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Smoking hot red head with giant fun bags
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Rockmount Brat Camp: Part 2 It's strange the effects of 3 hours sleep, messes with your mind worst than Hannibal Lecter AND that old pervert from the end of the Matrix. Here I was stumbling to my lesson, dressed scruffily in the schools mandatory uniform of a blue blazer, white shirt, blue school tie and trousers with proper shoes, I felt like I was in court all over again.

Looking around I saw other kids in similar states of bleary eyed confusion that's usually heralded by Monday morning, difference was they weren't constantly looking over their shoulder for an angry boyfriend with a butchers knife.

Yeah… I had done the manly thing and ran out of my room before he, or is sexy head-giving bitch of a girlfriend, woke up. I had been haunting these hallways for the last 3 hours even forgoing breakfast in order to avoid him. In all likely hood he didn't even know, but like I said 3 hours sleep tends to make a guy a little edgy. Anyway after the pulmonary embolism thanks to the incredibly loud morning bells, I found myself doing the whole new guy routine, holding a map in front of my face, peering at door numbers like some plane spotter.

I finally got sick and tired of wondering around aimlessly, and plucked up the courage to ask someone, yeah it was a teacher but hey… "Excuse me, could you tell me where… Biology with… Mr. Handley is?" once again showing off my linguistic prowess. "Of course young man, are you new here?" answered a rotund little man, squinting at me through heavily spectacles, which covered up most of his face. Gee, what gave it away I thought sarcastically, "Yes sir I am." "Well, first of all you're on the wrong side of the building, you have to travel to the science block and then to the biology subsection room 412," he smiled and pointed while I thanked him.

Yeah his instructions were about as clear as a French man speaking Dutch. So again I meandered in the vague direction he gave me, trying as hard as possible to avoid any other student, one thing I had quickly learnt was that Rockmount obviously hosted some Dirty Looks masterclass, because damn if looks could kill, well lets just say I would be joining Casper and the other not so friendly ghosts.

Finally by some devine intervention or just plain dumb luck I found the classroom, albeit 20 minutes late. Here goes nothing, I thought glumly pushing open the door, imagining the disgusted looks of my so called 'peers' and the detention I would probably get. As usual I was pretty wrong, there were kids sitting on desks chatting, throwing paper aeroplanes, listening to music, and generally behaving the way every teenage is inclined to when there's no adult supervision. The classroom itself was a complete contrast to the renaissance-esque corridor I had just left, with it's plus red carpet, and golden sconces on the walls, this classroom resembled a lap, with more computers than students lining the walls.

I looked around at all the unfamiliar technology around me, there were computerized busty brunette gets pussy oiled and massaged, robotic arms, cold closets, all the things neccasary in a state of the art lab was nonchalantly strewn around this classroom, full of students who could tell magnifying glass from an ipod.

Gladly, on my part, no one even noticed me come in, I looked around and sat down at a seat in the furthest corner of the room, my head down wondering if I could finally sleep… just a few minutes… BAM "What the fu…" A bull of a teacher charged in to the room, slamming open the door like he was part of the SWAT and he'd just found Bin Laden.

He had a clean shaven bald head, he was short and fairly stocky. "Shut up and sit down kiddies" he yelled in a midland accent. Every one jumped in to their seats, all electrical apparatus disappearing faster than a pizza with Fat Albert, to be replaced with pens and paper. "Sorry I'm late," he muttered with little conviction. Slamming his briefcase down on the desk he pulled out his little electric notepad.

"Register!" he barked, cant this man do anything fucking quiet! Quickly, in a military fashion he began barking amateur teen neighbor fucking pussy with a huge toy names, suddenly I saw my chance, I knew my roommate was in this class, I could find out who it was, and then maybe I wouldn't have to… "Black!" The whole class looked around.

"Black!?" Shit! "Umm… yes sir" I said meekly, trying desperately to sink in to my chair, all eyes turned to me. "When I call your name lad answer immediately or I'll mark yer down absent understand!?" "Umm yeah, sir" Everyone turned around, some sniggered quietly to themselves, I looked down, but not before I saw him.

Looking up again our eyes met, those black eyes, that grey hair not quite black, the hard jaw line, I knew this kid, and from the way he looked at me he knew me. But where? How did I know him? Frustratingly my mind told me to fuck off as I searched futilely for a name to put with the face.

"Morgan!" Without taking his eyes off me he answered "Here." My eyes widened as realisation slapped me in the face with a giant dead fish… he was my roommate… I had face fucked his girlfriend… even worse I watched him fuck another girl! He was the boy in the empty class room! My eyes widened and he grinned at me. Helpfully my mind kept repeating Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! Suddenly the whole class was up and milling about, picking partners, groups of girls pleading with the teacher to allow them to work big tit black babe candice nicole wants cock a foursome, while boys grabbed each other, sometimes even pushed each other away, and for a few seconds I lost track of him.

There! He was walking straight towards me, here we go I thought, clenching my fist adrenaline waking up my tired body. Just as I was about to go Rambo on my new roomy he grinned at me and winked, that threw me slightly. "So you're the infamous Tyler Black?" he said holding out his hand, still smiling.

"Errmm. yeah." i said shaking his hand nonplussed. "No need to look so nervous, kid, I sunny leone xxx storys download mp3 bite." I still had no idea what to make of this, maybe he really didn't know, I got away with cumming on my roomys girlfriend, alright maybe my luck was actually changing.

"So mature vixen reagan foxx gets pussy destroyed havent had much of a chance to talk really, you were pretty gone last night," he said sitting next to me casually, his top shirt buttons undone like some adolescent James Bond.

"Yeah, you know long journey and stuff." "Yeah, meeting the headmaster, finding your way through this maze, getting head, I understand," I froze, looks like lady luck still jamming her stiletto's right in to my nuts. "Hey! listen, I didnt know she was your girlfriend. I was sleeping. and." "Wait, my girlfriend?" he suddenly burst out laughing, grabbing me around the shoulders warmly as if we were old buddies.

"She's not your girlfriend?" I asked relaxing my grip on the pen I was planning to find a new home in his eye. "No! just a bit of skirt, oh I'm Piers Morgan by the way" he said casually throwing out his hand again for a handshake.

I shook his hand again, wondering what the fuck was going on exactly, if he knew and he wasn't angry, just why was he here then? "Good, now the pleasantries are diamond brings in lola for some lesbian fun with, do me a little favour," he said scanning the bustling classroom, his arm still draped around my shoulder.

I didnt know what it was about this kid, he seemed to have a magnetism, a sort of charm that made me almost feel as if we were buddies. "Yeah, ok." "Well since you and Alissa are already acquainted, would you mind giving her this," he held out a slip of paper folded in two, the size of a post it note. "Couldn't you give it?" I asked, wary of Piers despite his friendliness, the last time I did a favour for anyone, an old man wound up in A&E and I ended up here. "Well.

yeah I could but I've been watching Alissa since you swaggered in here and correct me if I'm wrong but she's been stealing glances over here the entire time." I didn't really know what else to say, so I opted for generic cliche number 1, "really?" "Course, here, you give her this and say these exact words" he leant in and over the general buzz of the classroom he muttered a few choice words to me.

"I cant fucking say that!" "Sure you can, killer," he grinned and winked at me, the off-hand term of endearment sent a chill down my spine, and the gleam in Piers' eye raised the hair on the back of my neck. "Fine! I'll do it" I snatched the paper and wove my way towards Alissa's table, looking back over my shoulder Piers was just looking around, completely ignoring me. As soon as I approached all the girls looked up at me, their eyes almost screaming 'there's no way this kid is coming towards us!' luckily after only a few hours in Rockmount my skin had thickened towards the barbed glances of my 'peers'.

"Hey" I tried to convey cam chick with big tits amateur webcam message of confidence, but somehow I dont think they were receiving.

"Can we help you?" asked on of the girls, a black girl with a gorgeous curvaceous figure, strangely she had an American accent, pretty far from home. "Umm yeah. Piers' sent me" great I thought, now I sound like a fucking messenger boy, next thing I'll be wearing shorts and a goofy hat. "Piers?" they chorused, I looked at Alissa, who was either a really good actor or seemed to not even recognise me. "Yeah, here, Alissa" I slid her paper, she opened it and read it quickly then looked up at me, like I was some bell boy waiting for a tip.

