Busty sunny and holly on hot foreplay

Busty sunny and holly on hot foreplay
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Seize the Day - Part 8 By the end of the month we've had the same simple sex a couple times and I've stopped and started the herb therapy a couple times. My wife has become more accepting of her sudden youthful desires and vigor. I'm ready to kick it up a notch and plan a nice romantic evening. So during the next round of herbs when you are good and horny, I spring it on her.

Flowers around the house, a mild incense and candles round out the mood. I welcome her home and direct her into the living room, hand her a glass of her favorite wine and take care of the kitchen.

She is a little surprised but accepting of my adulation. I serve dinner without flare but care and practiced hospitality. She blushes from the wine as we finish our meal. "Would you like a massage?" I ask, once we have settled in the living room and I have cleared the table.

Her nipples are obvious, sticking out through her shirt. If they were knives they would have pierced her bra and shirt with their persistent pressure. My dick was beginning to feel the same was as I anticipated the sirina how i fucked my beloved cousin adventure.

"I haven't had a massage forever.

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That sounds really good." xxx hot saxy storyxx sauth beautiful xxx purrs. I lay a blanket on the floor and help her undress, removing her shoes and caressing her feet. Brushing up against her as I help her with her shirt, bra and pants. She heads for the blanket and turns to look at me. She takes off her panties exposing that freshly shaven region of my desires, and tosses them to me with a wink and lays down.

Her ass clinches a little as she puts weight on her breasts and has to adjust them. I strip as quickly as possible and kneeling to one side begin rubbing her shoulders and neck. Her body hot and soft under my grip. As I work around her neck she groans. Then I move to her head and press down her spine purposefully touching her head with my semi ridged dick. I haven't gotten a blow job from her for a long time. Not since around the time we talked about trying anal sex.

She turns her head to one side and 'mmms' a little sigh as I press on her lower back. My man meat brushing her forehead and nose. I can hear her sniff my scent and I feel her rock her head. I pull back then slide down her back again.

My dick precariously close to her nose and mouth. She kisses at it and sighs as I pull back.

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The next time I lean forward she is waiting with open mouth, capturing my cock head and licking around it. I hold myself there letting her enjoy my taste and say, "Is boy x pron vidboy and boy good?

It feels good to me." She groans around it. I take that as a yes. I push in a little to test her intentions and find she is willing. I reach further down and spread her ass cheeks exposing her puckered hole which twitches when I blow cold air on it. She sucks in stronger. I rock back and forth a little pushing and pulling my cock from her mouth. She 'mmms' again. I can't help myself and slide my hands down her crack and tickle her sensitive holes.

She keeps sucking on me until I slip a finger between her shaved lips.

She groans hard and reaches back with both hands to pull her own ass cheeks apart and shake. Her mouth is working down my shaft and she is breathing harder.

I slip two fingers in her pussy and wiggle them around as she quakes and groans in a slightly higher pitch now. I pull my fingers out, wet and slick sliding them up her crack to her tight hole.

Her groan drops lower as I wiggle the tip my finger into her ass a little then pull it out. She arches her back and I can see her asshole move in and out as if kissing the air.

I put my finger back in to the first knuckle wiggle it and pull it back out. She clinches, turns her hips up as if reaching for more and groaning. Her hands pulling harder to widen her ass cheeks. I blow on her little puckered hole and she bites my dick then sucks hard on it again.

I put my finger back in her ass a little deeper this time and pull against her tailbone, pushing my cock to the back of her throat.

She swallows hard but doesn't resist. I start pumping my finger in her ass as she arches her back and clinching her asshole around my finger. I pull it out and work toward two fingers as she continues to devour my very hard man meat. It takes a couple tries but following the tones of her groans soon there are two fingers wiggling around in her ass. Her mouth never leaving my cock.

Finally I pull out leaving her wanting more and moving to straddle her ass. I return to massaging her back and waist, careful not to be too forward with my stiff meat. Patience I keep telling myself. It took some time to become comfortable with activity in my ass.

She was groaning with my hands working her muscles as I worked my way down her back to her legs and feet. By the time I was done she was calm and relaxed. My dick had gotten soft and I was happy with the progress of the night. I ask her to roll over and give her a kiss then massage her neck and shoulders.

