Ebony undresses to have a enjoyment sex

Ebony undresses to have a enjoyment sex
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WHORE WIFE THE BURNING QUESTION AM I, OR AM I NOT: She rang the doorbell of the Beverly Hills Hotel suite and waited, looking gorgeous, voluptuous and ultra-hot in a small, tight, molten gold party dress that was meant to drive men crazy. Soon the door opened and a man peered out at her, looked her up and down, and then whistled appreciatively at her spectacular looks. Deciding that she must be at the wrong door by mistake, he asked, "May I help you?" "Why yes, I was instructed to be here at this suite number at 7PM to attend a party." A startled look came over the guy's face and he blurted out, "My God, you mean that you're ornella morgan and lana belle foursome session outdoors hooker that our investment banker arranged for us for tonight?

"Well, I'm not a hooker, my boss just told me that there was going to be a party in this suite tonight that he wanted me to attend," she explained. "Does your boss happen to work for Goldman Sachs, he asked hopefully. "Why yes he does," she responded. "Well then, baby, you have definitely come to the right place," the man said with an eager smile.

"Now you can call yourself a party girl, or anything else that pleases you, but to us you're the whore we ordered from Goldman Sachs." The big man then reached out and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the room, slamming the door behind her. Looking her over again he grinned and said, "Well, on second thought, honey, I guess, now that you're here, there really is going to be a party here tonight, and you're it." Then he yelled out, "Guy's, get your horny asses out here and see what kind of hooker our investment banker has sent us to party with tonight.

You are not going to believe what this broad looks like." As he was yelling to his buddies, she realized that her boss had deceived her. There was no question in her mind that he knew that these guys were expecting a whore when he sent her over here and, for some reason, he had elected not to tell her that.

And now she was trapped into playing the part of being a Goldman Sachs call girl. She saw two more Germans rush into the room to find out what their companion was yelling about. The first thing she noted was that all three of them were big men in their thirties and that meant that this orgy she was going to be providing the entertainment for, was going to be a demanding physical test for her.

After they had looked her over like a pack of rabid wolves, she soon felt the three burly men crowd in around her superbly stacked body, capturing it between theirs, and she soon felt hands beginning to feel her up. Looking over the swank room her companions were going to be fucking her in, she wondered to herself, "When does a woman officially cross the line and become a real whore." As she felt three sets sex ebony xxx sxey german fingers penetrate her orifices she knew that, even if she wasn't a whore, technically, when these three loud mouthed, burly beasts got through with her tonight, she was certainly going feel like one.

As she compliantly let them have their way with her, she began thinking about all of the things that had happened leading up to her being here tonight, getting primed to perform the crude, demanding, demeaning sex acts hourglass ebony sexy dancing homemade teasing masturbation black she knew she was going to be forced to perform for these very important clients of the giant investment firm that she worked for.

SCHOOL DAYS & PROMISCUITY: She had a normal early youth but by the time she entered the 9th grade she already had a woman's fully formed, hour glass figure topped by a beautiful, sultry face and a long, thick, black mane of hair.

She had quickly learned the kind of attraction her curves were to members of the opposite sex and, just as quickly, how that intoxicating power of attraction could be used to get her whatever she wanted.

As a result she had easily glided through high school having the ability to wrap around her fingers nearly anyone who she needed something from. If anyone resisted, she would just use her body to get from them whatever she wanted. She had been a majorette and won the most beautiful girl award four straight years.

She and her equally well-endowed, Latina classmate, Mercedes, were both extremely promiscuous, an attribute that made the two of them extremely popular with the boys, several of whom they both had torrid sex affairs with. What made them super popular was the fact that they liked to double date and make out with each other while their dates watched. The final kicker was that they were always ready and willing to swallow their dates cum.

They were also risk takers who had dared each other into having sex with three different 50 and sixty year old teachers, just to prove that they had the power to do it. She had then gone on to college where she was even more popular. Besides being a majorette, again, she had been voted homecoming queen two years in a row.

Like she'd done during her high school years, she got by on her spectacular looks and never had to work hard to get anything she wanted. She also liked males, and their cocks, more than ever and was even more wantonly promiscuous than ever. Besides screwing her fellow students, she continued the practice of having sex with her teachers but, being a lot smarter about it by then, she had only given them the sex in exchange for them giving her better grades.

GRADUATION - IN BAD NEED OF A JOB: She had graduated with honors with a degree in sociology but, during her last semester had discovered that it was a degree for which there were very few jobs to be had, and the ones that were available only paid poverty level wages. The closer she got to graduation the more she realized how little her degree was worth.

Finally, in desperation, had gone to see her lazy slug of a guidance counselor to get some direction and help in finding employment. After going over the possibilities with him, right in front of a picture of his ugly wife, she had given the dumpy Councilor a deep throating, blue balled blowjob in order to give him more incentive to work on her job search ahead of everyone else's.

The full swallow BJ must have been very inspirational because the next day the Councilor called and told her that one of the college's major benefactors, and contributors, was going to be on campus the following Tuesday to make a large donation to the College.

He told her that the guy was also scheduling private interviews with attractive female graduates for the purpose of filling the position of personal assistant to him. The Councilor urged her to book one of the remaining interview slots that was open, and to look her very best when she met with the guy. Excited, she immediately told him to book her in one of the slots. WINNING THE BEAUTY CONTEST TO GET THE JOB: The large contributor turned out to be the Managing Partner of the Los Angeles office of one of the major New York investment banking houses, Mr.

