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Tittyattack hot blonde soaking wet titties get plowed blowjob and bigtits
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Chapter 03 - A New Tattoo and a Facial "Why don't I go get the car. Abbey in jonas first patrol full lenth trike patrol video stay her and keep Kerrie company, all right?" Mark patted his wife's ass and smiled at Kevin. "I expect you can protect her from any of the boys inside who might get the wrong idea." Kevin smiled and slid his hand down Kerrie's back, underneath the waistband of the panty-skirt. He'd given them back to her after she finished her dance inside.

"I'll keep her safe." Mark laughed and tossed his keys in the air, catching them with his other hand. "Don't be shy. She's a great kisser." He walked away and turned into the dark parking lot.

"Are you?" Kevin asked. Kerrie looked up at him. He was huge and she felt a shudder that was half-fear, half-excitement. She felt his hand sliding further down underneath her clothes. "Damn, you are fine. Nichole Kidman's little sister." He reached behind her head with his free hand and pulled her close.

She felt his lips against hers just as his fingers slid down between her ass cheeks. Kerrie opened her mouth and felt his tongue, warm and solid, sliding against hers.

He cupped her ass in his hand and she opened her legs. He pressed his thigh against her crotch and she started moving against it. "Hey, you two!" Mark called from the car. "Get in the back seat." Kevin held the door open and Kerrie climbed in first. When she was halfway across the back seat, he closed the door and got in front with Mark.

"She's eager, I'll tell you that," Kevin said, looking over the headrest at Kerrie, sitting in the middle, feeling around for the seatbelt. Mark pulled out of the parking lot, heading north toward home. "So how serious are you about putting her on the streets?" Kevin asked.

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He turned just enough to catch the stunned look on Kerrie's face. "I never said anything about." "Cut the crap, kid. Remember who you're talking to. Sounds like you're serious about this Thailand thing, and you were ready to let my crew bang her back there in the bar.

You might not even know it yourself, but it's only a matter of time. You'll be turned on for a while, passing her around to your friends, but at some point, you're going to start handing her over to strangers and then, it's just a short move from there to big tits blonde menage a roz nailed by a huge cock her out for cash." Kerrie squirmed in her seat, waiting for Mark to come to her defense.

Instead, she heard him say, "well, we'll see when we get there." Kevin laughed. "Well, I'll tell you what. I'll put a hundred dollars on it. Before the end of the summer, you're gonna have her down on Second St., working up one side and down the other." He turned and looked at Kerrie in the back seat, hands in her lap, knees together and silent.

"What do you think, honey? He gonna let you keep half the money?" He reached back and patted her knee with his hand. She flinched but didn't say anything. She caught sight of a the tattoos on his big forearm and stared at it, her eyes widening just slightly.

"You like that, eh?" he asked. Kevin turned back to Mark. "Nice ink work on her, by the way. Did you pick 'em yourself?" Mark beamed with pride.

As long as he'd known Kevin and he still felt like a little kid when Kevin game him a compliment. "You like that? I have a few more in mind." Kerrie leaned forward slightly at that. Kevin caught her movement and his mind raced.

He recognized the signs of a needle slut right away. To check his theory, he flexed his forearm and noticed her eyes shift slightly, watching the tattoo dance. "Mark, I know a guy who does beautiful work. I think she'd look good with a little something on the inside of her knee." His thumb pressed slightly on the indentation just to the inside of fuck fuck in the teenie ass yearsold brunette left patella.

Kerrie felt the shock all the way up to her crotch. Kevin watched her face closely and smiled. "Sure, we're ready." He called back over his shoulder. "Aren't we honey?" Kerrie, excited by the prospect of another tattoo but trying not to tip her hand, said "yes" very softly. --- Kevin directed Mark to the Permanent Ink building. They pulled into the parking lot and Kevin opened the door for Kerrie.

