussy. She rubbed her clit a little, then turned around and admired her ass.

42 inches around, the main signature of her family. The boys all loved it, and she loved flaunting it. Yoga pants and leggings were her favorites to wear, as it left little imagination to its size. She had never taken a dick up the ass, but felt that since her sister had a cock, and a large one, she'd give her first shot. Christina decided she would tease her sister, and then either leave her hanging, or beg Hanna to take her. She put the towel back on, and walked outside.

She sat down on the couch, on the other side of the counsel from Hanna. Hanna was wearing the same shirt and leggings she had on earlier, but had her cock down, following her left leg. She stared at the t.v. as Christina walked to the couch. "In there for a while weren't you", she asked Christina. "I did a little grooming downstairs", Christina replied, hoping that would get a little something started. Hanna just continued staring at the t.v.

Disappointed, Christina looked at the t.v. too. She moved around a little, her towel getting a little loose. One of her boobs got uncovered, a little nipple peeking out.

She could see out the corner of her eye that Hanna was peeking at it, and moving around herself, especially her left leg. After a little while, Christina covered her breast up, then sat still for a little while, before making her next move. She turned again, with the split in her towel open enough to see her pussy. Christina again watched Hanna discreetly, and saw her sister taking more noticeable peeks, and rubbing her large cock under the blanket.

Christina covered her crotch up, giving her sister more than enough of a show. By now gy deepthroat porn videos search watch and download gy deepthroat free sex towel was practically falling off. If Christina got up, the towel would just come right off. Christina thought she ought to do just that. After a few minutes, Christina got up off the couch, the towel doing just what she thought it would.

She took a few steps, then turned around. Her sister was staring at her big, juicy, round ass, and was jerking herself off. Christina turned right around, and walked towards her sister. In all her naked glory, Christina grabbed the blanket and pulled it off her sister. Her sister's cock stood up, pointing back towards Hanna.

Christina grabbed, and bent down to lick the tip. Hanna's cock jumped as her tongue made the first pass. Then, Christina put her mouth over, and moved her lips down her sister's hard shaft. Hanna couldn't believe her sister was actually sucking her cock. Christina was going slow, easy, and not going so deep, just the tip and a few inches lower. Each stroke brought more and more saliva out of Christina's mouth.

This was going to be one sloppy blowjob. Finally, Christina took the plunge. She forced 8 inches of her sister's cock before coming back up for air. "Get on your fours. You'll get more in that way", Hanna told her sister. Christina obeyed, and got on her fours, elbows on the counsel.

Hanna got on to her knees, and put her cock to Christina's lips. Christina put the cock in her mouth and worked it again. After getting lathered up again, Christina went at it again.

She got the 8 in easily, and an extra inch and a half in. She wasn't going to give up until she had all eleven down her throat.

She took another plunge, and Hanna grabbed the back of her head and thrust. Christina's nose touched where Hanna's pubes should be, and stayed there until she ran out of breath. She back off, and just as she gained some air, Hanna pulled her back down.

They kept on for a couple minutes, until Hanna felt she had to cum. She didn't want to quite yet, and Christina didn't either. Her pussy was dripping steadily, and she almost came a couple times. Christina looked up at her sister when she pulled her mouth away one last time, and saw an amazing set of tits with a very beautiful face looking right back at her.

When she finally pulled her lips off, she looked at her sister, and the two sisters locked lips in a very passionate kiss. They were not just sisters, but lovers now. Incest didn't matter, they both had something they needed.

Christina pulled away, looked her sister in the eyes, grabbed her cock, and got off the couch. Hanna followed her sister to her own room, where so much cum has already been dispersed. Christina turned around, laid down on the bed with her legs in the air, and said "Fuck me with that big cock, little sis." Hanna didn't need to be told twice. She lined her monster cock up with her sister's pussy, and played with the clit, making Christina moan soft and sensual.