Peter Epstein. As fate would have it this fortuitous meeting brought together two licentious quests, the joint consummation of which would provide both parties with exactly what they were looking for. She came to the meeting with a useless degree, with absolutely no work experience of any kind, and with no real interest in working at all. Like most women, she had hoped to catch a rich husband unusual nymphos plow the biggest strap ons and spray jism all over the a sugar daddy to support her, but she had ended up spending so much time having a good time being a promiscuous party girl, that she hadn't set aside any time to look for someone like that and actually catch him.

On the other hand, the positives she had brought with her that day had been her spectacular beauty, a ripe, voluptuous body and lots of sexual experience, combined with a readiness to do anything it took to get an income paying position, something that her gross Guidance Counselor could vouch for. When she went into the interview room that day, her potential boss turned out to be a homely Jew from a very wealthy family whounbeknownst to her, five years before had married an equally unattractive women from an even wealthier Jewish family, said marriage being a marriage of convenience, Also unsaid to her, his specific purpose for personally conducting these interviews was to find a beautiful young Anglo female assistant who could be persuaded, through the payment of very high wages, to provide him with the type of wild dirty sexual gratification that he wasn't able to get at home, primarily because his very rich wife was just too ugly to have anything more than missionary sex with.

Well understanding the irresistible affect her beauty and body was having on her rich potential employer, during the interview she said all the right things, overtly flirted with him, charmed him with her looks and intelligence, and boggled his mind with the extremely tight and revealing dress she had wisely chosen to wear that day. As the interview proceeded, she could see that Peter was absolutely mesmerized by the stunningly spectacular female form she was flaunting in front of him.

And Peter was, in fact, really hooked. When he had come up with this hiring scheme he had, of course, envisioned the new hire as being very attractive, but this luscious, sensational set of female curves was beyond even his wildest dreams. After discussing with her everything but what the job actually entailed, Peter had offered her the position as his executive assistant along with a salary of $50,000 per year.

She had gulped when she heard the amount of the offer, which was far and away more that she had ever imagined it could be. Getting control of her excitement, she quickly accepted.

She had been so turned on by this completely unexpected salary windfall that she would have let him fuck her right then and there, out of gratitude for his giving her this completely unexpected largess.

JOB DESCRIPTION HIGH PAID OFFICE MISTRESS, TAKE IT OR LEAVE: The following Monday she showed up at the firm's luxurious office to begin her duties as assistant to Mr.

Epstein. During the first couple of days she found her job responsibilities to be little more than that of a gofer, cocktail waitress and pin-up girl for his clients to ogle. On the third day Peter had called her into his office to inform xxx mom xxx aom 50ienda that he was giving her a $25,000 per year clothing allowance, then took her out shopping and showed her exactly what type of outfits he wanted her to start wearing around the office.

They turned out to be very tight and revealing, party type clothes that were teasingly suggestive and gave her the look of a B-movie queen. It was the type of clothing that she had always wanted to wear but hadn't been able to afford. Now that he had her dressed up in man pleasing outfits, she knew that it was just a matter of time before he made his move on her. While she waited she found that it really excited her to have such a rich and powerful man be so obviously taken by her dazzling looks.

Knowing that he was lusting for her body was like an aphrodisiac to her, so much so that it more than overcame the fact that her new boss was very unattractive. But the thing that really helped her overcome the problem of his looks was the free fucking chinese big butt girl on mountain teenxxxnetworkcom that, as all rational women know, no man is really ugly if he's seriously rich.

Sure enough the following Monday Peter had taken her out for a long lunch. During the consumption of the wine and food he had explained to her that his marriage was one of convenience, a match that melded together two very rich families and made them even richer. He told her that he and his wife did not have, nor would they ever have, the kind of stimulating sex life he longed for. He further advised her that, under no circumstances would he and his wife ever get a divorce because of the amount of wealth involved.

He then confessed his total infatuation with her and that, under the circumstances he had described, would she agree to become his office mistress and provide him with the type of wonderfully dirty sex he craved. He had ended the discussion by bluntly making it perfectly clear to her that, if she turned down his proposed arrangement, she would be terminated and another girl brought in to take her place. Of course his illicit proposal was not unexpected, but the take it or leave nature of the ending stipulation came as quite a shock to her.

Happily seeing the worried look on her face caused by the possibility of losing her high paying job, Peter took the opportunity to finish baiting the hook by telling to her that he would give her another $25,000 increase in salary if she accepted the position, as described. She may have been taken aback by the coldly threatening ending to his offer, but her fertile mind immediately switched gears and calculated that she would be making $100,000 per year in salary to be his mistress and give it up to him any time he wanted it.

With that very stimulating salary amount firmly in mind she didn't hesitate for a moment to say yes. That evening he had her stay late and, drawing on all the experience she had gained during her highly promiscuous high school and college years, she gave him the best fuck he had ever had, one that she felt he more than deserved for paying her such a spectacularly high salary.

At the beginning of the sex session she had gotten an additional, non-monetary, bonus when she had unzipped his fly and discovered that her new boss was immensely well hung. By the time Peter was through ravishing all of her orifices with his huge weapon that evening, she had to admit to herself that, for a short, ugly Jew he really knew how to put his huge meat to a woman.

Driving home afterwards she had smiled to herself that, so far, it looked like being her boss's mistress/sex provider wasn't going to be a bad gig at all. The session had also confirmed to her that having a very rich man between her legs really was an aphrodisiac for her, so much so that she had climaxed three times for her very horny, ugly new boss.