She reaches up to grab my head and pulls me in for a hotter kiss. I perverted adorable bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot for her breasts and rub, squeeze and tweak her nipples. The forces her tongue between my lips and reaches for my dick. Her kiss is electrifying and I get lost easily in the sensations until I feel her hand grasp my limp cock.

I twitch as she squeezes it returning my nipple twist. Now I groan and run my hands down her sides then back to her breasts. She continues to massage my man meat which responds quickly and easily to her touch. I move from her lips to her breasts and suck greedily on her nipples, licking and biting them.

Suddenly I feel her hand slide down my cock and between my legs probing my asshole. A moan escapes my lips while I suck hard on her breast. Embarrassed I open my eyes and think hard about the moment. Her finger pokes at my hole and then returns to my dick. 'Seize the Day' I think to myself and slide my kissing down her belly till I'm inches from her shaved lips.

I can smell the sweet fragrance and see the glistening juices hanging like drops of jewels. My cock now inches from my wife's mouth, I feel her pull it towards her as she leans up and accepts it into her mouth. "I've forgotten how good it feels having your cock in my mouth." she says between licks and sucks.

Orgasms slim chick cant wait to get laid raging now and dive my mouth onto the hot shaven lips of my wife.

Her legs spread accepting my advance and her hands can't decide whether to hold my head in her pussy or probe my ass and push my dick deeper into her mouth. I'm holding that part back as best as I can enjoying the moment. I bury my tongue between her pussy lips and reach my hands under her ass to pull her cheeks apart like she does. She's rocking her head against my cock and her hips against my mouth and tongue. Driving both of them deeper and deeper into her. Suddenly she convulses in a mild orgasm, her legs closing around my head holding me there as she thrashes her pussy against my face.

At the same time she tilts her head allowing the head of my cock to slip into her throat. I feel the head pop in and out as she jerks through the waves of her orgasm. As she comes down from the waves of pleasure she releases her knees allowing me to pull away from her pussy momentarily.

However she isn't done with my cock and continues to stroke and suck it. I rock my hips in pushing into her throat as she pushes back driving it past the opening and further down into her depths. Her hands pulling at my cheeks and probing my now itching asshole. I relax my hole mom sexx friend free porn she pushes at the entrance feeling her finger just slip in. I start fucking her throat and work my fingers into her asshole again.

Her body thrashes as I fuck two fingers in and out, her ass gripping and wiggling. I work my timing so that I'm pushing in at both ends in time. She willingly takes it at both ends and I can tell she's building quickly to another orgasm. Her body moving with my rhythm as she pushing her fingers in my asshole in time. She starts snorting around my dick in her throat and her body jerks and thrashes again. This time a huge orgasm takes her and she gags and coughs on my cock.

I pull it out enough for her to breath. My fingers still fucking her ass as it clenches and releases over and over. Her body sweaty and glistening with passion and ecstasy. She's lost in the waves overtaking her senses and draining her strength. As she starts to come down from her immense rush I pull out and rest next gorgeous bff babes in a sizzling yoga orgy her.

She pants and sighs. She turns her head to look at me, "That was amazing. I never had such a big orgasm." I smile at her and holding my hand like a gun, blow across the top of my fingers that until recently were thrusting in her ass. She laughs and brushes the hair from her face weakly. Soon she is fast asleep on the floor, I carry her off to bed. Laying there in bed with my erect dick I roll her on to her tummy and slowly, quietly rub my stiffness between her cheeks.

She pushes and arches her back, still football bffs used their teamwork to work on their coaches big rod. I ease my dick into her slick ass hole. She groans in her sleep as I push in and out a couple times until she loosens up a little. I slide in and hold still letting it rest.

I feel her arch her back and I push in with her signal. I feel her clinch and I pull out slightly. She releases and arches and I push back in deeper. Next time I push in all the way and rest against her tailbone. She sighs but doesn't wake. I can't help myself and quickly fuck her till I cum deep in her ass. She never wakes up as I finish and pull out. I roll on to the bed next to her and fall asleep.