Plucking up courage from the deepest depths of my manly stores, I leant forward and word for word whispered what Piers told me to. "I'll be in the corridor in 5 minutes, make sure your down in front of me in 5 and a half sexy" I then winced and waited for the inevitable and mandatory slap, followed by the equally mandatory scream.

I waited but I but as usual my expectations were wrong, instead I saw her smirk, and then, making me go googly eye, she patted my crotch and whispered back breathily in my ear. "Make it four." I then drew back and marched my ass back to my seat where I sat, slightly shocked. "Worked didnt it?" asked Piers nonchalantly. "She said four minutes," "Then what may I ask are you doing here?" I looked at Piers and then jumped over my chair and, the picture of suave and cool, I swaggered out of the room.

Leaning against the wall, I hastily began to check my breath, my hair, my teeth, next thing you know I would have been checking my fucking make up.

Luckily before I got that far the door swung open and there was Alissa smirking at me. She grabbed me by my tie and none too gently yanked me down the hall, not that I really minded, since I got to see her ass bounce in an incredibly short skirt.

Finally she stopped and threw open a closet door and pushed me in. Following, she snapped on the light, throwing a dingy glow across the small cupboard, which following suit with the rest of Rockmount, was pretty damn nice, although it hadn't seen any use in some time.

Alissa wrapped her arms around my neck, pushing me against the wall, and in the process pushing her glorious body against mine.

I could feel her soft round tits pushed up against me, her smooth thigh sneaking in between mine, rubbing my semi hard cock through my trousers. "So what was that you said," she asked breathily, her glossy pink lips moving millimeters in front of my own, I could feel them brush past mine making me bite at her like a hungry child.

"Make sure you're down in front of me in 5 and a half?" she whispered, repeating my, well Piers', words back to me. "Well, why aren't you then?" I asked, adrenaline and my growing erection making a potent combination which fueled my confidence. I reached around her hourglass figure, down to her round ass which had teased me before, lifting up her skirt and grabbing two handfuls of her ass made firm by youth and ripeness.

She squealed lewdly and kissed me, her lips separating mine, tongue probing, experience giving her the confidence to take charge. Her lips wrapping around my bottom lip, sucking it while unbuttoning my jeans. I then moved down to her smooth white neck, planting kisses and bites along it, running my tongue lightly across her jaw line all the way down to her exposed collar bone.

I heard her moan softly as she fished for my rock hard cock in my boxer shorts, finally she gripped the thick shaft in her hand, sliding the foreskin up and down, flexing and twisting her wrists, making me emulate her previous moans. Both of our breathing had quickened as I slipped my hand in to her thong sliding round to the front, where I was met with a bush of soft pubic hair, trimmed to a neat fuzz.

I probed with my middle finger, spurred on by her moans and her hand, until I found her slit. Dipping my finger in to her with one thrust, her pussy was tight as you would expect from someone so young, but was also slightly open as you would expect from a girl who fucked guys in closets, allowing me to probe another finger into her pussy.

I began to pump in all the way to the knuckle, matching her pumps on my cock. We had both had been reduced to two writhing and moaning creatures, wrapped up in our lust and need for release.

I thrust faster and harder in to her pussy, introducing my thumb on to her clit, flicking it across the small love button. She bucked and groaned, riding my hand, her legs spread open lewdly, as she thrust her head back and her chest forward. I reached up with my other hand hastily unbuttoned her top, letting it fall open to reveal a lacy purple bra. Immediately I began nuzzling her chest, licking her cleavage, loving how smooth her skin felt against my touch.

"Oh fuck, yes that's the spot, fuck me harder!" she moaned, biting her bottom lip, it was ironic how our roles had reversed from last night, now it was her spouting old porno clich?

She threw herself forward and hugged me, wrapping her arms around my neck as she began to bite and suck my earlobe, her tongue darting in to my ear occasionally. This spurred me on even further as I began to finger fuck her wet pussy with all the strength I possessed.

She hiked one of her legs on to a box stretching her pussy wider, letting me go as deep as possible. "Yes! Touch me there" she gasped in my ear, my cock bounced in between us forgotten for the moment, but I didn't care as this hot chick clung to my body like she was that girl from the titanic and I was the raft saving her life. Her body was intertwined with mine, our heightened sensitivity made us moan and shiver as our skin touched. I could feel her pussy twitching and I knew she was close.

I bit her neck harder than before, while gripping her ass cheek for dear life, letting her buck against my two fingers, while my thumb was rubbing at warp speed on her clit. "Oh babyyyyyy!" she cried, throwing her head back, her chest heaving and thrusting in my face as an orgasm gripped her body, I could see in the dim light the sweat glistening down her body, running in to her full cleavage as she moaned and bucked.

Her cum seeped down my hand, as my fingers were drowned in her nectar. She was gasping for air, her face flushed, making her look even sexier than before. "That… that…" she panted staring in to my eyes, "was fucking delicious," she giggled, lowering her leg and extricating her hot sweaty body from mine. I pulled my fingers out, and looked at them covered in her woman juice. She smirked at me, and ran her tongue over my sticky fingers, then let me suck them, tasting her saliva and the much stronger taste of her cum.

She stepped back and began smoothing out her skirt and buttoning her shirt when she noticed my purple headed monster, bouncing outside of my trousers, accompanied by a set of heavy balls.

"Oh, looks like some one wants a repeat performance," she grinned, running her tongue teasingly across her lips as she sauntered towards me hips swaying. Leaning forward she planted a soft kiss on my purple head, cooing as she saw a jewel of pre-cum seep out. She then stepped towards me my eyes glued to her pearly blues as she wrapped her smooth hand around my raging cock jerking me slowly. Her lips found mine as we kissed deeply, her kiss wasn't as desperately lust filled before, this time she was much slower, much more deliberate.

Her tongue washed over mine, as I traced my finger over her nipple, while she puled my tongue in to her mouth and began sucking, making me moan involuntarily.

Smiling, Alissa looked at me like I was her prey, her hand working my cock faster, a smile creeping to her face as I sighed and closed my eyes leaning back against the wall, unable to keep the pleasure from surfacing on my face, contorting my features in to a goofy smile. Alissa leaned forward and whispered in my ear, softly biting and flicking my earlobe with her tongue at the same time, "maybe I should kiss you somewhere else." Man I wish there was a more eloquent way to put this but dominant men sexy young girls alexa nova and kendall woods take a trainride to their that moment in time I settled for the always trustworthy, "Fuck yes!" I heard her give that sexy little giggle I felt her slide down my body, nuzzling my body with her nose as she went down, till finally I felt her lips brush over my cock.

I had me eyes screwed shut tightly, unwilling to open them because this was too good to be true. Last night it was good, but the combination of drowsiness and confusion somewhat dampened the electric feelings which were now shooting up my body, speeding up my spine, as my cock for the 2nd time in less than 24 hours found a new home in Alissa's mouth. She swallowed about half of it, working her tongue forward and backward in her mouth, giving the ultra sensitive underside a tongue massage.

I shuddered, and grunted with the effort of keeping my knees steady. Her hand massaged my balls, weighing them and fondling them, as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft. I stroked my hand through her gorgeous golden locks, grabbing a handful and 'helpfully' pushed her mouth further down on to my cock, burying more and more in to her throat, making her gag as about 5 inches of my fat man meat was lodged in her mouth.

The sensation of force feeding my cock to her and hearing and feeling her throat convulse around my dick made the blood slam in to my cock as I felt my cum building. I felt her nails dig in to my ass, pushing more of me in to her mouth, till finally she had to pull away. Coughing, she pulled away, long ropy strings of saliva mixed with pre cum came away with her mouth, the light mascara she had put on was running as tears crawled down her cheeks.

I almost felt bad till I saw her grin and lick her lips, while she jerked me off trying to regain her breath. "Fuck, I'm almost there baby," I groaned, trying to give her a subtle hint to jam her mouth back around my dick. She must have been pretty perceptive as she almost immediately inhaled my cock again, finally forcing all of it in to her mouth, stretching her jaw and her cheeks wide open, making her look like some slutty clown with her make up running.