THE MISTRESS FINDS A FIANCE: Being completely infatuated, Peter couldn't get enough of her sex, so she had to stay late nearly every evening and service his needs. However, other than making herself available to him during weekdays and evenings, there were no other constraints on her time. She had been free to do anything she wanted after he left work every day and on weekends and she used that time to continue her life of being a good time girl on the nightclub circuit, playing the field and having some very heavy petting, weekend dates.

As fate would have it, three months after her first fuck session with Peter, she had been introduced to a very handsome, third year college student who was struggling to make ends meet as he slaved to put himself through medical school.

For both she and Mark it had been love at first sight and two months later, during lunch, he had proposed to her. Thrilled by the proposal, and faced with the fact that he would be moving in with her, she was suddenly put in the position of having to decide whether or not she should strapon strap on strap-on female domination humiliation and milki tube porn him about the ongoing sex arrangement she had with her boss at work.

She had no idea what his reaction would be but finally concluded that, sooner or later, he was bound to find out about it, anyway, so she had to tell him. Taking a deep breath, she told Mark absolutely everything, stressing that it was purely a sex arrangement and would never be anything more. She concluded her explanation by reminding him that her boss was paying her $100,000 per year in salary to have sex with him.

Mark was shocked, to say the least, to find out that his gorgeous, steady girlfriend had been humping her boss on the side, while they were dating. But, after reasoning it out together, and going over how much her high salary would help pay for the cost of putting him through medical school, both being practical minded and very smart, had mutually concluded that it was in their financial best interest for her to go on with the arrangement with Peter, and accept that it was just part of the price that had to be paid for getting Mark through school.

That issue settled, they had happily embraced then had quickie sex in the front seat of her car, which was parked in the back row of a public parking lot at the time. About two thirds of the way through the sex, two bums came over and peered through the car window and watched the last third of the hot sex and had applauded when Mark creamed her.

Four hours after Mark's cock had been in her pussy celebrating their engagement, Peters big boner was in that same cock receptacle, plowing the hell out of it and then shooting a big cum load deep inside of her, with an earthy, dominating curse of raw sexual pleasure.

And, not stopping there, Peter had gone on to creampie her anal passage, then later splatter his cum against the back of her mouth, and watch her swallow it down her throat until all of it was in her belly. The next weekend Mark had moved in with her and from then on she had been steadily humping two guys, one who she loved and one who paid her extremely well to lovelessly put out to him.

During that period of time the insatiable Peter had been in full lust mode while happily letting her show him every way possible to use her body to get himself total man pleasing sexual gratification. Simultaneously, as a dedicated, big dicked, woman user, Peter was crudely enjoying making her explore all aspect of his dirty sex fantasies as he more and more treated her like a wanton cherry poppens and marquetta jewel screwed up star, both mentally and physically.

Meanwhile, during his turns with her body, her poor, busy, hard-working fiancé was getting some very sloppy seconds. During all of the sexual activity at work Mark had never asked her anything about what was going on at her office, even though she nearly always came home completely disheveled because of Peter's fetish of fucking her with her clothes on. She assumed that her fiancé had decided that not knowing any of the details about her office sex life would enable him to more easily accept what she was doing.

Of course the reality was that what she was doing was putting him through med school by laying on her back, and every other position imaginable, and letting herself get thoroughly screwed for $100,000 per year. BISEXUAL TOO - WHENEVER THE SITUATION REQUIRES: A month later one of Peter's clients and closest friends, Tim Shine, came by his office with a Kim Kardashian look-alike on his arm.

The couple had gone into Peter's office and 45 minutes later she had been called in to join them. The virtual exact replica of Kim K. was introduced to her as Messy whores want to fuck a lot smalltits and homemade, Tim's mistress.

Greetings over, Tim had his gorgeous, olive skinned, long black haired, big butted main squeeze stand up and take her in her arms and kiss her. Raquel did, giving her a deep tongued French kiss while she rubbed the front of her exquisite body all over her spectacular stack of voluptuous Anglo curves.

That ultra-hot kiss ignited the passions of both hotties who quickly went into full bi-sexual mode, a sexual attribute that all women have available in reserve. It was lust at first sight for the two bombshells as they hungrily went after each other's bodies, applying their fingers, lips, teeth and tongues to very part of them, eventually forcing the men to have to have to pry them apart.

Once they had been separated, Tim had Raquel pull off her panties and put them in her mouth, then go over and sit on the couch in Peter's office. He had the dark beauty lean back, pull her knees up, and spread her thighs, leaving her vagina fully exposed.

Peter then grasped his own glamorous mistress by the back of the neck and positioned her on her knees between Raquel's parted thighs, then shoved her face into the Tim's mistress's hot gash and told her to eat pussy.

The two men stationed themselves on each side of her kneeling body and then watched her hungrily lick, suck, bite, chew and tongue fuck the puffy lipped, oozing snatch until she had the raven haired honey moaning with delirious passion.

Tim then ordered Raquel to turn over and kneel on the floor in front of the couch, with her upper body lying flat on the leather seat.

When she was in place, Peter pointed his finger at Raquel's anus and said, "Rim it, baby." Being hot enough to do anything they wanted her to do with the delicious hottie, she had immediately knelt behind Raquel and quickly pushed her face between the woman's marvelous ass-cheeks, then shoved her tongue up the black haired beauty's anus and began greedily giving it a deep tongued rimming.

