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Markus dupree with eva notty
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This is the story of my wife Dee Dee's life comes before she and I were married. I only know about old mom seduces his new girl into family sex because it turns me on to think of other men seeing her naked and hearing about her. One night before we made love, early in our marriage, I had asked her if she had ever had sex with anyone before me. She laughed and asked me what part of sex I had in mind.

That confused me a little, to be honest, but I said any part. That was when she told me about this period in her life. As far as I know, no one but me and her brothers know the story, and hopefully will never know I told anyone. It's really good though and has an ending that I did witness. Dee Dee grew up in a small home in our city with her natural dad, her step mom, and 2 brothers. Her mother died when she was 4 from an illness, and her dad married her step mother when she was about 5.

Her step mother had no children from a previous marriage and was divorced. Her oldest brother was Roy, who was 11 months older sluts in threesome get pussy fucked in hot threesome tube porn she was, and her younger brother Lynn was about 1 year younger than she was. The three grew up together playing and doing natural things children do. They lived in a small house in the city where we still live.

The house, which I have visited many times, had 3 small bedrooms. The master bedroom had her parents king size bed in it, and her brothers shared a room and Dee Dee got the other room. Their mom was a stay at home mom and her dad was a long distance truck driver who was gone during the week. Her mom had been a nurse but had decided to stay at home until her children had grown some and she could leave them home by themselves.

At night, her mom would put the three kids into the bath and let them play for awhile. Dee Dee still remembers how much fun her childhood was with her 2 brothers. The baths continued until they were about 6 years old, and then the boys took baths separate from her. As she got older, the three of them used to watch television together, and one of their favorite shows was local wrestling that was televised.

This of course was before World Wide Wrestling (WWW) go so big. They had their favorites and would watch it every Saturday afternoon. Then, they would practice on each other with 2 being the wrestlers and one the referee. They had a great time, and she would usually win over Lynn, but not over Roy.

They enjoyed it so much that even as they got older they would still wrestle. After Dee Dee turned 13, she began to mature a little more rapidly than Roy. By the time she was 14, she wore a 36 C cup bra.

She has always been a very hairy girl, and she had a lot of light brown pubic hair by then. Of course, being in the late 60's, it wasn't a fad yet to shave the pubic hair on girls, so she just left it alone. By the time she and Roy were in 9th grade, she had filled out even more and wore a 36 C cup bra. She was 15 when she went into middle school. It was around that time that Dee Dee's mom went back to work at a local hospital as a nurse.

Because of the cost of raising 3 teenagers, their parents had felt that her mom should apply for the 4P-4A shift and get the extra differential for nights. Every afternoon she would prepare dinner for her and the kids, and then the kids would warm it up when they ate for the night, and then clean up the kitchen.

After that, they would take turns taking a shower and get ready for bed. Their mom would then come home when they were asleep, usually around 2 AM, and then get them ready for school the next day.

Dee Dee began to notice when she and her brothers would wrestle that they were putting on extra muscles and looking more manly to her. She also noticed that she was having a harder time winning than she before.

One night in particular she remembers well, because her and Roy were wrestling and she began to feel an erection on Roy that she had not felt before.

She found it exciting, thinking that she was able to turn on her brother. Roy was beginning to try and feel her up when they wrestled by "accidentally" grabbing her breasts or ass.

Roy would always become embarrassed about that when it happened, but she found it sexy none the less. A few weeks later, while she and Roy were watching wrestling on television, he asked her for a wrestling match of their own. She agreed and got on the floor. She had on hot asian gf gets it on in store shorts and a tee shirt, but no bra.

She always walked around like that, because she hates wearing a bra. Roy was in some light colored shorts but had no shirt on. They began wrestling and before long Roy was on top trying to pin her. She had very strong legs and managed to keep him from pinning her, but said she noticed he really had an erection that night giant oiled up boobs giving tit fuck around on top of her. Roy kept grabbing her boobs because he could tell she had no bra on.

He finally got her pinned under him, and without warning leaned down and kissed her passionately on the mouth. She asked him what the hell he was doing, and he just looked sheepish and said he wanted her to know he loved her. That ended their wrestling match for the evening. After a few months of this, one night they had put Lynn in bed, and Roy and her were sitting at the kitchen table doing homework.

Out of the blue Roy asked if he could ask her a personal question. She first though it would be advice about girls, but Roy asked if he could take a shower with her. At first she didn't know what to say, so she asked him why he wanted to do that at their age. Roy explained to her that they had taken baths as children, and he had enjoyed it very much playing with his other brother and her.

Roy missed those times together, and enjoyed their times in the bath. He said he wanted to see if they could recreate those moments until they left home. Dee Dee told him she would think about it some and let him know. Over the next few days she thought about it over and over, and finally a few days later told Roy that she would try once, just to see how it went. She also hardcore deepthroating action with a sexy filly him that she was going to wear her bra and panties while in the shower with him.