She slid out and he wrapped his arm around her waist, motioned for Mark to do the same on the other side. They walked three abreast into the tattoo parlor. "Davey around tonight?" Kevin called. "You know I'm always here," a voice called from the back room. Davey was even bigger than Kevin, bald with tattoos covering every visible part of his body. He was bald and even his head was covered with intricate designs. He eyed Kerrie up and down, once then again.

She didn't care, here eyes were scanning up and down Davey's body, admiring the tattoos, considering which would look good on her. Davey led them back into his studio and Kevin sat Kerrie down in the big chair.

"Davey, remember that nice script you did on Sandy? The one with the shadows behind the characters?" Davey nodded, smiling. "Mark, I want to put SLAG right there," Kevin touched Kerrie's leg, opened it, "on the inside of your wife's knee." Mark's face lit up like a kid in a candy shop. He looked at Kerrie's face and didn't recognize what he saw. She was remote, a little distracted. He didn't realize that she was excited, thrilled by the idea of the needle decorating her again.

She didn't really care what it said, she just wanted to feel those little pricks on her skin. Mark must have mistaken it for either boredom or defiance because he got angry. He ran his finger from the inside left edge of her knee about three inches up her thigh. "Can you make it a little bigger?" Davey smiled. Kevin stared at Kerrie and nodded his head. "That will be fine." Kerrie laid back and closed her eyes. She heard the sound of the needle and felt kimberly kane graceful legs and excellent ass getting wet.

When the needle touched her, she flinched, hands gripping the edges of the chair tight.

She slowed her breath, enjoying every tiny movement Davey made. She felt her nipples stiffening and clenched her cunt. About ten minutes into the process Kevin made a loud sniffing sound. "What's that?" he said with a grin. "Does anybody smell anything?" Kerrie opened her eyes and looked at him. "Mark, can you go out to the car and get my jacket?" Kevin asked. Mark nodded and got up.

--- When he was gone, Kevin smiled at Kerrie. "This can be our little secret, OK?" He was leaning closer now, sniffing the air. It was so humiliating and so arousing. She felt her cunt lips relax open, her clit swelling. A quiet moan escaped from her throat. Kevin sniffed closer to her chest, then slowly down toward her belly.

Davey kept working calmly and Kerrie felt herself starting to arch her back. The needle was so delicious as it pricked and withdrew, pricked and withdrew, hundreds of times per minute.

She felt her skin open and receptive to it, each little penetration an invitation to cum. The humiliation of being so opened up and of Kevin's obvious laughing at her arousal was too much and she felt a small orgasm shake through her cunt.

Kevin motioned and Davey pulled back. bad teacher screwing eve ellwoods tight pussy you just cum?" he asked her. Kerrie's face went red and she turned her head away.

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"Let's see if you just came," he repeated. He got up and stood in front of the chair, between her open legs, then reached for the panty-skirt and pulled it off. Kerrie lay there exposed and shaking, her bright pink lips open and everything soaking wet. "Oh, yes, you did. Well that's nice." He turned to Davey. "Davey, why don't you go ahead, I'm begging she can control herself." Kevin turned back to Kerrie. "You can, can't you?" Davey started up again, the needle pushing Kerrie closer to cum-land again.

Kevin touched her clit with his thumb. "I'll bet you've cum with the needle before, haven't you? Hm? Do you maybe have needles you play with at home?" He rubbed her gently and she shuddered as she came again. Kevin was right, she was able to keep her leg straight, offering it to Davey for euro stunner jemma valentine ass to mouth with beefy cock needle.

"Oh, I am going to have a lot of fun with you, I can see," Kevin whispered. Kerrie came again. --- When Davey finished the tattoo, they covered it with a gauze patch and Mark paid him.

They drove home, Kerrie asleep in the back seat, Mark and Kevin quiet in the front. When they got home, Mark had Kerrie change into her house outfit - the mohom and sandals - and make them a snack. It was three in the morning but Mark was excited and couldn't sleep. When she'd set the chips and beers on the dining room table, she went back into the kitchen to wait for him to call her. "Do you want to fuck her now?" Mark asked Kevin.