The two rich Jews not only saw her long tongue force its way deep into the entry to the Kim K. replica's anal passage, they heard her drooling mouth wetly lapping the winking anus as she had the big-titted honey delirious with pleasure.

Next they had Raquel return the favor and do the same hot tongued crotch job on her. Then the two males swapped dates and wildly screwed each other's mistresses. When she felt Tim's cock slide into her hot pussy she realized that she was being unfaithful to her fiancé, but Raquel had gotten her so hot that Tim's thrusting prick quickly drove any guilt she might have felt, out of her mind, as she surrendered to the sexual heat that was consuming her and got fucked.

During the ravishing of the two trophy bodies there was lots of ass-to-mouth, pussy-to-mouth action, as each man frequently pulling his cock out of the pussy or anal passage it was in, then stuck the juice loaded prick into the other woman's mouth.

As the two cocks made the rounds through all of the orifices that were at their disposal, using them at will, she felt like she was back in school participating in one of the many orgasmic double dates she had been on with her Latina friend Mercedes. During the course of the decadent evening, each time one of the men got ready to climax, he pulled his loaded up dong out of which ever orifice it happened to be in at the time, then stuck it in his rides mouth and shot his load into her wide open oral cavity.

The receiving woman then leaned over and spat it all into the other hot pussy of a legal age teenager likes dick mouth. Then, kissing passionately with their eyes wide open, they swapped the hot, white semen back and forth before swallowing the well-blended ball juice down their throats.

Their turned on masters finally ended the marathon sex session by putting the two women, side-by-side, in front of Peter's desk then bent them forward at the waist until they were both face down on the desk top with their tits flattened against the hard, cold wood.

The men stepped up behind the dazzling, upturned asses and inserted their cocks into the cunt that was in front of them and started fucking it. After a minute of gash banging, they pulled their cocks out and then inserted them into the same female's anal passage. A minute later, after plundering the anal passages, deep and hard, the men pulled out of the orifice they had been hammering, swapped bodies, and then plowed back in their new female sex partner's cock receptacle and repeated the process, over and over until sugar daddies had climaxed and shot their jism into the mouth of the other guy's mistress.

Returning home very late that night she thought to herself that she was thankful that Mark never wanted to hear anything about the days sex activities at the office because she had truly been unfaithful to her fiancé with the delightfully tasty, olive-skinned, uninhibited, exquisitely red lingerie hardcore and tied gagged melissa moore begs for rough sex beauty and, of course, with Tim to.

The next afternoon, unannounced, Raquel had showed up, by herself, and proposed to Peter that the three of them have another sex session without Raquel's sugar daddy in attendance. Peter, always ready to screw anybody, including his friend's main squeeze, readily agreed to the return engagement, minus Tim. The three of them had a wild time of it, including a maximum of girl-on-girl sex, including 69'ing while Peter went round and round plunging his cock into any exposed orifice he wanted to, while the two females devoured each other's bodies and the occasional creampies Peter made, until they were virtually exhausted.

Since then, being totally infatuated with each other, the two super bodies had subsequently had many lunches together, several of which ended up with the two of them in the restaurant's public restroom bent over toilet seats while their kneeling partner behind them, tonguing their snatches and anus's to multiple climaxes. MARRIAGE HER BOSS GOT THE HONEYMOON SEX: Two months later, impetuously, Mark had purchased a cheap, plain wedding band and told her that night that he wanted them to get married by a Justice Of The Peace the on Friday.

She had happily agreed and they were married during her lunch break, after which Mark left to pull an all-night shift at the hospital. That same afternoon one of the firm's biggest clients, David Kettlhof, came in for a visit and Peter had her bring them a bottle of wine and two glasses.

She did and he and David relaxed and drank some of the very expensive red vino. As they poured the second glass David, intrigued by the body beeg hi school girl lesbain had seen, suggested that Peter call her in to join them and make it more like a party.

Peter had liked his client's idea so much that he suggested that they take it a step further and make it a really hot party. David applauded the suggestion so Peter called her in and told her to go over and sit on David's lap and let him get to know her a whole, whole lot better. The request hadn't come as a surprise to her because, during the sex session they'd had with Tim and Raquel, she had seen that Peter loved watching her get screwed, almost as much as he liked screwing her himself.

As a result, she knew exactly what this evening's party was going to entail with these two horny, youngish rich guys and, knowing Peter, he wasn't going to take no as an answer, so she didn't resist the party idea at all. Her only regret about that night's two man, one girl orgy she was going to be participating in, had been that she was going to be spending her wedding night getting balled by two guys who weren't her husband.

But, what the hell, to pay for his education her new husband had sanctioned her putting out to her boss, so she didn't really feel any guilt about the fact that Mark was going to be getting cuckolded by another guy, as well as Peter, on his wedding night.

She shrugged her shoulders and accepted that it was just a part of the price of paying for la france a poil chochonne ans viol education. She had smiled her concurrence and gone over and sat her gorgeous ass down on David's thighs, put her arms around his neck and hotly kissed him. When she had pulled her lips away from his, David had set his wine glass down on the coffee table, then Peter watched his client's hands and fingers run over her entire body before shoving them up under the hem of her tight dress and began stroking her lush thighs and silken panties.

Soon he had her part her legs so that he could get at her vaginal lips and clit. Soon his fingers were stroking those hot spots and had her squirming and moaning softly with growing heat.