Roy agreed that she could wear whatever she wanted, and they decided to shower for the first time together that night. All afternoon at school she was excited thinking about getting to see Roy naked and seeing for herself how big his erection was. That evening, after getting Lynn in bed and making sure he was asleep, she and Roy went into the bathroom and got ready for their shower.

She had picked out a nice bra and panty set in white to wear. Roy got undressed down to his underwear and started the shower. When he got ready to get in, he shyly turned his back to her and took off his underwear and stepped into the shower behind the shower curtain. Dee Dee noticed that Roy had a very cute ass. Dee Dee undressed to her bra and panties and got in.

At first they just looked at each other, and said Roy kept his hands cupped over his cock and balls. After a moment, though, Roy's erection could not be hidden. She admitted she was very surprised at how large Roy's cock had grown since the last time she saw him naked over 9 or 10 years ago.

Roy finally stopped trying to hide it and stood with it facing her. Roy continued to stare at her once she got wet. She finally looked down to see if something was wrong with her underwear, and the bra and panties that had been so white were now transparent. She couldn't see her nipples, because they were so light pink, but the hair on hot babe playing with her huge toy pussy could be seen very well, plus the hair growing down her thighs.

She was mortified that Roy could see her so well. Roy told her that he could see her anyway, so she might as well take them off, so she did. This was the first time she had ever stood nude with a teenage boy and she found it scary and exciting at the same.

Roy kept telling her she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. Both watched each other for a while, then washed up and they got out of the shower. They got dressed and went to bed in their bedrooms. She admitted that after she went to bed, she kept thinking of Roy and his erection and had a hard time sleeping.

The next day neither one of them said anything about their shower from the night previously, but said she thought about Roy all day. That evening they rushed getting Lynn in bed and got in the bathroom as fast as possible.

That night they were more relaxed than the night before, and said Roy asked her if he could wash her. She surprised herself that she answered yes so fast, and said Roy grabbed the soap and began washing her boobs. By now Roy's erection was larger than the night before, and she says it had to be because he was touching a naked girl for the first time. Roy was very gentle and washed her boobs, pussy and ass over and over and soaped her up all over.

Roy kept saying how soft her pussy hair was. Roy then asked if she would wash him, so she washed him all over and saved his erection for the last. When she first touched it, she was amazed at how hard it was. She kept washing it up and down and Roy got more and more excited. Roy finally began to moan and shot his load all over her. She had never experienced anything like this before, and it excited her tremendously.

Roy was quick to point out to her that everything was fine, and that it was normal when a guy cums. Her masturbating him became an everyday occurrence, as he enjoyed her doing it much more than he doing it himself at night. She really enjoyed it also, and became very good at it. After a few months of this, as they entered 10th grade, she told Roy that she and her girlfriends had been talking at school about oral sex, and how pleasurable it was supposed to be.

She didn't think any of her friends had tried it either, but she decided she wanted Roy to try and do it to her since she had been jerking him off in the shower. It appeared to her that if having an orgasm was that good, then she wanted to try it. Roy was very eager to do it, and that night, after their shower, they went to her bedroom and she lay down and spread her legs for Roy.

That was the first time Roy had really seen everything between her legs. Roy had his face right near her pussy and kept running his fingers through the hair and across her pussy lips.

Roy then asked if she would turn over because he wanted to really see her ass. She was a little embarrassed, because no one had looked at he like that since she was a child, but she rolled over on her stomach. Roy was shocked that she had brown hair growing around from her pussy up her ass and onto her lower back. Roy told her he thought that was really hot, and then he took his fingers and spread her ass cheeks and looked at her ass hole. Dee Dee could feel her face flushing red from being embarrassed, but Roy never noticed.

Roy took his fingers and gently rubbed it some, and she said it felt great. Roy then asked her to turn over again. At first Roy was very tentative in everything he did, but as she got more turned on, the more ran his tongue in and out of her. She asked Roy to put his fingers in her also, and he began to really run his fingers in and out while he licked her clit.

All of a sudden she had a cutie teen babe fuked in her pink pussy by big hard cock pornstars hardcore orgasm, her first ever.

Roy stopped what he was doing and just stared at her pussy and ass and kissed it all over. Their sex life together seemed to go into high gear after that. Roy kept begging her to let him put his cock in her, but she was scared that she would become pregnant and never did let him. About 6 months later they were in the shower when Lynn came in to take a pee.

Both her and Roy had thought he was asleep. Lynn was in 10th grade at the time, with Dee Dee and Roy being juniors in high school. She tried to be very quiet and hoped Lynn would return to bed when all of a sudden he pulled the shower curtain aside to screw with Roy. Lynn's eyes bugged out when he saw the two of them in the shower together and naked.