Hanna pushed the tip in, and Christina's eyes got big, and she let out a loud moan. Hanna looked at her sister with eyes that said I'm going to keep going, and she slid her large cock in to her sister's mom caught son with playboy. Christina's pussy was very slick, and the cream from inside her pushed out as her sister's cock went in. Hanna got ¾ of her dick inside her sister when she touched bottom.

Christina let out a yelp as the dick pushed against her cervix. Hanna withdrew her cock about half way, then pushed back in. She fell into a rhythmic move, and with each pump, more of Christina's cream came out. Christina moaned and groaned as her sister's cock pumped in and out, faster and faster.

Hanna couldn't believe the sensation of her sister's pussy wrapping around her cock, and she loved the sight of her sister faye and sandie swap cum after sucking and cringing from pleasure beneath her, asking for more. After 4 minutes in this position, Christina wanted to switch to cowgirl.

Hanna laid down on the bed, pointing her cock up, waiting for her sister to set her big booty down on it. Christina got up on the bed, turned her ass towards her sister. She bent down and rubbed the cock tip against her pussy, and started to slide down on it.

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She didn't go all the way, but worked slowly, as she moaned louder and louder. She bounced lightly up and down, Hanna amazed at the sight.

42 inches of fleshy ass rippling with each stroke, as her pussy oozed white cream, dripping down Hanna's shaft. Christina kept at working her way down Hanna's cock. She wanted all that cock inside her, and she wasn't going to back down.

She continued to work down her sister's shaft, until she bottomed out again, but at a little better depth than before. She rode the dick faster, getting her pussy opened up, with more and more cream coming out.

She moaned louder, and Hanna was doing some moaning of her blonde suck ends with facial tube porn. Finally, after going all the way to the tip, Christina slammed herself down on Hanna's shaft. Christina made it all the way to the bottom, the top of Hanna's cock seated firmly in her womb, against her open cervix. From there, it was let the fireworks begin. Christina rode the dick unlike any other one she had before.

She creamed like never before, and she was loving it. Hanna was enjoying herself as well. She loved feeling her cock deep in her sister's womb, and the sight of pussy cream pooling on her pelvis and running down her balls and ass.

Christina rubbed her clit the closer she got to climax. She finally did, and it was like no other orgasm she'd had. She felt pressure build up in her bladder, and thought she was gonna piss herself. When she got to the peak, she pulled herself off her sister's cock, and a torrent of pussy cream mixed with clear, female ejaculate shot out of her pussy. With that, Christina let out a scream. Hanna sat in amazement. She herself would get very creamy when the mood was right, but she had never squirted like that before.

She now wished she had her pussy back, and Christina had the cock so she could squirt like her sister just did. Christina laid back down, shaking and quivering from that powerful orgasm.

That is one great cock, I have never cum like that before, she thought. She turned around, and cleaned as much of the mess up as she could. She licked her sister's pelvis, vehement fucking for wet snatch hardcore blowjob most of the juices sprayed, the sucked her sister's cock, and sucked Hanna's balls and ass cheeks, where a lot of cream pooled up.

With Christina down there anyway, Hanna thought she might as well get some anal play. She pulled her legs back, and spread her ass cheeks. Christina dove right in, and began tongue-fucking her sister's ass. Hanna fell into a daze, her sister's tongue rimming and pushing its way into her ass felt amazing. Christina loved pulling away and watching her sister's butthole close as her tongue left.

Christina wanted more of that cock inside her, so she got up and sat down on her dick in reverse cowgirl. Her pussy was still plenty tight, even after the last two fucking sessions.

Christina eased her sister's cock into her pussy, going up and down slowly, little by little. Hanna was still amazed at how wonderful her sister's pussy felt. She couldn't wait to put her cock in her sister's ass.

Finally Christina made it to the bottom of the cock, the tip again firmly seated in her womb. Christina rode slow at first, but sped up and rubbed her clit. Her pussy wasn't creaming sultry milf alexis fawx fucked teen carolinas wet pussy much, but she wanted to see if she could squirt like that.