She was facing Peter and watched him intently stare at the action like he was watching the best porn show in the world. Finally David slid her body off of him and onto the couch cushions, stood up and dropped his pants and boxer shorts, then crawled on top of her, between her lush thighs, and she soon felt his thick cock penetrate her hot vagina and begin fucking her long and deep as she bucked her ass and helped him get it as deep as it could possibly go, until he finally convulsed and blew his spunk into her steaming hot pussy.

Then, gasping for air, he got up and straddled her face and stuck his juice soaked cock into her mouth and had her suck it, and lick his balls and shaft completely clean. The completely turned on, Peter then flipped her over on to her stomach, face down on the couch cushions, then grabbed his shaft and she felt his big boner get driven completely into her anal passage the, brutally ass fuck her, with callous abandon.

After he had emptied his balls deep into of her anal passage he jumped up and grabbed her head then crammed his dripping dick into her mouth and had her give him the same oral servicing that David had gotten. The two men then spent the next three hours proving to her that guys really do like dirty sex the best, as they performed all sorts of raunchy debauchery on her and totally plundered her hot, willing, super-hot body, to their total gratification.

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When they were through with her, as a memento of her illicit honeymoon night, she took home a stimulated, invigorated, well plowed, very juicy and completely satisfied pussy, along with a tired, puffy-lipped mouth, plus a lot of cum sloshing around inside of her marvelously stacked body. When she had fallen into her bed she was glad that her husband hadn't been there to see the results of what they had done to her on his wedding night.

She was also thankful that her very promiscuous past had well prepared her to handle the demands of a sex session like the one she had just been put through, and be able to enjoy the hell out of it, as well. CLIENT'S PARTY GIRL: That session with David had worked out so well, both sexually for Peter, and financially for the firm, by sending home a very happy, empty balled client, that Peter quickly evolved it into a weekly, no holds barred, two men on one girl sex party, to which he invited, one at a time, his firms very richest clients.

Before each mini-orgy, Peter urged that week's invited client to be sure and take full advantage of the opportunity and exploit teeny fucked by hot math tutor facial cumshot natural tits hell out of her, purely for their own sexual gratification.

The parties were an instant success. They were a special night for each week's client, a temporary escape from the hectic daily demands of running their empires, during which they could concentrate only on fulfilling their wildest sexual fantasies, without limitation, with a stunningly beautiful, incredibly voluptuous, totally uninhibited, very dress for suckcess charley chase bruce venture woman. These sex parties also appealed very much to Peter's voyeurism, giving him the chance to watch her superb body in the hands of a different man every week, getting used like a high-dollar call girl.

Watching her being ravished and debauched, made him even hotter to use her body, that night and all the other work days of the week. When Peter had first told her about his plan to have regular Thursday evening parties, she didn't object at all. As much sex as she was getting at home and at the office, she was feeling herself becoming even more wantonly promiscuous than ever.

She knew that, as wild and sometimes demeaning as these sex sessions were going to be, they were still just parties, exciting and fun things that she'd been attending all of her life, so she knew that she was going to thoroughly enjoy playing any kind of sex games Perter wanted her to play with he and his ultra-rich clients.

Of course, from experience, she knew that occasionally a client was going to turn out to be a disgusting jerk who made depraved, perverted demands on her. That was to be expected under these circumstances and she knew that she would just have to cope with it and make sure that the client went home happy and satisfied, no matter what. That, of course, would be made easier by the fact that all of the guys who would be attending these parties were going to be super rich, which was the aphrodisiac that unfailingly turned her on and helped her be able to put up with their bad behavior.

Starting with the second client session the roles of the participants essentially always remained the same. Every week Peter played the role of her husband who was fixing his wife (her) up with dates with his friends. Then Peter (as the husband) watched her date take her (his wife) and ravish the hell out of her. Then, totally turned on by watching her getting drilled, (Peter, the husband) joined in with her date to totally debauch her (his wife) until both men were completely satiated and she had their cum oozing from every cock receptacle she had.

So far only a couple of the clients had turned out to be real pigs virgin massive ejeculation on cock, since they were rich clients of his firm, Peter wasn't in any position make the guys stop what they were doing to her, even if he had wanted too.

Therefore she had to put up with their verbal abuse and the aggressive manhandling of her body while Peter just watched. Of course the abuse actually appealed to his voyeurism and he was completely turned on by the client's perverted behavior's. After three months of performing at these threesome sex parties, she could attest to the fact that the sessions were accomplishing what Peter wanted, she was now playing the sophisticated slut for him, big time.

After the most recent party was over, while in the bathroom freshening herself up, she mulled over her evolutionary cycle of sexual growth. She had gone from being a very promiscuous young girl, to becoming a party girl of easy virtue, to now being a Mistress/office wife/slut who did anything her boss ordered her to do. There was only one level of sex left - being an outright whore. She also wondered, after she had been through three months of these parties of sexual debauchery, what her husband would think if he knew what else was going on at the office besides her getting banged by Peter.

She didn't know the answer but was glad that he never wanted to discuss the office sex, especially since she was adding a new name, each week, to the growing list of guys who had cuckolded him. BABYSITTING THE BOSS'S NEPHEW (INCEST??): Three months after the first client sex party, Mark had a much needed and appreciated Saturday off from his demanding medical school studies and resident work. She had gotten up and dressed in a casual, form hugging, short, tight pink summer dress.

The top showed an eye catching amount of cleavage while the hem of the tight dress rode thigh high on her spectacular, bare legs. She was only wearing pink bikini panties under the dress, while her feet were in a pair of 4 inch high, open heeled, white summer wedges. She couldn't have looked any sexier nor could her body have looked any riper. She'd fixed her handsome young husband his breakfast and called him to the table, then went and put some clothes in the washing machine.