Lynn got this huge grin on his face as he stared at Dee Dee's titties and hairy pussy. Roy kept telling Lynn to leave the bathroom, but Lynn told her he wanted to take a shower with her when her and Roy were excited one eyed monster handling hardcore and cumshot.

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Dee Dee finished off Roy and he left the bathroom. Lynn then stepped in with her. She said Lynn was very excited and already had a massive hard on that was sticking out in front of him.

As soon as he stepped into the shower with her, he ejaculated all over her. Dee Dee laughed at him at his misfortune, but then said just as quickly she was very sorry for him. Lynn was very embarrassed and upset. She told Lynn to settle down and just enjoy himself. Now she knew how to treat young men, so she began washed Lynn all over with soap and then invited Lynn to wash her.

Lynn was bug eyed looking at her naked body. Lynn got the bar of soap and began to gently wash her all over. Dee Dee said he would linger on her boobs for a bit, then move down to her pussy.

After he had washed those, she reminded him that she still had an ass to clean. Lynn then turned her around and began washing the cheeks of her ass, but not her asshole.

She asked Lynn if he thought her asshole would bite him. Lynn said of course not, so Dee Dee told him to put his hand in there and wash it. Lynn rubbed some soap in her crack and really enjoyed washing her ass, and after he finished it and rinsed it began to kiss it.

During all of this she noticed that Lynn's cock was bigger than his brothers and harder. Soon Lynn's cock was at full staff again, so she told Lynn just to stand and rub her pussy while she jacked him off, and Lynn also came very hard mom sex son friend story. After that Dee Dee would take a shower with one boy and then the other every night and masturbate them to finish.

By then, if her brothers preferred her to, she would give them a blow job after the shower and let them cum in her mouth instead of masturbating them in the shower.

The first time Roy came in her mouth it really surprised her, but she loved the taste of it. She got to where she would swallow both of the boy's cum, which really excited them, and she thought it made them closer to each other. After a while her brothers only wanted blow jobs.

One night the boys asked her to do an experiment. After their showers they blindfolded her and set her on a chair while she was still naked. Then Lynn went up and put his cock in her mouth and she sucked him until he ejaculated in her mouth.

Dee Dee swallowed it, and then Roy did the same thing. The boys then removed the blindfold and asked her which brother was first. Dee Dee knew as soon as Lynn came in her mouth by how he tasted compared to Roy. I asked her later why she didn't tell her brothers that until she had done Roy also.

Dee Dee laughed and said it was because she enjoyed giving them blow jobs and letting them cum in her mouth. She enjoyed that as much as they enjoyed having their faces buried in her pussy and ass.

Then they started trying something else new.

All 3 would get in their parents big bed naked. One of them would eat out her pussy and the other would suck her titties until she came, and then they would switch places and do it all over again. Some nights she came for each of her brothers. Afterward, they would lay there for a bit just kissing and caressing each other. It took all of her willpower to not let them have intercourse with her, even though all 3 wanted it so badly. It was during this period I met Dee Dee and we began dating.

During the beginning of her 11th grade year we eloped and got married. I had to take her home every night for 3 weeks until I found us an apartment to live in. During this time, she continued showering with her brothers at night.

We got Dee Dee on the pill so she wouldn't get pregnant, but she moved out of her home before they became effective. That story she told me answered my question about why she knew about masturbating, blow jobs, and having her pussy eaten, but didn't know about intercourse itself. One final thing. It was during this period that my wife moved out of her home late one night.

Her mom knew we had got married because she helped us get the license. On her last night at home, she gave both Roy and Lynn a blow job and let both of them eat her pussy, because she knew it would be their final time to do that. Later that evening, in our new apartment, we got moved in and made love. I didn't know at the time what she had done with her brothers earlier in the day, and I certainly didn't know that both boys had cum in her mouth earlier. I then took a photo of her naked, which I still have today.

In the photo, she was 17 years old and beautiful, with her size 36 C cup boobs sticking out proudly and her very hairy bush showing everything. Her 2 brothers eventually moved to Montana, as that's where our family was from, and they got married and settled down. In 1989, my wife and I drove up there with our travel trailer for a family reunion where her mom and her 2 brothers lived. During the reunion one night while lying in bed, Dee Dee confided in me and said if she could she would like to finally have sex with her brothers like they had always wanted to do.

I told her I thought that would be awesome, and I was sure Roy and Lynn would go along with it. She took them aside the next day privately and asked them if they wanted to still fuck her like they had always wanted to. Both heartily agreed, so Roy sneaked out of his home that night and came to our RV.

Dee Dee was bathing when Roy came over, so I invited him to sit and drink a beer. Roy appeared very nervous sitting there, and he probably was, considering he was getting ready to fuck my wife and his sister. We made small talk until Dee Dee walked out of our carter cruise fuck toni ribas. She looked absolutely ravishing. She had curled her hair and had on a short see through negligee and was totally nude on bottom.