Kevin dipped his chip in the salsa and took a bite. He chewed for a few seconds, looking at Kerrie sitting at the kitchen table, hands folded and quiet. She caught him looking and turned her face away. "I don't think so. It's early in the game and I want to make sure I'm thinking clearly." Mark shook his hand.

"No, really, you got us out of a jam there tonight, plus you introduced us to Davey. Come on." He waved to Kerrie.

"Come in here." Kerrie hesitated. She knew that this was coming, Mark had made it clear to her weeks ago when he laid out his plan, but she still wasn't ready for it. The idea of someone else's cock being inside her body was too much for her. Mark said he would chubby ebony squirt continue on mycyka com it, but she'd been hoping he would change his mind.

What if it became a regular thing? What if he divorced her? Or worse, what if she liked it? If she enjoyed it? What did that make her? She walked into the front room, trying to keep from shaking. She focused on Kevin's tattoos. That calmed her down.

She imagined her lips kissing them, her tongue running over the outlines. She wondered what his cock looked like. "Kerrie, turn around and show him your ass," Mark commanded. Kerrie felt a flood of emotion - arousal, humiliation, anger, surrender - but turned.

She wiggled her ass in front of Kevin's face, bending her knees and swaying side to side. "Now, is that a sweet ass or what?" Mark turned to Kerrie. "It was a sweet ass when she stripped at the bar, it's a sweet ass now." Kevin agreed.

"Honey, spread your cheeks for him." Kerrie froze. She started to raise her hands but couldn't. The feelings overwhelmed her. She dropped to her knees, put her hands to her face and cried.

"Get up," Mark said coldly. Kerrie slowly wiped her face and got back to her feet. Kevin unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. "Spread your cheeks," Mark said. Kerrie closed her eyes and mustered her strength.

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She saw Kevin's tattooed forearms again but it wasn't enough. She saw Davey's head in front of her, the elaborate tattooed designs swimming in front of her face.

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She leaned down and licked the top of Davey's huge tits kianna dior face fuck pov compilation jonni darkko, her hands behind his head, pulling him close. She felt the bones of his skull underneath her tongue and wanted to open herself, touch herself, feel his cock inside her.

She reached around and took her ass cheeks in her hands, opened them for Kevin to see, all the time, kissing and licking the beautiful blue ink on Davey's bald head. Kevin let Kerrie stand there like that for a full five minutes before he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh. Kerrie moaned out loud and pushed herself back toward him. Kevin fingered her, two fingers deep inside her cunt, his index finger touching her clit as he pumped in and out. He was stroking his cock with his other hand, his balls hanging out from his unzipped jeans.

Kerrie came quickly, her whole body shaking. "Get on your knees," Kevin said. Kerrie knelt, eyes looking at his cock. It was erect now, eight inches and thick. She wondered if he would ass fuck her or just make her suck him. Either way was fine now, she needed something even if it wasn't her husband. Kevin stood up and stepped closer to Kerrie.

She opened her mouth and leaned back, ready to take his cock in her throat, just as he started cumming, shooting streams of sticky jism onto her face and neck. "Don't move," he said when she started to close her mouth. Kerrie opened her legs and stroked her pussy with her fingers while Kevin continued stroking, shooting more and more onto her forehead and hair. "Just stay like that," Kevin said. He wiped his cock in her hair and pushed his semi-hard cock back into his pants.

Then, he ran his finger over her face, smearing the cum evenly across her cheeks, nose, chin, everywhere, all the way back to her ears and up and down her throat.

Kerrie was shocked by how turned on she was. The abject humiliation had found somewhere in the back of her mind and was working it. She wanted to cum, wanted to beg them to fuck her up the ass, even take her back to the bar and pass her around but she couldn't say anything. They'd told her to keep still.