I could feel her throat muscles working against my cock, in her warm wet mouth, her expert tongue still flicking and writhing against the slab of throbbing meat in her mouth. Her hard work was paying off as I felt my balls tighten, cum pounding through them begging to be released. "Shit." I moaned my breath coming hard as I felt my orgasm building, "I'm. gonna cum." Having learnt her lesson from last time Alissa leaned back, unsheathing my cock from her throat, jerking the glistening, throbbing man meat, using her ample saliva for lube.

She jerked me so hard her saliva was flying from my cock hitting her in the face and chest, while she tickled my nuts, coaxing the building cum out of them. The closet had suddenly became a menagerie of panting and moans as both of us grew more and more excited the closer I came to cumming. I leant back eyes closed, letting this talented girl finish me off. "Fuck!" I cried clenching my lips, animalistic grunts escaping my lips, I looked down just in time to see the first shot fly from cock slapping Alissa straight in her face, as she screwed her eyes up tight.

The second crashed in to her cheek, the third her chin. I had to admit she was a trooper as she kept jerking me while the semen assault continued.

The fourth shot hit her chest the fifth and final missed her completely, splatting against the floor in between us, a little more cum dribble out covering her hand and wrist. I slumped against the wall, my knees suddenly disappeared, leaving me to slump and stumble. My head swam, a look of pure bliss appeared on my face. I looked at Alissa, who still had her eyes shut tightly, a mix cummed sluts booty fuck pornstars and big butt lust and disgust on her face, as she went to wipe away the cum.

"Wait," I said, my voice slightly hoarse, looking around me I pulled a towel off a rack and handed her it, almost an exact repeat of last night.

Carefully, Alissa wiped her face and eyes, as I watched my cum being smeared and wiped away from her beautiful face. When she finished she opened her eyes, and for a moment there was an awkward silence between the two of us, as the crazy lust disappeared, like the morning after a one night stand.

Finally I held out my hand as I helped Alissa up off her knees. "Thanks," she said, regaining some of her normal confidence. Slowly we both began to sort ourselves out, I zipped up my trousers, while she buttoned up her top and fixed her thong.

I began tucking in my shirt, somewhat embarrassed, the almost laughable thought of whether or not I should ask Alissa out for a date since I HAD cummed on her twice now.

Immediately I shook away the thought, watching her fix her make up in the mirror. "You know this is becoming a regular thing, you leaving me covered in cum" she laughed, redoing her mascara. "Err. yeah. sorry" wow I'm smooth I thought bitterly. "Aww no need to be sorry hun, I like it." I just stuck my hands in my pockets and waited for her to finish, even now I couldnt help sneaking glances at her ass, as she leant forward to apply some lip gloss.

I suddenly saw her looking in the mirror at me and I knew she had caught me looking at her, a flush creeping up my cheeks. "No need to be embarrassed, I think we're far past that dont you?" When she finished she turned around, and kissed me lightly on the cheek. "Ty. right?" "Yeah" I said, shocked that she had sucked me off twice and didnt even know my name properly. "Welcome to Rockmount, I guess I'll see you around." With that she sister brd rom gum sex the cupboard, like nothing had ever happened.

Sighing I looked around, the smell of sex hung around the place. This place is fucked up I thought leaving the door open letting it air out. Just as I was making my way back to class, the bell shrieked again, signalling the end of class. "Great" I muttered, surprisingly glum for a guy who just had his dick sucked by a beautiful girl. I looked up and down the hall as kids began to stampede through, like the world's richest herd of rhinos. Despite the mass of humanity surrounding me I was totally alone, with not one friend in this whole place.

"Walk with me kid." I turned around and saw Piers, his jacket flung casually over his shoulder as he nodded his head, for me to follow. I sighed, at least he knew my name. Piers led me through the maze of Rockmount, every kid smiling at him, greeting him, especially those of the female persuasion, while I followed behind in his shadow like the geeky little brother, and probably more ignored than one.

Finally we came to a more deserted area, going higher and higher till finally we ended up outside on an ornate balcony. The fresh air hit me hard, the weak spring sun shrouded by cloud left over from the biting winter. Piers turned to me and smiled, breathing deeply, taking in the fresh mountain air. "See that's what I'll never miss about the city, the dirty polluted air." "That's great Piers, but is there a reason why you've dragged me all the way up here?" He laughed and turned around motioning for me to come and stand next to him, "look down there bro." I looked down and saw one of the main courtyards, teeming with kids running backwards and forwards, sitting in groups chatting and eating.

"Rockmount's like no other school in the world, it's a moral wasteland, full of kids who've been spoilt there entire lives," he said a tone of bitterness creeping in to his voice. "These kids have never known hard times, strife or restrain. Never, for one second, think this school is anything more than a holiday with classrooms, kid.

From all over they've flocked here, their parents lured in by false claims that they will be given the finest education and instilled with discipline," he gave a short bark of laughter, amused by the thought.

I was starting to wonder what the skinny brunette floozy pleasures a dong orally Piers was on about, although the words he spoke rung with truth, even being here for less than a day I could see the moral cracks, bigger than a fat women's cleavage. "In this place anything is possible, any one can be any one they want. As you've seen sex is a currency here. Ethics, Morals, Decency they're just words, it's like one big party here.

Decadence, Promiscuity, Luridness, these are reality. It's one big moral crater and they're filling it with sex, alcohol and. drugs," he spoke the last word with a gleam in his eye, looking at me intensely. "These brats get what they want and what they want can't always be supplied by their parents. That my friend, school girl forc xxx 1vtime where I come in." Seriously, where the fuck was this going? "They demand and I supply, Ty." "Drugs?" I asked like some wide eyed kid.

"Yup, and so could you." "What?" "I've read your file Ty, you're like me, we're from similar backgrounds.

You're a good kid, just life decided to deal you a bad hand, forcing you to play it out until the end. Well, I'm here to slip you a couple of Aces Ty." My mind raced, I didnt know what to make of this. Piers talked with such conviction and naked honesty I wanted nothing more than to say yes.

But the thought of my mum's face, contorted in agony as her only son was sentenced to 8 years in prison was too much for me. "I." "You dont have to answer now kid, take your time, think about it." "No." Piers looked at me like a disappointed father. "You can think about it you know." "I cant Piers, I just want to keep my head down and do my time." "Ty, this place isn't like the outside world, you can't be a nobody or you'll get chewed up and spat out." "I'm sorry Piers." with a heavy heart, and an even heavier step I left him standing on the balcony as I walked away from possibly my first and last friend in Rockmount.

* Have you ever eaten alone? It's probably the single worse experience you can have in school, surrounded by groups of friends eating and chatting, while you're all alone with your cold rice pudding wondering why you're being ignored like the fucking plague with aids.

Miserably I poked at my desert, xxx sex xxx vip xxx story a half hour I had been sat here alone, as a matter of fact, since my conversation with Piers I hadn't even spoken to any one else. Well, there was one girl who told me to get out of her way, but I hardly think that counts as a conversation.

I looked around, and coupled with my feeling of complete inadequacy and loneliness I had the paranoid feeling everyone was watching me, talking about me. Hell, I had even seen Alissa, who flicked her hair and ignored me, like she didn't still have my cum stain on her bra. I didn't know what was going on, sure I expected no one to talk to me but I never thought they would be talking about me. Every now and again I would catch a group of younger kids looking at me and whispering. Finally I had had enough, picking up my tray I walked over the counter and slammed it down.

Just as I turned I caught snippets of a conversation between to boys, both who I had caught looking at me before. "Apparently he killed the guy…" "No way, Sampson told me he put the poor bastard in the hospital with a crow bar… "The guy was like 60…" My blood ran cold.

The two boys looked at me and turned and walked away as quick as possible. Now I could see it in their looks, all those around me who avoided me and talked about me, it was morbid fascination in their eyes. They were afraid of me, but they treated me like some lab animal, discussing me, analyzing me, judging me. How had they found out? With bile rising in the back of my throat I practically ran out of the lunch hall, my head down trying to avoid their gazes.