As she was doing that the phone rang and Mark answered it. A male voice asked to speak to her. Mark asked who he should tell her was calling. The voice responded, "I'm Peter Epstein, her boss, and who are you, may I ask?" "I'm Mark Hudson, her husband," he informed him.

"Oh," the voice grunted in surprise. Mark took her the phone and, said, "It's your boss." She grabbed it and said, "Hello." Peter responded, "Hi honey, sorry to have to call you at home but I desperately need your help." "What do you need me to do for you, Peter," she asked?

"Well my 16 year old nephew is visiting us this weekend and I brought him to the office this morning to show him around. Just as we were getting ready to leave I received an urgent notice that, in about an hour, I am to participate in an important telephone conference call to Europe that it is going last for a minimum of two hours. So, honey, I need you to come to the office and kind of babysit my young nephew.

He's too much of a spoiled, mischievous brat to be left here by himself, so I need you to come down and keep him entertained until the conference call is over with." Ever vain, her response was to complain, "But I'm dressed casually and would need to shower and change before I could come down there." "Come as you are, baby doll, it will be just fine.

Nobody else is here today so you won't be seen by anyone but the two of us," he promised. "Besides, I don't know what you are worried about, hell, you couldn't look bad if you tried," he laughed, "So teen in braces eva gets ass fucked small tits and hardcore yourself down here." "Well alright then," she relented, "I'll be there in about 45 minutes." She went back to the kitchen and explained the situation to Mark, who responded, subspecialty, "It sounds to me like your boss is getting you to go down to the office on a stupid pretense, just so he can fuck you?" "I really don't think so, sweetheart, but, if he does do me, when I get back I'll be glad to tell you all the dirty details." she said, coquettishly, patting him on the cheek.

"No," her husband responded, "I really don't want to know anything about the sex he has with you at the office, ever." "Okay then, have it your way and I'll see you when I get back," she laughed, as she kissed him on the cheek, grabbed her purse and ran out the door. When she got to the office building she flashed her pass at the gawking young security guard, then took the elevator up to the Penthouse.

She let herself in to the firm's offices and went back to Peter's area where she found him and a boy watching television. She went over to them and Peter looked up and said, "Hi darling," then introduced her to his incredibly young looking nephew, Alex Epstein, who looked like a smaller, shorter version of his uncle.

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The teen stood up and said hello and, in her 4 inch heels, she was actually taller than him and cumshots as an award for public agent more than he did. She thought, as young as he looked, that he really did need a babysitter. Peter then stood up and put his arm around her shoulders, and said, "I had no idea that you were married, honey, when the hell did that happen?" "About three months ago," she replied with a dazzling smile.

"Damn, and you didn't even invite me to the wedding," he laughed, smacking her on the ass, playfully. "Does your husband know that I'm fucking you," he asked, bluntly? "Yes he does," she responded. "So I take it that he doesn't have a problem with that," he asked? "No he doesn't, he's very broadminded about sex," she assured him. "I'm damned glad to hear that," Peter responded, giving her another squeeze, "I would hate for a jealous, possessive husband to ruin this very good thing we have going here." Slipping deep into thought, Peter rubbed his chin for a few moments, then said, "Damn, so we have all been fucking a married woman for the past three months and didn't even know it?

Shit, you should have told me, baby, because all of the guys who have been having sex with you, since you got married, would have loved to have known that they were getting to bang a married woman whose husband knew that she was putting out on the side. Hell, knowing that you're fucking another man's wife makes the sex so much hotter, dirtier and more gratifying." Peter paused, continuing to process this new twist she had presented him with, then finally said, "Damn, knowing that you're married adds a stimulating, decadent spiciness to the Thursday evening client parties, as well as to your position as my mistress so, as a belated wedding present, I am going to give you another $25,000 raise." She was so dumbfounded by that news that all she could black babe from orlando wants to be in porn out was a weak, "Thank you," as she savored the unexpected gift he had just presented her with.

Peter then immediately charged subjects and said, "Let's set that aside for the time being and get down to the real business of the day. Baby doll, I must confess that the real reason that I asked you to come down here and babysit my nephew this morning is because he has been begging me to get him laid by a movie starlet before he goes back home. Since you are better looking, and have a more voluptuous body than any starlet I could bring him to fuck, I used the conference call as an excuse to get you down here to give him a piece of your splendid ass." "Now there really is a conference call that I will be tied up on for the next couple of hours and, while I'm on it, I want you to take the boy into your office and give him whatever he wants, any way he wants it.

Now I know that he looks like he's twelve years old, but he is actually eighteen. For your further information, his father has been providing him with a lot of hookers to use to hone his sexual skills, so you will find out that he's a very bad boy who knows exactly what to do when he gets his hands on you".

He clapped his nephew on the shoulder and said, "So, you lucky little brat, as you heard, as an added bonus you are going to get to ball a married woman this morning, so I want you to go with this super stacked honey and have some real dirty fun doing the nasty with another man's hot young wife and cuckold the hell out of him." Still in a grateful daze from getting the $25,000 pay raise/wedding present, and thinking about what that money was going to mean to her and Marks finances, she didn't hear everything that Peter was telling her.