She tina kay in leaving on a jet plane Roy how she looked that she had gotten older and he couldn't hardly talk. She went over to the couch and sat down next to him and gave him a kiss on the mouth. She then placed Roy's hand on her pussy and he began to feel her up. Just as things were getting interesting, she asked Roy to take her to the bedroom, which was right on the other side of where I was seated. They were in there about 3 hours, and off and on I could hear them laughing, kissing, and yes, fucking.

When they came out, my wife's hair was completely undone and she was totally naked. I could see Roy's cum still dripping out of her cunt and running down her legs. Roy looked exhausted, but big cock for amy ried tight pussy. They kissed again and Roy shook my hand and thanked me for letting him fuck her.

The next night, Lynn came over about 9 pm. Dee Dee was in the bath again, so Lynn sat and visited with me for a while. He kept telling me how much he appreciated the chance to finally make love to his sister. He said it was something he had thought about for a long time, and said it felt like unfinished business.

I kept assuring him that he would really enjoy her body again and have a good time. A few minutes later, Dee Dee walked out and she was totally naked. Her hair was curled again and I could tell she had rubbed flavored body lotion all over her body. It sounds funny, but it almost looked like she had given her pussy hair an Afro, as much as it fluffed out with light brown hair.

Lynn just stared at her wide eyed. Lynn was just dynamite has her throat and asshole gaped by a thick cock some shorts, so Dee Dee went over and sat in his lap. Lynn at first didn't know what to do, and Dee Dee told him to settle down and just play with her. That was all he needed. Lynn began to rub her all over her body and kiss her passionately, like they did many years ago. This time, however, Dee Dee didn't take Lynn into the bedroom.

Wild students dancing and fucking in group had him lay on the carpeted floor at my feet and make love. She had Lynn get on the floor and she mounted him in a "69" position, and began sucking his cock. Her ass was facing me and Lynn began to eat her pussy out. Within a few minutes Lynn was working on her ass also.

I could tell a few minutes later that Dee Dee was having the first of many orgasms. They continued fucking and kissing for almost 3 hours. Unlike Roy, though, Dee Dee asked him if he would like to fuck her ass. Lynn said he would love to, so she got on all fours and Lynn pushed his cock into her ass and pounded her. They got so loud when he was butt fucking her that I thought the neighbors would hear them, but it seems no one did.

When they were finished, Lynn shook my hand and thanked me and went home. Dee Dee, though, wasn't through. She looked at me and thanked me for letting them fuck her, and she said that I got a surprise also, and she fucked me unmercifully for the rest of the evening.

The next day we had to head home so we could go back to work.

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Dee Dee was really depressed that she had waited all this time to finally fuck her brothers and we had to go home. She really wanted another round of sex with them.

We made it home just fine with lots of sex on the way. On the day we got home, Willie was there and waiting for us. Or perhaps I should say waiting for Dee Dee. As soon as we pulled up, Willie was there and he literally picked my wife up and carried her into our bedroom, where he quickly undressed himself and her and within a few minutes were fucking like dogs.

He had been without her for 2 weeks and he was ready to go. Willie was my best friend and black, and had been a virgin when Dee Dee and I had gotten married.

He was also my best man at our wedding, and eventually Dee Dee busted his cherry and made love to him for the first time in his life. She enjoyed stacked blonde takes it up the butt huge black cock so much that she began to have him come over daily and fuck her. Eventually, Willie even brought over 6 friends of his, all black, including two of his cousins, and they gang banged her all night.

That went so well that she wanted another gang bang with Willie and his family that Willie came over with his dad, his granddad, and 2 brothers and they gang banged her again.

So, in the space of about 2 months, Dee Dee had fucked me, her 2 brothers, Willie, his cousins, two friends of his, his dad, his granddad, and Willie's two brothers.

All in all, 1989 was a hot summer for us. Well, that's her story. It's all true and we had a great time. She has not slept with her brothers again (at least not yet). After that trip, it was back to just Willie and I and two gang bangs. Next year though, in 2016, we're going back up there to Missoula, Montana for another family reunion, and my wife says her 2 brothers will be there.

She has already spoken with them and her two brothers want to go another round in bed with her again while they are there. They also want to get an early start with her and try to fuck her as many times as they can while we are there.

Since the reunion goes a week, they will probably try for 7 or 8 times each. She also told me that she has a special surprise for Roy. I asked what it was, and she said she has wished since their first time that she had let Roy ariela ferrari stepson and friends her in the ass also, like Willie and I do. She knows Roy will love it.

Duh!! We have already decided that this time I get to watch both of them fuck her. I might even join in this time. I told her it would be hot if her two brothers and I did a 3 way with her and she thinks that would be awesome. I can hardly wait until next year!!!