I burst in to the corridor and ran till I was lost, and more importantly, alone. Now I knew why I was treated like a leper, they knew. They knew what I had done, they were disgusted by me. I leant against the wall and slid down it, my mind a jumble of emotions.

But the biggest one, the voice which yelled the loudest, bullying it's way past all the others was the one which told me I would never be accepted now, I would spend the rest of time in Rockmount friendless, alone, despised, and shunned. Honestly I felt like crying, and if it wasn't for my Van Dam-esque toughness I probably would have.

Instead I sat there slightly catatonic, till the rude shriek of the alarm brought me back to reality. Hastily, I futilely tried to shake the gloom away from my mind as I fished in my pocket for my timetable.

"English, with Ms Ryan. Great." I looked around and saw I had somehow ended up in the art department, flipping over my timetable I looked at the map and realised I was nearly on the opposite side of the building. Slowly, with about as much conviction as a lamb to slaughter, I dragged my feet, trying to avoid all human life as I snuck through the halls like I was some sort of criminal, well I suppose I was some sort of criminal.

Groups of kids walked by me on their way to lessons, talking and messing around, although every now and again a group would stop and eye me for a minute before walking on. The longer I walked the more empty the hallways became, the odd kid hurtling past me clutching at books as they ran to class, soon the cavernous hallways of Rockmount became quiet. Leaving me to my brooding, every now and again my mind would flick back to that glorious time in the closet with Alissa, my blood churning as I thought about how she completely ignored me afterwards.

Annoyingly Piers' words came back to me, jabbing at my rationale, forcing me to see the truth of his words. My thoughts were cut short as I suddenly crashed in to someone as I rounded the corner. I fell ass first on to floor, looking up I saw I had crashed in to a girl, well, as my luck would go, a group of girls, who began squawking angrily at me. "Shit, I'm sorry," I mumbled trying to help them pick their friend up, only to get waved away. I then scooped up her books handing them back, a look of apology on my face.

"Get out of my way idiot" she spat nastily. "Yeah watch where you're going!" yelled another, they probably would have kept up top gun xxx parody full free porn story tirade dirty teen blonde loves to get fucked by the pool they weren't late for lesson, instead I was given a barrage of looks which you would give things you just found on the bottom of your shoe as they barged past me.

I couldn't believe it, so far no one had really been outright nasty to me, but here I had just been treated like some piece of shit. I clenched my jaw angrily and stormed to my class. Luckily by the time I arrived, after wondering around aimlessly something which I had a natural talent for apparently, I had mellowed out. Slowly I knocked on the aged oak door, shuffling awkwardly as I heard the ominous sound of two competeing schoolgirls start a classroom threesome classroom quietening, I could just imagine all eyes turning towards me like some maniacal Chucky doll.

I heard the muffled tap tap of heels coming towards the door then the heavy creak as it opened. You know that whole deer in the headlights expression? I'm a complete believer now. Serious if this was a cartoon, I'd be that goofy perv of a wolf with his jaw hanging somewhere next to his cartoon erection. As the door opened this 5'6 beauty stood before me, her soft pouty lips smiled as she saw me, revealing a set of pearly white, but not quite perfect, teeth.

She had two raunchy babes and one long dick dark sandy blonde hair, cut above neck length with a longer fringe which she tucked behind her ear, but no matter how many times a lock of hair always came loose hanging in front of her gorgeous elfin face.

Her eyes though, her eyes attracted me like that dumb ass fly which buzzes towards the flaming hot light. They were a hazel green, so innocent, yet full of intelligence, and ultimately they were friendly, something this place was lacking. "Hi, you must be Tyler Black," she had a soft Irish accent, which tinged the way she spoke, making me melt even more.

Have you ever had your brain go on auto pilot? Well auto pilot isnt much of a linguist, so I just sort of stood there, probably drooling somewhat.

Teacher and student xxx sex stories big boobs

"Errr. yeah. yeah I'mTyler," seriously I'm smoother than a greased up Travolta. "Great," she said smiling warmly, "you're slightly late Tyler, but it is your first day after all." she turned and led me in, where I was suddenly met with 20 sets of eyes all glaring at me.

My feeling of elation at the door disappeared completely, as I awkwardly stood at the front wondering what I should do. "Well Tyler, I'm Miss Ryan, welcome to my class, you may sit wherever there's a free seat." I looked around and suddenly everyone's bag needed a chair to sit on, so I wove my way through the class room, trying my hardest not to bang in to tables or chairs, an incredibly hard task at the best of times.

Finally, I found a seat at the back of the class, alone of course. Suddenly the class started again, they were studying some dead poet, the kids around me caring as much as, well, a kid cares about a guy who made words rhyme that died 100s of years ago.

I sat there sullenly, my classmates girl on girl 4 tube porn with each other, passing notes, doodling etc. But me, I only had eyes for the Irish beauty in front of me. Sitting so far away gave me an opportunity to truly appreciate her. My eyes roved up her curvaceous body. From her silver grey pencil skirt which hugged her round ass, all the way up to her modest B cup breast and flat tummy.

She had somewhat of a skinny figure, which only served to make her ass and tits look even bigger. My eyes were glued to her, the way she moved, the way she spoke and laughed. The way she would flick back her hair, I felt like such a pathetic loser but I couldn't take my eyes off her. My exhausted mind had drifted of again, when suddenly she was in front of me, squatting down in front of my desk, her arms folded across my desk and her chin 4 minutes of hot xxx storys on it.

"You ok Tyler?" she asked, a note of genuine concern in her voice. "I'm. I'm fine miss," I mumbled, suddenly shy around her, probably because of the porn worthy things I had been thinking about her. "You sure, you've been pretty quiet," she said, "how are you finding it here so far?" "It's. an adjustment." "Hmmm, I imagine it is, but hey Tyler you're here now you may as well make the best of it, don't you think?" "Yeah," I muttered with little conviction.

"Well, have you made any friends yet?" I looked at her and felt like screaming that all these kids are blood sucking little leaches, who I felt like personally stamping on their testicles, but instead I opted for the more conservative, "not yet miss." "That's a shame hunny, but it hasnt even been one day yet.

Sometimes in a new place you just need to put yourself out there and accept any offers given." Any offers given? "Thanks miss, I'll try that." She smiled and rubbed my arm warmly, electric shocks boy black guy sex vidoe sex stories up my arm from where she touched me.

"If you have any problems hun, I'm always here," with that she turned and walked away, her hips swaying. But for the first time since I had met Miss Ryan, she wasn't what I was thinking about. Any offer given. * Study hall? What the fuck was study hall? A concept imported with our American students apparently, basically a glorified chill out time during the day. Fine with me, I had enough of mind numbing lessons and being treated like that dog which shat on your favourite chair. Stepping in to the study hall I was pretty amazed, as I was with pretty much all of Rockmount.

It was a massive circular chamber, with tiered seating going as far back as I could see. The place resembled an opera hall more than a study hall, it even had a fucking stage at the front. Kids were free to come here and chill out as long as they presented their timetable to the teacher, to prove they weren't bunking class.

I made my way up the stairs walking until there the dreaded velvet rope prevented me from going any further. Picking my way to the middle I sat at one of the individual desks, complete with table and chair, another idea imported from the good ol' US of A. I flopped down looking around me at the dotted groups of kids, doing the normal kid things, although I did have a laugh when I saw one group had bought a TV with them.

I pulled off my blazer and leaned back, eyes closed, finally I could catch up on my missed sleep. "Hey punk!" My eyes snapped open as I looked around to see a girl sitting on the desk next to me, her legs crossed. She was. well an interesting looking girl. She wore a short black skirt, with light pink stockings, a white tank top, through which you could plainly see a pink and black bra holding back fairly large tits for her petite frame and soft boots with a trimming of fur.

Running with the pink and black motife, her dirty blonde hair had been streaked with pink and black, hanging below her shoulders. She had incredibly piercing blue eyes, with a perfectly soft and smooth looking face.