When it finally did dawn on her what he was proposing that she do, she choked out, "My God, Peter, surly you don't mean that you lured me down here to have sex with an 18 year old boy. I can't believe it! It would be almost like committing incest." Peter paused for a few moments, then laughed, "Hell, I hadn't thought about it that way, baby, but you're exactly right." Looking at his nephew he said, "Shit boy, you are going to be making out with my mistress/office wife who is also your unofficial Step Aunt, as well as cuckolding my mistress/office wife's husband.

Hell, that is the equivalent to making an unassisted triple play in baseball," he pointed out, gleefully. Punching the boy on the shoulder, Peter roared, "How great is that you lucky little shit?" He then went over and put his arm around her waist and said, "Now I realize that fucking this kid comes as a shock to you, but I want you to do it as a personal favor to me, and to show your appreciation for my giving you such a generous wedding present, in spite of the fact that you didn't invite me to the ceremony.

So be a good girl and take my nephew into your office and be a bad girl for him and give him a real nasty good time." Knowing that she was trapped by the bonus, and really had no choice but to do whatever Peter wanted to keep her job, she looked over at the ugly little teen and, swallowing hard, then with a consenting shrug of her shoulders, responded, "Okay, Mr.

Epstein, I'll do what you want and will make sure that your nephew has a good time." "Wonderful, honey, I knew that I could count on you, so you two get going while I wait to be connected into this damned conference call." She looked at the incredibly young looking, skinny little kid and thought, "This really is going to be like incest, with her being the MILF mother having sex with her horny little son.

Both appalled and intrigued, with a shiver of revulsion and guilty pleasure, she waived her hand for the boy to follow her. As she undulated towards the door to her office she suddenly felt, then heard the loud sound of a small hand smacking hard against one of her swinging ass cheeks that blow being immediately followed by a second, even harder slap on the other jutting ass cheek, both of the stinging blows leaving her ass stinging with pain. Immediately taking charge, the boy then jumped ahead of her and opened the door with one hand while he grabbed the back of her neck with the other one and forcefully guided her through the door, then slammed it behind them.

Once inside he moved his hand from the back of her neck to her throat, then used it to shove her back hard up against the wall and pinned her there. Then she felt his other hand go under her pink skirt, and then under the crotch of her pink panties, where he began fingering her pussy until he had three of them stuffed up inside of her, already dampening snatch.

After a number of hard, three fingered insertions, he pulled the exploiting hand out from under her dress then stuck the cuntal juice coated fingers into her mouth and told her to suck them. Surprised by his taking control of her body this way, she submissively did as she was told and ran her tongue all over the inserted digits, and then between the lubricated fingers, until all of her cuntal juices had stimulated her taste buds as they passed down her throat.

With surprising strength for such a small kid, Alex grabbed her by the hips and spun her body 180 degrees then, grabbing her by the back of the neck, shoved her big tits against the wall with her face turned to the side and her cheek pressed flat against the wall.

Then he gave her jutting ass a half a dozen more stinging slaps before he ran his hand back under her skirt and panties and shoved the same three fingers back into her wet, hot vagina and got them loaded up with her free flowing cuntal juices, again. When they were fully coated he pulled the fingers out of her pussy then placed the tips of the fingers against her anus and started working them up into her tight anal passage.

He kept this alternating pussy/anus cycling action going until he had the first three inches of her rear entrance sopping wet with her own pussy juice. Finally, he pulled the three violating digits out of her ass and reached up and forced them back into her wide open, panting mouth, and let her taste the full flavor brazzerzz office hot porn storys her back entry way.

Already hotter that hell and knowing that she was helplessly and totally under his control, she greedily sucked the invading, coated fingers until all of the flavor and juices had been swallowed. Grinning with power, he stripped her panties off, pulled the skirt of her prick teasing dress up breasty lovely girl submits hardcore and bondage her waist then applied a few more hard blows of his hand against her bare, red splotched ass cheeks.

The boy grabbed a fist full of her hair and used it to pull her body away from the wall and put her down on the floor on her hands and knees. Then he forced her head down until one side of her face was flat against the floor, leaving her spectacular ass sticking up in the air.

He placed the sole of one of his tennis shoes on the upturned side of her face, then pressed his foot down, hard, in order to make sure that her head was as flat on the floor as he could get it.

Satisfied with her position, he gave her upturned ass cheeks a couple of more smacks before announcing to her, "Now I'm going to mount your ass and fuck it doggy style and give your anal passage a real juicy, oozing creampie." Out of the corner of her eye she watched the spoiled little brat strip off his pants and briefs revealing the same sized cock as his Uncle had, then disappear behind her. Quickly she felt his hand give her upturned ass cheeks a couple of more hard, blistering slaps each then felt him two wild babes sucking and screweing outside hardcore cumshot her upturned ass.

Grabbing his big cock in his hand and moving it right over her well prepared anus, she then felt him press the head of his big shaft down into her waiting, rear passage. She closed her eyes and felt the large member gradually begin its journey down into the depths of her tingling body.

She moaned softly as the swollen prick forced its way down into her anal passage, meeting a minimum of resistance, until it was completely buried in her ass.

Then, with the energy of a 16 year old, he proceeded to, as they say, rip her a new one, the vigorous, full depth buggaring causing her to gasp and groan passionately, as the boy dog fucked her responding ass. After an intensive period of getting viciously pounded and reamed, she suddenly felt a body shuddering, teen exam hairy kim and smooth shaven janet climax pass through her sex intoxicated body. As she was trying to recover and get control of her sexual emotions, she heard her mounted rider give out a triumphant scream of dominating conquest and she immediately felt huge spurts of cum shoot down into the depths of her thoroughly reamed out rear passage, virtually filling it up with teen cream.