She wanted to see her sister get soaked by her juices. Hanna didn't want her to cum just yet. She told Christina to slow up a bit and pulled her closer, and grabbed her ass with both hands. She now had control. The two sisters looked at each other with lustful eyes. Christina bent down even further and kissed her sister. She moved down to Hanna's neck, and left a little mark there, then moved down to her sister's large breasts.

She sucked each nipple, which added to Hanna's pleasure making her moan. Christina then picked up the pace, both riding and sucking. Hanna soon felt pressure build up, but didn't want to cum yet. But Christina wanted 92506 olivos los insaciable morena la noemi squirt again, so she kept it up. Christina bent back, and started rubbing her clit again.

Soon, she had reached her the pressure she had before. Christina lifted herself off, and sprayed her sister in ejaculate, absolutely soaking Hanna's hair, face, and tits, as well as the pillow and bed sheets. Hanna damn near came just watching all this and getting covered by her sister's cum. But she held her composure. Christina sat for another minute and a half shaking from that orgasm. She was really having fun with this new found ability.

After getting calmed down, Hanna told Christina to get in doggy. She wanted to hit her from behind. Christina wanted the same thing, so she turned around, and got on all fours.

Hanna got up behind her sister, and slowly put her big cock in her sister's pussy. She gave Christina a little time to get warmed back up, but before long, Hanna grabbed her sister's hips, and started thrusting hard. Christina was in total ecstasy. She was being fucked like none other. Her sister's cock driving into her womb with each thrust was more pleasure than she had ever had before.

Hanna was in pure ecstasy as well. She had dreamed many times of doing this to someone, and that someone was now her own sister. With each thrust, she watched her sister's big ass bounce. Each bounce brought out her sister's little pink butthole. It just looked so appetizing, but she didn't want to enter it just yet. In the meantime, Christina had orgasmed twice, no squirting, but still better than any other she had before.

Hanna was ready to pop, and while she desperately wanted to unload in her sister, she had to ask her. "I'm gonna cum, sis" Hanna said. Christina turned her head, looked at her sister seductively, and said, "Pump me full of your cum." With that, Hanna let go a torrent of her sperm into her sister's womb. Christina still looked at her sister, and as Hanna moaned and shook as she unloaded her seed, Christina had an orgasm of her own, and moaned in disbelief at how much cum her sister was unloading.

She put her hand over her stomach, and felt her insides expand at the amount of cum was being unloaded. She was on the pill, but wondered if it would work with this much cum inside her. After what seemed like a gallon of cum exited her, Hanna withdrew her cock from Christina's pussy.

Expecting all that cum to come rushing out, both were surprised when not a drop come out. "Stand up, maybe it will come out then," Hanna said to her sister. Christina stood up, looked past her swollen stomach, and didn't see anything. She stuck two fingers up there, and still couldn't find anything. "I sure hope my pill works. That was a lot of cum," she said. "Looks like you've already got something growing in there. You belly is bulging a little", Hanna replied.

Christina definitely had a cum baby in her uterus, and it did feel a little funny with all that sperm swimming around in there. She got up off the bed, and had to balance herself to adjust that little extra weight inside her. She walked over to the mirror, and looked her belly over. She definitely didn't want a baby, especially from her sister's seed, course who knew if that stuff was actually potent.

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But maybe it could help trick her body into believing she was pregnant, and her boobs would get bigger. "Maybe it will help me get bigger tits", she said out loud. "How big do you want to get", Hanna asked. "I want your tits. They're just the right size, and could be more perfect", Christina said.

"Well if you want my tits, then I want your ass", Hanna told her. "It will get bigger with time, it'll be my size by the time you graduate. Besides, you'll need one to balance out that big cock. By the way, where'd it come from?" "I fantasized that I had this when I was taking a shower. I took a nap after grinding myself on the bed, and when I woke up, I had this and my middle was covered in jizz. How that happened, I don't know." "Damn, maybe you could grow your ass that way too." "I'll grow your tits while I'm at it, and put a cock on you, too." dick suck slobber black freak large ladies interracial "Don't go that far.

Not just yet.