I said nothing just frowned at her, wondering what she wanted, and well frankly I didnt care all that much. "No need to be so moody, geeze is it that time of the month?" she had a sexy gravely voice, reminiscent of that chick Tara Reid, the accent betrayed she was american, probably from somewhere like florida, or one of those states where they wore bikinis to work. She smiled at me and laughed at her own joke, even from here I could smell the strong scent of weed lacing her breath.

"So I'm Roxy," she said smiling. "Ty," I muttered. "Chill out terminator, you should be glad I woke you up," she said sliding in to the desk next to me, "last kid who fell asleep in here woke up with his eyelids glued shut." I sighed, wondering if she would ever leave me alone, to be honest it's ironic how I wined about being shunned and then this stoner chick actually has a normal conversation with me and all I want to do is sleep.

"So you new here?" "Yeah." "Well welcome to Rockmount, the only prison given a 5 star rating." I grinned, and despite my perpetual bad mood, I laughed. "You look way better smiling punk, the terminator look just does not suit," she said, her eyes flicking up and down my body.

Wait. was this chick checking me out? I sat up slightly straighter, unconsciously smoothing out my tie. "So what yer in for?" "Rather not say." "Oooooh, a hardened criminal hmm?" she laughed, flicking her tongue over her pearly white teeth, revealing a metal stud which made cock twitch unconsciously.

"I wouldn't say that." "Shame," she said cutting me off, "because I think that's incredibly hot." Now I would never claim to be the most perceptive person, but even a blind guy with a hearing aid could receive the signals this chick was sending off. She flicked her hear back, giving me that look that would make any red blooded male's red blood boil.

"So what would a girl like you be in here for?" "A girl like me?

And what type of girl would that be?" she asked, having the art of flirting down to an subtly outrageous art. "A sexy one," hey the cocky approach worked once didn't it. She laughed, and spun around to face me, crossing her smooth legs in front of me. "Good answer." "If you like that answer, I've got a whole more like it." damn I couldn't believe I was spouting this cheesy shit. Again she laughed and tossed back her dirty blonde hair, hey at least it seemed to amuse her.

"Well maybe you could show me some of these answers some time." "Hey I know a great closet." "How about right here." she ran her tongue over her teeth again, this time far slower, telling me exactly what she wanted. I raised my eyebrow, my bad mood surged away, much like the blood surging to my dick. She laughed and pushed her desk away from herself, leaning towards me and whispering conspiratorially, "No ones watching us. it's just you and me." she let her voice trail off, making my cock twitch.

I leaned forward and kissed her, it was an awkward kiss, with bits of wood sticking out everywhere, and yes I'm talking about the desk. It was a brief soft kiss, our lips lightly brushing against each other's.

"Mmm, let's see what else that talented tongue of yours can do." In most cases I wasn't mad about eating out a chick, but in this case it was such a lewd and dirty thing to do I couldn't help but salivate slightly at the thought. Throwing one last look around our surroundings I pushed away my desk, while she spun her chair around letting me kneel in between her white thighs. Leaning forward I kissed her again, my hands exploring her body, sliding over her soft breasts, snaking up her top so I could grab at her bra.

She smiled as we kissed, pulling back letting me kiss her neck while she sighed and closed her eyes, letting her body arch back pushing her hips out giving me easier access.

The one thing I really noticed was how soft and smooth she was, and despite her somewhat scruffy appearance she smelt like strawberries.

I began planting kisses down her neck, over her collar bone, kissing and occasionally flicking my tongue deep in to her cleavage. I continued my slow journey downward, lifting her top to kiss her flat tummy, licking the small stud in her belly button.

I heard her breathe in deeply, then she grabbed a handful of my hair pushing me gently as a reminder of where my journey was supposed to finish. I finally reached her pussy, running my index finger over her frenchies, finding her slit. She grinned and looked around, vyxen amp gabby play dress up in this hot orgy to the tiered nature of the room no one could really see us, although I'm not too sure they would care even if they could.

"Mmmm" she purred like a cat, nothing like a good fuck with ria her back over her chair, bending over the back of it and thrusting her tits straight out in to the air, showing of her erect nipples.

""Damn this girls flexible." I muttered quietly to myself, as I began to rub faster till I was rewarding by a tiny bit of moisture on my finger. "Would you hurry up and eat me already," she said pulling my hair playfully, and hey I was more than happy to oblige. I leaned forward flicking back her short skirt and pushing her frenchies aside with my fingers.

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Now I'm no expert at it this, but luckily my 13th summer had proven quite fruitful, as the hours of 'studying' pornos suddenly came in handy. First I slid my tongue over her pussy lips, making her shudder, then I pushed her thighs open wider, burying my tongue deep in to her cunt straight away. The taste I have to admit wasnt bad at all, it was actually strangely sweet.

This new revelation, and the raging hard on in my pants spurred me on as I began to lap at her pussy. My tongue flicked up and down, darting in and out of her pussy, as she sighed and moaned softly gripping my hair harder, as she tried to sit up straight and pretend to do something in case someone happened to look up at us.

Meanwhile, my agile tongue had found her clit, and just like every 'roided up porn star I began sucking like my life depended on it. I flicked my tongue over her clit, even biting it softly, while introducing a finger in to her pussy.

I pushed in, rotating my finger, as I pulled it in and and out, unconsciously matching my licks. I saw her breath quickening as she bit her lip, eyes closed, a little smirk still on her lips. I pumped in to her pussy with 2 fingers now, loving how incredibly tight this petite rocker was. My fingers and tongue traded places as I began to delve even further in to her moist pussy with my tongue, my mouth almost clamped on to her her pussy, while my thumb massaged her clit.

I heard a moan escaped her lips, and she was almost yanking my hair, spurring me on. I could feel her getting wetter, the further and further my indiana jones-esque tongue explored her. I began broad licks now, mainly because my jaw was tiring. I ran my tongue from almost near her round ass, running all the way up into her slit then on to her pussy hair, which to my extreme pleasure, had been trimmed in to a neat strip of blonde.

I hiked up her thighs on my shoulders, loving the feeling of her smooth thighs against my ears as they clamped down around my head. I looked up and saw her chest rising jerkily, her breath short and ragged, all the tell tale signs of cumming. Unlike girls who pull away at this point for fear of a cum-shake, I didnt have this problem, so I went ahead full steam.

My tongue working like a tornado, as I hot girls take care of a dick it, darted it in and out of her pussy, licked up and down, sucking her clit. I was a pussy licking machine. As I knelt there my hard on raged painfully in my trousers, but I didnt even notice, I was too wrapped up in making this girl cum. "Fuck." she growled softly, her tits rising faster and faster, her eyes screwed shut tightly and her hips bucked while I slammed my fingers harder in to her pussy while licking and sucking her clit.

Her orgasm hit like a wave, I felt her juices flow on to my tongue, actually surprising me with the volume, her thighs literally crushed my head, while she jammed my face on to her pussy.

Finally her orgasm seemed to subside, her breathing slowing slightly, her legs uncoiling from around me. I sighed pulling back, as I flopped down on the floor beside my desk. She had her eyes closed, a smile on her lips as she leant her head back. "Thanks, fucking needed that!" she laughed opening her eyes, the flush on her face matching my own. Sorting out her underwear she got off her chair and kneeled in front of me, kissing me softly, her tongue licking all traces of her cum from my mouth.

She looked down and saw my monstrous hard on, 'well we should do something about that,' she breathed in my ear. Finally! BEEP BEEP! NOOOOO! The fucking alarm sounded for the end of the period and the end of the school day. Still holding my face in her hands she looked around at everyone getting up and packing their bags.

"Oooh, looks like we're out of time babe," she said, kissing me softly on the lips again. "Like I said I know a good closet." "Can't got detention." Fuck! "Later?" "Meet me at my dorm," she took out a pen slut bounces up and down on a big dick scribbled a room number on my hand. "See ya punk." Standing up she grabbed her bag and walked away, throwing a look over her shoulder and smirking at me.

I looked around, remembering suddenly what I had been planning before Roxy and crashed my thoughts. Piers. * Ever tried finding one kid in 100s? No? Me neither and I wasn't about to start. I decided that if I waited long enough in our dorm Piers would turn up eventually. Ever tried finding one room hot babe sierra nicole enjoying massage and a free fuck service pornstar and blowjob 1000s?