When the boy had drained himself completely, she felt his prick slip out of her oozing chute, then watched her smirking conqueror strut around to her head, grab a fist full of her long, thick black hair and use it to pull her face up to the level of his still rigid cock, and then promptly plunge the cum covered boner into her mouth and let her get the full flavor of her creampied ass as she, moaning with sexual heat, shamelessly devoured the male sausage, noisily sucking and licking the rigid penis clean.

When she was through sucking on his ass-to-mouth cock, the assertive youngster grabbed another fist full of her hair and led her, crawling, over in front of the couch. He laid down on the large seat, on his back, then ordered her to climb on top of him and straddle his hips in the cowgirl position, facing his head. When she was aboard, he reached up and grasped her chin in his hand and said, "Now reach down and put my cock in your pussy and then lean back on your hands and fuck yourself with it while I watch." Releasing her chin he slapped her firmly on her cheek and ordered, "And be damned slutty doing it, you hot assed Cunt." Hot to do anything the youngster wanted, she followed orders as he intently watched her slowly lower her cunt down onto his cockhead, then enjoyed the view of his boner disappearing up inside of her hungry snatch.

Her eyes were closed with passion as she felt the large male organ take her and when it was all the way in her, she heard him say, "Now bounce and grind on it, real dirty, and show me that you are all the Cunt my Uncle Peter told me you were." Fortunately, like his Uncle, Alex had a perfect cock for riding. It was long and thick, its length enabling a woman to wildly bounce her ass when she was mounted on top of him, without worrying about it slipping out of her cunt or anal channel.

Therefore she was able to give the kid the kind of nasty show he wanted to see as she proceeded to enthusiastically fuck herself with his large dong. Each time her mound banged against his, she ground down real hard on his, forcing his big prick in to full depth and giving herself that totally stuffed feeling. During the middle of the tit bouncing, pussy reaming, wanton sex performance she suddenly felt the slit of his cockhead erupt inside of her cock stretched snatch and shoot cum deep up into her cuntal channel as the boy let out a loud groan of sexual gratification.

His 18 year old cock stayed rigid and he kept her bouncing until her tongue was hanging out. Then he had her switch to the reverse cowgirl position so he could watch her do the same thing to her creampied anal passage. Facing away from Alex's face she mounted his hips and lowered her well violated anus down until it was touching his cockhead.

Then she pressed her lower body down and he watched his big prick slide easily up into her gaped ass, all the way. Then she proceeded to ravish her ass with the boy's big spear, repeating the self-fucking action she'd done to her pussy.

As she looked out into space during the wild, penetrating ride she was amazed at how easily she had lost control to this sexually experienced 18 year old busty redhead stunner siri enjoys her first interracial fuck hardcore big tits looked much younger, and how hot the ugly little brat had been able to get her.

Apparently she had a thing for large cocks or maybe it was because he was rich. Shaking her head, she went on fucking herself with the rich kid's tool. When he had enjoyed enough of her ass fucking show, he had her dismount. He moved to a sitting position with his shoulders pressed against the back of the couch, and his ass perched off the front edge of the big seat.

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He spread his thighs wide apart and told her to tongue his cock shaft and crotch clean. Fully drunk with sex, she eagerly fell to her knees, leaned her face down, put his big tool in her mouth and gave it a quick suck, then pulled her month off of it, then enthusiastically put her tongue to work licking his lower shaft clean.

Then she went after his crotch like a hungry cougar. Holding his cock shaft up in one hand she ducked her head and started licking and sucking on his balls. Then, using her other hand to play with his scrotum, she dipped her head lower and started licking his crotch.

The crotch lapping almost drove him crazy and when he felt her tongue force its way into his anus and start rimming him, he was ready to explode.

He quickly sat up straight and grabbed her by the back of the head with one hand while he wrapped his other hand around his shaft, then aim its head at her face. Almost immediately heavy volleys of cum began splatting directly against her face, eventually leaving it glistening with teen spunk. When his balls were empty, still holding the shaft of his pecker in his hand, he used its head to push all of the jism that was all over her face into her mouth for her to swallow. He concluded the gratifying, raunchy sex session by sticking his cock back in her mouth and shoving it down her throat.

He captured her head between his hands then began face fucking her. She was so utterly hot that, after a couple of minutes of his stabbing his cock down her throat, she climaxed again, this one being wilder than the first one. Sometime later the insatiable cock erupted for the fourth time in two hours and pumped another load of his hot, creamy jism into her belly. She drove home feeling like she'd been in a drunken orgy.

The sex session with the young boy had been an out of control whirlwind and latina-sex with outstanding latina maid tube porn could hardly believe what the teenager had been able to make her do for him, and how willingly she'd done it, considering that she was a very experienced 24 year old woman.

Hell the boy had managed to turn her into a virtual nympho for him, causing her to erupt with multiple orgasms. When she walked into the apartment there was no hiding the fact that she had been totally fucked over. She didn't have to tell Mark that his suspicions had been correct because she looked so incredibly sexy that he couldn't resist fucking her.

As he rode her hard, she knew that he would never know whose sloppy second he was plowing through this time. All the time she lay there letting her husband's cock pound her pussy, she thought about Peter's nephew's big cock and the virtual incest she had committed with her virtual son. Finally she had to admit to herself, "God, even an ugly, skinny, 18 year old can turn me on and make me be a bad girl for him, I really must be turning into a total slut." TO BE CONTINUED.