No? Me neither and it showed. I walked around, not even knowing the protocol for the end of the day, this was a boarding school after all, what do you do exactly?

As I walked around I unearthed even more splendour that Rockmount had to offer I saw more kids than I had the rest of the time I had been here. There was a band playing in one of the massive auditoriums, a football team practicing on the field, even cheerleaders. Looks like I'll have to join a club. wait I was about to join a 'club' of sorts. That thought made me smirk, until I walked past a mirror and saw I looked like the joker on crack, the smirk disappeared as quickly as it came.

I stopped to watch the cheerleaders for awhile, I was too far away to see properly, but I was close enough to get some viewing pleasure.

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I lounged around there for a bit before walking off, wandering if I could nail one of those cheerleaders, the strange thing though was that every time i thought of slamming in to one of those perfect blonde beauties, the pink and blonde haired rock chick Roxy would appear, and I had to admit I wasn't all that upset. Just as I was making mental approximations of Roxy's cup size, I looked around and noticed I was completely alone. I looked around and wondering where the fuck I was, just as I was gawking at my surroundings abigail mac cherie deville sex addicts anonymous a tourist, I saw that maybe my earlier assumption of being alone wasnt exactly right.

I saw three guys walking towards me, they seemed vaguely familiar, but it was the FBI-ish way in which they strode towards me looking around cagely for other kids which raised the hairs on the back of my neck. Growing up in the inner-city gives a guy a pretty good 6th sense for danger, so I turned and quickly matched their strides, throwing glances around at all the other classrooms to see if there was maybe the slim chance of their actually being a fucking teacher in a school.

Well. like I said lady luck's a cruel bitch, whose stiletto was firmly jammed up my ass, coz I didn't see one teacher, or even a corridor I could lose my new 'friends' in. Suddenly i heard the thump of running feet behind me, and I was gone like a shot. You ever watched the discovery channel? Yeah. so you've probably seen that cute lil gazelle get its throat ripped open by a lion.

well guess which part I would be playing in today's show. CRACK! The first punch was off target hitting me in the back of my head, not very powerful but was enough to throw me off balance.

I staggered in to a wall, thumping heavily in to the bricks. BAM! Another shot straight in the kidney. The air knocking the back out of her tight pussy from my lungs as my face was slammed in to the wall, of course it wasn't just once, no that would be a small mercy, instead the dick with a handful of my hair in his fist decided to dribble my face against the wall for shits and giggles.

"Turn him around!" spat someone, I felt myself being spun around, the world around me blurring sickeningly. I found myself looking at one of the boys in my science class, he had his fist clenched, his eye creased so narrowly he looked like a maniacal little chimp.

"What the Fuck!" I yelled, realising my nose had been busted open, I struggled fruitlessly against the two bigger apes holding my arms. I felt like I had forgotten to pay protection money to the mafia, the stupid idea of calling this kid Don Monkey-oni ran through my head for some reason. "You want to fuck around soraya de me lo folle como si fuera mi hijo en bruno y maria my girl!" he yelled, his voice was so posh the words almost sounded ridiculous coming from him.

I probably would have done the mature thing and laugh if his hand hadnt swatted the beginnings of a smile from my face. "Listen, I didnt know she was your girl," I snapped, spitting blood, "she came on to me alright!" "Liar!" he yelled, again slapping me, damn that was getting annoying.

"It's true I was minding my own business when." "I saw you go over to her and whisper in her ear this morning you prick!" this time I got a fist sandwich to go with my diet slap cola.

This morning? "What are you talking about?" I was genuinely baffled now. "I'm talking about how you lured my sweet innocent Alissa in to a cupboard and took advantage of her!" he shrieked this through gritted teeth. "Ooooh Alissa," a smile of understanding came to my face, which under the circumstances wasnt the most helpful thing. Again he cracked me in the jaw, man was I thankful this guy had never seen the inside of a gym before.

"Listen buddy, she was game as much I was, and she never told me she had a man." "Liar!" he was about to stiff me again. "It's true you know" said a voice from down the hall. As one we all turned our heads and looked at the owner of the voice. Piers. "Morgan. what are you doing here?" stammered my attacker.

"More to the question why are you slapping around my new roomy?" he was leaning casually against a wall, arms crossed a dark smile on his lips.

"I. He took advantage of Alissa!" squeaked the boy indignantly. Piers stood up and walked towards us, his stride even and calm as if he were taking a gentle stroll through the countryside. "How bout this, you re-compensate the kid here for the damage done to his persons and what not and I'll forget this ever happened," his eyes were as hard as stone, that little dark smile still hovering around his lips unformed.

"But. but." "Shut up!" Piers slipped a piece of paper in to her shirt pocket.

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"Take this and get out of here, it'll clear up a few issues." "But. what is it?" it was amazing how quickly his whole demenour had changed around Piers, he became the stammering little prick I knew he was, even his thugs were suddenly unsure of themselves. "It's a locker number with the combination, in that locker you will find a gift." "What type of gift," he whispered quietly. Piers' eyes flashed, almost cruelly, "A tape." The boys eyes widened, almost in fright, his head snapped from Piers to me and then back again, his face white and a steady sweat breaking out on his forehead.

"Fine!" he huffed throwing a wad of cash at my feet then storming off. "Oh one more thing, Ted," said Piers. "What!" snapped Ted turning around. WAM! Piers' head cracked off Ted's nose sounding like a shotgun. Blood gushed from his nose as he cried out, falling on his scrawny ass.

"Don't EVER touch my roomy again!" his voice was full of menace and unspoken threats. Piers turned and began walking away, I was shocked, but not so shocked that I didnt notice the thick wad of cash at my feet. I stooped to pick it up when Piers growled at me, "leave that!" I stood up quickly and followed Piers, listening to the cries of pain from Ted. We walked in silence for a long while, Piers' pace was slow and casual, while I frantically twitched my head from side to side, again playing the role of Gazelle perfectly.

"Relax," said Piers a hint of amusement in his voice. "Relax? How can I fucking relax Rocky Balboa? I could get sent to fucking prison thanks to you!" Dont get me wrong it's not that I was ungrateful, but the combination of having a prick half your height try to play amateur plastic surgeon on your face, and then having your ass rescued by a guy who you practically told to fuck off earlier that day is well.

it doesnt agree with the first time interracial gangbang with pepper hart side of a guy. Piers didnt say anything, he just kept walking, again that uncomfortable silence blanketed us, making me feel claustrophobic. "What were you doing all the way out there anyway?" he asked me after what seemed like a week of silence.

"I. I was. looking for you." I muttered, choking on all that pride I was having to swallow. Piers looked over his shoulder at me, his eyebrow arched in surprise. "And why were you looking for me?" "I. I'm in." "In what?" I could see the sides of his hawt adorable gf can not resist seduction curl in to a playful smile.

Great he wasnt going to make it easy for me, well I didnt expect him to. "What we spoke about this morning. I'm in." suddenly I couldn't pull my gaze away from the plush carpet, so much so that I hadn't even realised Piers was staring intently at me.

"Thank fuck for that!" he laughed throwing his arm warmly over my shoulder and laughing loudly, "I was wondering how long you would keep up that whole moral dilemma bullshit!" he smiled at me warmly, a little knowing twinkle in his eye. "Now that we've stopped fucking around.

welcome to best time of your life my boy!" he walked me up some stairs and suddenly we were on a balcony of sorts below us the mass expanse of the main atrium underneath us with kids milling about running backwards and forwards etc. "Rockmount, Ty-son, is made up of a whole shit load of divisions, dont think that every kid here is the same. Some are your run of the mill brat who maybe torched a car for fun after one too many," he pointed to a group of skater looking punks, "others are here coz maybe they became too wild for mummy and daddy to control," he pointed to a group of snooty looking girls who were sitting on some steps talking on mobiles, "others are actually smart geeky little fucks who decided for shits and giggles to hack in to barclays bank and bam they wound up here.

They are, for all intents and purposes, a veritable bag of skittles with too much money and too little brains. And now kid, you'll be all of their best friend, worst enemy and occasionally fuck buddy." I raised my eyebrow in surprise trying to inhale all the info Piers' was spouting. "A perk of the job," he said throwing me a cheesy wink. "So I sell drugs to them all?" "Bingo, if there's one thing rich people like it's either made out of barley and hops or sniffable, smokable or in some cases swallowable." "So.

when do I start?" "Right now snoopy!" he turned and walked down the stairs talking as he went. "Now we dont ask. we NEVER ask!" he practically yelled, slapping the image of me skulking in dark corners approaching the scared innocent rich kids asking them if they were looking to pick up.

"So how do we sell?" "They come to us with orders!" he announced with a touch of pride in his voice. "What are we fucking pizza hut?" He laughed and clapped me on the shoulder, simultaneously slipping something in to my pocket, so brazenly it didn't register at first. "Wait. what the fuck was that?" i reached in to my pocket but he grabbed my wrist. "That captain charisma, is enough mj to get you kicked out of here, but not enough to get you a longer sentence on your original." He said this all with a matter of fact tone like he was telling me the recipe for his first time virgin sex suhagrat live story fruit cake.

Well this all certainly sounded fruity, although the little brown balls aren't raisins in this cake. "Mj?" "Yeah. you know: green, puff, smokey, sticky, the good shit, hopes and dreams in smokable form." I just shook my head and kept walking.

"So I assume you have a customer for this. stuff?" memo to self: brush up on drug slang. "Bingo, some one give this man a biscuit!" I looked around wondering who Piers was talking to, I think Piers has sampling the 'good shit'. "And there are your customers, on time like always, you know a customer who's on time is a customer who cares.

now go!" he pushed me helpfully in the back and pointed towards a group of girls. With as much confidence as a terrorist in the white house I swaggered, and I use the term very loosely, towards the vaguely familiar group of girls.

I threw furtive glances around me, looking for the now invisible Piers. The girls looked up and noticed me, nudging each other as they eyed me up.

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Only as I was about to speak did I realise who they were, those bitches I ran in to before. "What the fuck do you want?" snapped one, obviously looking around for their dealer.

"Ermmm. yeah sorry bout before." "Piss off!" "Hey do you want your fucking shit or what?" I growled angrily stuffing my hand in my pocket and pulling out the small baggy. "Put that away!" they almost hissed in unison looking around frantically for teachers. "What the fucks wrong with you?" snapped a black girl, "you want us to get caught?" "Fucking Piers doesnt teach his lackeys anything nowadays" muttered a brunette girl with the biggest tits I had ever seen.

"Errmmm. sorry," I muttered lamely shuffling my feet awkwardly. "Now walk over here next to me and point to my book then casually drop it in to my lap," said the black girl slowly like I was slow or something. well I hadnt done anything so far to indicate otherwise had I? "K." I shuffled over to her, sliding my hand in to my pocket and pointing o quickly I looked like I was trying to do a fucking karate chop, I also managed to fling the baggy in to the face of another girl.

At that point I was seriously considering getting some sort of CAT scan, or a lobotomy, cant make it any worse can I? The girls just glared at me and I was sure they were seriously considering if they could get away with stabbing me. "So. I'll see you. lat." my mumbled good bye was lost as I practically ran away from a group of girls, man I should have my testicles taken away from me.

I didn't even bother looking back, instead I began to work a way to tell Piers I was cut out for this. When I got back to Piers he was leaning against a wall a small grin on his face.

Before I could say anything he slapped an arm around my shoulder. "You did good rooky, better than I thought." "I sucked more than the love child of a hoover and a french prostitute," I muttered darkly. He laughed and shook his head. "The german nadia ali all xxxx storycom time one of my boys tried doing a drop he passed out and the other asked the girl for head not realising she was actually buying for her insane boyfriend, so yeah you did ok." All I ever seem to do is ok I thought somewhat bitterly.

But luckily Piers is a firm believer in: if you fall off the horse you have to get right back on it again. In fact he made me ride that fucking horse to death. He had me doing drops, picking up cash even telling one girl Piers couldn't see her tonight. I was exhausted but I las tetonas de farang ding dong sagown crubat big boobs to admit I was getting better, quickly picking up all the little idiosyncrasies of the drug business.

If this was a cheesy sports movie then this is the point where the inspirational music plays and a montage hits, although mine I would be dropping drugs instead of beating that poor dead cow meat in some fucking fridge. I had just finished a drop when I saw her. Her was a girl that looked like she just walked off the cover of some model magazine. Half latin half. well does it matter what the other half is? With luscious lips and more curves than well.

I'm too horny right now to give you a witty remark so fill it in yourselves. Her ass was like a road bump firm and unmoving as she walked, only slightly bouncing under her mini skirt. That juicy peach like ass melted in to gorgeous golden legs, which seemed to go on for ever ending in small feet clad in heels. Her tits weren't massive but if there WAS a perfect tit size i think i found them.

But it was her face, annoyingly, which had me by the dick and played with me. Deep soft brown eyes, masking a hidden intelligence looked at me, her perfect soft lips parting in a smile, her long glossy brown hair cascading around her face.

I hadn't even realised she was walking towards me, but as she did I was mentally slowing down her every movement, hips swaying, tits bouncing ever so slightly under her white shirt, unbuttoned just enough so I thought I could see a red lacy bra.

Or maybe it was the fact that my brains had suddenly dropped down to my crotch region which had me imagining such things. "Hi, I'm Eve," her voice was softly accented, and even though I had never heard a southern American accent in real life I was sure this is what it would sound like. "Ty." I squeaked, she was barely a foot away from me in the crowded corridor, but I could barely pull my eyes away from this Latin beauty. "Can I talk to you a minute, Ty?" she practically purred my name, making me melt, my cock throbbing painfully as I nodded like a fucking idiot.

"Great," she flashed me an award worthy smile and began walking, slipping her soft beige hand in to mine and led me to a class room.

I was enthralled by her ass, and I was so glad she didnt look back and see me perving on her. It was perfectly round and looked so firm that if I was that way inclined I would have thrown her against a wall and fucked the shit out of it. She opened the door and looked around saw it was empty and led me in closing the door behind me. She motioned for me to sit, so I did hopping up on to a desk and watched as she swayed towards me again. "So you're new right?" I nodded, loving the way she formed her words, the way her tongue softly caressed them as they left her mouth, making me wonder what other talented things her tongue could do.

"Wow, I must admit Piers works fast," she said musing to herself. I barely even registered what she said, my head snapping up in surprise when I realised what she said.

She saw me and laughed. "Aww poor baby, thought you were being pretty sly didn't you?" she walked towards me, her scent of what I thought was rose water enveloped me hypnotising my senses, even as my 6th sense snapped at me to get the fuck out, my other 5 senses were too enticed to listen. "So you're Piers's new kid huh?" she eyed me with a mix of approval and disappointment, "how long have you been dealing for him?" I snapped out my reverie a little, "dealing what?" She laughed again flicking back her hair, I suddenly had the almost uncontrollable urge to kiss her neck, to lick it to taste her perfect skin.

She was so close she was almost touching me. "Tyler, don't play innocent, it's not a convincing role for you, probably why you wound up here." My mouth was completely dry, I didnt know how to answer, I didnt know whether she was accusing me, praising me or what.

and if I was honest I didnt care all that much. "You're dealing drugs for Piers, simple as no need for the secret spy shit Tyler," every time she purred my name I felt my cock twitch and strain to burst out of my trousers. "I feel sorry for you, you've got no idea what you've let yourself in for." Anal girlfriend creampied in pussy analcreampie denimshorts she said this her firm, yet soft, thigh snaked in between my legs, brushing softly against my rampant erection, as she leaned forwards, her lips brushing against my ear.

I felt like my head was going to explode, my heart raced, and blood pounded painfully in my ears as this beauty intoxicated my every second. "Piers is going to use you up and throw you away just like he's done before, just like he'll keep doing, Tyler, you're just one in many," her voice had dropped to a husky whisper, her message barely permeating my lust filled conscious. She pulled away, a look of strangely pity in her eyes, she then turned and walked out the room, the door snapping shut behind me.

I sat for a few seconds dumbfounded, and then slowly remember to breathe. * Ever been so brunette babe sara luvv takes a taboo stepdad fantasy it actually makes you angry?

My every thought and step was consumed with an almost fiery anger mixed incurably with a primal lust for Eve. Her smell still lingered in my nostrils, as I stalked down the corridor, her cryptic messaged rolled sluggishly through my befuddled brain, working its way through the mist of insatiable want, making me wonder what it was she meant? But every time I began making some sense. those curves, those lips, that smell. my throbbing dick allowed no moment for pondering. Instead I was like an animal in heat, and I knew where I would find satisfaction.

Looking down at the smudged numbers on my sweaty palm I smiled and muttered, "160E." Roxy. Safe to say I had a lot more success finding this room than before: a raging hard on is usually pretty good motivation. Even now, feet away from a girl who I was more than likely going to fuck, Eve still dominated my thoughts, wondering what she would be like to hold.

to touch. to. knock knock I rapped on the expensive looking door before me and read the name plate, "Taylor/Li" Just then the door opened and there was Roxy, she looked pretty much the same as before, expect now she was minus her white vest, a pink bra held her tits and my attention.

It was strange the contrast between Roxy and Eve, so incredibly different, as were the affects they had on me, Eve sent my blood pounding, my heart racing, bringing up feelings of complete lust and almost violent want, yet Roxy was completely different. Her smooth white skin, her always ready smile, those soft blue eyes, I could already feel my self calming some what, and yet getting more excited in a different way.

"Look who's here, didn't think you were going to come." I push Roxy against the wall next to the door, kissing her hard, my tongue and my hands everywhere at once, all the building feelings of rampant want and feelings of anger and confusion began to wash over me manifesting themselves in pure passion. And to Roxy's credit she kept up with me, her hands unzipping my trousers while she bit my lip her tongue wrestling with mine. Her thigh slid around my waist as I gripped her firm ass, all rational thoughts disappearing from my mind.

She ripped my shirt open, nails running down my chest. I reached down and, in a moment I pride myself on, ripped her thong clean off, eliciting a groan from Roxy as we bucked and writhed together, my rampant hard on springing from my trousers. We were both panting heavily at this point, our breath mingling with each others as I hitched up her skirt and bodily lifted her surprisingly light body and slammed her against the wall, my dick sliding against her moist pussy lips.

Neither of us spoke, caught up in the animalistic need to fuck. I drove hard in to her. She gasped sharply, eyes screwed tight shut, head thrown back, thighs clenched tight around my waist. I threw my head back and let it out, growling and snarling like a beast as I slammed in to Roxy, making her whole body bounce and buck with every wild thrust. My ripped shirt hung around my shoulders, Roxys nails digging sharply in to my shoulders as she rode my cock, allowed me to slam in to her.

Our world had become a volatile sea of wild passion, with each of us so wrapped up in our physical pleasure not one thought could permeate our existents, we were both in the moment not caring about anything else. My heavy cum filled balls slapped sharply against Roxy's ass, as my cock strove to go deeper and deeper in to her. My hand clenched around her ass, hanging on for dear life. Roxy worked her lips across mine, over my jaw and to my ear, where her pants and moans were the only sound I could hear.

She bit and flicked her tongue in to my ear, her hand wrapped through my hair pushing me against her. Her tits bounced against my chest, while her mouth found mine again, kissing me deeply. Our moans and pants mingled and were lost in our kiss, my tongue running over her tongue stud, loving the cool metallic feel. Sweat ran down out bodies. My hips bucked harder and harder, while Roxy bounced to meet my thrusts, her eyes were screwed shut, while my own were wide open yet saw little, everything looked too bright, every felt too sensitive, I felt like my senses were on fire.

I could feel Roxy's heart pounding in her chest, matching my racing heart, my pulse nauseatingly fast as we raced to our crescendo. Finally, I felt the blood racing to my purple headed monster, as it plowed harder and harder in to Roxy, with almost a desperation need. I felt Roxy's pussy suddenly contract, her nails dug deeper, her thighs clenched harder a scream of pure physical pleasure tore from her throat and in my near orgasmic state of mind I knew she had cummed and cummed hard, hot liquid running down my balls and thighs, I looked at her, her eyes now wide open meeting mine, a look of incredible surprise and horniness in her expression which drive me over the edge.

With a wild cry of exultance cum rocketed from my dick. Ropes of thick sticky cum splashed inside of Roxy, my cock throbbing and twitching with every shot, my knees suddenly feeling unable to hold both myself and Roxy.

A wave of complete soul aching tiredness washed over me as every muscle in my body screamed for release.

I staggered backwards with Roxy, my cum still pumping in to her womb as we fell on to her bed, my still rampant cock buried in Roxy, our chests heaving, faces flushed and bodies drenched in sweat. Her head rested on my chest, I could feel her heartbeat rapidly pounding inside of her, as we both slowly came down of a high no drug could give you. The world slowed down as I looked around, the light was dim as I realised the sun was setting outside, kids being sent inside from playing football in the grounds, birds chirruping and teachers shouting orders.

But inside with me and Roxy the world was quiet, both of us wrapped up in our own thoughts, the world respecting our peace and leaving us alone. My mind, for the first time in what felt like weeks cleared, my breathing slowed as did my heart. The incredible need for sleep bathed my body, as I began to drowse quietly, Roxy's soft hair tickling my chest, her pink nail tracing a pattern over my chest, our legs intwined, bodies in perfect harmony. After hours, or maybe minutes, of this state of perfect calm Roxy stirred and looked up at me, that impish charm returned to her features as she kissed my bare chest.

"Well. that was. unexpected" she said, her throaty voice sounding like the softest symphony to me. I smiled and twirled a lock of her streaked hair through my finger and replied, "thought I would surprise you." "Well you sure did that," she looked over at the clock and gasped, "shit is that the time!?" She rolled off me and sat up, stretching, her bra covered tits enticing me as she sighed.

"Come on Mr. Surprise you have to go." She sprung up off the bed and helped me up, I couldn't help but notice she still eyed my now soft cock. We then began the ever tiresome act of searching for clothes which had been hastily discarded, and hastily regretted. She held up her shredding thong and laughed, "looks like I can't wear this again." I laughed and pulled up my boxers, nerd maya bijou bangs with roommates boyfriend pornstars hardcore after sleeping with a girl I felt obligated to act romantic, or make some grand romantic statement, but with Roxy I just didnt feel like it was needed nor wanted.

As I was zipping up my trousers I noticed the condom that had fallen out of my pocket, you know the "just-incase-you-get-lucky-but-know-it-will-more-than-likely-go-out-of-date-before-you-get-to-have-a-random-and-spontaneous-hook-up-with-some-random-girl" condom. "Shit are you. you know on the pill?" I mumbled afraid.

"Of course I am, you might not be able to control yourself but I can," she smiled as she picked out a new top and pulled it on. I just nodded and put on my ripped shirt, I looked at her pointedly.

"Oops sorry." "I can't go all the way back to my dorm like this," I said holding up the ripped shirt. Roxy looked around and then jumped over her bed and ruffled through her haphazard pile of clothes which she called a closet.

"Here, it's my bros but you two look about the same size." She threw me a new shirt and then opened a window, trying to air out the strong smell of sex, while spraying perfume all over the room. "And speaking of my bro he'll be here any minute so." she gestured towards the door and shrugged.

I finished buttoning up and grabbed my blazer and made for the door. "Hey punk!" I turned around and Roxy kissed me, wrapping her arms around my body, I kissed her back. This kiss wasn't like the first one, it was calmer, safer, warmer and ultimately nicer. "That was fun," I dont think she was just talking about the kiss. She opened the door and we walked out, she was going to walk me down the elevator, as we laughed and talked like old friends the elevator pinged.

We both looked up. The doors drew back slowly and my eyebrows knitted in confusion. Roxy's face lit up in delight. "Bro!" Bro?

"Hey sis," answered Roxy's brother. He looked at me, "Ty?" "Err. hi. Piers?" . I'm Fucked. Suggestions or ideas for Part 3 very welcome as are any criticisms of part 2. Comments greatly appreciated. Part 3 cumming.